Dublin Nights Ch. 05

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Thanks to Rex Brookdale for helping with editing. Please Note: English is not my first language. This chapter contains scenes of extreme violence.

When the wind picked up that evening, it blew a scent of exotic spices in all directions. It was near the mansion that I had first tracked the pungent odor. My nose had finally discerned that very thin tendril of spiked scent, and I focused my mind on how to determine its origin.

Sean was bemind me, and passed a pair of binoculars over. By now, we had been at the stake-out location for almost a week. He nudged me, and pointed at a car moving up the street. As per our routine I wrote down the license-plate number. The list was getting quite long. Almost all of the cars were late-model. The people who visited the mansion must be well-to-do businessmen, to afford such luxury.

The deadline tonight: the man in the dark suit who had assaulted and molested the women in the house of Aine, had demanded three new playthings. During a couple of dinners this week, information was passed to me about the members who had visited the house of Aine. Maeve and her family, and many other women.

I couldn’t quiet comprehend the importance of my ‘liberation’ of all of these women from the darkness they were under, but they seemed intent on letting me know how good they felt being around me.

Sean and I never visited Maeve’s residence after that day; instead we received invitations from other women, all connected to Maeve’s network, with whom we had a lot of fun.

All of them were attractive, even stunning. As soon as we walked up to their doors, they bowed and kneeled. And then they had us pampered until we had almost passed out from pleasure.Not just me, Sean got his needs taken care of too. I wondered why they were so generous to both of us, but bit by bit I found out that the previous ‘challenger’ of power had met a dire end.

Sean also revealed his past experience.He was often forewarned by a woman he never met before , suddenly telling him to move, to prevent him from being harmed by dark magic.

As a business graduate from Trinity College, my training no help; I found it difficult to dissect yhe esoteric information. What was real? What was magic? Reading up on Irish folklore on the internet, while easily accessed on my tablet, it brought even more strange conclusions to my growing body of knowledge.

I was now aware that the threshold between reality and the other realm could be easily nearby me, without my sensing it. If I was not with any of the five Munster-banshees, I felt on the verge of stepping on mines.

Every building, every road, every corner seemed to have some sort of legacy attached to it. Low hedges could ne hinding something just beyond them. If I just didn’t cross the lines, I should be fine. But it meant that I was confined to watching the entrance of the other house from a house belonging to a seventy-year-old granny. I was bored.

I knew from an earlier recon mission two nights ago that there were a substantial number of security guards posted around the main building. While flying a drone, we had picked up strange heat signatures, using the Infra-Red channel. We mapped it with aerial photos from Google Maps, trying to determine what it could be. It seemed like there was some kind of grouping of the signatures outside the main building. He noticed the red dots on the screen were positioned in strange rows.

“Heads up” warned Sean, and I used the binoculars to focus on the next vehicle coming down the road.

A big SUV was making a turn into the drive, and the the entrance gate slowly opened. It moved up to the front entrance of the mansion. The doors opened and two well dressed exited the car.

I zoomed in but could not determine who they were. I could tell that they were not young by the way they moved. Probably in their sixties. I heard a deep sigh leave the mouth of the person behind me. turned to face Uncle Sean.

“You know them?”

“Yeah” he nodded. “Those are two of the most evil bitches on the planet as far as I am concerned.”

“Who are they?”

“Well, I wondered how all this started, and how you ended up in this. But I got a feeling that tonight is going to be a pain in the ass.”

As soon as he spoke these words, I saw one of the women turn her head toward us, as if aware that we were there.

“Oh fuck, she spotted us” said Sean. He started packing up our stuff and throwing it in a big duffel bag.

“Move idiot, we got to scramble out of here” he yelled at me.

I grabbed everything around me and packed my backpack. Hurriedly I followed him downstairs and out the back door. We ran to our small sedan parked beside the house, and drove off.

A cold shiver went through me. Sean wanted to speed up, but I put a hand on his arm and told him to calm down. When we passed the next crossing, I noticed a black SUV following us at a distance.

“We got a tail.”

