Druids#13c – The Ride Home

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The Ride Home:

Eileen awoke in the middle of the night. She didn’t know what time it was, only that it was still very dark and she had to pee. Before she moved, she realized how good she felt. She was lying on her left side snuggled up with Walter behind her. His left arm went under her neck, his right arm was atop hers; his hand comfortably on her shoulder, and his cock was pleasantly draped up against the crack of her ass. With the covers just reaching her shoulder, she could not be more comfortable. She felt so good, satisfied, warm and safe in his arms that she dreaded the idea of getting up, just to go pee. It had been so very long since she had been with a man; and this man had treated her so absolutely wonderfully that she thought she might just cry, being so happy.

But she really had to pee, dammit. Trying not to awaken Walter, Eileen reluctantly lifted his hand from her shoulder and rolled over to the side of the bed. She sat up, and then stood up. Carefully, she put the covers back over his shoulders. He was sleeping soundly and didn’t seem to be disturbed as she arose. She walked into the bathroom squeezing her legs together. It seems that a little of Walters last deposit was running down the inside of her leg. Besides, she really had to pee.

Quickly closing the bathroom door behind her, Eileen took a quick seat and relieved the immediate pressure on her bladder. As she sat down, she turned the faucet on and twisted the knob all the way to ‘H’. The water was soon warm, so using one of the washcloths from the rack; she ‘tidied herself up’ for the second time. And what a night! When she had completed her ablutions, Eileen stood up and inspected herself in the mirror. ‘Hair is a mess,’ she thought. But she could not be happier. The ‘rogering’ that her sister, Meagan, had arranged was beyond her wildest dreams. She had to take a moment to remember and count the orgasms that Walter had produced in her. But, the most important thing was the feeling of self that he had restored in her. Knowing that she might never see him again, or have a night like this, she went back to the bedroom to feel his soft embrace one more time.

She carefully slid the covers down and lay down on the bed, on her left side again; as softly and quietly as she could. Walter appears to be just as she left him; he hadn’t moved. She pulled the covers back up and moved herself so that she was in the same position as before. His left arm was still outstretched and she moved so that it was just under her neck. She picked up his right arm and pulled it over herself, so that it rested on her right arm. As she eased her butt back up against him, she realized that he had moved, just a little. His cock was no longer limp and ‘just hanging there’. He had increased in size and was semi-hard. And, she noticed, he was now ‘pointing up’ instead of down. He still lined up well with the crack of her ass and Eileen, once again, felt that warm, comfortable and satisfied feeling. ‘Was it morning wood’ she wondered. Resolving to stay still and enjoy her ‘rogering’ night as long as she could, Eileen started to drift off again.

The sound of crickets broke her reverie. Crickets? It was Walters’s cell phone alarming for his wake-up at four-thirty. With a low groan, Walter stretched himself and then rolled over to silence the alarm on the phone. A quick slide of the little thingy at the bottom of the phone and silence reigned again. Walter was laying there on his back and Eileen rolled over to face him. “What the hell was that?” she said with a little sleep still in her voice.

“Revile” Walter responded, “Time to wake up.”

Eileen put her leg up on his and gave his chest a little scratch with her nails. “Do you have to leave already?”

Walter turned to her and kissed her gently: “The way I figured it, I do need to get up at five. That will give me enough time to get dressed, get to the mess hall for breakfast, and get to work on time.”

“Thank You for last night,” she said and then returned his kiss.

Walter: “You didn’t ask me what time it is.”

“Five O-clock, right?”

Walter kissed her again and said: “No, I set the alarm for Four-Thirty, I said that I have to get up at five.”

Hearing that, Eileen smiled and moved herself a little closer to him. He could feel her pressing up against his leg. “Hold that thought, I have to pee.” And Walter quickly got up and sped into the bathroom. Eileen prepared for his imminent return by centering herself in the bed. Walter was back in short order and climbed back under the covers moving up to embrace Eileen as she turned to her side to meet him. He was rock-hard and she could feel him up against her topkapı escort belly once again.

