Easter fun with Kellykins2u


Easter fun with Kellykins2uhttp://xhamster.com/user/kellykins2uhttp://xhamster.com/photos/view/1036040-49986037.htmlIt’s a lovely Easter morning in the park and everyone has come out for the yearly Easter Egg Hunt. I have been waiting for this day all winter. I see you across the park. You are in a thin sundress that clings to your body like a second skin. As the k**s run off to find the hidden eggs I work my way over to you and grab your hand pulling you aside. I bring you in to a small stand of trees and bushes that no one can see us in. You stand in front of me as my hands move up you legs under your dress to find your pussy. I start to rub your clit through your panties as we hear people running around us. MMMM Naughty boy you moan as you bite your lip watching me. I can feel you getting wetter as we both know that we could be caught at any time. My other hand moves to your breast and starts to play your nipples. My cock starts to throb as I hear you moan. I pull you closer so you can feel how hard you have made me. I look behind you and see movement in the bushes. I turn you so your ass is against my hard cock. I lift the back of your dress and free my cock and start to run it along your pussy lips feeling it getting wetter as I know we are being watched. You rub my cock between my thighs as you smile back at me. I can see two sets of eyes watching us as my cock rubs against you pussy making us both moan. I hear a voice tell the other to be quiet and know that one of them is my friend. I hear the other giggle and realize the other is one of your friends. I whisper in your ear who is watching us and tell you we should give them a show. You grab my cock tip while its between my thighs and rub the tip smiling and moaning. I pull your dress over your head leaving you naked in front of our two watches. I hear a gasp as he sees you half naked the girl lets out a gasp as well as she watches you grab my cock and rub it. I drop my pants and start to remove my shirt as I do I drop to my knees and türkçe bahis pull you ass to my face you bend forward as I start to lick you from behind. Your thong falls next to the bush as you bend down and grab my cock head and rub it slowly moaning. I see a hand dart out and grab it as my tongue works its way into your pussy. I rub your clit as I try and suck the juices that are running from your pussy. I pull you down on top of me in to a 69. I cover your pussy with my mouth as I try and force as much of my tongue into you as possible. I hear movement from near my head and see my friend moving so he can see you pussy and ass better. I sink my fingers into you as he watches knowing he wishes it was his cock going into you. You take my cock in your mouth and suck the tip as I finger your wet pussy making you moan as I draw out more of your juices. I let out a moan as your tongue and hand work the head of my cock and the shaft. I look between your legs and see the girl stick her head out of the bushes and watch you suck my cock. I look back and see my friend has your thong to his nose and is taking deep breaths filling his lungs with your smell. I see him take a step towards us as he starts to rub his cock through his pants. You slide my tongue up and down my shaft moaning as I suck your clit. My hips start to thrust up into your mouth trying to fuck your mouth as you start to grind your pussy into my mouth.Your friend and mine move closer transfixed by what they are seeing. He drops to his knees by your ass and leans forward and starts to lick your asshole making you jump at the feeling of the second tongue. the girl reaches forward grabs my balls making me jump and forces more of my cock into your mouth. His hands spread you cheeks apart as he drives his tongue into your asshole. I can hear you moan as my cock pops from your mouth. I feel it replaced by a hand that starts to stroke my cock I feel my self twitching in her hand as she lowers her mouth to my cock. I move my head out of güvenilir bahis siteleri the way as my friend licks your pussy and you let out a moan. Me wanting you all to my self I tell my friend he can have his fun with your friend. I pull my cock from your friends mouth and move under you. Your hot wet pussy is hovering over my throbbing cock as I watch you start to lower your self on to it. We both groan as inch after inch of my cock penetrates your pussy. Your pussy muscles ripple around my cock and it feels like a thousand little hands massaging my as I sink farther into you. We are lost in our own little world of lust as you start to move up and down my cock, driving it farther in to you with every downward movement. My hip take on a life of their own as they start to trust up to meet you. Driving me even deeper into your tight pussy. I take my thumb and press it against your asshole. You feel the pressure and press back against it making my thumb sink into your ass. You groan as my thumb enters your ass. You bit your lower lip to try and silence your moans as you ride me. We can hear people all around us looking for Easter eggs. I pull my thumb from your ass and on your next upward movement I pull my cock from your pussy. I move it just in time so your downward movement rams my cock into your asshole making you yelp with surprise. But it’s to late to do anything feel my cock reach as far into you as it will go. You rest with my cock deep in your ass trying to get used to the feel of it. You look back at me a tell me what a dirty boy I am for making you ram my cock in to your ass. You get a sexy little smirk on your face as you start to wiggle your ass making my cock fuck you in short little movements. I reach up and grab your breast and massage them playing with your nipples giving them a pinch every time I thrust up into your ass. You let out a low moan with every thrust. You almost scream as you forgotten about friend clamps her mouth on your pussy and youwin suck hard on your clit. I look behind her and see my friend fucking her driving her mouth and tongue deep into your hot wet pussy I can hear her moaning as she sucks your juices from your pussy. The site of her eating your pussy and the feel of your tight ass drives me to orgasm as you bounce up and down on my cock lost in your own world pleasure. I let go of your breasts and grab your hips pulling you down as hard as I can with every thrust. I can hear you saying something but can’t make it out. Slowly I start to be able to make it out. Your saying “Yes fuck me.” over and over. I can feel your body starting to tremble as your orgasm builds and builds. You are fighting against your self as you want to scream out in ecstasy but you know if you do everyone will see what a dirty girl you are. Your asshole clamps down hard on my cock locking it in your ass as the damn bursts and you start to cum. Your juices flood your friends mouth triggering her orgasm and pushing my friend over the edge as well making him fill her pussy with his cum. The feel of you cumming final pushes me to my limit and I explode into your ass firing rope after rope of cum up in to you. As we cum you keep riding my cock fucking my cum deeper into your ass. Finally exhausted you fall back in to my chest. My softening cock slips from your ass and your friend suddenly clamps her mouth over your asshole and suck my cum from your ass. She looks up at you and says “I couldn’t let all that yummy cum go to waste.” As we all catch our breath I can hear someone calling your name. A look of worry crosses your face as the person gets closer and closer. Our friends are quick to get dressed and step out of hiding and distract the person while we get dressed and slip out the other side careful not to be seen. I look back and see my friend has your thong sticking out of his pocket as he talks to the person looking for you. As we part ways I slap your ass and say “I can’t wait till the next time I get you alone sexy.” With a playful squeeze of my cock you say “Next time you want to fuck my ass just say so.” And with that we go our separate ways, both smiling and covered in sweat as we both know this will not be the last time.

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