Doing The Nine Sisters Ch. 01

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Alpha Phi

The first thing I wanted to do when I went to college was join a fraternity. All through High School, I heard the tales of drinking, partying, and wild and plentiful sex and I wanted my share

I made the round of rush parties, talking with a lot of guys and trying to make a good impression. I was chosen by two houses and, in the end, I decided to become a Sigma Pi. They were considered one of the best fraternities on campus, with a great share of scholars and student leaders. Not to mention the biggest house, and supposedly, the greatest little sisters.

After hell week (it DID live up to it’s name, by the way) my pledge class was gathered into the pledge room along with the pledge trainer. We were instructed to fall to our knees and listen up.

“Pledges, you are now going to be given your first test. We at Sigma Pi only allow real men within our brotherhood. No matter what liberal crap you hear out there, a real man is still judged on two things: how well he holds his liquor and how good he is in bedding women.”

We looked at each other, feeling silly on our knees in our underwear. But listened nevertheless.

“During the past week, you have all shown that alcohol is no problem for you. Now, we’ll come to the women.”

He moved to an easel and pulled back the first page, revealing a chart. On it were two rows of words. Across the top were nine names, those of the nine sororities on campus. Down the side were the names of each of us in Pledge Class Beta Gamma.

“I put forth a challenge to you, one that every one of us has already passed. Before your initiation, six weeks hence, you are required to have carnal knowledge of one member of each sorority on this campus.”

We looked at each other again, wondering if he was serious. I had been an okay cocksman in High School, but now I knew I was in the big leagues.

“There are rules, gentleman. First, if you have a steady girlfriend, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri she does not count. Second, you cannot tell the girl about the contest. Third, no sharing of girls. Each girl can only count for one of you. Fourth, the said sexual congress must occur here in the house for a simple reason. Each conquest will be videotaped. Every room here at Sigma Pi is wired with cameras. After completing a conquest, you must come to me and I will review the tape to confirm your claim. Any questions?”

There were none.

“Alright, pledges. Go forth. And good luck.”

We all retrieved our clothes and left, on the hunt for sorority slash.

I knew just where to start. A friend of mine from High School had joined Alpha Phi. She would be my first star in the contest. I called her up and invited her to the house to “study.” Andrea and I had dated a few times but had never fucked. That was going to change.

She arrived on time and we went up to one of the study rooms where we wouldn’t be disturbed. I looked around, trying to spot the camera but couldn’t. We sat on the couch and I pretended to study, all the while checking out Andrea. She had black hair and blue eyes, my favorite combination. Her body was nice but nothing special.

After a few minutes, I put my hand on her leg, and she didn’t move it. I looked at her and she smiled. Slowly I moved my lips to hers and kissed her. Her hands moved to the back of my neck, my hand moved to her breast, which I stroked slowly. She let out a low moan.

After few minutes of fumbling, I reached under her shirt to unfasten her bra. She gave a tiny protest, as I thought she should. I took off her shirt an Alpha Phi sweater, revealing her naked breast. I dove for one and suckled it gently. She was moaning loudly now as I flicked my tongue over her now erect nipples.

I took off my shirt and reached for the clasp to her jeans. She looked at güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri me, and very softly said, “Joe, please be gentle. I’m a virgin.”

It took everything I had to calm down, as I was full of lust now that I knew I was to be her first. I kissed her and promised that I would, not knowing if I was lying or not. I took off her jeans and pink panties, ready to claim my prize. Her bush was full and unruly, just how I like them.

I licked her clit and fingered her, she squirmed at these new sensations. Before long, she was screaming in orgasm. While she recovered, I removed my pants, my nine-inch erection throbbing with anticipation. Andrea eyed it with a little fear, but I told her once again I would go easy.

“Would you suck it, please?” I asked.

She leaned forward then and tentatively licked the head, one hand tickling my swaying , hairy balls. She obviously hadn’t done this before, but I let that pass. After she had managed to work half of it into her mouth, I eased her down on the couch and moved between her legs. Gently I guided my cock to her hole and she closed her eyes.

At this point, my lust took over and I shoved all nine inches into her steaming pussy. She let out a loud yelp of pain, but I was oblivious. I started pounding into her, lost in the heat of the moment. I looked down to see my cock reaming her pussy. I could see her juices and a little blood matting my pubic hair. I arched up to change the angle and fucked her for all I was worth.

“Joe, stop! It hurts!” she said but I didn’t care. Later I would, but now I was wrapped up in the pleasure of her tight, wet pussy gripping my cock. My balls pounded against her ass as I thrust. I leaned down and sucked on one tit and reached a finger between us to play with her clit.

I flipped her over so she could ride my cock. I gripped her hips and, despite the pain, nature took over and she worked herself up güvenilir bahis şirketleri and down on my pole. With all the fucking, her pussy started to loosen a bit, and the pain gave way to pleasure. She orgasmed again astride me and I was proud of myself for holding off cumming for this long.

She moved back onto her back and I climbed back on her. This time she thrust back as I humped her. The juices were boiling up from my testicles and I screamed that I was going to come.

“No, Joe, not inside me! I’m not on the pill!” She protested.

But it was too late. My cock was erupting thick ropes of sperm into her womb. I kept thrusting as my semen filled her cunt.

When my orgasm ended, I rolled off of her and reached for a cigarette. Andrea sat up and drew her knees to her chest. I reached over to hug and kiss her. I told her everything was going to be okay and apologized for shooting off inside her.

We got dressed and I walked her out, giving her another kiss and telling her I would call her. I then went upstairs to find the pledge trainer.

After knocking on his door and being acknowledged, I gave the customary greeting. “This unworthy pledge requests the honor of addressing his superior.”

He nodded.

“Can you please confirm my first conquest, sir?”

He looked at his watch. It had only been three hours since we were given our commission. He nodded and smiled at me. He bid me follow him.

We went behind a secret door into a room that looked like something out of a spy movie. Twelve monitors covered one wall, a bank of video recorders covered another. After confirming the time and location, one of the brothers pulled up a tape. There on a big central screen were me and Andrea, fucking away like bunnies. It was very erotic seeing myself fucking like that.

“Good work, Joe! And a virgin to boot.” The other brothers in the room shook my hand and congratulated me, saying it was quite a thing to be the first in my pledge class to score. I looked at the screens and saw three others in my class fucking in various rooms in the house.

The pledge trainer took me back to the pledge room and made a check mark on the chart where my line intersected Alpha Phi’s.

One down, eight to go.

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