Double Dipping Ch. 03

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The night that followed was very interesting. Deb maintained an air of pretense between us as though nothing had happened the night before while Amy flirted with me throughout the evening. In front of her mother it was subtle teasing and giggling. However, when Deb wasn’t looking it was almost shameless. For example, when we were all in the kitchen and Deb had her back to us scrubbing pots, Amy lifted her T-shirt exposing two small naked lily white titties capped with bright red nipples poking slightly upward. Another time Amy was sitting next to me on the couch when Deb disappeared back to her bedroom. Amy leaned over and started tonguing my ear while rubbing her hand over my chest.

I told Amy to cool it, but she enjoyed teasing me too much and wasn’t about to let up. Of course I was having a hard time resisting her charms. So when I helped Amy take out the trash we ended up kissing and groping against the car like two teenagers in heat. I had my hands all over her tits and ass when we decided we had better return. Later Deb had to run some papers over to one of her dance instructors. We started kissing and groping in the kitchen, but ended up on Amy’s bed with my hand in her shorts fingering her pussy. After she had a powerful gushing cum, Amy started to reciprocate by jerking me off when we heard the car pull into the garage.

Being a school night, Deb made Amy go to bed at 10:30. We went out by the pool to talk. I sat back in the lounge chair with my legs apart and invited Deb to sit with me. She sat down between my legs and leaned back into me. I put my arms around her waist. Deb told me that last night was a mistake. I asked her if she wanted me to leave. She wanted me to stay, but just to forget about last night. Then she started rambling about what a terrible person she is and that she has no will power and how she was like this even before she was married. Then she started telling me stories about all these guys she fucked in college that she barely knew because she didn’t have any will power. Finally she started crying. I tried comforting her with words.

“Hey, you’re a good person. Don’t get down on yourself. Everyone enjoyed easy sex in college. And last night was just one mistake. No one will ever have to know.”

“That’s the problem. Last night wasn’t the only time. It’s happened before.”

I started massaging her shoulders to comfort her. Deb continued talking as if she were at confession.

“I was really good for the first ten years, but gradually we grew more distant. About five years ago I had some work done on our sink. This guy that showed up was a real hunk. He had huge rippling muscles and a soft smile. I guess I started flirting with him – you know me. While he was working under the sink I couldn’t help but stare and felt myself getting flush.

“He finished and was standing in the kitchen drinking a coke when he asked me if I wanted the good customer discount. Playing along I said sure and asked, probably too suggestively, how one becomes a good customer. He put down his coke, grabbed both of my arms and pulled me towards him. I was confused when he said, ‘like this’ and started kissing me. Then I felt his hands on my ass and his fingers digging into me. He shoved his tongue into my mouth.

“I should have stopped, but my body was on fire. I hadn’t been thoroughly fucked in a long time. When he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down I knew what he wanted. I dropped to my knees and unsnapped his shorts. He was huge. I used my mouth on him the best I could. After a while he pulled me up and turned me towards the counter. He pulled down my shorts and panties and spread my legs. After using his fingers to open me, he stepped up behind me and worked his monster cock into my pussy. It was the most incredible fuck I ever had. I couldn’t stop cumming. He emptied himself in me, then zipped up and left. I slumped to the floor trembling and fingered myself to another orgasm. Then I licked my fingers so I could taste him. I felt like such a slut.”

I put my hands under Deb’s arms until my fingertips brushed against the sides of her breasts. Deb put her hands on my thighs. Then she continued with her confessional.

“I never saw him again, but he touched a sexual nerve in me. I tried to get Fred to fuck me more often, but it was never enough. I bought a vibrator, but that just seemed to increase my need. Then about three years ago at Fred’s company picnic it happened again. Brad, one of the good looking beşiktaş türbanlı escort young guys working for him, started teasing and flirting with me. Well, playful me just teased right back thinking it was all innocent.

“Between beach volleyball and Frisbee matches I kept drinking beer until I was feeling no pain. After our last game Brad put me on his shoulders fireman style and ran into the water to cool off. When he threw me in I took off swimming until I was about 100 yards from shore. It was shallow enough to stand with my head barely out of the water. Brad followed. I put my hands on his shoulders for support since the currents were pushing me around. He mistook my intentions and cupped my ass, pulling me into his body. I was too drunk to protest.

“The rest happened so quickly I almost thought I dreamed it. He lifted me and pulled my legs apart so that my thighs pressed against his sides. I felt his fingers pull the crotch of my bikini to the side. Then I felt his hardness pressing into me until I opened for him. He went inside me, then proceeded to fuck me right there in the water. I let him. It was over very quickly. I felt him squirt inside me, then pull out and swim back to shore.”

Deb seemed to be getting excited as she told me of her sexual adventures. She was squirming in the seat and rubbing her thighs together. I cupped my hands over Deb’s breasts, massaging them with my fingers. She put her hands over mine to help guide the motions.

