Dressing Room Delight!

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The weather was hot and humid, like most July days around here. The crew had just finished installing my new in-ground pool this week. The water was crystal clear, and it had taken only a couple of days for it to get warm. I put my hand in, and it felt like I had just drawn a nice, warm bath. I was anxious to try it out, but was disappointed to discover that I didn’t have a decent pair of swimming trunks anywhere, so I jumped in my car to drive to the local department store to see if I could find a new pair. The heat hit me like a blast furnace when I opened the car door, and the upholstery was so hot that it hurt to touch it. I started it up and got the AC running; hot air blew from the vents for a moment, replaced by cooler air after a minute or so.

The drive to town was uneventful, about 25 minutes because my place is in the country, nestled in the quiet and picturesque hills of Kentucky. Living in the country has its advantages because I can’t see my nearest neighbor’s house and everything is so peaceful. When I got to the department store, the pavement appeared to be moving from the little mirages created as the heat rose from surface. I hurried into the store and welcomed the coolness, thankful to be away from the sweltering heat outside.

I was welcomed at the door by a well-dressed elderly lady. “May I help you with something today, sir?” she asked. I said that I was looking for a new pair of swimming trunks and she directed me to the sporting goods department. She said, “Most people would think they would be in the clothing department, but not here, management makes those tough decisions!” She gave a bit of a sarcastic grin. I thanked her and headed to sporting goods.

Amidst the balls, bats, tents, and various other implements I finally spotted a couple of racks containing both men’s and women’s bathing suits. I headed over and began going through the myriad sizes, shapes, and colors before finally choosing a couple of different pairs that looked interesting. Unable to find the dressing rooms, I stopped a clerk and asked where they were. He directed me to a hallway and said, pointing, “They’re at the end of this hall on the right, temporary ones until the new ones are finished out in our main showroom.” He handed me a tag with the number two on it and asked me to please return it after I had finished. I asked what the tag was for and he said, “It indicates how many articles you take in with you – to prevent theft.” I nodded and headed down the hall.

I went to the dressing room at the end of the hall, not knowing why I passed several others that were vacant. I opened the door, stepped in, and was greeted by a quiet but audible gasp from a woman standing before me in an alluring two-piece bikini. Her back was to me as she inspected her bikini selection on the full-length mirror attached to the wall. But she turned to face me when she heard the door close behind me and I immediately recognized her. “Oh my God!” I exclaimed, “Jill is that you?” Her look of shock melted away and a huge smile covered her face. “Jack – I can’t believe it, I haven’t seen you since college! How long has it been? Geez – almost twenty years!” My mind was spinning in twenty different directions, but I managed to say, “I can’t believe it’s been that long – it’s good to see you!” She was even more beautiful than when I remembered. Her dark brown eyes were complimented by her brown curly hair, which was flowing down over her shoulders to the middle of her back.

I tried hard to be inconspicuous as I stared at her beautiful full and lightly tanned breasts filling the bikini bra and then some! I could tell she had only recently come into the store, because her nipples were hard and thrusting against the material from the change in temperature. I apologized for accidentally bağdat caddesi escort busting in on her, then turned to open the door. When I heard her say, “Going so soon, without giving me an opinion on my bikini selection?” I could hardly believe it. I turned back around and, with a wicked grin on my face, said, “Well, I wouldn’t want to disappoint you, now would I?” My glance went from her eyes directly back to her tits. The only thing holding the top up was the tie around her neck and her hands pulling the material taut around those full globes. The other strings were hanging at her sides.

She chuckled as she spoke. “What do you think? A little too much skin showing? Or am I too old to be wearing this kind of suit anymore? You know how it is, as you get older, gravity takes its toll!”

I nearly choked as I felt my cock tighten in its confined quarters. Her tits were still the same as they’d been in college – full, round, and very little hint of sag. She turned again to the mirror, studying her chest.

“I don’t see a thing wrong. You’ve got the breasts of a woman half your age!” I could feel my cock rising, and knew I had to get out of there in the near future before I embarrassed myself like some high school kid having to go up to the blackboard with a boner.

Her eyes met mine in the mirror, and then traveled to my crotch, and she smiled. She was actually enjoying my torment!

