Doing Dirty Debbie Ch. 03

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The same motel, another day. This time Debbie has the afternoon off work so I can take my time with her. Our sessions have been less frequent recently for fear of discovery, so I intend to make up in intensity what I have been missing in frequency. She has some boundaries that need pushing, some limits that need to be extended and today we are going to work on those.

Of course she doesn’t know that and as I enter she greets me with her shy smile and a gentle “Hi.”

I smile at her, like a predator at a particularly tasty prey. “Hi yourself – I have to say you are looking gorgeous today.” Her face lights up, she gives me a knowing glance and slowly licks her lips. She is already undressed to black bra, black panties and black stockings and suspenders. Traditional maybe but with big floppy tits to fill the bra, long shapely legs and a flat stomach, she looks the perfect incarnation of a woman designed purely for sex. She gazes up at me from the bed and I strip my shirt off followed by shoes and socks. After all we didn’t come here to chat…

“Here you little slut, come and sit at the edge of the bed, I have something for you,” I tell her. As she complies, I slip my jeans off. As she reaches the edge I grab her by the hair and pull, eliciting a gasp. “Now listen here cunt,” I tell her, “My cock and balls need cleaning. I pissed all over them a few hours ago and couldn’t be bothered to clean up. Now they stink, so get your tongue out and get to work.” She eases down my underpants and my erect cock springs out in her face. She breathes in the pissy aroma and slowly starts to lick my tight ball sack, moving on to my groin area and finally the base of my cock. Long slow licks with her tongue. making sure she absorbs all the flavor she can. She stops at my foreskin where the end is still moist with piss. A slow tongue roll across it and she slowly pulls it back to get at the other flavors trapped beneath.

“Oh you are such a piss drinking whore,” I tell her. “My very own toilet slut” I grab her head and force my cock down her throat until her lips are in my pubic hair. She chokes at the sudden invasion of her throat but recovers and starts sucking cock for all she is worth. I reach down, undo her bra, slip it off and take a nipple in each hand, pulling them up so they each bear the full weight of her tit, and begin to squeeze and pinch them. She tenses and moans but keeps up her cock sucking until I back off.

“Time for some fun, my whore,” I tell her. “Get on the bed on your hands and knees. Arms out to the side.” She obeys immediately. She’s probably expecting something on or in her ass right now but that is not what I have in mind. I go to my bag and bring out a homemade item – two polished rods of wood held together with bolts and wing nuts. Her tits hang down like sacks a third full of flour – all the meat falls to the bottom, the upper parts are just empty flesh. So I put one bar behind her tits, about a third of the way down, and one in front and begin to thread first one wing nut then the other. Eventually there is enough pressure to hold the rods in place and she looks down at them with a satisfied look on her face. Now I start to tighten the nuts in earnest. A full turn on each side, then a pause, another turn and a grunt from her. The nuts are tight now and her breathing deepens. I move to the side and slip a finger between her legs – her cunt is already soaking wet and I begin to rub her clit – her breathing quickens and with my other hand I tighten the nuts again, a moan of pain and I rub her clit harder, a moan of pleasure, pain, pleasure and as I tighten the nuts to their tightest possible she explodes into orgasm.

“Enjoying the pain in your tits, slut?” I ask her. She nods and I put her into a seated position back on the edge of the bed. She gazes at her crushed tits which are beginning to turn a shade of purple, the skin, normally loose, is stretched taught over her tit meat, making it so much more sensitive. She truly loves having her tits hurt. I think if it were possible to slowly slice them into pieces and then put them back together, then she would want to have that done to her. She watches impassively as I bring a rubber whip out of the bag and a blindfold. I move her to a high backed chair in the room, sit her down and blindfold her. I tie her arms together behind the chair and dangle the whip over her tits, letting the ends brush against them The slightest of shudders runs through her body in anticipation.

