Ebony Seduction Ch. 02

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Less than gracefully, my legs still shaking a little from that incredible orgasm, I stood up to get dressed. Keisha was still kneeling on the floor, her eyes traveling up and down my body. Then she spotted my panties and bra laying on the floor. With a devilish grin, she picked up my lingerie and stuffed it in her purse. I gasped in mock horror and then retrieved hers, and after holding her panties to my nose and inhaling her scent, I put her delicates in my bag.

Keisha giggled at that, retrieved my blouse from the crumpled heap on the floor, stood up and started to dress me. Slowly, sensuously, she slipped first my right arm and then my left through the sleeves. Then she began to button each button leaving the top three undone. My cleavage plainly shown to anyone who cared to look and my nipples were tenting the material. Keisha rubbed her hands all over my breasts causing my titty tips to harden even more. I moaned and leaned my body into her hands. The silken material of my shirt felt amazing on my tits. She giggled again at my reaction and then kissed me lightly on the lips. I gave my best pout when she pulled back and stopped rubbing me but smiled again as she knelt on the floor and reached for my skirt. Caressing my stocking encased legs as she pulled the skirt up, Keisha tucked in my blouse before zipping up the back. Patting my ass through my clothes, she then hugged me from behind. Pressing her naked body against mine, Keisha leaned in and kissed my neck, adding a few little swipes with her tongue for good measure.

I sighed at the incredible feeling before turning around to face her. Kneeling down, I picked up her blouse and skirt. Laying the skirt across the arm of my chair, I started to dress Keisha the way she had done me. Her blouse was a bit more sheer than mine and I could make out the dark of her areolas and nipples as they pressed against the fabric. I also buttoned the shirt just enough for the sake of modesty but left most of the top buttons undone. Her chest stood out proudly, forming a wonderful cleavage that I wanted to bury my face in. After retrieving the skirt and helping her into it, Keisha and I slipped on our shoes and left the office.

The ride down the elevator we silent as we stood there, holding hands. I looked at the reflection of us in the mirrors. God, we looked hot together. I was just about to start rubbing Keisha’s chest when the elevator dinged and the doors opened. We made our way to the parking lot. Getting in our respective cars, she followed me to my place with out incident. On the way there, I was in deep thought. What was I getting myself into? Was this what I really wanted? Was this something she wanted or was it just for fun? My mind flashed back to my ex, standing there telling me that she thought that we should split up and how awful that had made me feel. I sighed and shook my head, trying to clear it of all the negative thoughts. I was determined not to let all the uncertainty spoil the mood I was in. Keisha had made me feel good. Something that I hadn’t felt in a while. Where ever it led, I decided that I would be okay with it. The last thing I wanted was to scare this beautiful woman away.

I opened the door to my place, letting Keisha inside. One of the few upsides to not having much of a social life is that I could afford nice digs. Her eyes got wide as she took in her surroundings. I closed the door behind me only to be pulled into a passionate kiss. Our tongues wrestled for a minutes as we held each other tightly. “Damn Miss Smith. You are one hell of a good kisser.” Keisha said after we broke our embrace. I laughed at that, telling her that she was no slouch in that department either. “Do you mind if I undress, Miss Smith?” I smiled at the way that she kept using my last name. Something about casino şirketleri that really turned me on.

“No Keisha. I don’t mind a bit.” She pulled back a little and began to unbutton her blouse. After taking it off, she reached behind and unzipped her skirt, letting gravity remove it off her body. I took her by the hand and led her to my couch. Lying her gently down, I sat down at her feet, removed her pumps and slowly pulled off her silk stockings, getting a good feel of her muscular legs. When I’d finished removing everything, I took her right foot in my hands and began to massage it. Starting slowly and gently, I rubbed her foot, concentrating on her insole and toes, occasionally running my hands up her calf muscle. I watched her face as she closed her eyes and relaxed, absentmindedly trailing her fingertips around her breasts and nipples. I brought her foot to my face, inhaling her scent before I started to kiss her toes. I decided to give her foot a tongue bath and began to lick and suck each toe in turn. Keisha giggled as my tongue tickled her foot and she trailed her hand to her pussy, gently rubbing it while I kneaded her calf.

