Dr. Marcilee

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“This way please sir,” the cute receptionist said as she led me down the hall to a medical examination room. She put my medical file in the holder outside a door and opened it, “In here Mr. Godlew, Please remove your clothes and sit on the examination table the Doctor will be with you shortly.

As I slid past her I could feel the softest touch of her hand on my crotch. She brushed it so lightly I almost could have believed it was an accident if I didn’t see her eyes look down as she did so. “Thank you, Sarah,” was my only reply as I tried to conceal the growing bulge in my pants.

She glanced down again and smiled, “my pleasure.” She let the door close and I heard her footsteps echo down the hall as she walked away.

I began to strip removing my shirt and tie and carefully placed them in the chair next to the table. Next I removed my shoes and unbuckled my belt sliding my pants off. I placed my pants neatly next to my shirt. I sat on the edge of the exam table and waited in my t-shirt and silk boxers and sock. My hands covering my now semi hard cock in it’s silken covering. The door opened and in walked the most stunning woman I have ever seen her auburn hair pulled back in a loose bun, dressed in a lab coat open showing her black skirt and white blouse.

“Hello Mr. Godlew, you are here for your annual physical, correct, I will be your physician my name is Dr. Marcilee.” She said as she looked up from my file. “Mr. Godlew you must remove all your clothes I need to get a good look at you.” I stood up as I removed my t-shirt and I could feel my cock getting harder this was embarrassing. I turned my back to her as I tossed my t-shirt onto pile of my other clothes and bent over as I peeled my boxers off I hear her say, “You socks too.” I could feel her gaze on my ass as I removed one sock then the other.

“That is better now turn around and take a seat.” She said I could hear her settle into the other chair bahis firmaları near the desk. I turned and sat as she instructed me too my now hard cock swinging freely. When she sees my hard cock her only reply is a mischievous grin. “Well you know this works,” I chuckle as I settle on the exam table.

“Yes well we shall see won’t we, I see you have shaved your pubic hair not too many men do that how does it feel?” she replies as she crosses her legs and leans back in her chair.

Her reply was an interesting one but hey I may as well have fun I thought to myself as I said, “Why not feel it for yourself.” I spread my legs for her to get a better view of my shaven crotch. She rolls the chair closer and strokes my cock and balls. “Mmmm, nice and smooth I like that.” She purrs as she stands and grabs her examination gloves.

“Ok stand up and turn around bend over and place both hands on the table I need to check your prostate.” As I do what she says I see her put the glove on and grease up her finger with KY jelly. “Relax and enjoy the feeling,” she says as her finger slides into my anus she wiggles her finger a little. “See how is that some people enjoy this, I know I do” she sighs as she slides her finger in and out a few times. She was right it felt kind of good, but it got better as she started to fondle my balls and stroke my cock with her free hand. This was a pretty cool examination so far and here I was dreading it.

I wanted so bad to turn around and look at Dr Marcilee again she was gorgeous looking, she had to be about 30. Her eyes were stunning and her legs nice and long I still had the picture in my mind as she crossed them when she was sitting. Did I remember right? Did she have a garter belt on? Oh I had to see again.

A few minutes later she pulled her finger out of my anus and told me to turn around, as I did so I heard the glove snap off her hand and it hit the trashcan. I had some precum forming kaçak iddaa at the tip of my cock. Looking at it she said, “See I know you would like that. You are a very Handsome man and,” she glanced hungrily at my cock, “very well endowed. I bet you are a favorite of the women. Now I need to check you for a hernia. Come closer.” I stepped closer to her as she stood up and cupped my balls in her soft warm hands. She looked up at me and whispered, “Now turn your head and cough.” She had me do it several times, each time taking the time to slide her hand along my shaft as she moved it side to side. The next thing she did was extraordinary; she knelt on her knees in front of me and took my cock into her warm, wet mouth. Her tongue swirled around the tip of my sensitive cock. Then without warning she grabbed my hips and pulled them into her making me thrust my cock deep into her throat swallowing it all too the balls. I looked down as this gorgeous woman at my feet slid my cock in and out of her mouth. She tickled the sensitive area just under the head with her tongue.

Then Just as suddenly as he started she stopped I groaned in displeasure as she released my cock from the confines of her mouth. She got to her feet and locked the door. As she turned she let her lab coat hit the floor and she kicked her shoes off. I reached for her shirt buttons and unbuttoned her shirt as fast I as I could, she slid out of her skirt and as it hit the floor I unsnapped her bra. There she was the most beautiful Doctor I have ever had in her garter belt and stockings that is when I noticed her lack of panties. She must have sensed my surprise because her next words were, “I had panties on but my nurse told me how good looking you were and how she caressed your crotch as she let you in the examination room. I believe her exact words were if you don’t do him I will, so I took my panties off for a real quickie but when I saw how gorgeous your body was I had to feel kaçak bahis your naked flesh against my naked flesh. Now it is your turn to do an examination on me but no gloves or fingers I want that cock of yours in my anus. Use some of that KY Jelly and lube up.”

She purred and moaned in ecstasy as I lubed up her asshole and my cock. When I felt they were both lubed up well and good I slid my cock very slowly and carefully into her ass. She grunted in pleasure as I got the full length of my shaft into her nice hot ass.

I was surprised at how easy my cock slid in and how good it felt. With her bent over the table I had complete access to both her pussy and ass. My hands caressed her hips and ass cheeks as I slid in and out my balls slapping her pussy with each thrust. She let on hand go to her pussy and she started to finger herself. She was moaning and grunting with each thrust of my cock.

I could have stayed in this position forever, but she began to moan, “God I am going to cum. I want to feel you unload in me too when I do go faster. Fuck me harder. OH GOD YES, YES MY GOD! FUCK THIS FEELS SO GOOOOODDD!” Her ass clenched in orgasmic pleasure, as I pulled her ass In tight I unleashed my Load of cum into her ass, I could feel my cock pulsing with each spurt, shooting my cum deep into her ass. We remained motionless for a few minutes when there was a knock on the door. We both jumped up and disengaged from our reverie.

“Yes?” Dr Marcilee, asked as she started to get dressed.

“Ma’am, your two o’clock is here in room three.” Came the muffled answer from behind the locked door.

“Thank you Sarah, that will be all, just finishing up here,” Dr. Marcilee finished buttoning her shirt and straightened her hair. “How do I look?” she asked looking at me, with those beautiful blue eyes.

“Like you just got fucked in the ass, but I love you anyways.” Was my reply. I smiled and finished buckling my pants and kissed her mouth and darted my tongue deep into her mouth. “God that felt good. You passed your physical see you tonight sweety when I get home from work.”

What you didn’t know they were married?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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