I start with her right tit – the whip explodes onto her tender flesh and she gasps. Three more hard shots and then canlı bahis I attack her left boob. Normally when I whip her tits, the fleshiness of them absorbs the whip but now with the meat of her tits forced into a smaller volume, the whip can truly do its work. I continue to whip hard – marks and bruises begin to appear and I take a brief break to twist her nipples as painfully as I can. There is only the slightest reaction – a brief grimace but I can tell she is into the pain now. I reach down to masturbate her to another climax – this will help build her pain threshold and is her reward for what she has suffered without complaint.

Her skin is glowing with warmth now as the assault continues – ten more each side before I decide that her bruised and tender tits have taken enough. The torment is not over yet though – I dig in the bag for the cloverleaf clamps and taking each rubbery nipple in turn, pinch it hard before applying the clamp. As she gets used to the new source of pain I bring weights out of the bag, two pounds a side and attach them, letting them drop and watching the agony sear across her face. A small whimper escapes her and I remove he blindfold so she can inspect the damage.

She looks down at her crushed and bruised tits with the pride of a true masochist. She won’t forget this in a hurry but now I am going to apply the coup de grace. I stand her up and undo the wing nuts on the boob crusher, quickly slipping it off her. I reach my right arm round to her cunt and finger her clit slowly. I watch her face for the agony of returning circulation and as that happens, I tickle her unmercifully with my left hand. She squeals and jigs up and down. I tell her she can’t move except on the spot but each jig bounces the weights around and causes agony to her poor whipped clamped nipples. At the same time her orgasm breaks as the circulation pains reach agony and her legs crumple under her as the combination of pain and pleasure causes her to lose all control of her body. I catch her and lay her on the bed. I kneel over her and remove the clamps, rubbing her to another climax as the returning blood causes more pain. She gazes at me in a post orgasmic haze of pain and pleasure, she idly reaches out to rub my cock, her way of thanking me and telling me that all is well and I can continue when I want.

I go to the bag and return with a butt plug and some lube as well as our paddle. The plug is about an inch and a half across at the widest. Not large, I know, but big enough to get in her and worry her intensely. She hates anal insertion but of course has no choice in the matter.

“You’re no…” her protest is ended by a stinging slap to the mouth.

“Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt,” I snarl. “Your body is mine and I’ll do whatever the hell I want with it!” Now stand up and come here!”

She moves slowly and gracefully to stand beside me. “Slip your panties off,” I command – and she does. Her slim, beautiful legs are accentuated still by her stockings. I pat my lap – “Come on – get down over my lap you little whore.” She slowly obeys, settling herself in her accustomed spanking position. I have my paddle next to me and the plug and lube. She gives me one last appealing look over her shoulder before she lets her head rest on the bed, silently accepting her fate. Her warm stomach is firm against my hard cock, her buttocks are pale, wobbling slightly as she eases into her final position, her upper thighs are streaked with cunt juice. I rest my hand on her butt cheek. Such a familiar feeling and position for both of us. My hand raises and descends with a welcoming crack as it makes firm contact with her cheek, which jiggles and wobbles. I slip into a quickfire rhythm, two per side until a slight blush envelops each cheek.

Now I stop and reach for the lube. She feels the movement and can guess what is coming, a moan of anxiety escaping her lips. I part her cheeks and peer at her little brown hole. I bend down and sniff her ass, an earthy aroma reaches my nostrils, a sob escapes her mouth – even now she is still embarrassed at me seeing her anus and smelling it! I hold the bottle over her hole and squeeze a small flow onto her. The cold feel of the lube hitting her puckered hole causes her to flinch and I reward her with a few slaps and then insert my finger into her rubbery ring to complete the lubing. Next I lube the plug and quickly present it to her hole.