“The really shameful part occurred over the next year. A week later Brad showed up at the front door in the middle of the day. I was in my dance leotard getting ready for class. He said Fred had asked him to pick up some papers. As soon as I let him in, however, he pinned me to the wall and started kissing and groping me. I didn’t do anything to stop him. And then he fucked me right there against the wall, both of us fully clothed. He just pulled my leotard to the side and shoved himself into me. The thing is, I got really turned on and had an orgasm just as he was cumming inside me. He zipped up, ran back to Fred’s study to get what he came for and left.”

I slipped my hands under her blouse and pushed up her bra. My hands fondled her bare tits and rubbed her hard little nipples. She purred, then continued with her story.

“Brad showed up every week or so and it was always the same – a quick fuck and he was gone. Sometimes in the hallway, sometimes in the kitchen and sometimes in the living room, but never in the bedroom. We never talked, just fucked. I became addicted and started wearing short skirts with no panties or something I could shed quickly.

“I wanted it more often and started calling Brad at the office. He would never take my calls, but sometimes he had his secretary call me back and ask me to meet him. He’d be waiting on a street corner. We’d drive into a nearby ally and he’d fuck me in the front seat fully clothed or make me give him a blowjob. Once in a while someone would walk by the car and stare, but we never stopped until Brad had cum, and then we’d drive off. “Brad finally got transferred back east. At his going away party he took me into an empty office and we fucked one last time. I came so hard I screamed. We had to hide under the desk when someone opened the door to check it out. Then he fucked me again under the desk. And that was the last time I was unfaithful until last night. So you see, I’m just a little slut. I can’t say no. And now I’m letting you feel my tits.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Maybe… no… I don’t know. It does feel good.”

I reached down and pulled her blouse up over her tits. She lifted her arms and I took it all the way off. Then I pulled her bra off. My hands went back to her bare tits and gently massaged her soft melons and sensitive nipples.

“If I were Brad would you fuck me? Or the plumber?”

“I don’t know… god that feels good… Brad never asked. Neither did the plumber. Oooohhh yes… don’t stop.”

And that was the answer. She wanted it badly but she wanted to be the helpless victim, or the girl that just couldn’t help herself and was taken advantage of. I could play that game. I slid one hand across her tight stomach and under the elastic waistband of her workout shorts. My fingers slipped inside her panties and over the soft curls of hair until they touched the moist folds of her hot pussy. Deb spread her legs and pushed up against my hand. My two beşiktaş ucuz escort middle fingers disappeared inside her. She was already on fire from telling me about her sexual exploits. She was quickly building to orgasm.

I had my own sexual needs. My cock was straining to bust through my shorts. I squirmed out from behind her and stood up. Deb slumped back in the chair and shoved her own hand inside her shorts squirming against her probing fingers. I unsnapped and let my cock spring free. I moved forward until it swayed in front of Deb’s face. She quickly gobbled me into her mouth massaging me with her lips and tongue as she continued to finger herself.

Having my cock in her mouth increased her own excitement. I reached down and pinched her nipple pushing her over the edge. Deb somehow kept my cock in her mouth, which muffled her moans as her body lifted off the lounge chair. She was squirming against her fingers that dug into her gushing pussy. I finally pulled my cock from her mouth as her orgasm began to subside.

I removed her shorts and panties which were wet in the crotch and smelled of her sex. I stripped off my clothes, then helped her turn over and face the back of the lounge chair. She was on her knees with her legs spread. I had a perfect view of her shapely ass and the puffy lips of her pussy hanging between her legs. I climbed up behind her and rubbed my cock head along her slit until she opened for me. Her pussy was hot and wet allowing me to easily slide deep inside her belly. Then I began fucking her.

“Oh god… fuck me… ooohhhh… yes… harder… fuck my pussy… aaaaaahhhhh…”

Deb was quickly out of control as I speared her repeatedly with my throbbing cock. Her pussy was dripping hot and I could feel her juices running down my balls. I pressed my thumb against her asshole and rotated it around her little bud. That’s when she exploded with a powerful and uncontrollable cum. She was squealing and gasping for air as I continued to pound her pussy. Slimy juices poured from her quivering cunt thoroughly coating my cock and balls. I could feel a huge cum building inside me and increased the pace of my thrusts so I could finish inside her. The pleasure was too much for her and she pulled away from me to catch her breath. Leaving my slimy cock suspended in air and in desperate need of relief.

“Ya gotta finish me Deb. You can’t leave me like this.”

She sighed and breathed deeply, then turned around and sat back in the lounge chair.

“Wow. That’s never happened to me. God, my pussy just could take it anymore. I was cumming so hard I couldn’t even breath. I’m still feeling all tingly inside.”

Deb looked up at me and saw my throbbing cock wavering in front of her.

“Oh you poor thing. I was so busy getting off I left you with a great big hard-on. And I’ll bet it’s all full of cum too. We’ll have to do something about that.”

She didn’t know the half of it. My balls were already filled with cum from Amy’s teasing earlier in the evening. I needed to unload badly. Deb wrapped her hand around my swollen manhood and stroked it firmly. She gave me a wicked look with her bright green eyes as she leaned forward and put her lips around my cock. She swirled her tongue over my sensitive cock head, sucking on it with her lips tightly around my cock.