“I was thinking of maybe that one over there on the chair. It’s a little more daring, don’t you think?”

I looked over at the other bathing suit, and noticed its thong panty and tiny triangles for a bra. “Yeah, definitely more daring, but you could carry it off,” I said, turning back to her.

“Help me with it, will you?” She turned back to the mirror and dropped the top she was holding. Her eyes came back to mine in the mirror, wide, innocent, and with that helpless look that every man in the world knows. I picked up the tiny suit, my eyes never leaving hers in that dressing room mirror, and stood behind her.

“I’d be more than happy to be of service,” I said. I took the bra top and held it in front of her, using my hands to mold the cups to her tits, just like she had done earlier. She watched my hands in the mirror, and then looked deep in my eyes as I spoke. “This one doesn’t cover as much,” I said, “but it makes it easier to take off and tan topless, so you won’t have to worry about any of those nasty tan lines.” My hands moved to cup her tits first through the material, then under it, roaming over her nipples as her breath came in a soft gasp. Both nipples were pinched between my thumbs and forefingers, first lightly, then with increasing pressure, until she gave a slight but audible moan. I ground my crotch into her ass. She reached behind her and felt my hardening prick through my shorts, then turned and began undoing my belt and zipper. As her hand found my hard flesh, her soft touch caused my groin to tingle deep inside my balls.

She started to say something, but I pressed a finger to her lips. Smiling, I said, “Sshhhhh.” She nodded, and smiled in approval. I ran the tip of my finger around her lips and then slipped it into her mouth. I felt her bite down gently and then flick my finger with her tongue while softly sucking on it. This caused my cock to go from semi-hard to rock solid in a matter of seconds. She pulled me in closer while continuing to suck on my finger and I could feel her hard nipples pressing firmly against me now. I reached up and took a nipple in my hand and pinched it with just enough pressure to cause erotic pain. With her nipple still in my fingers I bent over and swept her curly brown hair from her shoulders and began to gently kiss her neck and earlobe. Her hand was bahçelievler escort rubbing my fully erect member, even though I was still in my shorts, and my erection was becoming painful. I slid my free hand to her crotch and touched the bikini material that covered her now swollen and throbbing pussy lips. The material was soaking wet with the moisture from her love mound. I pulled the elastic material to the side, just enough so that I can slip my fingers between it and her soft wet pussy. I traced my finger along her lips, letting her wetness cover my fingers, and then took them out and tasted the honey from her hot cunt. She gasped with pleasure to see me tasting her, knowing that it wouldn’t end with me simply licking her juice from my fingers. I pulled her bikini panties down to her ankles and then stooped down to help her remove them over the sandals that she still wore on her feet. I was now face to face with a perfectly trimmed patch of hair that glistened with her wetness.

I quickly brushed her clothing off the chair, and then sat her down and she instinctively spread her legs open, revealing what I was dying to taste. Still on my knees from helping her remove her panties, I moved to her spread legs and touched the outer lips of her pussy with my tongue and her hips jerked with approval. She reach down with her hands and spread the lips of her moist cunt open for me to taste the sweetness within. I pushed my tongue forward and felt it part her inner lips and slide into her love canal. She then grabbed my head and pulled my face hard into her crotch, forcing my tongue deep inside her. I ran my tongue in and out of her, tongue-fucking her, and her hips kept time with my strokes. My tongue then found its way to the top of her slit and I could feel her swollen clit, which I took in to my mouth and began to suck and lick. I knew she was cumming when her hips began to buck wildly and she forced herself into my face and darting tongue. Her orgasm came quick and hard and I could taste her love juice gushing into my mouth, making her pussy even wetter than before.