“OK,” I tell her. “Now push out and raise your hips.” She slowly raises herself off my lap and I can feel her muscles tense as she pushes out. “This plug is about as thick as my cock,” I bahis siteleri say, “so don’t worry, it’ll fit easily. It should hurt a bit going in I hope but that’s all – nothing you can’t handle. We’ll do a bigger one next time.” She shudders. As she raises up I slowly push the plug into her hole. I twist and push and half of if slips in straight away. I pull her knees up onto the bed and grasp her round her thighs with my left arm. She is helpless now and I start to push more seriously at the plug. It slides in nicely until we approach the thickest part, when I encounter some resistance. I tell her to relax, push out and as she does, I seize the moment, pushing until her ring is fully stretched around the widest part. She squeals and I hold it there, listening to her panicked breathing, relishing the tremors running through her body until finally with a final push I send it on its way deep into her rectum. She shudders one last time as the bite of initial entry calms down and she simply feels the fullness of the plug inside her.

I tell her to stand, make her walk around the room, turn away from me and bend over. She is blushing and mortified; I am smiling and encouraging her. Finally I bring her back and tell her to resume her position over my lap. She settles down, the pink end of the plug snug between her cheeks, and I settle back into my spanking routine. The force of the blows soon increases as her cheeks slowly turn crimson. I reward her by reaching round to frig her clit – her legs are apart and as she approaches climax I seize the butt plug with my left hand and forcefully pull it out and push it in repeatedly. Experienced anal receptacle that she is, she had never been buggered by a plug before and her piteous moans and protestations were music to my ears as she reached another climax. I slammed the plug in once more and picked up the paddle.

I slowly stroked her pink cheeks with the reverse side of the paddle – the fur being such a contrast in sensations. Then a quick hard smack to the right cheek, then another and two quick ones to the left. her cheeks wobble and bounce. “God, but you have a huge fat ass,” I tell her, “It bounces like a room full of jello when I hit you.” She sobs – the insults bite hard. Her ass is perfection but of course she thinks it is too big Two per side with a pause, then double that so two then two then two then two with a pause. The heat is washing off her, she is raising her ass to the strokes now, fully submersed in her pain, loving the sting, plug forgotten. I stop and bugger her briefly with the plug, she thrusts onto it, fully accepting the intrusion now, wanting more. My whore is truly in her zone now – time to break her last barrier.

I deliver another twenty or so swats, three per side now – her ass is beginning to bruise in places, she’ll remember this session for a few days yet!

Now I roll her over on the bed, her face flushed, her ass on fire. I kneel over her.

“I have a treat for you now my little whore,” I tell her. “You’re not the only one here wearing a butt plug. Oh no, I put mine in much earlier and now you are going to take it out for me.” Her eyes crease in puzzlement. I can tell from the pressure on the plug that it is not going to come out clean. I twist round and position my ass over her head. “Reach up, grab the base, and ease it out, my little toilet slave,” I command.

She does so – my ring stretches so pleasantly as the two and a half inch plug slips gently from my ass. With a supreme effort I clamp my ass shut to prevent any escape and turn to see what she has extracted. The black plug has a huge solid piece of shit embedded on it – a rich aroma is filling the room as she holds it up for my inspection.

“Well done,” I say. I reach behind with my left hand and start to rub her clit. My right moves and takes the plug from her. I move it inexorably towards her mouth. “Open up,” I tell her. She shakes her head, panic radiating from her eyes liked a trapped and wounded animal.

“Nooo – please, not that,” she begs. My knees move to pin he shoulders. I stare down at her and nod.

“Yes. Now. Open up.” I see acceptance and defeat on her face. Maybe this will break us – I don’t know and right now I don’t care.

Her mouth slowly opens, the shit encrusted plug moves towards her and my left hand continues to play with her clit. As her orgasm approaches I push the plug into her mouth.

“Clean it. Now!”

Her mouth moves to suck the shit off the plug, I pull it out and she lies there with her mouth open, the shit lying dormant on her tongue.

