Early Bird

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As with most Friday mornings, I had made an early start in order to finish up the week’s work and enjoy a worry-free weekend. Arriving in my office a few minutes before 7 a.m., I began taking advantage of the quite time to concentrate on a few pressing matters. Just as I was deep in thought, I heard what sounded very much like a young girl’s half-timid and half-joyous giggling.

The how and why a teenage girl would be in our suite of offices before the start of business caused me to investigate. As the sound continued I tracked it to an associate’s office. I carefully and quietly opened the door to find no one present but a computer screen glowing and the sounds coming from the system’s speakers.

Looking at the screen closely, I saw a genuine surprise. There in the frame of Windows Media Player was an innocent, sexy and very cute teenage girl nude on her bed using a small vibrator on herself. The giggling must have been coming from a friend holding the camera. It was at this moment that I became aware of my cock hardening and I felt the soft and silky material of the black lace panties that I was wearing under my conservative pin-striped suit.

I began wearing panties many years earlier at the prompting of a girl friend who gave me several pair claiming that it excited her to know that her masculine man was wearing pink panties under his clothing. After wearing them and learning the exquisite and unmatched feeling of satin and silk against the head of my cock, I made it a semi-regular practice to include them in my wardrobe.

Being at least one and a half to two hours before the occupant of this office usually arrives, I felt safe in pushing the lock button on the door knob, sitting in the desk chair, and stroking my cock through my Frederick’s panties. I began pinching my nipples and doing everything I could to prolong my pleasure, without stroking my cock directly, while I watched this young girl slide the dildo in and out of her pussy while pinching her own nipples all to the sounds of encouragement from her camera-girl friend.

By this time, my trousers were down around my ankles and the front of my panties were soaked with pre-cum. The show on the computer continued with the cutie on the screen getting on all fours with her ass sticking up towards the camera. She then slid the small dildo into her ass and the hand of her friend reached from behind the camera to begin moving it in and out, eliciting much louder screams from the young hottie.

Just as I was lost in the sensual moment, a key quickly entered the lock and the door to the office opened. Standing in the doorway looking at me with my pants around my ankles and black lacy panties soaked with pre-cum, was my associate Anne, in whose office I was sitting.

Being embarrassed and in a state of shock, I didn’t quite understand why Anne looked more fearful than did I. It was after an awkward moment that bahis firmaları froze us both, that Anne said “Oh no, you found it. I’m so embarrassed!”

“You’re embarrassed?,” I asked as I pulled by jacket over my lap trying to hide my lacy secret, “What about me?”

A gorgeous and curious smile broke over Anne’s face as she reached behind her to close and lock her office door. Then Anne stepped towards me very quickly, grabbed my jacket and pulled it away before I could react.

“I knew there was something unique about you, Jack,” she said as she ran her long red nails across my panty covered bulging cock.

“I came in early to reboot my machine, as I forgot to close the programs I had open when working last night, so no one would find out about my little secret. And, what do I find but man’s-man Jack wearing a pair of ladies panties while masturbating in my chair,” she said.

“One secret for another secret.” I said as I pulled Anne’s lovely petite body down toward me and, with one hand behind her head, guided her 27 year old full red lips toward mine for a wet, lustful kiss.

Anne was now sitting on my lap in her tight short skirt and blouse with my cock pressing strongly against her fine ass that was the object of desire for all the men in the office.

We continued kissing with our tongues battling each other and our hands running through the other’s hair. As I moved across her cheek and towards her obviously sensitive neck and ear,I whispered, “So you like to watch little teenage girls get off, huh?”

All I heard in return was a breathy “yeah” while she was kicking off her shoes and moaning as I licked her neck behind her ear and held her tightly in my lap. As I continued, I unbuttoned her blouse to expose her firm mid-sized breasts covered in an ivory colored, lace topped front clasping bra.

I began to squeeze her breasts while licking her neck while her moans grew more pronounced and her ass began grinding hard against my panty covered cock. And, just as I lightly pinched her hard nipple and grazed her neck with my teeth, Anne let go with a body shaking orgasm that didn’t subside for some time.

After relaxing limply in my arms from her unexpected early-morning orgasm, Anne stood up directly in front of me, smiled and said, “Jack, I know you and every guy in this place have wanted to fuck me since I moved to this office. What I want you to understand is that, even though I’m petite and very feminine, I have to be in charge.”

Standing with her little stocking covered feet on the cold chair mat this gorgeous, petite brunette of 27 years of age asked me a question I never thought I would hear outside of my deepest fantasies. While running one hand over her sexy bra covered tit and the other over my panty covered cock, Anne looked me in the eye and asked me, “Jack, will you be my boy-girl and let me fuck you anytime I want, submitting to kaçak iddaa my direction and desires?”

