Dog walker takes it up the bum.


Dog walker takes it up the bum.Not seen the bitch out with her bitch for a while, she text’s me when she’s out, but it had been difficult to coordinate. Good weather over the weekend had allowed an extended walk in the woods with the boy. Spotted the dog mine had service a couple of weeks ago, the owner walking behind. Spring clothes are allowing a better view of her melon sized tits and big arse held in tight Levis and shirt. My boy runs over and sniffs her bitch’s arse to make sure, and they run off together. The owner waves and stops, her tits look bigger than I remember and her nipples start to poke through her shirt, looks like she missed me.Almost stumbling over the still muddy earth to lean over and kiss me, the bitch is on heat and rubs my cock through my pants. The usual spot I say, sure she says and walks holding my hand, not sure to make sure I don’t run away or to stop her from falling.Get to a decent stop, behind some bushes and illegal bahis siteleri she turns, rubs my cock again, I’m rubbing her melon shaped tit through her shirt, she whispers get it out, I pull my semi-hard cock out as she drops to her knees and kisses the growing bell end. Wrapping her fingers around the shaft, she blows me as she pulls the shaft hard. The top of her head is bobbing on my cock as she swallows the shaft.I reach down into her shirt and find a nipple, so hard and long it’s like a little dick, and I roll it around with my thumb and forefinger. The bitch looks up at me, my cock full size the length of her face, my bollocks on her chin, one side hidden behind a hard veiny rod of flesh.”Looked forward to that have you?” I ask, “you know I have” she said, as I pull her up by her elbow and undo her Levis and reach in to find her gash wet and open. I open her shirt, and she extracts a tit from her bra, and I canlı bahis siteleri latch on to the extended nipple and suck long and hard on it. The bitch gasps and I feel more sticky fluid escape from her cunt on to my fingers.”Fuck me she says, fuck me like a bitch in heat”. she says. I pull her Levis and pants down over her thighs and turn her round, the bitch bends over and holds her ankles, I smell her cunt as I spread her pussy lips exposing her hole to my long thick cock. My cock penetrates her cunt entrance and slides forcing her cunt to stretch open to accept my cock shaft. The bitch pushes back and forces all of my cock into her hole. Holding her ample hips I pump my cock in and out of her cunt, she’s swearing at me, telling me how much she thought about the last time and needed to be fucked again, she climaxes covering my cock in sticky fluid, I pump her harder and faster, she’s screaming and comes again, I feel her bahis firmaları cunt juice running down my bollocks. She looks back and stands up, her face close to mine, she whispers fuck my arse hole, you dirty fucker I know you want too, she holds her bum cheeks open, and I poke my slimy cock into her brown hole. The bitch swears again as my cock opens her bum hole, saying how hard my cock is compared to her husbands and as I push my cock further into her, her hand reaches under and pulls at my bollocks, I push my cock in again as deep as it can go, the bitch grinds her ass on my groin and moans long and loud as I reach around and play with her melon tits and nipples. She climaxes again and leaves her wet patch on my pants.We fuck a long time, I feel the need to cum, and I speed up slapping her bum cheeks, as I spit cum deep into her bowels. She moves forward and turns bends and sucks the last drop of my cum from my cock. I suck on her nipple as she puts her tit away. My semi hard is pushed into my pants, and she pulls up her levis, smiling at me.”Walking my way” I say and she pulls me to her, I smell my cock on her breath as she kisses me. “Nah got to go, next time” she says and walks away calling her dog.

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