Eileen felt ready. This man made her wet by just laying down next to her. Capitalizing on the situation, she pushed Walter onto his back and slid herself up onto him, laying flat for a few seconds. She kissed his face and put her lips up to his ear, she whispered: “You have taken such good care of me, let me pay it back a little, OK?”

Walter could only nod his agreement and held onto her for a few more seconds. Eileen brought her legs to the sides and sat herself up over his hips. She could feel his cock as it was now pressed between her crotch and his belly. She slid herself a couple of inches up and, feeling her lubrication spreading, she slid back. Rubbing her clit on the underside of his cock, she took a few more slow slides before she lifted herself up. Reaching down, she grabbed his cock and guided it to her opening. Slowly, really slowly, she let herself down taking him deep into herself. When fully seated, she started to slowly rise up and lower herself, stroking her vagina up and down his stiffness. Walter put his hands on her hips to encourage her into more of a rocking-grinding movement, which put good friction on her sensitive little clit.

‘This man is just too much,’ she thought as she sensed her reaction to the feelings coming in from her now fully engorged little nub. Walter was now massaging her tits with both hands paying particular attention to her nipples. Eileen’s arms were hanging limply at her sides and her head was tilted back in full rapture, once again. Walter felt himself start to stir, his balls were tightening and he could sense his third release of the night as it built within him.

Eileen was peaking again, but she didn’t want it to be over, so she kept on grinding. But, the eventual result was just unstoppable and almost reluctantly, Eileen climbed that hill one more time and stepped over the top. Once again, she felt the tingle and then the throbbing start deep in her womb. Spreading rapidly, it quickly involved her entire body and she had another trembling, strong orgasm. Walter, feeling the pulsing of the muscles in her crotch, managed to raise his hips and push even deeper into her womanhood; then erupted inside her again. He felt pump after pump of cum flowing up and into Eileen; he was actually surprised at the strength and apparent volume of his third ejaculation in less than twelve hours.

Eileen, straddling his hips and keeping him inside her, collapsed onto his chest. They were both breathing heavily and it took a few moments for them to calm down. This time she kissed him, long and tenderly. She felt a strong emotion for this man and a real connection to him other than the obvious connection of his cock being still buried in her crotch. Walter’s head was still spinning a little as he felt his erection slipping away. Slowly, he fell out of her and, this time, he was the recipient of a small stream of their juices as they dribbled out of Eileen onto his balls. This time, it ran down his crotch and dripped from his ass cheeks onto the sheets. Hey, turnabout is fair play.

Reluctantly, Eileen lifted herself up and laid herself back down next to Walter. They once again rolled to face each other and she asked him: “Do you really have to go?”

“No choice, I’m afraid.” He said: “But, certainly not ‘my’ choice.”

Eileen could only sigh and acknowledge that he would soon be gone. But she certainly had some memories. And what memories! That man, Walter, has given her more sexual excitement in the last few hours than the little over three years that she spent with Robert. That Rat-bastard, Robert.

Walter kissed her again and then got himself up. He went into the bathroom and washed his face. He needed a shave but he would forego it, at least until lunch time, and hope that his current platoon sergeant didn’t notice. He saw a damp washcloth hanging on the rack, he rewetted and used it to wash the cum from his balls and cock. This he did without knowing that it was the same washcloth that Eileen had used, during the night, to wash her ‘girly bits,’ as she calls them.

He had to leave the bathroom door open a little more than usual so that he could see well enough to locate his underwear. He slipped these on along with his tee shirt. It was only now that Eileen could see his clothes on the dresser. They were his utility uniform. She was amazed that she was seeing him ‘dress for work.’ His boots took a few minutes to get back on but he was soon presentable, as a soldier.

Eileen got up and went into the bathroom. She grabbed a towel and wrapped herself türbanlı escort in it. She went back out just as Walter was pulling his cap out of one of those big pockets on the side of his pants. He didn’t put it on, he only folded it and put it under his arm. With the light on him, Walter looked pretty good in uniform, even if it was only a utility uniform.

