Eating My Bride for the First Time

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Dear readers, this story is as true as I can recall it. It was so exciting to put my mouth on my beautiful wife’s vagina for the first time. While thinking about it recently, I decided to share it with you.



I still remember when we were first married and i introduced her to cunnilingus. She acted shy, (but as she told me years later she had wanted me to do it.)

She had come to bed that night wearing a sheer black neglige’ and sheer black panties. Two lit candles provided a soft glow to her skin. I came to her with my cock erect, balls swaying. We kissed deeply, I moaned with joy as she touched my heavy balls. I stroked her nipples and bit at them through the sheer fabric, I was pulsing with excitement, she moaned her pleasure as I stroked her vulva over the panties.

She raised up as I removed her top and feasted hotly on her breasts, her nipples were hot hard points, that I nibbled and sucked, while continuing to lightly stroke her vagina through the panties. Soon I worked my way to her belly, licking her belly button. Pre-cum was dripping from my cock onto the sheets.

I desperately wanted to eat her vagina for the very first time and I could tell—this could be the night. My heart pounded wildly when I realized I was going to have my beşiktaş masöz escort mouth on her pussy. I continued to kiss and lick the area of smooth skin below her belly up to the elastic of her panties.

“Should I remove your panties Miss?” I asked.

“Oh yessss,” she said. I slowly rolled the elastic down and followed by kissing the skin there to the top of her pubic fur. Her hips raised slightly as she moaned her pleasure. Then, I said something out loud, that I had only wished inside my head.

“Pull on your nipples, touch them, make them so hard for me baby, show me how you touch them, pull on your nipples, show me how you pull on them, show me.”

As I rolled the panties down further, I watched as her hands went to her breasts and she stroked her hard tips with her thumbs. “Yes, show me baby, I love how you are showing me.”

I rolled the panties down as she thumbed her nipples and started to hump her hips. Now I was kissing her black silky fur only millimeters from the top of her now steaming slit. I sat up and tugged her panties off. I kissed around her now puffy vulva. My heart was pounding in my chest, I wanted this so bad, I wanted vagina eating and cock sucking, all the fantasies of young men, and now I beşiktaş otele gelen escort was seconds away—but I had to make sure she would participate of her own free will. I sat back and stroked her legs, she was parting them, but now she had to show me.

“I want to eat you now, I want to cover your pussy with my mouth and eat you. If you want me to do that, If you want it now, in the deepest part of your heart, you have to open yourself to me, you must draw your knees up, and open your pussy for me. Do you want me to do that now?”

Only a second passed before she drew her knees up and exposed her dripping vagina to me. I had to push her further.

“Open your pussy for me, spread your pussy mouth open, hold yourself open with your fingertips.” Again, she was breathing so hard, both of our hearts were pounding as one. She reached her fingers to her vagina and spread it open wide as she groaned with lust for having exposed herself in such a lewd way. I knew we had broken past an important moment.

I lay down quickly, and covered the entire opening of her vagina with my whole open mouth. As she held her lips open I licked sucked and probed her vagina with my mouth and tongue. I ate and sucked and probed and used beşiktaş rus escort my tongue as a cock. plunging and tongue fucking her.

Her scream of pure lust was loud and primal. She began to fuck my face with her open cunt with no shame. After a full five to seven minutes of sucking and probing her she screamed, “Please fuck me, oh god pleassseeee.”

I didn’t need to be asked again I kneeled up and buried the entire length of my cock into her in one thrust. We fucked hard and fast with no inhibitions. I licked and sucked her nipples as we fucked, Then we kissed deeply licking and sucking each other’s tongues, I knew she was tasting her vagina in my mouth and was loving it. It wasn’t long before I began to squirt and shoot deep into her, with slippery hot cum, She moaned again, feeling the hot thick deposit of my essence into her. We slowed down, but kept the fucking motion.

“Oh god…oh my god…oh god…” was all she could say. I was spent. I wished I could fuck her until morning, but now I was as weak as a child.

I tasted her pussy and I was hooked forever. She had opened herself willingly, and she was hooked as well. “Oh baby, I loved that, I loved eating you,” I said.

“Did you love it baby?” I asked, knowing that I had to hear her acknowledge what she did, and what I did, and that she wanted it to happen.

“Yes, oh it felt so…”

“Dirty?” I said.


“Well, I’m a dirty boy, and with your participation and your help I will eat your vagina like that every time we make love.”

“Every time?”

“Every time.”

That night I slept with a big grin on my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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