I let his arm go, and he accelerated immediately. For those who have never been to Dublin, speeding siirt escort is almost impossible. The density of traffic that had come with the economic boom around the millennium was still wreaking havoc on the roads. Sean weaved through traffic, creating more space between the SUV and our sedan.

Luckily after three hard turns, Sean suddenly pulled in to an open garage. An oddly dressed man standing to one side immediately pulled down the door. It was instantly dark.

“Cool Sean, real cool. I guess I am new to this, but you worked this out in advance didn’t you?”

My mind reeled at the possible upshot of this occurence: clearly Sean had not told me enough to explain this military-style maneuver.

“Let’s say, I got a few friends from younger years. They don’t ask questions and don’t tell things. As they don’t want to know what is going on, just knowing that sometimes a friend needs some help.”

He extracted himself from the car, and took the bags with him. He then started wiping the car completely clean with small wipes. I followed his example. When the car was completely wiped clean, he grabbed a can and started spraying inside the car, and then around the car. And then he gave special attention to the doors.

“No DNA will be left to recover when this is settled in about half an hour. Put on the backpack. We have to walk a little” he grumbled.

He stuffed the trash and towels in one very large garbage bag. Then he lifted his duffel and hoisted it onto his back. Carrying both, he groaned when the weight settled. He opened a side door and we stepped outside and into a small alley. We continued down . When we came across a large bin, the garbage was tossed inside.

We continued to traverse from alley to alley until we came at a crossing. A drunk walked up to Sean, and for a second I thought he was going to punch him. They suddenly hugged and smiled at each other. Sean gave him the car keys and a small envelope which I later learned contained money and car registration for the small sedan.

He gestured to me, we crossed the street to continue our journey. After walking about a quarter of an hour, he halted, turned a hundred and eighty degrees, and walked back the way we had come.

Confused I followed him. Five minutes later we were standing in front of a house that we passed already once; I had noticed it had a small shed, when we’d passed it. When he now entered the front gate, he pulled a key from a chain. He opened the door and again gestured to me to follow him.

Once inside he dropped the bags and immidiately began to unpack his duffel. He methodically separated things into piles, sorting out the prized possessions. Then he stuffed the essential things into a small backpack. He took my backpack and repeated the process. I just watched and learned. The way he selected, tested and stored materials was genuinely efficient. I guessed that this was how they must train soldiers to do it. He repacked the duffel and then did mine. The excess that was left scattered on the floor was wrapped up and dumped in the bin outside.

Sean looked at his watch and walked into the kitchen. He opened a well filled fridge and fixed a couple of sandwiches for both of us. After we were filled and content, he pulled out another paper. No, this was in fact a letter; he handed it to me and I looked at the blank sheet. I waved it around, perplexed. He smiled.

“You should sing a lullaby from when you were young.”

I remembered one particular song. As soon as I’d finished the first stanza, the paper glowed and letters appeared on it. I started reading, fascinated. Sean stood up, and touched my shoulder before heading for the coffeemaker.

“It is time to prepare you for tonight. This letter was given to me by someone I held very dearly. She died in my arms while telling me the horrors of what she went through.”

His voice was suddenly dark and had a rare timbre to it. It chilled me to the bone. No longer new to all the magic after so many things having happened these past few days, I still marveled. After finishing reading the letter, I gave it back to him. He set aside the mug of coffee he’d just poured, and recited a Gaelic spell. Amazed I looked to see the letter transform into a gilded leaf.

“Take it, and never lose it” he demanded.

The moment I touched the leaf I was pulled back in time, deep into the woods I remembered from my youth. I gripped the leaf tightly, no wanting to lose it. When I glanced back at Sean, I saw that he had moved away from me.

With a bang trilling in my ears, I dropped on the floor…, no, rephrase that; I fell down upon a large leaf, at the foot of gret ancient oak tree.


Everything around me was green. I heard birds tipping away, singing wonderful exciting sounds. I smelled fresh flowers and they appeared around me.

Then suddenly the soft twangs of a harp being played reached my ears. My head moved in that direction and I noticed a faint glow between the trees. Eagerly I stepped siirt escort bayan up, and walked towards a small clearing.