She was driving me crazy. She finally took me deep in her mouth until I was pressing into her throat. She grabbed the cheeks of my ass and bobbed her head up as she sucked me in and out of her mouth. I could feel cum churning in my balls and knew it wouldn’t be long before I let loose. Deb fondled my balls and rubbed my scrotum bringing me even closer. Then she wrapped her hand around my cock and pulled it from her mouth. She looked up at me while continuing to stroke my throbbing manhood.

“I want your cum. I want it all over me. I want to taste it.”

Deb put her mouth back over my sensitive cock head while continuing to stroke me with her hand. She used her other hand to rub and finger her pussy. It wasn’t long before I felt my balls shrink and every ounce of energy rush to my groin. My cock exploded and blasted a long, powerful stream of cum against the back of her mouth. Deb pulled me from between her lips while I was still spewing the first blast and aimed at her face. A second equally powerful blast splattered her cheek and shot up her nose and into her eye. She took third powerful blast all over her tits. beşiktaş üniversiteli escort Finally she took me back in her mouth where I pumped several smaller spurts of cum which she eagerly swallowed.

Deb continued to suck me after I was spent. I could tell she was close to another cum herself. She started fingering her pussy frantically with muffled moans coming from her throat. After another minute or so her whole body started shaking as she let loose with an orgasm. My limp cock fell from her mouth as she coughed and gasped with pleasure. She sat back in the lounge chair with cum splattered all over her face and tits and dripping from her chin.

“Wow. I’ve never seen anyone cum like that – not even in porn flicks. And I thought I had drained you pretty good last night. God, I must look like shit.”

“You look beautiful. After all, you are wearing my essence.”

I pulled her to me and kissed her on the lips, prying her lips open with my tongue. My taste was evident on both her lips and in her mouth. Our bodies pressed together and I could feel her cum coated tits rubbing against my chest. After a minute or so we finally broke from our passionate kiss.

“Let’s go wash off in the pool,” I suggested.

So, just like with her daughter earlier in the day, we went skinny dipping to wash the cum from our bodies. We splashed around for a while but ended up kissing and groping against the side of the pool. After I became sufficiently hard I slipped my cock into her warm cunt. The contrast with the cold water of the pool added an extra touch of the erotic to our lovemaking. It didn’t take long to send Deb out of control in a series of orgasms. I turned her around and fucked her from behind until she was again screaming with pleasure.

I decided it was time to eat some pussy. She crawled out of the pool and lay on her belly with her legs still in the water. I had full access to her ass and cunt dangling in my face. I spread her cheeks and buried my nose between them as I planted my mouth over her hot and juicy cunt. My tongue lashed out at her sex causing Deb to moan with pleasure. She squirmed her ass against my face trying to get more. I moved my tongue up to her asshole and began licking it while shoving two fingers up her cunt. Her moans turned to shrieks as she lost control.

We moved from the pool to the lounge chair where we sixty-nined and I brought her to orgasm with two fingers in her ass while I sucked her pussy and licked her clit. Then I got on top and fucked her hard with her legs pinned to her shoulders. I finally emptied my seed into her cunt as she screamed for mercy.

I thought I was spent for the evening when Deb invited me to shower with her in her room. We soaped each other concentrating on our sensual spots until we were kissing passionately as water poured over us. I was hard again and my fingers could feel Deb’s juices flowing. I pinned her against the wall and fucked her standing up. I reached behind her with soapy fingers and shoved two up her ass. She went crazy and had a quick orgasm.

“Fuck me in the ass, Jim. No one’s ever done that to me. Your fingers feel so good there, but I want your cock.”

Deb put her hands on the wall and tilted her ass up in the air. I coated my cock with shampoo, then opened her asshole with my soapy fingers. I pulled the out and pressed my cock against her little brown nub until the head popped through.

“Oooohhhh… go slow… please.”

I pushed a little deeper and let her get used to it before going further. When I was about half way in I pulled back and started slowing fucking my cock in and out, going a little deeper each time. Finally, I was all the way in. I grabbed Deb by the hips and slowly fucked my cock in and out of her ass. She was so tight that I could feel her milking me. Deb put a hand between her legs and fingered her pussy.

“Oh god yes. Your great big cock feels so good in my ass. Fuck me faster. Cum inside me. Ooooohhhhhh…”

I increased the pace and intensity of my thrusts. The warm water of the shower was still spraying over us and streaming down our bodies. Deb’s asshole had opened and I moved in and out freely. Deb’s body stiffened and she flatted herself against the wall. She screamed out loud as a powerful orgasm consumed her. I kept slamming into her and she kept cumming until my own balls started to shrink. I felt my cock swell in her ass just before I pumped my seed into her bowels. When I finished I stayed inside her as my cock slowly deflated. I felt her asshole clench me several time before finally pushing me out.

She asked me to stay with her that night. We held each other, pressing our naked flesh together, until we fell asleep. The next morning when the alarm went off I pulled her on top of me and we fucked one last time before I snuck back into my room.

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