“Show me, Keisha.” I said, my voice husky with desire. “Show Miss Smith how you pleasure yourself.” I lowered her leg and picked up the other one, kissing, licking, rubbing her foot and leg while she began to masturbate herself in front of me. Her eyes were screwed shut and her chest was heaving as she brought herself closer to climax. I continued to coat her foot in saliva as her climax loomed closer. She then moaned loudly and I had to stop and just watch this beautiful women pleasure herself. My hands were rubbing her leg gently as she drove her fingers into her pussy hole. I could see her juices glistening in the light and my mouth watered at the sight. I was just about to lean down and lick up all of the yummy cream when Keisha cried out, her back arching and her whole body trembling as the orgasmic wave crashed through her body. At that point, I couldn’t resist any longer. Gently lowering her leg, I positioned my head at her pussy and began to lick her clean. She whimpered and feebly tried to push me away but I continued. Parting her lips with my fingers, I saw her little clit peering from its hood and I concentrated all of my efforts there. Soon, Keisha was panting again as she dug her fingers into my hair, pulling my head tighter against her body.

“Oh Miss Smith! Jesus fuck! PLEASE DON”T STOP!” she scream as another orgasm coated my face. I began to lick her all over her genitalia, first tickling her ass hole with my tongue before swiping up to her clit. She squealed when I did this so I kept on, making sure I got every drop of her juices. Finally I relented when I thought that she was going to pass out from the stimulation. My face was sticky with her cum as I leaned back. Keisha was laying there on the couch, her hand on her heaving chest, her eyes glazed over, sweat covering her forehead. I got off the couch and knelt by her, gently rubbing her all over, coaxing her down from the orgasmic high. After a few moments, her breathing calmed down and she began to move. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close, our naked flesh pressed together.

“Oh Miss Smith…” was all she could get out, not even completing the sentence. I knew what she meant though and let out a low, throaty chuckle as I held her close.

“Are you okay dear?” I asked her. She nodded her head, still unable to speak.

“MMMmmmmm…Miss Smith. That was incredible.” Keisha said, finally able to catch her breath. “I never came like that for any man.” I laughed at that statement as I rose to my feet.

“Well, women just know what feels good, my dear.” I said reaching out to take her hands. “But now, I think we need casino firmaları to get washed off.” I directed her to the bathroom, telling her to start the bath for us. Keisha nodded and as she passed me, I swatted her on the butt. Not hard, just enough to make her gasp a little and turn her head to me pouting as she rubbed the spot. She then smiled mischievously and ran to the tub. As I went to the kitchen to grab two glasses and a bottle of red, Keisha let out an audible gasp.

“Oh God Miss Smith! This tub is huge!” One of the few perks that I had allowed myself was the addition of a whirlpool tub big enough for three or even four women to use at once, even though I was the only one who had ever been in it. I heard the water running and when I entered the bathroom, Keisha was just lowering herself into the steaming water, sighing as she did. She had closed her eyes, relaxing as the hot water rose higher, when I turned the water off and activated the jets. Keisha’s eyes flew open in surprise and I giggled a little at her expression. She giggled too as I climbed in. She was just looking at my body as I lowered myself next to her, placing the bottle and glasses on the side of the tub. I pulled her close to me and she laid her head on my shoulder, wrapping her arms around me. For a while, we didn’t speak, both of us enjoying the feeling of the hot water swirling around us and of our own nakedness pressing against each other.

After several relaxing minutes, I asked Keisha if she wanted some wine. She nodded her head and I picked up the bottle, opening it to pour into the glasses. As I did this, Keisha started lightly rubbing my body, trailing her left hand over my breast, down my abdomen and finally caressing my denuded groin. I leaned back, handing her a glass and let her explore my nether region, sipping on the wine all the while. “God, your pussy feels amazing with no hair.” she said, continuing to rub me.

“It’s just something that I started doing for Lisa.” The mention of my former flame brought forgotten memories back into my mind. “She convinced me to do it, saying that it would feel amazing and she was right but I also think that she didn’t like getting hair in her teeth.” Keisha giggled at this, continuing to caress me. “I also love the way my panties feel against my skin. It’s so…erotic.”

“So, what about you Miss Smith? Do you like getting hair between your teeth?” Keisha asked as she took a sip of wine.

“It doesn’t bother me so much. Why? Do you want to shave your hair off too?” Keisha thought for a moment and sipped her wine again before answering.

“Well, you do love how your panties feel and I love your smoothness. I’m just afraid I would nick myself doing it.”

