Dust in the Wind Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

This one is long, as I wish she would say. It’s probably a two or three-hour read, so come back later if you’re tight for time.

I got some help on this one too. No1Ukno did his usual stellar job on the editing. This final version is somewhat different from the one that he saw. So, if you find errors, they are all mine.

Those changes came as a result of some feedback that I requested. It came from fellow Literotica author ChancesAre and my fiercest and most honest critic, Demosthenes384bc. Their ideas and suggestions were fantastic. If I haven’t managed to reflect them properly, that’s all on me.

Our protagonists are all of legal age and very much ready and willing.



Zoe Dean looked up from her phone before slapping it down on the kitchen table in exasperation.

What the fuck is it this time? A chipped nail? Did I buy the wrong moisturizer again? Oh God, no. What if her friend posted a prettier selfie?

Zoe knew that the last one was unlikely of course. Her eighteen-year-old daughter, Jasmine Dean had inherited Zoe’s stunning good looks. The girl was the archetypal tall, blonde, teenage bombshell. With all the depth of a puddle and the brains of a helium balloon to go with them.

Her twins were polar opposites, Zoe thought for about the millionth time. Why was there no common ground between them whatsoever?

“Mommmmm,” came her daughter’s plaintive voice once more. “Jason’s still in the shower. He won’t come out. I’m going to be late,” she continued.

Zoe stalked out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Jasmine was pounding on the bathroom door, exhorting her twin brother to hurry up.

“He won’t even answer me Mom. I’ve been out here for like, ten minutes or something,” Jasmine exclaimed as Zoe approached. “Stinky Butt usually showers for about five seconds. But not today, of course. The one day in the year when I’m in a hurry.”

What was it? Graduation Day? Her valedictorian speech? Maybe she was Homecoming Queen this year? Ooh, were there college recruiters in town? No, of course not. It’s fucking yearbook photograph day. What a bimbo. God, I love her to bits but I’m almost beginning to regret taking sole custody in the divorce. Oh Jack. She’s missing a male influence in her life. God knows I am.

“OK sweetie, go use mine. I’ll see what’s keeping Jason,” Zoe said, watching as her daughter skipped off down the hall.

Look at that ass. Dear God, how the hell has she not come home pregnant before now? I must make more of an effort to reconnect with her. Maybe we can have a spa day or something next week. If I can find some fucking time.

Zoe shook her head before turning to bang on the bathroom door, her voice imperious.

“Jason Jeremy Dean? This is your mother speaking. I know what you’re doing in there, young man. I want you to take your hands off that thing. Open this door in the next thirty seconds. Or I’m coming in. Ready or not.”

Zoe’s voice rose in pitch and volume with every word. As she spoke, a mental image of her masturbating son burst into her mind. She had never seen his penis. Well, not as an adult anyway. If he was anything like his father, it would be a sight to behold though. Jack’s big cock had prolonged their marriage by almost a decade. It had almost made his other bullshit worthwhile. She shook her head as her cheeks flushed. She was shocked and surprised at the lewd, incestuous vision her mind had conjured up.

I’m thinking about my son’s penis. About him jerking it. I need to get back on Tinder, today. Either that or I need to get back in front of the cameras.

There was no response from behind the door, so Zoe pulled the handle outwards and then upwards. This was a hidden safety feature that she had used many times when the children were younger. Today it was more of an outlet for her frustration… and embarrassment.

The door’s latch clicked, and it swung open. Clouds of steam billowed out as a wave of moist heat engulfed her.

“Jesus, Jason. At least open the damn window,” Zoe exclaimed, moving further into the bathroom. Into her own personal version of hell.

Through the big, clear, sliding shower doors, she could see her son. He was slumped on the floor of the stall, blood pouring from the back of his head. He was completely inert, despite the scalding water coursing across his body.

“Jason. Jason, baby,” Zoe screamed as she burst into the shower cubicle. Ignoring the searing torrent of water, she knelt by her son and took his face in her hands. He was at least breathing she thought, but there were no other outward signs of life. His hair was matted with blood, which continued to trickle down into the swirling water.

Standing, she turned off the steaming deluge and stepped out of the cubicle. Her robe was soaked through, so she sloughed it off and ran naked to her bedroom. There was a house phone by the bed, and she muğla escort dialed 911 with shaking fingers.

“911, what’s your emergency?” the operator asked in a calm voice.

