Early Sexual Experience part 2


Early Sexual Experience part 2Hey everyone this is my second time writing mystory so please excuse some errors. This story is really about me when I was (11+1) years old. Please enjoy 🙂 A few days later at school Matt told me to meet him at the church storage room. After we went in there he locked the door and said he had a surprise. He had taken a Hustler magazine that he took from his dad. We sat in there looking at the pictures, within seconds we were both hard. He told me to show him my cock and I did. I was nervous and excited all at the same time. He began by pulling my foreskin back, he just held my cock in his hands for awhile. Even though he really didn’t do anything at first it felt good. He slowly began to jerk me. Ive never had someone do this to me and it felt even better coming from him. After a while I asked him if he could suck canlı kaçak bahis me, thats when he said yes but only if I could do it to him at the same time. So I layed on the floor and he then put himself in the 69 position. His cock was just staring right at me, it was hard and pulsing. Then I remembered feeling my cock being engulfed into my friends warm and wet mouth. It felt so amazing that I almost shot my load then and there. He stopped and took my cock out of his mouth and told me to continue sucking his cock. But I couldn’t concentrate with him bobbing Down on my stiff dick. He began to slow down on his motion and took his time. He would take my whole dick in his mouth and slowly pull up his head. He would wiggle his tongue all over my shaft and that sent me wild! I decided two can play that game 😉 I immediately took his cock online bahis into my mouth and would run my tounge all around the head of his cock. I made sure it was sloppy and wet. I continued by sucking only his swollen head while having tounge run loose on his balls. Apparently it was turning him on so much that without warning he began to hump my face. He shoved that hard cock all the way into my throat and made me gag a couple of times 😉 but that just made it extra sloppy. every time he forced his cock in my mouth it sounded like if you stuck your fingers into silly puddy. I was loving every moment of him inside me!I held him as close as I could with his cock still in my throat. Thats when I had the idea of trying to swallow his cock! My throat was pulling and massaging his cock and he immediately unloaded deep in my mouth. I couldn’t makrobet güvenilir mi breathe so I had to swallow every last drop of his sweet sweet cum. After a minute of him twitching he did decided to do the same. His mouth had suction and was full of saliva. He bobbed his head up and down till finally I blew my hot gooey load all over his mouth and face. We laid there a minute to catch our breathe, but then our hearts sank when we heard the door knob shake. Someone knew we were in there. We quickly got up and changed and unlocked the door. We were relived to see that it wasnt a teacher or the priest. It was one the 8th graders, he had seen us sneak into the church. We thought we were in the clear until he Said that Matt had some white gooey stuff on his shirt. He ended up realizing what it was and what happened next surprised us both! He walked up tp me and Matt and grabbed our cocks and told us be meet back there the next day. He walked away and left us shaking. I hope you guys enjoyed my second part! And please remember that my story is 100% true and really did happen to me!

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