Eileen could feel the emotion coming. She tried to fight it but she couldn’t stop her eyes from tearing up. Her throat felt tight as she walked up to him. With an unsteady voice she said: “Thank You Walter. Thank you ever so much, I had a wonderful night. If you must go, go now before I start blubbering. I can’t find the right words to say right now. I’ll probably think of them right after you go. She put her arms around him and he returned the gesture. They kissed long and hard. He reluctantly released her and took a half step back.

“Eileen, I can’t find the right words either. You are a lovely, sexy woman and any man who would not want to be with you is a total fool. I hope that I can see you again. Even if it’s not like this, I would like to see you again. Will you think about that, please?”

Eileen could only nod, yes. She didn’t trust her voice. Her throat was so tight and the first tear started to roll down her cheek. Knowing that she had her back to the light, she hoped that he didn’t see the tears. She smiled her best smile and watched him put the room key on the night stand and walk to the door. He stopped, turned and said: “You know, I could probably skip breakfast.”

This was enough. The mood was eased and Eileen actually laughed, a little. She blew him a kiss; he smiled again and went out the door.

Eileen laid herself down again, across the bed. ‘That was some man!’ she thought. ‘I wonder what time it is?’ She could still smell him on the sheets and she buried her face into his pillow. Her feelings were so confused. She was extremely satisfied, overly so. But she wanted more of that man, that real man.

Meagan’s alarm went off at the usual time. She was up and dressed quickly. Breakfast for her and the boys was quickly done and while they waited on the corner, Meagan watched them from the window; dialing Eileen’s cell phone number.

Eileen, with sleep in her voice: “Hello Meg.”

Meg: “Well, don’t keep me guessing, how was it?”

Eileen: “How was what?”

Meg: “Don’t fuck with me, you know what I mean.”

Eileen: “It was soooo much better than you can imagine!”

Meg: “Save the details till I get there. The boys are getting on the bus, as we speak. I’ll be in the car and on my way in ten minutes. Be ready when I get there; I still have to go into the office today.”

Eileen: “OK, I’ll be watching from the lobby, just pull up in front and I’ll jump in.”

Meg: “On my way.”

Eileen pushed the END button and knew that she had the better part of an hour and a half to get ready for Meagan to pick her up. She rolled around the bed a while longer, reliving the memories of last night while feeling the loss of Walters going. She even took a minute to look at the sheets. They were a mess. Her sister Jennifer called them ‘pecker tracks.’ She could clearly see the end results of a night of sex. There were ‘pecker tracks’ all over the sheet. The maids must have an interesting yet disgusting job!

Eileen got up and collected her bra and knickers from where she flung them last night. She took clean underwear into the bathroom and started the water running in the bathtub. ‘No!’ she decided. I think that I will keep him with me a little longer. She turned the tub off and washed her face and neck in the sink. She applied a little makeup and spent the most time combing the knots out of her hair. The time spent with Walter left some serious tangles and there were more than a few hairs left on her brush when she got her brown and red mop looking to her satisfaction. Putting on a loose-fitting blouse and an equally conservative pair of slacks, she donned some ‘flats’, closed up her suitcase, took one more long look at the bed and marched herself down to the elevator and on to the lobby. She dropped the key into the box marked for check-out and found a chair where she could have a good view of the driveway. She only noticed, when she sat down, that there was a tiny bit of tenderness in her crotch. Not painful, just a little tender. The more that she thought about it, the more she decided that she liked the little remembrance of last night’s activity. She waited patiently for her sister.

About ten minutes later, Meagan pulled up in front of the lobby door and stopped. Eileen grabbed her little suitcase tüyap escort and hustled out to the car. She tossed her bag into the back seat and jumped into the front. A quick buckle-up and Meagan drove on out of the curved roadway.

Meg: “Wait until we’re off the base, I want all the details but I don’t want any interruptions like when we go through the security check point.”

Eileen: “Details, what details?”

Meg: “I’ve already told you once, don’t fuck with me today, right?”

Eileen just smiled and watched the road. They exited the base without any problems and were soon on the long wooded road toward home.

