Dr reece


Dr reeceId left work early for my doctors appointment .. so i was still dressed for work .. i work part time as a receptionist .. so i was dressed smartly in a red above the knee skirt .. a button up shirt and black high heels .. i was wearing my little guilty pleasure hold up stockings .. but Considering my appointment was for a ear infection i didnt give it a second thought .. I sat in the waiting room for what seemed like forever as everybody but me was called through .. until i was the last person left .. when two cleaning ladies arrived and began chatting to the receptionist .. i heard her say she was going to be off soon and i decided to go and talk to her assumeing there had been some kind of cock up and id been forgotten ..”Exscuse me ?? Sorry i had a appointment for 5:30 ? Its almost 6:30? ” The receptionist looked over at me with a frustrated look as she put her handbag over her shoulder and picked up her coat .. “one moment madem .. take a seat and ill go and find out for you” I sat back down and crossed my legs with a impataint sigh smoothing my red skirt down my thighs .. a few minutes later she reappeared ..”Doctor reece will see you now” .. she barked as she walked past waving goodbye to the cleaners as she walked out the door ..I stood up and walked up the hall to dr reeces office and tapped the door gingerly and walked in .. He gestured with his hand as he stood up from behind his desk “lolly .. take a seat” ..Dr reece had been my GP for a number of years and although i wouldnt see him at his surgury alot ..i had confided in him before after i had received a erm .. rather awkward sexual injury .. at the time he disaproved of my behaviour but remained professional and helpfull .. id also often see him around town and greet him with a polite smile or a wave .. I sat down in the chair and he stood beside me as i exsplained the problem with my ear .. and he examined me breifly shineing a light inside before walking around to his side of the desk .. sitting down and tappin away at his computer .. “its a infection .. nothing some antibiotics wont clear up ..” ..He pauced for a second looking at his screen .. before peering over the top of his glasses at me with a stern disaproving look .. “its been a while lolly … you missed your 40yo health check and you didnt return the comfermation for your last smear test ” I was dreading him bringing that up .. smear tests were awfull and i was still in denial about passing the 40yo mark so id just avoided the appointments .. “Oh im sorry doctor ive just been so busy .. im happy to rebook an appointment for a later date” Doctor reece sighed as he stood up from behind his desk “no .. its fine .. it will only take a few minutes” I stood up and began to make my exscuses ” oh its very kind of you but its late you must be wanting to get off .. ill see the receptionist on the way out” As soon as the words left my mouth i knew id fucked up .. the receptionist had already left i saw her leave .. Dr reece shook his head as he stood in front of me blocking my exit “im affraid she has already left .. your two years overdue lolly .. we will do it now ” I nodded reluctantly as i placed my bag back down on his desk and started to walk over to the strecher on the other side of the room when he exstended his hand out in front of me halting me in my tracks ..”Unfortunately … That has a fault … ” he placed his hands on my shoulders and turned me to face him .. He took out a small torch from his top pocket and instructed me to open my mouth and shined it down my throat .. i felt unnerved but also a little aroused by the patronizing authority in his voice as he sternly told me “put out your tounge” I escort eskişehir poked my tounge out and he looked into my mouth for a few seconds before clicking his torch off and placing it back in his top pocket .. i felt uneasy as he placed his hand into the small of my back and guided me over to his desk ..”Place your palms flat and your elbows on the desk .. and bend at the waist ” A voice inside my head was telling me something wasnt right .. but im a hopeless coward in confrentational situtations .. and i reasured myself in my mind that “hes a doctor and he knows what hes doing”  as i bent over ..”Keep your legs straight .. and part your feet” I could feel my heart rate rise as i silently followed his instructions .. I could hear his breath over the muffled hum of the hoover outside the room as he placed his fat fingers onto my thighs and casually began to gather up my skirt ..My heart sank and i swallowed hard with a intense pang of shame as my skirt was disrespectfully tugged up around my waist and i remembered my stockings and choice of underwear ..I wanted to just disapear from the face of the earth .. i could feel my face burning red with embaressment .. it was a bizzare feeling .. i was ashamed but at the same time i was concentrating on not becoming wet .. i felt aroused as he pinched the sides of my bright red thong and dragged it down past my hips and left them stretched between my open thighs .. the skimpy waist band nipping into the soft flesh on the tops of my legs ..I heard him sigh almost in disaproval at the sight of my stockings .. tarty little knickers and my clean shaven clam as he snapped on some rubber gloves “Right then lolly … lets take a look shall we”
I couldnt even muster up a reply i just swallowed loudly as my legs started to tremble uncontrolerbly..His voice seemed patronizing as he hummed under his breath “try to relax” .. and i heard the tube of medical lube fart as he squeezed some onto his latex covered fingers .. I flinched .. phiscally jumping as the cold jelly touched between my soft lips and his fingers “accidently” slipped over my clit coating it in the cool goo .. His fingers slid down my hot slit and over my opening as he quietly said .. “Sorry ..  try to remain still please”
I took a deep breath and held it in as two of his fat fingers painfully stretched my tunnel .. sinking down inside me .. he pauced for a second .. wiggling them inside me .. before pushing a little harder .. i gasped out loud as i released my breath ..”Thats good .. almost there ” he seemed to be taunting me as he pushed against the resistance of my tight tunnel .. forceing his way in further until his knuckles were between my soft fanny lips ..Im sure i could hear contempt in his voice as he firmly .. slowly pressed at difrerant angles against the wall of my womb .. twisting his fingers inside me .. “good .. now a little more”  he pushed again ..