“I need an ambulance. My son fell in the shower, he’s unconscious,” Zoe said, surprised at how steady her voice was.

“Is he breathing?” the emergency call handler asked.

“Yes, but he’s bleeding from the back of his head,” Zoe replied.

“OK, press a towel to the wound and hold his head still,” the calm voice continued. “It’s best to assume a spinal injury just in case. Don’t move him but cover him up to keep him warm. What’s your name and address?”

Zoe gave him the details. The operator confirmed that paramedics would be there within ten minutes.

Dropping the phone, she opened the door to her en-suite bathroom. Jasmine was stepping into the shower. It was like looking into a mirror. Her daughter stared at her, mouth agape.

“Mommy, you’re naked,” she squeaked. Zoe had always been careful to maintain her modesty around her children. She knew they would no doubt find out about her secret past one day, but she had never flaunted her nudity at home. In the present circumstances though, she didn’t care one jot.

“Jason fell honey,” Zoe said, breathless. “He’s unconscious. I don’t know how bad he’s hurt. Paramedics are on their way. Come and help me, we need to look after him until they arrive.”

Jasmine blanched, her eyes going wide with shock. Zoe didn’t wait for any further reaction. She turned on her heel and ran back to the master bathroom. Stopping in the doorway she stared down at her unconscious son. Jasmine cannoned into her back. The girl’s arms flew around her waist as they both teetered on the edge of falling.

Even for that split second, Zoe’s heart soared at the unexpected contact. Jasmine’s soft boobs were smeared across her back. Her wiry pubic fuzz prickling Zoe’s backside.

This is not the time for a Girlsway fantasy scene Zoe. Get it together.

Five seconds later it felt more like a Family Strokes shoot. Both she and Jasmine were staring at Jason’s supine form. And his enormous, bloated… cock.

It wasn’t a pee-pee or a penis or even a wiener or a dick. It was an honest-to-God, massive, perfect… horse-cock.

How the hell didn’t I notice that the last time? Christ if he came to work for me, we’d be millionaires in a month.

By sheer force of habit, Zoe assessed her boy’s manhood in a cool, detached, and professional manner. She had done it thousands of times before, but she had never felt a reaction like this. She also noticed her daughter’s response. It was rather different.

Jasmine’s hands were clasped over her mouth. Her eyes were wide as saucers and her legs were crossed. This was a life-changing moment for the girl, Zoe knew. Just as her own first scene with Johnny Long had been, all those years ago.

Jasmine’s mind was in freefall. Jason was lying there unconscious. He was bleeding. And his… thing was right there.

That can’t be real… can it? Stop looking Jaz. Forget that, help him. Help Mom.

Her insides felt like they were uncoiling somehow. Making room she suddenly knew. Unbidden and unwanted instincts were reacting to her brother’s towering manhood. Her body was preparing itself for his inevitable entry, for her inescapable defilement. She was loosening up inside. Soft, tender tissues were moistening to accept him within her most secret place. She felt faint.

Oh no.

Jasmine began to slump to the floor.

Zoe turned towards her gasping daughter and caught her before she could fall. She spoke to her in an insistent tone. She was a mother, trying to break through the shock that had enthralled the helpless girl.

“Jasmine, honey. We need a blanket from the cupboard under the stairs. We need to keep him warm. Can you get me one please? Come on honey, it’s for Jason.”

The teenager stirred in her mother’s grasp and finally seemed to regain a semblance of awareness.

“OK Mom, I’ll get it. Is he alright? Is he gonna be… OK?” she asked in a small voice.

“Yes, baby. He’s knocked himself out. He’ll be fine. We’ll be laughing about it in the morning. Now git, and bring me that blanket,” Zoe pressed. As the fraught girl stumbled off, Zoe grabbed a towel and stepped into the shower stall.

Kneeling by his side she cradled Jason’s head and slipped the folded towel under it. A crimson stain began to spread out across the pristine, white cotton. She stared at her baby’s lifeblood soaking away. Her hot, stinging tears rained down onto his chest, as she spoke.

“Come on Jase. Stay with me, baby. It’s only a scratch, isn’t it? You’re just taking a little nap, aren’t you? Tired yourself out wrestling with that big old thing, didn’t you? If the girls at school only knew about that, they’d be queuing round the block to ask you out.

We need to find you a girl who can handle it properly kiddo. Someone like escort muğla your old momma perhaps. Maybe even your sexy big sister. Who were you thinking about in here? Some big titty bimbo? One of those nasty peepee Eurosluts? Or a curvy, all-American MILF? Your very own curvy MILF?

