Don’t Stop!


She grabbed my wrists and pushed me up against the wall, my arms overhead. I had never been handled so roughly by anyone. But she was Jayne, known for her dominance in bed around the bar scene. She had picked me up earlier that night, at a local gay bar on “fetish night.” I was dressed in a tight black vinyl cat suit, she was trussed up in a leather corset and fishnets. I wore a bondage colar, she kept a long leather whip hanging from her waist.

Words were completely unneccessary. I knew Jayne’s style, her ability to have any woman she wanted. She was the type to grab and go, quick and silently. She wrapped a strong hand around my slim neck and pushed me out the door.

And now, we were at my tiny studio apartment, and I was naked, exposed, vulnerable. She held a 12″ red cock in her hand, slathered with lube. I clenched my legs together, scared of what she might do to me. See, Jayne was notorious for deep, rough penetration, and I was a simple, quiet lesbian who had never gone further than oral. Something told me my cherry was going to be busted tonight.

She pushed the tip of the red dong up against my small patch of red pubic hair, and then brushed it down my ivory thigh. I quiverred, feeling the cold head massage my hot cunt lips.

She was stunning. 5’10” and curvy in all the right places. Short, spikey, platinum blonde hair and tan skin, piercing blue eyes. She took a few steps back, letting my arms fall to my sides, waving the dildo away.

“Lay down on the bed,” she commanded, quiet and stern. I turned to my bed, a perfectly made full size with a clean pink duvet, and layed down slowly. bursa eve gelen escort She approaced the end of the bed, red cock in one hand, and spread my legs apart with the other.

“Close your eyes,” she purred, and I obeyed. My body was completely exposed, vulnerable to her any advance. She folded my legs up so my knees were pressed back against my pillow on either side of my head, spreading my pussy lips wide open. I could feel my cunt start to tingle in anticipation of her soft tongue.

But I received no soft ANYTHING. Instead, while leaning her force on my shins, she slipped the head of the red cock between my pussy lips, rubbing it’s wet tip around my throbbing clit.

“Oh god, yes…” I moaned, as she continued to circle around my lips and clit slowly, heating up the cock.

“You like that?” she growled, circling faster now…

“Yes, I want more!” I shrieked, my mild voice growing stronger.

“Good, cause I’m going to GIVE YOU MORE” she yelled, and plunged the cock straight into my virgin pussy.

“Ow!” I yelped, at first, feeling the thick dildo stretch and bust my hymen.

Then, she started to pump it in and out of my tight pussy. I could hear the squish-squosh noise of my cunt juices flowing around the dildo as it probed in and out of me. She plunged it in deep, with a grunt, and I felt it press against my soft, sensitive insides.

With all the power within me, I began to scream. She fucked me hard, like a maniac, while I screamed in one operatic high pitch, thrusting my fists about. She took her fingers from her other bursa escort hand and started rubbing my drenched pussy furiously, my clit swelling and tingling. I punched the bed, the wall, and screamed continuously.

I was just about to explode in a tremendous climax, when there was a knock on the door. She quickly pulled the cock out of me with a *pop* and turned around, facing the door.

Scared, I got up and looked out the peephole. It was my neighbor, Rick, across the hall. He was in his boxers, looking concerned. I stepped aside and pulled the door open enough to see him.

“Do you need something, Rick?” I asked, panting. His eyes met mine, and then he looked past me and saw Jayne on the bed.

“Um, I was just wondering if everything was okay in here, it was a little loud-” he stopped, fixating on Jayne. I turned and looked, Jayne was kneeling on the bed, facing the door, sucking on the large red cock she had just fucked me with. She looked at me, and I at Rick, and opened the door wider.

“Come on in,” I said quietly, and closed the door behind him. He was handsome for a guy, on the shorter side and muscular, great black hair.

He looked at my body, my thighs were soaked with my own juices and I had red hand prints all over my body. He looked at Jayne, still suggestively sucking on the dildo. I looked at him, my eyes followed down his chest to his shorts, where I could tell he was aroused. I locked the door and walked over to the bed.

He followed, although a bit hesistantly. I sat on the edge of the bed with Jayne, and she pulled Rick’s shorts down around görükle escort his ankles. His cock was rock hard and glistening. About 7 inches and much thinner than the dildo I had been fucked with.

Then Jayne pushed my face towards his cock head, and I parted my lips and bobbed down on it, taking in a few inches. Jayne grabbed his shaft and started sucking on his balls. He closed his eyes and started moaning.


His pelvis started moving and he thrusted his cock deeper in my mouth, but Jayne pushed him back off me and stood up to face him.

She whispered something in his ear, and he smiled. Oh no…

Jayne layed on the bed, her feet by the pillow and head by the foot of the bed. She grabbed the dildo and one hand and motioned me to get on the bed.

“Now, I want you to lay on me, like 69, and start licking my pussy…” she said sweetly, and I obliged. I lifted my ass in the air over her face, and spread her shaven pussy lips and started licking. They smelled sweet and fresh, and she started to moan.

Then, I felt her pop the dildo back into my pussy and I moaned in relief. She started to fuck me with it, my ass bouncing in the air.

Then, from behind, where I couldn’t see, I felt Rick grab my ass with both hands. He squeezed my ass cheeks, and then he pushed his head against my tight asshole.

“Oh god!” I cried, as he plunged his cock deep inside my ass.

I continued licking Jayne’s cunt in between cries of pleasure and pain, as Jayne fucked me in the pussy and Rick fucked me in the ass, both in a perfect rhythm now, fast and hard. Jayne was moaning, Rick was grunting, I was screaming.

We became one rhythm, our cries in unison and their pumping inside my body simultaneous.

With a grunt, a push and sigh, all three of us exploded in a loud and perfect orgasm, three screaming voices of ecstacy.

I got the best sleep of my life that night.

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