Meg: “OK, spill it!”

The first thing that Eileen thought of was ‘I hope she’s not asking me if I’m leaking onto her car seat.’ “He was absolutely wonderful. Thank You Meg, I truly thank you. Like that guy on TV said: ‘Thanks, I needed that’.”

Meg: “You’re ever so welcome, but I need details!”

Eileen: “Where should I start?”

Meg: “OK, did he get there on time? Were you in the bed waiting for him? Did he ring your Bell?”

Eileen: “Things went exactly as planned. He got there and shortly thereafter I got there.”

Meg: “So, he did the trick then?”

Eileen: “He sure did, on more than one occasion. I have never come so many times in quick order in my whole life. He was gentle, and considerate, and thorough and oh so sexy.”

Meg: “Details! Does he have a big cock?”

Eileen: “Big enough for me. There weren’t any areas not covered, or reached or whatever you call it. He is . . . . about average . . . I don’t know, I haven’t seen that many ‘cocks’ but he was big enough for me, for sure.”

Meg: “Any distinguishing marks or scars or tattoos or techniques?”

Eileen: “No, he is just beautiful; no marks or scars or anything. He is good with his hands, good with his mouth and really good with his cock.”

Meg: “Good with his mouth? On a first date?”

Eileen: “Yes, he did everything; and he did it both well and often.”

Meg: “Often, how many times?”

Eileen: “Him or me?”

Meg: “You had more than one?”

Eileen: “Five that I counted; three for him.”

Meg: “I certainly underestimated him, and you little sister. But I still want details!”

Eileen: “The first one was kind of fast. We did the old missionary and he made me cum, just doing that. Next, we got into the shower and we washed each other and he got me off with his hands. Next, we went back into the bed and he went down on me; I’m not sure how many times that I came then. I tried to pay that back with a nice blow job but he turned it into a sixty-nine session and I was coming again. He stopped me from blowing him, I think that he didn’t want to come that way. He finished me off with a spoons that got me off again. He comes about a quart and between us we made a real mess of that bed.

Meg: “He sounds like a real animal.”

Eileen: “Just the opposite, he is a tender and caring man. I felt so good sleeping in his arms. This morning, he woke up early and we did it again. This time he let me get on top and I rode him like a three-dollar horse. Yes, dear sister, he really rang my bell. I’m still ringing, a little.”

Meg: “So, you’re ‘holding’, as Jenn would say?”

Eileen: “Yes, I’m ‘holding’. I hope that I don’t get anything on your car seat.”

Meg: “You’re kidding, of course.”

Eileen: “I won’t be sure until I get out.”

Meg: “Nice joke, why didn’t you put a panty liner into your knickers?”

Eileen: “I didn’t think to bring one, too late now.”

Meg: “I told you not to fuck with me, that goes for my car, too.”

Eileen: “Seriously, Meagan, I am sincerely thankful for this ‘rogering’. I really needed it. I guess that I have been a bitch lately, huh?”

Meg: “You’re welcome little sister. Now, I miss Jim even more. But, to be honest, Jim never gave me a ‘rogering’ like you just got from Walter.”

Eileen: “So, I guess that you know him pretty well.”

Meg: “Yeah, We knew him when we were in Japan and he got transferred here just after Jim and I got back. He is a nice man and we both like him.”

Eileen: “Well, if he ever tells you that he needs to ‘roger’ someone again, send him my way. Lord, send him my way anytime, anywhere.”

Meg: “Will do. Would you like to meet him for a regular date?”

Eileen: “Absolutely. Do you think that he would be willing to help me out next Equinox?”

Meg: “Really, you like him that much? You want him in your ass?”

Eileen: “Actually . . . Yes! He would certainly do a better job than that old plastic thing does.”

Meg: “I can only ask, only ask.”

Eileen smiled and thought to herself: ‘please do, I would really like to have him back inside me, anywhere and everywhere.’

The sisters rode on chatting about Walter. The more Eileen heard, the more she wanted to see him again. She really wondered if he would let her give him a blow-job.

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