Don’t Open the Door Pt. 01

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I was woken from my drunken slumber by the buzz of the doorbell. Slowly climbing from the couch I began to piece my night together.

Student night at the union. Cheap and nasty shots… far too many of those. What am I doing fully clothed on Dawn’s couch? Shit. yeah… Dawn. Left her high and dry in some bar. Why did I do that?

I knew why I did that.

I’ve known Dawn for a year. When I first met her I thought she was the most graceful creature to walk the earth. Tall, slim, glossy black hair with an angelic face. When she’s sober she perfect. A country girl with all the attributes to be the girl next door. The sort of girl you want as a study partner… Just so you can get close to her. Too close.

Problem is she’s impossible when she’s drunk. To be honest I think Dawn has a slight problem with drink. She drinks fast and doesn’t know when to stop. Ends up in all kinds of situations. I know we’re all like that when we lack experience. But she’s twenty one, not eighteen. I don’t think she’s ever going to learn. In fact, I’m starting to think she has a reckless streak.

There’s also other things going on in her life. Some dark things she wont let me help her with. Broken family. Alcoholic mother… that’s what scares me about Dawn. Apples don’t fall far from the trees that bore them.

But she is beautiful… really, really beautiful. The girl is a perfect storm.


Then I remembered why I abandoned her in the bar.

As usual when we’ve both had a few drinks she gets flirty and I end up telling her how I feel. The first time I told her I got a sloppy kiss. Thought I made it but it never evolved into anything serious. The next time I pushed it a little further only for her to shoot me down with the classic line, “I love you as a friend.”

As I approached the front door I looked through the spy hole and saw nothing but the nocturnal street. However, I could hear the sound of an idling car so thought it was drunk with the wrong address.

About to turn back I then heard a quiet but familiar groan from the other side.

Opening the door I expected to see Dawn but instead saw a man standing at the foot of the path. “Can I help?”

“I brought the girl home.” He pointed to Dawn who was curled into a ball as if she was hibernating on the doorstep. “I just wanted to make sure she was OK. That’s all. You know, in case you didn’t answer.”

“Well, I’ll deal with her now. Thanks mate.” I waved the driver goodbye who retreated sheepishly back to his cab. Gazing down at a shivering Dawn, I chortled. “Look what the cat brought home.”

“Finally. I’m freezing. Didn’t think you were going to open the door.”

“Sorry. I was sleeping. ” Despite being near zero, Dawn had chosen to wear a short provocative red party dress. I reached down and linked my arm around her slender waist before lifting her on to her feet. “There you go, girl.” She hung to me like a deadweight. Reaked of alcohol. ” Let’s get you inside.”

“Can’t believe you left me.”

“I was angry… and jealous.”


I kicked the front door shut. “Seeing you dancing with those guys.” Then led her through the hall towards the living room. “They treated you like a piece of meat.”

“We were having a laugh. That’s all. Dancing.”

“They were bending you over. Dry humping you and all sorts. Their hands were all over you.”

“Maybe they did get a little carried away. Sorry if it hurt you.”

I sat her down on the couch. Then arched my back to sooth my spine. “Anyway. Forget it.”


“I know what you’re about the say… you’re hungry. Want some toast?”

“That’s why I like you. You know me so well.”


In the kitchen I dropped the toast into the toaster, turning the dial to 3. Just like Dawn liked it. Speaking of the devil, she entered the kitchen behind me.

I turned around. Dawn then leant into me and gave me hug. I instinctively curled my arms around her waist. “What’s up, trouble?”

“I can’t believe you told me my dress was shapeless.”

“You’re so skinny. That’s all. Need to fatten you up.”

“Skinny. Whatever. Dan… have I ever told you that you’re my bestfriend?”

“Yes.” I closed my eyes. “But I want to be more.”

Dawn pressed herself against me. Her pert tits pushed against my chest while nuzzling her face into the crux of my neck. I could feel her breath, tainted with the smell of cider, as it warmed my skin. My cock began to stir. Dawn purred, “You mean so much to Dan. I would be lost without you.”

“I know.”

“You’re so special. I’m glad we met.”

My hands dropped to her arse. Dawn was a slender girl but she did pack a curvy rump. My fingers curled under her cheeks and I weighed them in each hand.


I closed my eyes, expecting the knock-back. “Yes?”

“I’ll wait for on the couch.” She kissed my cheek and left.

I never buttered toast so quick… and made the worst cup of tea in my life.