This time i began to gasp in pain .. hissing through my gritted teeth as i inhaled and exhaled furiously .. i could feel the rest of his hand beginning to defeat the elasticity of my hole .. and i couldnt help but let out a loud whimper as his greased knuckles slipped past my splayed open lips .. “Uuurrgh urrgh ow ow ow” i was panting loudly in protest .. but he remained silent and held his fingers as deep as he could .. a dull ache throbbed deep in my stomach as he pushed against the very top of my cervix .. My whole body was trembling. and i could feel the veins in my temples pulseing as i just bent over and took it .. his whole hand was almost completely inside me .. as he shoved it in a jerking motion further into me as i groaned shamelessly .. and eskişehir escort then finally he slowly withdrew his hand and i collapsed my head onto the desk gasping for breath … His voice sounded cold and uncaring as he exsplained .. “well there doesnt seem to be any obvious abnormalities lolly .. but im going to run a pat test just to be certain ” I was exhausted .. my legs were burning and my insides were a throbbing numbness as i sheepishly whimpered under my breath .. “Okay.. ya” .. i stood there bent over bracing myself as he fumbled behind me .. i didnt flinch this time .. my pussy was numb .. i could feel the draft inside my destroyed pussy as it hung open .. the cold metal tip of the medical instrument just glided into me with no resistance from my gaping hole .. He took his sample quickly and it retreated out of me .. I strained as i straightend my arms to push my upper body up off the desk to stand upright .. but was halted by his hand between my shoulder blades .. “remain as you are lolly .. im affriad your not done just yet ” ..I closed my eyes and bit down angrilly on my tounge and rested the side of my face on the desk .. reluctantly doing as i was told .. i heard him wheel his office chair up behind me and sit on it .. he reached forward by my sides and tapped my wrists .. “im going to need your assistance for this part .. place your arms down by your sides” I slowly pushed my arms down by my sides laying flat on my face .. propping myself up on my forehead as he took hold of my hands and placed them either side of my ass cheeks .. i cringed in shame as i heard his next instruction “now ..part your buttocks” I held my arse cheeks and pulled them apart displaying my pink star directly in front of his face as he sat behind me in the chair .. i closed my eyes and prepared myself as he calmly patronized me .. “its not so bad .. we will be done in just a few moments “Just at that moment the phone on his desk made a loud beeping noise .. and before i could move he told me to again “remain as you are” .. i sighed sarcasticly as he rolled the chair along side me .. picked up and phone and rolled back .. i could feel his eyes gazing at my displayed arsehole as he spoke on the phone ” dr reece …. yes thats fine… yes … yes no problem at all .. yes … ill lock up enjoy your evening ” He scooted forward and put the phone down .. and then scooted back behind me .. he made me feel as if i was a inconveniance as he fumbled behind me saying in a disaproving tone .. “thats the cleaners .. wanting to get off home lolly “I remained silent as I felt my little pink star involentarily wink as he squeezed a bead of the cold jelly onto my ring peice … and my arse cheeks flinched closing slightly as he placed a single finger against my hole stirring the lube in a little circle before he began to press .. i hummed quietly to myself in protest as his finger pushed up my arse and pauced .. he added a second finger and slowly twisted his hand until they was both inside me .. i almost lost the grip on my spread ass cheeks as he pushed them up my arse and i did my best to lean foward to avoid them .. He held his fingers deep in my rectum and repeated the procedure of painfully twisting them and prodding against the walls of my tunnel as i hissed and gasped .. He withdrew his fingers quickly .. almost snatching them out causeing me to yelp ..He stood up and told me i could “adjust my clothing” as he snapped off the rubber gloves and