Divorce Proof Marriage


Divorce Proof MarriageCHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM”But Dr. Ross, I-I just find it difficult to forgive Rose for what she’s done. After all, we’re engaged and plan to be married in eight months. Don’t you think if she requires me to be faithful that she should do the same? A-And what she did with them in the way of-of sex is just too painful for me t-to even talk about yet.””I understand how you feel Robert, but in response to your question of faithfulness, she was faithful to you in terms of emotional feelings. She said that it was you she truly loved. Her feelings toward the other men were more physical than emotional. So you were both right. I see this as common ground that you both can build a solid relationship and a future marriage on.””What? I don’t quite follow you Doctor. You aren’t saying that I should accept such a preposterous idea, are you?””First of all, I think it’s unduly judgmental for you to label it preposterous, and yes you should at least consider it, and understand why she feels it’s valid. That’s only fair, and you do want to be fair to the woman you claim you love so deeply, don’t you?””W-Well yes, b-but…, well I-I’ve just never had to face such a situation as this.””I hear you Robert. Your reaction is understandable considering that you found out your lovely fiancée has been having unbridled, wanton sex with four regular lovers, and occasionally many of their friends too, while she’s denied you intercourse. That could be troublesome if you don’t view her actions in the proper light.””A-Actually, for the two years we’ve been dating, she’s only let me s-suc… uh…””It’s okay to say sucking pussy Robert. It’s best to be comfortable using plain English.””Uh, okay. Well, err, sucking her pussy for the last six months.””Didn’t you say earlier that she would occasionally masturbate you after you performed oral sex on her?””Yes. Sometimes, but usually she would h-have me do it myself while I l-looked at her parted legs without h-her panties on. It’s even more painful now knowing that s-she was putting out for all those men while m-making me do that.””It’s natural you would feel that way Robert, but you do understand her reasoning don’t you?””Frankly Dr. Ross, no I don’t. It’s still too difficult for me to accept and I’m sure there won’t be a wedding. I cannot accept her as my bride.” Robert spoke resolutely, but in a soft, sad tone of voice.CHAPTER 2 THE SOLUTION: CRYSTAL THERAPYRobert felt so different after two sessions of Dr. Ross’s crystal therapy. Watching the huge gleaming gem, as the doctor dangled and swung it back and forth in such intricate patterns, was so mentally soothing and relaxing. In addition, everything his fiancée Rose was trying to explain to him, about her need to be sexually involved with other men, better endowed men, was all so reasonable now. It bothered him that he didn’t see it before. It was all so crystal clear the more he thought about it.Robert headed directly from the Doctor’s office over to Rose’s apartment.”I forgive you for misunderstanding me Robert dear.” Rose said to Robert as she kissed him lightly on the lips. “The important thing now is that we both understand and love each other. I’m glad you agreed to see Dr. Ross and work on saving our relationship and our future marriage. Thanks so much darling.” Rose gave her fiancé a much more passionate kiss this time.”Rose, I love and need you so much.” Robert replied in a loud whisper.”I know you do darling, and I love and need you too.””Rose… err, Dr. Ross said that y-you might still want m-me to, well, not ask you for r-regular intercourse u-until our wedding night. Is, err, is that t-true?””Yes Robert darling it is. It would mean so much to me for you to wait until then. It would really, really please me sweetie for you to be content sucking my pussy, like you’ve been doing, and jacking off for me when you need some. You do want to please me don’t you honey?””Oh y-yes, I-I do Rose. I do.” Robert replied slowly. For some reason the words she spoke seem to have a special meaning in his mind. He remembered something about the phrase `It would really, really please me’ from his crystal therapy sessions with Dr. Ross.”Good. Now, you do understand that you’re still to be faithful to me, and not seek out other women, don’t you?””Oh yes. I understand Rose darling. You know I love you with all my heart and soul. I’m all yours.” Robert said in an earnest tone.”And my heart is all yours too honey. However, you do realize don’t you, from our sessions with Dr. Ross, that because you’re not well endowed, I’ll be giving my body to other men, anytime I wish, for their and my full