The living room was dimly lit by the blue light from the muted television. Dawn was laying canlı bahis on the couch, resting on her flank while propping herself up with her elbow like a drunken Cleopatra.

Dawn lifted her dress to her waist while staring at me seductively, daring me to take a look.. Obviously my eyes were drawn to her long graceful legs which were topped by her tight youthful thighs. I could see her panties which lay tantalisingly under the gloss of her seamless nylon tights.

I placed the tea and plate of toast on the coffee table. Not trying to lose momentum I took hold of Dawn’s ankles and lifted her legs so I could sit beside her. While Dawn chewed on her toast I brushed my hands up and down her long sleek legs, feeling the roughness of the nylon but loving the warmth of her skin.

With each stroke of my hand I ventured further up her thigh. Dawn slowly parted her legs slightly, giving me more than hint of the gusset of her tights. My hand crept further towards the warmth. Closer than I had ever been.

But Dawn then trapped my hand with hers.

“I’m sorry.”

Dawn didn’t let go. But placed my hand on her crotch. My heart filled my mouth. I couldn’t breathe. My mind froze and almost wanted to scream halle -fucking -lujah . She was warm – almost damp. I wished I was the first to feel her. But hopefully I’ll be the last. But I didn’t care.

Was this going to be my night?

I tentatively massaged Dawn’s mound. It was the first time I had ever done so to a girl. Yup, I was a virgin. There, I said it.

Dawn began to react to my massage. Her body flexing as my fingers were obviously touching the right spot. It wasn’t just Dawn who was enjoying this as both my mind and heart were racing.

But then Dawn pushed my hand away. I wanted to scream, ‘no’ but just shrugged my shoulders in silent protest. I have never been able to say no to Dawn.

She was my everything.

Dawn smiled as she climbed on-top of me, meeting my lips with hers. We tasted each other. Our tongues probing and dabbing in a timeless dance. I would love to say she tasted sweet but all I could taste was butter from the toast – not romantic but it at least it was real.

She then broke from the kiss and climbed down. Laying backwards, Dawn rested her head on my lap as I sat upright on the couch. Her legs were open and my hand ran up her thigh and began to grope her womanhood once more.

But the cold reality hit home. I was abusing my position. Abusing my best friend. Apart from my closest family, Dawn was the most important person in my life. I’m surely risking the closeness I enjoyed with Dawn. If I was to do this, I had to do it properly. “I love you, Dawn.”

“No need to get so heavy. Let’s have some fun… and stop bloody worrying all the time.”

For most men that would be a green light. But I continued to be the hesitant twat I loathed. “It would be more than just fun for me. It would be love.”

“So sweet. You know, Dan? If I ever wanted to marry, I would choose a man like you.”

The word, like, killed me. “Like me? Why not just me? Me!”

“I don’t want to marry, Dan. Not for a least ten years. Even then, I’m not so sure. I like my independence.”

My heart sank. A decade of waiting. Ten years of watching my love flirt with other men. In the twelve months I’ve known her, she’s slept with at least two, maybe three men. Knowing that she sleeps around. I just couldn’t do it. So I told her ruefully. “I don’t know if I can wait that long.”

“You don’t have to. We can be together tonight.”

“But…” With a heart filled with reluctance, I pulled my hand free from Dawn’s grasp. “I need commitment. Sorry.”

“Jesus, Dan.” Dawn climbed from the couch. “Sometimes all a girl needs is fun. Tonight, all I wanted was to get laid.”

“Dawn! That’s it, you’re drunk.”

“Shut up, Dan. You know what? Despite what you might have thought in the club, earlier. I wanted it to be you, because… wait for it… I wanted to see if you were right? That, what I was interpreting as friendship was actually love. Love for you. “

My heart began to bleed. The pain of yet, another lost opportunity. From a position of strength I had lost control. I stood from the couch and reached for an incensed Dawn. “I’m sorry. OK? Come on… let’s see if we can still work it out.”

“No. It’s not to be. We lack chemistry. Sorry. We’re friends. That’s all. Its clearer now than ever before.”


I stared at the TV, not that I had any idea what I was watching. I was just in a mind of my own. Slumped on the couch I wanted to cry, but somehow battled back the tears. Dawn, now sat on the opposite couch, typed away on her mobile which kept vibrating with incoming messages. I wanted to ask who she was messaging, but didn’t have the courage.

Eventually, Dawn put her phone down on the dark blue carpet and curled up on the couch.