There was a small pond, where fresh water bubbled up from a spring. My mouth tasted so many different spices it overwhelmed me. My ears were caressed; no make that licked by sounds of pleasure. I understood completely that I entered the realm again. My eyes focused on the light.

There was a woman playing a soft lullaby on the harp. I was not able to distinguish words, but the closer I got to her, the better I seemed to understand it. She was radiant, giving of a glow, that changed in color from yellow, then gold, then green, and then to emerald. I saw the contours of her body, and she was an absolutely classical goddess.

The more I looked, the more details appeared. She had a small tattoo on her ankle; a butterfly pattern, it seemed. On her shoulder a blue hummingbird suddenly alit; it looked at me and then flew away. Her long fingers were caressing the strings, making the sound so deep that it reverberated to my core.

I kneeled at her feet, take her in with all her glory radiating at me. I felt so warm, so comfortable, so relaxed. When I saw her face, a couple of tears left my eyes. She was so beautiful, my heart and soul cried. She puckered her lips slowly and moved her left hand. She then stopped playing and she faced me. Her fingers touched my face deliberately slow and wiped the tears away.

“My son, my pretty angel! It has been too long since I last saw you.”

Her voice made me feel hot all over.

“When mankind started to roam around the planet, they ploughed, hacked and burned their way through their environment. For most of our ancestors, there was no way to hide anymore, and many were killed. We fled across the ocean, and found new fertile grounds. But man was determined to destroy us, and they followed us relentless and crossed the oceans as well. We went up north to the cold, but even that did not discourage the strongest of them. We then circled back to near our place of origin, only to find it occupied.”

“When we reached the shores of this island, it was covered with abundant green forests, and so much other different species that had fled from mankind as well. We enabled relations with many of them, and even a couple of early men.

When the climate changed to warmer temperatures, so did our connection with mankind. We trusted fewer of our allies due to small battles about controlling mankind. We lost. In order to survive I decided to transform myself into a form more acceptable for humans.”

She sighed and her fingers slowly caressed the harp again.

“Then our little wars inbetween species became also wars fought by men. Some of the species use mankind to do their bidding. It became dirty and for millennia all parties involved only worked to complete destruction.

I was aware, listening to the stories of refugees. I think raising you as a hybrid, part us, part human then came to my mind. I met a man full of integrity. He longed for knowledge, and sought some kind of redemption for the battles he had won.

I lured him in my webs, and I seduced him. You were born as his offspring. Then we shifted you to my realm in order to save you from destruction. You are my only son, but you have many sisters. Each of them has been gifted with a certain part of my powers, and each of them will know who you are as soon as they meet you.

Transferring their powers into you will be very intimate and pleasurable. However, the dark side of the realm, as all is in balance, also produced hybrid offspring, to counteract my actions.”

Again she sighed deeply, and then she reached out and ruffled my hair.

“When you discovered me, you have become powerful enough to face the dangers ahead. You have an obligation to save mankind from evil. The human race is full of flaws, but their biggest is indifference, and their lack of progress in evolving into better people.

You will carry inside you the gift of knowledge, which you will pass on to all your kin. You will produce a lot of children that will be completely human. Some will have powers emerging, and you need to make sure it is used for good. The special ones in your life,

Whether they are aunts, nieces or sisters, make love to them to sustain and regenerate your powers. Remember, we all are one in being.”

She gasped, shivered, and fell slightly forward.

“Find me, my beloved son and make sure you pass on your gift, to strengthen your powers before you start facing evil.”

And with a flash, she was gone.


Again I seemed to travel at light-speed from the realm back to Uncle Sean in the cottage. I held the golden leaf, but when I looked it had turned black and then crumbled into ash. I waved my hand and all was gone.

“You got any answers?” Sean looked eagerly at me.

“Answers? What are you on about?”

“Well, I assumed she asked you questions or riddles. Do you have the answers?”

“No, no… escort siirt I…,I met my mother,” and then I bowed my head, feeling suddenly lonely.

Sean’s head also bowed down.

“The Goddess of Insight is your mother?”

Astonished, he looked up at me.

I nodded. Then I found myself smile again. Going over her words again about aunts, nieces and sisters. Who were they? And more importantly, where were they?

