drown on her eyes.


drown on her eyes.sometimes i Wondering if what happen just dream like the breeze it Pass so quickly make my live With the forbidden desire and dream that we well Meet again.my story start about days ago when i lave the work place on the Libyan desert and went to Spain for 2 weeks vacation, for me and how don`t know me i`m just that guy how have normal look and crazy Thoughts and loot of c***dish and narcissistic behaviors and for many years i thought there`s no woman can make my feeling desire for her ,i spend may first week on nothing just on Tourism and shoppingand the next week i went to Granada and what a lovely city,i stayed on Asa Bombo hotel and as usual on the afternoon start reading that book at the pool when that lady set near to me , so i kept reading and steals the look to her hand ,that book she holding *The Thing About Love * this is the title and i know this book from the rating list and for the true it`s gümüşhane escort not my book type bout the Curiosity make my stand and go to her and with poultice words that i try ,i said: can you tell me about your book it`s same interesting story,stop stop stop what an idiot i am what`s this sentence Supposed to be,i`m such an fool.and what Surprise!she start Laughing ,what a charming smile that she have and i don`t know if she laving on me or for something else at the and she take off the glasses and say to me: hi my name is Ocotlana i swear and this moment something like the spell Throw on me,there`s no way i forget the sea color in her eyes ,and how i Drowning on her femininei don`t how moments pass before i said: i`m sorry ,my name isRawadso mr. rawad what you want to know about my book she saidi said the interesting pointshe said with smile like whati told her like if this story it just hakkari escort a Fancy and can be on real liveso we stayed discuss for 3 hour and i don`t know how become discuss about us ,where we live and about our work on the end i stand front on her hotel room and she i ask me to join for a cup coffee,i`m not that virgin and i know what that mane bout the ring on her left hand make me give an excuse and kiss her hand saying I had greet time with heri went to my room,lay down on may bed and try to sleep,that eyes,that smile keep me wakeful,keep me on my desire to kiss her neck and her lipsi can`t hold my self just like fire you can`t Firefighting it with gas, at midnight i come down to the bar try to drink something make myforgotten her and make me forget this crazy day, i found her on the bar, what the hill, i try to escape from this madness night , i try to keep my self under control ,but escort bayan the circumstances told me there`s no escape from her eyes,i Walk to her table and say: what lovely nightshe smile and said: ya i still awakeand for no reason she ask me: why you still awake? you told me you go to sleep maybe the vintage take or maybe just me i said: i told you this after i see the ring on your handshe was amazed and said : is this way ?i told her: you to me like the moon it`s very beautiful because we look to it and wish just to touch it, bout if some day we go to moon and bake to earth we can`t look to it like always because some day we had been on it ,it`s not that charming like old days when we wish just touch it, she smile and told me you are cranky man mr.rawadi smile and said: no i`m the king of crankyshe smile to and told me she and her husband on divorce proceedings and she through on Hard Time Especially she have two c***drenand we continued talk Until dawn. in the end she told me she well laving today to Ukraine and we just make Promise: the next year you and her in the same date 2 April we well meet in the same hotel and give us shot on this one day crazy relation, who know maybe i drown on her eyes.

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