“Chew and bahis şirketleri swallow” She is beaten now, she knows it. Her mouth closes and she chews. I increase the pressure on her clit and she begins to orgasm, chewing maniacally on her shit just as I release the tension on my own rectum and dump a huge mass of loose shit all over her tits and stomach. She shudders, shakes, climaxing and in shock all at once. I lean forward and point my cock at her, releasing a stream of piss into her face – “Something to wash your lunch down with my toilet slave” I chuckle. She gargles back as she gulps on the piss and swallows the piss and shit together.

I quickly rotate and present my asshole to her face. “Now clean me up,” I command and as she starts in with her probing and cleaning tongue, I slowly smear the pile of stinking shit over her tits, and stomach, pausing only to smear some on myself as well. Her tongue is snaking into my open hole, tickling my ring and inside my anus with supreme skill. I felt more shit passing down my system and told her, “Quick – put your open mouth over my hole.” She did and a liquid mass exploded over her, she choked down what she could but the rest ran onto her hair and all over her face.

“Keep cleaning me, ” I told her and once more her obedient tongue came out as I could sense her wiping the worst off her eyes. “No cleaning up,” I instructed. “I want you shit covered as you are – you are my toilet slave now and forever aren’t you?” her head nodded against my ass as she continued her work.

I was clean now, but she was a mess. Shit all over her hair and face, her tits and belly down to her cunt covered in liquid manure. I pulled her onto her knees and reached round to her plug. I grabbed it and buggered her with it again, before throwing it off the bed and grabbing her hips. My rock hard cock slid easily up her gaping hole and I pushed in until I could feel the end of her rectum envelop my glans. I started with long slow strokes and she tried to clench on my cock and milk me – but not yet! I pulled out to look at her gape and now there was shit on my cock. I reached into her hole with two fingers and felt the turd up her passage. I slowly circled my fingers in her anus, stimulating the muscles to expel the mass within. I felt it move and she moaned, still embarrassed at me causing her a bowel movement and watching it. Slowly the turd emerged, brown and warm. I caught it in my hand and then watched as more emerged and fell onto the bed. I got down and walked round to her head. She eyed me warily from her position until I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up.

“Time for desert,” I said firmly. “Open up”

Eyes downcast she slowly opened her mouth and just as slowly I stiffed her shit into it.

“Chew and swallow,” I told her, and as she started to obey I went round to her rear end again. The shit on the bed I picked up and smeared onto her crimson ass before plunging my cock back up her filthy, slimy anus. I could feel more shit in her, warm on my cock and I sped up my motions.

“Frig yourself,” I told her and her hand shot back to rub her clit. I could see her mouth still working on the shit, brown drool escaping to run down her face just like brown liquid was slowly oozing from her stinking ass. My pace reached frenetic, pounding her gaping ass, trying to find some friction. Her next orgasm came upon her, violently – she bucked like she had been hit with an electric prod and her rectum tightened involuntarily, immediately milking the cum from my cock. I collapsed, exhausted and she let out a final moan before dropping to lie face down on the bed.

I got up and went round to her shit encrusted face. My filthy cock hung in front of her and without a word she raised herself, took hold of it and sucked it clean. I stroked her hair and went to the bathroom and fetched a cup. Returning I told her to squat and open her ass. I put the cup under it and watched as my cum slowly ran out accompanied by a small remnant of liquid shit. This I presented to her as you would present a trophy.

“Here – you’ve earned it – drink my cum and be grateful,” I told her. She licked her lips, smiled, took the cup and poured the contents into her mouth, swishing them round and round as a good cocksucker does when she has a mouthful of cum – savoring every drop until she finally swallowed it.

She looked down at herself then and gazed at the mess. She looked thoughtful and dazed, what had happened was obviously a lot more then she had bargained for – which was my intent all along. She was struggling to say something and I wondered if it would be to end our relationship.

“Was I good for you?” she asked timidly.

I gazed at her with true love and devotion. “The very best,” I said. I opened my arms and she collapsed sobbing into them.

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