Within minutes she was snoring like a battle hardened trooper.

Her snores as much as the heartache kept me awake. In moments like this a wank usually helps knock me out for the bahis siteleri night. So I climbed from the couch and left the room.

Upstairs, I crept into her loft conversion bedroom. The air was cold and still. The house was empty so as long as I kept things quiet I didn’t fear being caught.

Her property was mine for the night.


The air was thick with Dawn’s heavenly scented perfume. The whole bedroom smelt like the girl of my endless fantasies. But having probably ruined my chances of ever being with Dawn, it now only served as a cruel reminder.

I felt beyond frustrated with myself and possessed that all too familiar empty feeling.

In moments like this there’s only one thing to fall back on… a good old danger wank. But no ordinary one. I wanted to empty sacks in style.

So as Dawn slept downstairs, I tiptoed across her bedroom which was only lit by a small desk lamp, and headed towards a set of bedroom drawers.

As I closed in, my heart jumped. On top of the drawers were numerous photos of family and friends. And there, sitting front and centre, was a photo of me and her together. I remembered the time and place it was taken. A day out we had at a popular theme park. Fond memories of innocence when I thought it was only a matter of time before we would become true lovers.

I felt proud… but then guilty.

My legs filled with concrete. Should I return downstairs and forget my night of mischief?

But then I remembered what went on earlier that night. Dawn’s temper, my embarrassment. Her rejection.

No. I was going to do this.

Slowly, and carefully I pulled out the first drawer. It was nothing but t shirts and blouses. All neatly folded. Cute but not what I was looking for. I gently pushed the drawer back in, then pulled out the second.


The drawer of secrets. Lots of cotton panties. Cute, almost childish like. Black, white or polka-dot. Not what I had imagined, really. In my dirty mind Dawn always wore thongs or lacy underwear. Ready for action. So, I picked my way diligently through the garments. Comfortable bra here, snug fitting underpants there.

But then my heart jumped in my chest. What the fuck… An open packet of condoms! “Extra large.”

My heart shattered. Felt weak. But I couldn’t deny my cock pricked.

I imagined her slamming down on some guy’s cock. Wished it was mine. I placed the packet back into the drawer and continued the search.

Eventually, I found something more interesting. A dainty pair of provocative scarlet knickers with gold lace woven in delicate spirals across the front. My cock roared into life, pushing against my underpants. This must be her special knickers. I brought it to my face, inhaled… but only smelt lavender fabric softener. Damn!

I needed the real thing. Needed to smell Dawn’s private signature. Realizing my mistake, I glanced around the room. There, in a dark corner of the room, was the laundry basket.

Creeping across the room like the pervert I was, I reached the straw basket. I then immediately began to comb through the clothes, girly pink pajamas, flimsy tops, dark denim jeans and half a dozen panties of all colours. But I wanted sexy ones.

Reaching to the bottom of the basket I found a delicate pair that resembled the special ones I found in her drawer. Delicate, flimsy, almost see through. Only difference being these were royal blue.

My cock came to life once more. This was what I had been looking for. As I lifted them out the basket, questions began to fill my head. Had she worn them on one of our nights out? Or for some other guy? Or worse… maybe someone I knew?

Had someone drawn them down her legs with their teeth. Or more likely, had Dawn been finger fucked while wearing them.

I walked back to the bed, holding the panties tightly. Standing at the edge of the bed, I undid my belt, dropped both my trousers and underpants to my ankles, then sat on the mattress. A mattress where she had fucked some guy with a massive cock.

Lifting the soiled knickers to my face, I pressed the crotch against my nose then inhaled deeply. Her musty sweat with a hint of urine might cause some men to turn their nose up. But to me it was perfect.

But it drove me wild.

Dreaming of my heart-breaker, I then began rubbing myself. Starting at a steady pace I merely stroked my stiff cock, careful not to bring a premature end to tonight’s event.

I dreamt of kissing her scarlet lips. Her tender touch. My thoughts of caressing her skin, licking her breasts. I pondered on her scent, her taste.

Laying backwards on the bed I placed the gusset of her panties on my face. Finally I got to smell Dawn how only her lovers knew her. Or more accurately, those lucky bastards who got to fuck her.

I discovered she had a splendid natural odor. Rich but famine. Not pungent in the slightest. Intoxicated by Dawn’s scent I picked up the pace of my wanking

The natural next step was to taste. So, I dabbed my tongue on the delicate fabric of the gusset. My taste buds bahis şirketleri tingled to the bitterness. She tasted strong but earthly… and sent me overboard.