“Uncle Sean, as you seem to have knowledge about my family, my mother mentioned relatives. Any one I would know I ever met before?”

“Ha, yeah, uh I know your relatives. They are not from around here, in Dublin that is. Although some moved here now that I think of it. Actually you met one of your Aunties yesterday.”

He smiled mischieviously. I looked at him, and grew afraid. Above his head, images seemed to materialize out of thin air. Slowly a face could be seen and I recognized Grainne.

Then the image grew larger and became like a screen and I saw how both of them enjoyed some carnal exercises. And then suddenly Ella appeared. Oh… She must have been his daughter. Did he know this?

“Uncle Sean, explain Aunty Grainne to me?” I smiled at him.

“Uh…oh…well eh, Grainne eh…yeah.” He blushed, and his face went red till behind his ears.

“Uncle Sean, when did you and Grainne become an item?”

“Eh…a while ago.”

“Yeah, I thought so, about seventeen or eighteen years ago?”

“Uh…oh… why you want to know this?”

“And when was Ella born?”

I was without mercy. His face contorted strangely as if partially paralyzed. Sudden realization came, to his mind and his eyes lit up.

“No…no, no no…She would have told me!” He gasped.

“I think we would need to visit Grainne again, now don’t we?”

Sean slowly nodded, his hand covering his mouth. Being suddenly a father slowly dawned on him that he had to rearrange his current life goals. He stood and collected the remains of our meal and disposed the trash. He washed up the dishes and cleaned everything up. After writing a small note, and putting some money near the note, he indicated for us to leave the house.

Darkness descended on us, when we closed the front door, and used the pavement to make way. Sean made a call, and after ten minutes a black cab showed up. The man inside the cab had a well-worn face. He was about Uncle Sean’s age and had seen things a human should not see. It was the way they eyes were staring that led me to believe that he was ex-military, just like Sean. We drove around Dublin, taking several routes in and out of city center, before both men relaxed and said that we were clear.

As we approached the House of Aine, I felt the hair rise on the back of the neck, and my skin tingled. Both of the other men seemed to be aware of some kind of danger lurking nearby. Our driver passed the house and I looked up at it.

Lights shone from the windows on each floor, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. The driver pulled the car off the road and parked. We both exited. We left our bags in the car; Sean assured me the driver would take good care of them.

“Stay close. Somethings fishy around here.” He gestured in a wide arch.

“Okay. I feel a bit creepy indeed.”

He looked curiously at me, but continued toward an alley. It took us to another alley behind a row of houses. We slowly walked along the back gates of the residences. We glanced around before we entered a small back yard, cautiously moving to the back door. A high pitched shrieked wailed suddenly and we both hit the ground in an instant. Sean crawled back in the shadows further. I turned and left quickly to a spot from which I could watch his movements. Sean crouched next to the back wall. Slowly he moved toward the door, and reached out toward it.

As soon as he touched the back door, it exploded outward into the yard, sending pieces of wood and glass in all directions, nearly missing Sean. Light poured out into back yard, revealling a dead man lying face up on the ground. His face was drained of blood, and his skin greyish blue.

A shiver went through me followed by feeling of despair. I straightened up, and walked inside the house, leaving Sean behind.

I followed my instinct and went directly up the stairs to the first floor. All the doors were broken into, shattered panels of wood everywhere. I found no-one inside the rooms. but there were streaks of blood on the floor. I gulped in air, fearing the worst. I went by each room, and then ascended to the next level. Same thing; shattered furniture and broken doors. Nobody in sight. Fear started growling in the back of my head. When I came back to the living room, I had found no-one in the house upstairs. Nobody in the rooms, or bathrooms. But I felt a presence near, perhaps more than one.

In the living room, Sean was cleaning up the floor. More blood stains were visible. I shivered again, and we both looked at the candleholder that served to open the secret wall door. When we went thru, soft cries could be heard. We found Saoirse, impaled on two wooden sticks that went thru her body. There was no life in her eyes. I noticed deep scratches on her arms, and bruises on her body. I knew instantly who was responsible for this. When I touched her, her body felt warm. I closed her eyes gently.

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