pleasure?”Robert just nodded his head as he looked sheepishly at the lovely face of his fiancée. The expression on her face was a cross between a smirk and a wicked smile. He for some reason thought he had some objections to her doing what she said she would be doing, but he couldn’t seem to remember why. In fact he mentally chided himself for even thinking that it was wrong for his beautiful wife-to-be to get better endowed men to do what he couldn’t. It just seemed so right, for some reason.”Thank you for being so understanding and accepting of my needs Robert darling. Also darling, since it’s no longer a secret that I’ll be having lovers, don’t you think you should share in my relationship with them?””Well, I-I don’t know Rose. In w-what way could…””In what way, Hmmmm.” Replied his fiancée as she cut him off and placed her hand on her chin and appeared deep in thought for a moment. “Err, Bill, he’s one of my best and regular fuckers. He’s got a fat eight inch cock that gets so hard. He’s so handsome too. Anyway, he said one time to me, that it would please him if he knew you were sucking his cum out of my pussy after he’s fucked me good and made it all gooey and messy. Do you think you could share my joy of sex with other men that way? It would really, really please me sweetie if you did.”Robert thought for a moment before replying. He wanted to say something else, but it seemed that the only right thing to do was agree with her suggestion since it would please not only his fiancée, but her lover as well. He remembered Dr. Ross’s words about him pleasing people. That it was one of his strengths, as well as doing what it took to be liked and accepted by others.”I-I’ll do it if-if you both want me to.” Robert replied softly.”I do darling and I know Bill and my other studs will be so happy to know you’re licking my pussy clean and sucking up their jism.” Rose replied pecking him again on the lips. She mentally thanked her mom for telling her about Dr. Ross and his brain washing techniques. Her mother had been fortunate to know about him and the services he did for special clients. Rose’s mother had utilized him in the past for a little problem of indiscretion she was involved in. Namely, an affair that Rose’s father had discovered her in with one of his best friends. The good doctor utilized bahis siteleri canlı his skills in convincing her husband that it not only was okay for Rose’s mother to have the affair, but to encourage it.CHAPTER 3: MONTHS LATER: A CONVERSATION WITH HIS MOTHER-IN-LAW”I’m so excited Robert. The wedding is only a week away. I just know I’m going to cry. Actually, I have two things to cry about. You and Rose getting married and that I’m going to be a grandmother too. This all wouldn’t be happening if you and Rose hadn’t gone to see my friend Dr. Ross. I’m so glad you agreed to go to the first meeting. I was afraid you weren’t going to give my Rose a second chance after you found out she liked putting out for groups of men, while denying you, her true love.””I’m glad I went too Mother Grayson. Dr. Ross helped us find what he called common ground to re-build our relationship on. His crystal therapy was also helpful too. Using it, he’s helped me see another side to things I never seemed to understand or accept before.””He’s such a wise man. It’s good you took his therapy and his advice. You’re a better man for it too, don’t you think?””I guess so.””I know so Robert. After all, only a man so secure in his manhood, and the love for his woman, would do the wonderful things you’ve done to rebuild, maintain, and enhance your relationship with my daughter, both during your engagement and for the future of your marriage.””Y-You’re too kind Mother Grayson.””No Robert, you deserve praise for your attitude adjustment after understanding your inadequacies and why Rose has to have other men. After all, an insecure man wouldn’t have agreed for his fiancée to continue fucking other men, many of them strangers, while denying you intercourse. And you still steadfastly promised to stay faithful and come to the wedding altar a virgin. That takes guts Robert. In addition, to further prove your love to your fiancée and to show your support for her open promiscuousness, you eagerly lick and suck her oozing, slimy, well screwed cunt clean of other men’s abundant fuck juices, which pleases her and them. This of course makes her feel good in the process. In the meantime, you’re content to beat your meat for your relief, waiting for your chance to put it in her on your wedding night. Robert you’re some man.””Please Mother Grayson you’re making me blush with pride.””You should be proud, after all, you were courageous enough to do