I was stunned at the question and was about to answer in the affirmative when Anne interrupted and, while squeezing my cock quite hard, said, “I don’t mean just now so you can get into my pussy. I mean from now on, day and night, living with me and following my rules in private.”

Thinking I had nothing to lose, I replied “Sure Anne, I’d do anything for you as long as it is enjoyable for us both.”

She smiled, rested her grip on my cock and said, “Well, let’s start right now and find out how much you like it. Get up, face my desk, bend over and spread your feet apart.” she commanded with more authority than I knew she could muster.

I complied immediately and was delighted when I realized my deepest fantasy was about to come true as Anne pulled from a locked drawer in her credenza a strap-on dildo. She removed her skirt, her thigh-high stockings and put the dildo on over a pair of ivory lace panties which matched her sexy bra.

While she did this she told me, “Since middle school I’ve known that to find true sexual joy, I have to feel the power of inserting myself into my lover. I’ve fucked a few guys but most were happy to stick their cocks up my ass, which I enjoyed, but were too afraid to let me do the same to them,” she continued.

“What jerks they all were, so afraid that it will make them gay or something. So, in college I began to enjoy sex with several other girls in my dorm. Most of them were more than happy to have my cock up their pussies and asses,” she said.

“Now, I find out that you like the idea of being a little girl under your clothes with those sexy panties. Tell me Jack, have you fantasized about having a cock up your little ass?” she asked.

My only reply was the truth, “Yes. I’ve often stroke my cock with a small dildo stuck up my ass.”

“Good,” she said, “You’re going to enjoy this.”

And with that she began using all of the natural lube in my panties from my masturbating to lube up my sensitive asshole. “Anne, please fuck me.” I said as her hand moved around inside my panties transferring my slick love liquid to my boy-girl pussy.

Anne then pulled my panties down to just below my ass and began to slide her smooth strap-on cock up and down my ass crack putting an increasing amount of pressure on my entrance with each pass.

“Please Anne, fuck me like your little girl slave,” I begged as she began to push against my asshole.

“Yeah, I’m going to fuck your little boy pussy with my cock and make you mine,” she said as she entered my surrendering asshole.

As she sank all the way into me I felt her smooth legs against mine. As she leaned forward, her silky bra was rubbing against my back with her firm nipples pushing into my skin. It felt wonderful, better than I ever thought it could feel. I told her kaçak bahis that what she was doing to me was indescribable.

She just reached around and began to tickle my nipples with a touch so feminine and different than the hard touch I used on myself. Now, it was Anne’s mouth on the back of my neck and near my ear. Her tongue running around behind my ear sent shivers down my body and she began to pump her cock in and out of my ass.

As I moaned with new found pleasure, Anne began whispering in my ear “I’m fucking you Jack, I’m fucking your ass while you wear a pair of black girlie panties. You’re my little girl now, Jack. I’m going to teach you what it’s like to be a pretty girl with your pussy full of hard cock,” she whispered as she fucked me faster.

At this moment, I began to realize just what was happening. Here I was bent over a desk wearing black panties while a petite beauty ten years my junior was fucking my ass with a strap-on dildo. This mental visual, along with all of the stimulation I was getting in my ass, was enough to produce a result in me never before possible.

I shot my cum all over the top of the desk without anyone touching my cock. At this visible evidence of my orgasm, Anne stuck her hot and wet tongue in my ear and shoved her cock as hard as she could into my ass. The feeling was incredible and unmatched by any previous experience.

Anne pulled the dildo out my ass quickly, pushed me back into the chair and knelt before me taking my now flaccid cock in her mouth and sucking every last bit of cum from inside. And, as my cock head was ultra-sensitive, my hips were pushing up and out of the chair with each pass of her tongue.

Standing and smiling at me, with her strap-on cock hanging from her front, Anne looked at me, then leaned forward and kissed me deeply.

“Maybe tonight, if you’re a good little girl, you’ll get to see under this bra and panty,” she declared with a wistful smile and wink of her eye.

I just sat silently as she removed the dildo, slid back into her stockings and skirt and buttoned her blouse. It was now a quarter after 8 a.m. and we could hear a few office staff members walking about in the outer room. Anne reached into the same drawer from which she had brought the dildo and brought out a pair of emerald green panties.

“Put them on and leave me those deliciously wet panties you came in with,” she said.

I pulled my black panties off and slid into the dry, emerald green panties she so generously supplied. They fit perfectly. I pulled up my trousers, tucked in my shirt, pulled on my jacket and walked towards the door. Just before reaching the door, I turned to Anne and looked deeply into her green eyes and said, “Anne, I really meant what I said. I’m yours, just tell me what to do and help me to please you.”

She reached around me and hugged me close, pressing her face into my chest. Then, looking up into my eyes she said, “Jack, I love you. Thank you for accepting me the way I am.”

As I left I thought that it was I who should be extending the thanks for the acceptance. Oh well, there’s always tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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