I wrapped her knickers around my cock just in time to have the most orgasmic rush I have ever experienced.

My shafted pumped away, filling her sexy underwear with hot glutenous cum. I groaned through gritted teeth as continued to thunder away into her panties.

Emptied like never before, I had no energy. I was nothing but an empty sack.

What to do with the soiled garment? I didn’t have the energy to deal with it, so simply wiped myself as clean as I could before tossing it on the floor.

I felt powerless as my eyes then began to close over… and I drifted into a blissful sleep. Reckless, but I was beyond caring if Dawn caught me.

That wank was the best I ever had.


I woke to the sound of the doorbell. “No. It can’t be.” My heart pounded in my chest as I lay frozen in fear.

The bell rung for a second time, confirming my fear. Suddenly, I heard the living room door open. I sat as I listened to Dawn’s bare feet as she crossed the wooden floor of the hallway.

She opened the front door to the sound of a confident male voice, followed by her flirtatious laugh.


I could hear Dawn’s high heels clipping the floor downstairs. She had obviously put them back on to impress. Now, I’m not a confrontational man. But Dawn, whether she was fully aware or not, was about to humiliate me. But this time I was going to put up a stand. No more hiding. No more Mr Wet. It was time I became a man.

I’m no prizefighter. No martial artist. No champ. In fact, my biggest success was coming runner up once in a spelling test. But I do have heart, and I knew the woman I love. And that chancer downstairs wasn’t going to steal my girl.

Earlier on, Dawn was as good as mine, and yes, I fucked up. But if she wants a man… a real man. I need to show her that she needs not to look any further than me. I was going to fight for her.

I just have to prove I can duke it out with the big guys. If I get beat up in the process. So be it. But at least I tried. And that might just be enough.

I heard girls like scars.

But first I needed to get dressed. The ancient Celts might have ran into battle bollock naked. But I’m not William Wallace or whatever he was called. It was freezing cold tonight and my shriveled-up cock wouldn’t scare anyone.

With my cock firmly back in my trousers and Dawn’s cummy knickers slung under the bed, I was ready. But as I was about to crash through the door and start throwing punches, the doorbell rang once more. Shit. The guy has brought reinforcements. This made me reassess the situation. So, I slowly opened the bedroom door, climbed down the first stairwell, onto the first floor landing to gain some surveillance of the ground-floor below. A good general needs to know the lay of the land. Choose his fights wisely.

I crept along the dark landing, where I peered between the shadowy banisters. The staircase led down into an open hallway so I could see front door but also a good part of the dimly lit living room. With my heart racing I took a deep breath and listened to the conversation below. Dawn and the guy seemed just as confused as I did about the ring of the doorbell.

The guy grunted, “Who the fuck is that, Dawn?”

“I don’t know.”

“Did you text anyone else?”

“I…” Dawn was clearly drunk her delivery slack. “I… might have. “

As I continued to observe from upstairs the guy walked into the hallway and answered the door. He then screamed with laughter. “Ryan!” It was then that I realised it was the two men from the club.

“Jake? You beat me to it. You haven’t fucked her yet, have you?”

“No. Thought, I’d wait for my tag-team partner first.”

I took a good look at the two men who wanted to violate my future wife. Jake looked much older. Perhaps early forties. He was a skinhead who possessed muscly tattooed arms and slight beer gut. Not the type Dawn usually went for. But he was dominant. Ryan was better looking and younger, more athletic than the thuggish like Jake.

There was danger in the air.

Stealthily, I moved to the far side of the landing so I could see further into the living room. And it became apparent that Dawn seemed happy enough. Jake had opened a bottle prosecco and poured it into three glasses that Dawn had just brought from the kitchen. Things was spiraling out of control. I felt I needed to be Dawn’s knight in shining armor. However, how could I act the hero if the damsel didn’t want rescuing?

While Ryan searched for the music channel on the small TV, Dawn sat on the three seater couch, the opposite end to Jake. The small space between them gave me a crumb of comfort. But then Dawn lifted her legs and rested them on his lap. She was always proud of her legs and knew men craved for them. It was clear Dawn was playing her little game of seduction. And I’m sure Jake isn’t going to fuck-up like me.

I watched as Jake’s hands were immediately exploring her nylon covered legs. Dawn’s tight red party dress riding up her waist keeping few secrets. Memories of only a few hours earlier were eating away at me. This could so easily have been me.

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