what others wanted you to do to build your marriage on a firm solid footing. You’ve essentially divorce proofed your marriage. Not many husbands-to-be can say that.””You flatter me Mother Grayson.” Robert said beaming at the dubious praise his mother-in-law was heaping on him.”No it’s true Robert. Think about it. By removing infidelity as a cause for her, your only worry is whether you’re going to be faithful. And to your credit with you signing that pre-nuptial agreement as proof of your promised love and commitment to the marriage, I really think you’ve divorce proofed it. After all, you’ve agreed to her dating and sexing the men of her choice. And besides vowing to be faithful to her at the wedding next week, you’ve contractually signed and committed to do so already. And Robert you really showed her steady lovers that you weren’t afraid of a challenge.””Oh you mean the bet I lost?””I call it a challenge. Even though you lost, you did so with style and gallantry. In addition, you still get the prize.””I-I never thought of it that way.””Yes, you get a new baby without having to do all the work of inseminating your new bride to be.””O-Oh I see.” Robert replied trying to sort out what his mother-in-law was saying. He understood her, but something wasn’t quite right with her statement.”When Rose told me her lovers wanted her off the pill, and unprotected, with your mouth as her only birth control, seven months before the wedding, so that she ran the risk of being knocked up by them as she walked down the aisle to you, I was sure you’d never agree to that.””I was hesitant when she first told me of their proposal. Primarily because I-I didn’t think I was that good at sucking her pussy clean enough to keep her from getting pregnant. But she had faith in me and after I found out she really wanted me to take on their challenge, my confidence was bolstered, and I accepted it. I could tell she was really pleased at my doing so. I also could tell she was pleased with me for agreeing to her wanting to add another clause to our pre-nuptial agreement. It stated that in the event I lost the challenge by her lovers, I would still marry her and that I would never contest the paternity of any c***dren born in the marriage and that I would accept all as legally mine.””As I said Robert, you’re a prince of a catch for my daughter. Didn’t I understand you gave her power of attorney over the pre-nuptial agreement? What was that all about?””She said it was an easy way to have a living agreement, and a means of adding to the agreement, if she or her men thought of something that needed to be added later to ensure the vibrancy and openness of our marriage. Of course, those provisions would primarily be for her, not me. That way she could add it without bothering me, or for me having to go down and sign it with her in front of the lawyer. She let me know it pleased her to have this flexibility. I was somewhat reluctant to accept this, but she asked me to talk it over with Dr. Ross. Afterwards, I saw her logic clearly. So I agreed. As you can see Mother Young, I love your daughter so. I find it hard to say no.””There is nothing wrong with a strong love like that Robert. So then, any clauses she might add, unilaterally, to the agreement would be binding on you, even though you wouldn’t know about them until they were in effect, right?””That’s right. I know she’ll use her power wisely. I trust her.””I know she will too Robert. Tell me Robert, now that you’re going to be marrying a bride that’s over five months pregnant and won’t know who the father is until the baby is born, do you still think you’re ready to accept responsibility for being a good daddy to the c***d and a good husband too?””Yes I do Mother Grayson, even though it’s not known yet which of her four regular lovers, or any of the other 14 friends of theirs, is the father. Speaking of them, two of her regular studs came by to see me about that also. I reassured them I would be a caring and loving daddy to the baby, even though it’s not mine. They seemed pleased at my promise to do so. They really came by to begin collecting on the bet I lost, but they too brought up the same concern you did.””Oh you mean for failing to be an effective oral birth control for Rose?””Yes, the deal was that if I failed, twice each month I’d have to suck the cocks of all the men that helped make the baby. They gave me the list of eighteen men that participated. Any of them could be the father.””So you’re going to set up a schedule casino siteleri for them?””Yes ma’am. Rose may already have done it by now. She was there standing over me while I was on my knees giving Bill and Lane the first of their two monthly