“I could always shave it for you.” I said as I started absentmindedly trailing my fingertips up and down her arm. “If you don’t like it, just let it grow back.” She thought it over for a second more before replying.

“Yes, please may you shave me?” I smiled at her and disentangled myself from her arms as I rose out of the tub. Climbing out, I retrieved a couple of towels and my shaving supplies. Making a cushion of one of the towels, I patted it, signaling her to sit there. She stood up and sat gingerly down on the towel, leaning back and spreading her legs open wide. I climbed back in the tub, knelt between her legs and began spreading the cream all over her loins. Then I began to delicately and carefully shave Keisha’s pussy. She had kept herself trimmed anyway so there wasn’t a thick bush to work through. With every pass, more hair was removed. I looked up from my work to gauge her reaction. Keisha was looking at me through half lidded eyes, a small smile on her lips. Every so often, she would let out a cute little gasp or moan as I got closer to güvenilir casino finishing my work. At last, her pubic area was totally devoid of hair. I took a warm washcloth and patted her clean before she ran her hands across her bare skin. Her pussy lips were engorged, revealing the soft pinkness within. I spread baby oil all over her sensitive skin, slipping my fingers in the folds of her vagina and tickling her clit. Leaning forward, Keisha kissed me hard on the lips as my fingers continued to massage her. She squealed into my mouth as an orgasm coated my hand. Pulling back, Keisha slipped her body into the hot water, sighing contentedly. Picking up her wine, she finished it off, placing the empty glass on the side of the bath.

“How does it feel?” I asked her as I cleaned up and put away the shaving utensils.

“Oh God, Miss Smith. This feels so wild. It’s like it’s a hundred times more sensitive down there.” Keisha kept rubbing herself under the water, enjoying the sensation from the look on her face. I finished tidying up and sat on the edge of the tub, the water swirling around my lower legs. Looking at her relaxing in the tub reminded me of when Lisa first convinced me to shave my loins. The sensations that it gave me had turned me on so much, I went out the next day and bought several pairs of silk panties. Wearing them never failed to get me wet. The feeling of Keisha’s hand on my leg brought me out of my reverie. “Is everything okay? You had the most wistful look on your face.”

“It’s fine.” I replied, smiling down at her. “Just remembering my first time shaved, that’s all.” I couldn’t help myself and let out a yawn. Seeing that triggered a yawn from Keisha as well. “It’s pretty late and we’ve had a rather eventful day.”

“Would you like me to leave?” A look of concern crossed her pretty face.

“That’s up to you, Keisha. I don’t want to pressure you or make you do something your not entirely comfortable with.”

“Well, I have a roommate back at the dorm. I’m sure she won’t mind having the room to herself tonight. If it’s okay with you, that is.”

“It would be perfectly fine with me, my dear.” Keisha’s face broke into a wide grin as she stood up. The water was glistening off her dark skin, giving her an almost angelic sheen. I got out of the tub, grabbed a fresh towel and began to pat her body dry. Starting at her chest, I slowly made my way down her front side. I paid special attention to her freshly shaven area, gently tickling her with the terry cloth. Her breath quickened a little but I wasn’t trying to get her off now so I turned her around and dried off her back, moving down to her ass and then her toned legs. I was mostly dry at this point when I finished with her and just rubbed the towel against my legs to quickly dry them before I took her by the hand and led her to my bedroom.

We were luckily the same size in lingerie as I lent her a pair of my silken panties to sleep in before donning a pair myself. My bed was queen sized, easily big enough for the both of us. I got an extra pillow out of the closet and handed it to her as she climbed in bed, slipped underneath the covers. Turning off the bedside lamp, I crawled under the sheets myself. Keisha instantly snuggled up to me, wrapping her arm around me and nuzzling my neck. I lay there, staring at the ceiling, holding her to my body as she drifted off to sleep. It felt good to have her next to me. It had been so long since I had slept with another in bed. Not just sex, though that was great to, but the intimacy of holding another close had been absent in my life for a long time.

Questions came back to me as I tried to relax. Is this what I wanted? Was she the one I was looking for? I admitted to myself that the first time I saw her, the feeling was of pure lust. But now, holding her sleeping form next to my bare skin, there was another feeling that was creeping in. I had to admit to myself that I was falling for her. Another question popped in to my mind before sleep overtook me.

Does she feel the same way?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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