What the fuck, Zoe? Are you fucking delirious or something? That’s Jason — your SON.

Zoe. Get it together. This isn’t a scene, it’s real, fucking life. Jason is hurt. You’re horny. I know you’re frustrated. I know. I’m you. But this isn’t the time or place. He’s your boy. BE WITH HIM. HELP HIM.

Zoe shook her head and took a deep breath to clear her mind. “Wake up baby. Oh god, just come back to me. Please.”

“Come on Jason, hang in there. Please, my baby…”

Jasmine returned with the blanket and Zoe looked over her shoulder at the nervous teen.

“I need to support his head, Jaz. Can you tuck the blanket around his body? Don’t worry about getting it wet, sweetheart. Just make sure he’s all covered.”

Jasmine moved into the big stall beside Zoe and knelt on her brother’s other side. Her mom was staring into Jason’s eyes, whispering to him. Jasmine spread out the blanket and laid it across Jason’s legs. Slowly she drew it up his body. He was a slight, skinny boy and with a jolt of shame, she realized how often she has teased him about that. How she must have hurt him. How she had tortured him.

He had always been painfully shy and self-conscious around her. He didn’t play sports but year-round he wore loose shorts or sweats. Jasmine had ridiculed him about it for years. And about the fact that he’d never had any friends. And how he would never get a girlfriend. Would never even be kissed.

Jasmine could almost feel the moment when her heart broke for him. Jason. Her twin, who had never had a harsh word for her. Her brother, who had never fought back or retaliated against her relentless teasing. Never balked at the endless waves of abuse she had inflicted. He was a kind and considerate boy, exactly the sort that she had searched for all these years.

A solitary tear ran down her cheek, cooling the heat of the shame it found there. With a silent crack her brittle, mental chrysalis began to split open. As the shackles of her shallow, selfish life fell away, a beautiful new Jasmine was born. There was no sound, no flash of light, no choir of angels singing. There was just a tiny… something. A tickle, a pop. An insignificant little release of tension. She didn’t notice it, but it was there.

It was like a snowflake settling on the top of a hill. But it lands on a corner and begins to tip forward and move… inexorably. Another one stuck gets entangled with it and then another. And suddenly they were all moving together… rolling onwards. Down the hill, faster and faster. Bigger and bigger. Gathering momentum, mass, and speed. Where would they go? Who knows…?

As the blanket passed his knees and reached his thighs, it all fell into place. His behavior, the way he dressed and acted. It all made sense. Jason had a secret. A big, giant, monstrous secret.

A magnificent, wondrous, beautiful secret…

And it was right there, scant inches from her face. From her lips. With an exquisite thrill, Jasmine pulled the blanket further up his slim, young body. And before she knew it, she was brushing her brother’s magnificent penis with the back of her hand.

It was hot. Jasmine could feel her brother’s pulse making it bounce and twitch. She licked her lips once more as her insides roiled and seethed. Her body was oblivious to the appalling circumstances. It just knew that she was touching the most beautiful penis in the world. And that it was urging her towards a spontaneous climax.

With a start, she realized her mom had gone silent. Looking up, their eyes met. They held each other’s gaze for a long moment before Jasmine continued. With a sigh, she pulled the blanket all the way up to Jason’s throat.

“Thanks, baby,” her mother said. “Can you go get your robe? The paramedics will be here soon. We don’t want them to be too distracted, do we? My summer wrap should be in my bottom drawer, can you bring it too? You know, the purple one?”

“Yes Mama, I’ll get them. How’s he doing?” Jasmine asked in a tiny, trembling voice.

“He’s OK for now, darling. He seems to be breathing better and his color is coming back. Now go grab us some clothes before the medics get here,” Zoe pleaded. She gave her daughter a broad smile, willing her to leave.

With a sigh the younger girl did, looking back one more time from the bathroom doorway.

As she disappeared Zoe turned back to her son.

“Come on kiddo, hang in there. You know I love you with all my heart. Please be OK baby…”

Jasmine returned with her mother’s flimsy silk kimono. She found the older woman kneeling over her brother. She was holding the reddening towel under muğla escort bayan his head, her plump breasts dangling over his face. The firm nipples were distended. Hard, swollen lumps.

“Mom, here’s your wrap. I’ll take over there. I can hear the sirens, you better go and let them in,” Jasmine said.