blowjobs I owe them for the time she’s carrying the baby.””Let’s see, there were 18 studs trying to knock her up, so that’s 36 suck offs a month for you until the baby’s born. So you have about four more months left or 144 times to suck their big fire hose dicks and swallow their hot jism. Have you gotten use to the taste of fresh hot semen yet?””Pretty much, it’s not unpleasant at all. The taste is slightly different than when sucking jism from her cunt. However, both have a unique and palatable taste in their own way.”CHAPTER 4 AFTER THE WEDDING”Well Robert, I think that’s all we need to do today. I think this was an excellent session. Do you have any questions?””Well Dr. Ross what you’ve been teaching and explaining to me over the last few months has really helped me see and understand myself so much better. However, I occasionally wonder why I just never thought of any of this myself.””My professional training is what makes the difference Robert. Only a trained psychiatrist like myself would be able to help you see that you are a person that can only be happy by pleasing and being appreciated by others. Through my crystal therapy, I’ve helped you focus your need to please into an effective attitude and behaviour adjustment, that’s helped you not only in resolving your perceived problem with your fiancée and her many lovers, but it also has helped you to feel better about yourself. Isn’t that correct?””Yes it is Dr. Ross. I really don’t know how to thank you for helping me see that I could raise the level of my self esteem by humbling myself and ridding myself of foolish pride about what society says is manly or decent behaviour. Thanks to you, by looking at things from Rose’s perspective, I was able to see that it was natural, and even correct, for her to have lovers, while denying me intercourse and insisting upon my faithfulness and abstinence until our wedding night.””And it was worth it wasn’t it?””Yes it was Doctor, in spite of the fact that I had to wait until all her other studs fucked her first our wedding night.””Not in spite of, but because of that, it made it all better for you Robert. Remember, didn’t she and her men tell you it pleased them for you to show your gratitude and respect, by sucking their cum out of her vagina as each man had intercourse with her, as well as having you waiting for sloppy lasts?””Yes, they did.””So you see, your appreciation by them increased and their esteem for you went up accordingly as you did what was asked of you. This all contributed to the joy you felt once you finally slipped your little virgin penis into your bride’s well used sex. I know you both will remember that moment.””I know I will, even though I only lasted less than a minute. Rose gave me a juicy kiss right after I slumped down on her feeling a mixture of extreme pleasure on one hand, and bad on the other because that I couldn’t last longer. She consoled me since I was feeling down from my not being able to last longer. She gave me a very juicy kiss, before holding me in her arms and going to sleep holding me to her swollen stomach. The kiss was good, but her breath reeked from all the cocks she’d sucked as well as from the thick jism coating her tongue and gums.””That’s understandable. But now, about the baby, do you do feel better about that now? At first, you didn’t seemed to view it as the prize that your mother-in-law and your bride saw it as.””As usual, after talking to you, I indeed see myself as coming out on top of the bet, even though I lost it.””Yes you did come out on top Robert. You should view it not as something to be ashamed of, as some in society may say so, but rather as a point of genuine honour that your wife willingly got inseminated by another man and is bringing the baby into the marriage to raise as your c***d. Incidentally, I understand that the baby is to carry the lover’s Christian name and your last name.””Yes, Rose said she wanted it that way. But in regard to me being ashamed, you really helped me feel much better about that.””And I must also congratulate you at the wedding. I didn’t detect any lack of pride or love on your part at the fact that your bride was over five months pregnant and carrying another man’s baby, as she walked down the aisle to you.””No Doctor, I wasn’t ashamed. I’m sure your counsel on this whole matter really helped me through the ordeal of her being pregnant and getting bigger each month as we waited until June to have the wedding.””She was a lovely bride in her bright white maternity wedding gown. The part that really showed the assembly your love for your new bride, and earned you their respect in the process, was when you did as the minister asked