She looked at me with a satisfied smile on her face and said, “Stand up for me now.” I did as she asked and she leaned forward and with one fluid motion she had my pants to my ankles and my shorts willingly went with them. My cock sprang forward from its prison, glistening with pre-cum and rock hard. She cupped my balls in her hand, squeezing them gently. She looked up at me and licked her lips, taking her tongue from one side to the other very slowly. I thought I was going to cum right there on the spot, but she circled her fingers around the base of my cock and squeezed. She brought her lips to the head of my cock and kissed my head, her lips now coated with my precum. She then turned her head and nibbled along the length of my shaft, flicking her tongue and licking as she went up and down. When she got back to the head of my cock, she slipped it in her mouth, and I watched my cock disappear into her moist, lipstick red, lips. It seemed to take forever, but all too soon I felt my cockhead touch the back of her throat. She then reversed the process and began pulling my cock back out of her mouth, only to stop at the head and start over. After a couple of minutes she was fucking my cock with her mouth at an unbelievable pace and I was holding the back of her head and thrusting my hips forward to shove myself deep into her mouth. I knew I couldn’t take much more of this as I felt my toes tingling and my legs beginning to shake. My balls were mixing up a load of cum that I could feel traveling up the shaft of my rock hard cock. Sensing this I tried to pull my cock out of her mouth, but she could sense the same thing and reach her arms around my hips and pulled my cock bahçeşehir escort deeper into her mouth. I could feel the first shot of cum rocket out of the head of my cock and instantly splash against the back of her throat and I felt her swallow hard, barely enough time for her to receive the next rush of jism. One hand kept working the length of my shaft while the other coaxed my balls to produce every last drop. The cum continued to spurt from my cock, filling her mouth to the point that it was leaking from the corners of her mouth and dribbling down her chin. She hungrily swallowed all that I had to offer and then licked her lips to clean up what was left. She held my cock in her hand and milked every drop of cum from me; licking each bead as it she squeezed it from my softening member.

She stood up and we kissed deeply, our tongues wrapped around one another’s and our now naked bodies pressed against each other. I wondered how long we had been in that dressing room together, but somehow it just didn’t matter; we were oblivious to everything but the presence of our bodies touching. After a few moments of kissing, she bent to her knees and her face was inches away from my flaccid cock. She began to lick my dick and rub my balls lightly; taking my cock back into her mouth and sucking on it like a lollipop. I could hardly believe it but my cock was responding to her treatment and was getting hard again. Satisfied that my cock was sufficiently hard, she stood up and put a foot on the chair, widening the stance of her other foot. I knew exactly what she wanted and I was more that willing to accommodate her wishes. I brought the head of my cock up to her pussy, which was still soaking wet and hot. She reached down and took my cock and rubbed it on her pussy lips and across her clit several times. I could tell that feeling my head rubbing her wet mound was arousing her. She pulled my cock toward the opening of her cunt and I pushed my hips slightly and felt the head enter inside of her wet hole. I could feel the heat of her pussy on my head while the rest of my shaft was cool in contrast. Then, with her groan muffled in my shoulder, she lowered her hips downward and the entire length of my shaft, burying myself deep inside her with one quick thrust. With my cock buried deep in her, I bent toward her breast, took her nipple in my mouth, and bit at the base of it, nibbling out to the tip. I knew she approved and I could feel her flexing her muscles deep within her pussy to fuck my cock without me pumping in her. After enjoying the feeling of my balls against her ass and my shaft surrounded by her, I begin to rhythmically pump my cock in her love hole. After just a couple of thrusts I was ramming my cock deep in and out of her and her feet were practically coming off the floor with each up-stroke. She matched my movement and kept perfect time with my thrusts. I could feel her orgasm coming on, which excited me and caused me shoot a hot load of cum deep inside her pussy. Her cum was streaming down my cock, soaking my balls with our juices. Our orgasms were in perfect harmony together and we gave everything that was in the both of us.

We lay there, sprawled across the chair, her hair in our faces and breathing like we’d run a mile. I kissed her, and felt my cock slide out of her slippery pussy. She sat up and smiled. The cum was drooling down the inside of her leg as she stood up, and she tried to wipe it up with her panties. I looked for my shorts, but she stopped me. “One more thing,” she said, and knelt between my thighs once more. She took my now limp cock in her hand and began to lick it, sucking off the cum we had both left behind. “Mmmmmmmmmmm,” she said, and smiled. She didn’t even bother putting on her panties, but stuffed them in her purse, and walked out the door. I followed a few minutes later, and handed the clerk my number two.

“How did they work out for you, sir?” he asked, and I had to smile.

“They were both great, but I think the second one was the best.” I answered with a goofy grin on my face.

“Funny,” he said. “That’s what the lady who just left said too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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