That evening I drank two glasses of ouzo. Usually I drink only one but that evening I drank two. For once. And maybe that’s why I had a strange dream. Or maybe the cause was rooted in the green salad I stuffed myself. If so, then the nitrates definitely can do miracles. I was sleeping meekly and soundly when I saw a lovely girl. She had a long copper blond hair, pale blue eyes and body of a model. I continued sleeping nonchalantly, pretending not to be interested. She fluttered her eyelashes and gave me a smile. I blushed in my dream and snuggled under the quilt. She nodded knowingly and fixed her curious gaze on me. She Ankara bayan escort looked quite real; I had the feeling that if I reach out, I would be able to touch her. I could see every detail of her clothing very clearly. She wore a tight dark blue dress that accentuated the graceful curves of her body and her feet were clad in black pointed-toed mules. “Do I look real?” she asked sweetly. “Yep.” “Not a talkative type, huh?” “No, I don’t think so but I ordinary keep quiet when sleeping.” She giggled childishly, tossing her head back. A tender bluish vein was pulsing on her Escort bayan Ankara neck. “Are you aware that I’m a very special dream?” This time her eyes were serious. “Huh, what’s so special about you?” “I’m a dream coming from the future. But I’m also a replica of a real girl.” “How’s that?” I asked while turning on my other side. However, she was still standing just before me. “It’s difficult to explain. In our time the technologies allow such things.” “But why did you appear in my dream, of all other dreams?” “You have consumed chemical substances that favor accomplishing Bayan escort Ankara the connection.The other happens haphazardly.” “The ouzo, huh?” Her eyes widened uncomprehendingly. “Or maybe the lettuce?” She seemed not to understand the questions. “What are these things you are talking about?” she inquired shyly. “That’s what I ate and drank this evening.” “Oh, I can’t tell you the exact formula, I’m not allowed.” I fell silent. “Do you want to touch me?” she asked in an innocent manner. “To touch you? But you are a dream.” “As I already told you, I’m not an ordinary dream.” I reached out, then touched her hand. It appeared absolutely real. My jaw dropped with surprise and subsequently the cushion got slobbered a little. “Unbelievable!” I exclaimed, getting so excited so I nearly woke up. “Easy, easy, you will break the connection.” “All right.” “You can hold my hand if you want,” she said calmly. I squeezed her soft palm.

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