tossed them in the bin .. i gingerly pulled up my knickers and turned to face him .. i was so embaressed i couldnt look him in the eye .. and sheepishly looked down as i tried to smooth the wrinkles eskişehir escort bayan out of my skirt ..He stood in front of me and took a deep breath . “Right then lolly .. remove your shirt ” I felt a tingle run through me .. I didnt look at him .. i continued to look down as i reluctantly unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall down my arms .. “and your bra” .. i nodded still unable to look at him as i reached around and unclipped my bra and let it slip down my arms .. my nipples hardening in the cool air .. It didnt feel like a medical examination as He placed hands on my breasts .. and fondled them pushing them together .. “noticed any lumps?” .. i shook my head as he dropped my heavy breasts and let them rest in his hands .. running his thumbs over both my nipples and pushing them inwards “any pain or numbness in your nipples?” .. My voice trembled as i felt the wetness trickle out of me into my knickers .. “no doctor”I felt him looking at my face as he postioned my nipples between his finger and thumb as he increased the pressure .. pinching them gradually harder and harder as if to gauge the exspression on my face .. i winced before finally giving in and allowing a little yelp to escape my lips “arggh” Our eyes met as he released the pressure and he went to withdraw his hands .. i dont know what came over me .. i slapped my hands down onto his and held them on my breasts sneering at him hungrilly as i forced him to fondle them .. he cut his eyes at me and shook his head knowingly as if it was no suprise that i couldnt control my urges .. he mumered under his breath as i yanked him spitefully closer to me .. “Your such a little tart lolly” I silenced him by pushing my mouth against his as he pulled away from my grip and threw his arms up in surrender .. i pushed my tounge out against his slack mouth as he turned his head away refusing to kiss me back .. he tried to escape by walking backwards but i fell to my knees and grabbed the waist of his trousers franticly tugging at his belt .. he dragged me along the floor on my knees as i snatched open his button and threw his zip down quickly pulling his pants down and sqaushing his fat little semi hard cock straight into my mouth .. he put his hands on top of my head in an attempt to push me away .. but gradually admitted defeat as i hungrilly sucked him growling at me “ARGGH YOU BITCH” I crouched on my heels and reached down with my free hand and snapped my knickers to the side and began finger banging my throbbing pussy tunnel .. i looked up at him as i angrilly jerked his hard cock hard and fast growling “YEAH IM A FUCKING BITCH … YOU LIKE THAT ? HUH ? YOU LIKE YOUR COCK WANKED DONT YA ?? MMM ? He shook his head in denial as i continued to talk filth .. “YOU WANNA FIST ME ?? MMMMM ?? YOU FIST FUCKED ME DIDNT YOU ??” He gapsed and bared his teeth at me before giving in and telling me “YEEEES I FISTED YOU .. YOUR A COCK TEASING URRGGH.. YOUR A FUCKING WHORE” His words tipped me over the edge and i felt my pussy convulse on my fingers as i looked up at him slack mouthed gasping as i came ..I buried my face in his balls and swirled my tounge all around them and then sucked his cock firmly back and forth .. looking up at him wide eyed .. i saw him begin to breath heavier and i rubbed his fat bell end all over my face as his warm runny spunk spirted out onto my cheek .. my lips and chin as i wringed him out all over my face .. he immedietly pulled away and covered himself up walking round behind his desk as i raked myself up from the floor .. he threw a tissue across the desk and gestured for me to leave with his hand to the door ..I wiped my mouth with the tissue and threw it on his desk .. i stood looking at him as i buttoned my shirt but he couldnt even look at me .. he just stared down at his desk with his arm out pointing towards the door .. I flicked my hair back over my shoulders as i chuckled to myself .. span on my heels and marched out ..

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