Zoe reacted with a start — caught. She regathered her thoughts and nodded, however. Her daughter clambered over her into the shower stall. Zoe showed Jasmine how to hold the towel tight against the wound and support Jason’s head. She got up, her knees stiff from the cold ceramic shower base. As the sirens grew louder, she grabbed her wrap and pulled the flimsy garment around her body. With a sigh, she turned and hurried to the front door.

How many times have I begun a scene like this? Flimsy gown, hunky men arriving at the front door, and me horny as hell. Now it’s happening in real life. The world has gone mad.

In the bathroom, Jasmine was kneeling over her unconscious brother. Her mouth was by his ear, whispering intently.

She wasn’t Catholic. Fuck, she wasn’t religious at all. But today she was confessing like a naughty nun from a seventies porno.

“I’m so sorry for all the teasing Jase. You were always such an easy target and you never fought back. You just soaked it all up like a sponge. Why? Why didn’t you fight back? I always assumed that that a day would come. When all my bullshit would come to a head. And you would go off like a volcano, like an atom bomb. You would be furious with me. Raging and screaming. But your anger would fade, and you would look at me. And… open up to me. Be my brother again… my best friend.

“I’m such a stupid bitch. I’ve been chasing all around school and all over town for a man to satisfy me. Not to love me, fuck no. I gave up on that dream long ago. I just wanted someone to make me feel good, to fill me up and fuck me.

“The number of wasted dates I’ve been on. The number of times I’ve sighed in disappointment at yet another wasted evening. The number of sweaty, steamy, back seat disappointments I’ve had to endure.

“And all this time you’ve been right here. Hidden in plain sight, ignored, and reviled. The very thing that I’ve been searching for all this time. The only boy… no, man I’ve ever actually loved.

“If you can forgive me, brother, I’m going to try to make it up to you for the rest of my life. I’m so sorry baby bro.”

What are you babbling about, you crazy cunt? He’s your BROTHER. You can’t fuck him. No matter how perfect he is. Wait, stop. Get your hand off that.

The mortified girl snatched her wriggling fingers away from the tent in the blanket. God, she was going totally cock crazy. The damn thing had her hypnotized.

Then there was a burst of noise and clamor behind her. A female paramedic bustled into the bathroom, her male colleague in close attendance. She entered the shower stall and took over holding the towel to Jason’s head. Jasmine got up and moved to her mother’s side. She had entered the room behind the male medic.

With a minimum of fuss, the two med-techs had her brother’s head bandaged and his limp form strapped to a gurney.

“His vitals are strong ma’am,” the female medic said to Zoe. She and her colleague had Jason connected to a monitor.

“We’ll get him to Mercy General and they’ll do X-Rays and a head CT. Hopefully, there’s nothing too serious. Do you want to come with us?” she asked. “There’s no hurry, he’ll be undergoing tests all morning.”

“We need to get cleaned up. Jaz has big plans today, so I’ll get her to school and then head to the hospital,” Zoe replied.

“Mom,” Jasmine hissed. “Fuck that. The only plans I have today involve looking after Jason. I have a million pictures I can use for the stupid yearbook. Get your butt in that shower, I want to be leaving for the hospital in ten minutes.”

The medics were chuckling as they wheeled Jason out the front door. Zoe thanked them and turned back to her daughter. But Jasmine had already closed the bathroom door to have her shower. Zoe headed to her own room to freshen up herself. She was still shaking her head as she hurried into her bathroom.

Who is that sensible, loving girl and what has she done with my shallow, bimbo of a daughter? I don’t even care, as long as she’s here to stay.


On the way to Mercy General Zoe called the kids’ school to explain why they wouldn’t be in. She’d also called ahead to the hospital to be told that Jason was still unconscious but stable. As she hung up, she turned to her daughter. The girl hadn’t spoken since they’d left the house.

“Jaz, can we talk?” she asked. “I mean a proper, grown-up talk? Woman to woman?”

“Sure Mom, sounds serious,” her daughter mumbled.

Where to start? If in doubt, go with your instincts girl. All in then, the good old Zoe Dean special.

“I couldn’t help but notice what happened this morning baby. When you came into the bathroom and saw your brother lying there,” Zoe began.

“Huh?” was all the response that Jasmine could muster.

“Your… reaction, baby. You saw Jason and you… almost fainted Jaz. I had to hold you up. Then when you brought the blanket. I saw you… touching it… touching him. What gives?”

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