and raised the maternity top, kissed her swollen belly, and swore your lasting love to her and that you were going to be a good daddy to the baby.””I-I didn’t know that was in the ceremony, but since the Reverend directed me to, I d-didn’t have much choice.””Of course, you did the right thing to obey her. It was especially significant and touching since the minister had just announced before you did that, that you were coming into the marriage a virgin.””I was surprised at that and a-at her announcing that Rose wouldn’t know who the father was until the baby was born. I began to feel a little self conscious, but when the audience roared out laughing, I felt better. I remembered you telling me that when people laugh at me it’s complimentary. The vows were also a surprise too. I had to swear to “love, honour and totally obey” while she only had to promise “that she would love and remind me to demonstrate my love for her”.””Robert, the wedding went well and you should be delighted at your actions. But now that you’re married and soon to be a daddy, how are things with you two?””Really good Dr. Ross. Since Rose is in her eight month now, her doctor has asked her not to have sexual intercourse, or swallow cum until after the baby is born. However, he says it’s okay and desirable that I continue to suck her pussy for her.””I guess with her not being able to put out now, it’s sort of hard on her lovers.””She was concerned about them too. That’s why she told them that in addition to my doing them twice monthly, you know from me losing that bet, that they could come by and get me to suck them off anytime their dicks got hard.””I guess you’re on your knees a lot now then?” Dr. Ross replied with a slight chuckle and a very unprofessional smile.”Y-Yes, I am. Also, Rose and the guys also have me wear makeup and women’s clothing around the house sometimes when they come over. She says it adds atmosphere for what they come over for and that it makes me more pleasing to their eyes.””I can see her point. canlı casino You would look more arousing to them in drag. I’m sure it pleases you for them to compliment you when you’re all dressed up to take their cocks and all their hot cum?””Yes it does Dr. Ross. It really makes me feel good when they tell me when I give good head or when they use those special code words you told me about. The ones you said real men use when they really want to say thanks, but find it difficult, because it’s not macho to say thanks to another man for sucking their big cocks.””Yes, yes. What are some of the ones they used?””They really liked calling me “faggot” or a “sissy” as they’re ejaculating their hot stuff in my mouth. Pansy is another popular one too. But I think I really like “mouth pussy” the best.””Very good Robert. From our many discussions about self esteem, remember me telling you that yours would increase, the more you decreased your threshold of being concerned about what was considered degrading or perverted?””You’re so correct Dr. Ross. I remember it well. For example, now that I’ve married a promiscuous woman, and she’s my wife, the idea of her being considered a slut by others doesn’t unnerve or shame me. I’m very proud of Rose and that she can handle the sexual needs of so many well endowed men.””You should be Robert. And it’s good you understand that a woman such as Rose and yourself make the perfect couple. You give her the deep true love that her studs never could, while they give her the kind of fucking you never could. Her love for you is deep, but you know your place and it all makes for a very happy and solid marriage.””You’re so right doctor. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have such a beautiful wife.””That’s correct Robert. And another important point, that really has “divorce proofed” your marriage, to use your mom-in-law’s term, is your understanding and acceptance that your wife having other men’s c***dren in no way indicates she loves you any less or is making a fool of you. A cuckold yes, but a fool, no. You see my point Robert?””Yes Dr. Ross I do. I remember you helping me to see that being a cuckold was not a bad thing, but an honourable and even necessary thing in order to ensure the success of our marriage. Once I accepted that, you were right, mentally accepting her having another man’s baby was easy. And now that our first born is on the way, even though it was fathered by one of her many studs, our love for each other is still strong and our marriage is under no strain because of us having a baby that probably won’t look anything like me.””And from everything I hear, you’ve promised to love and care for the baby just as if you were the real father.””That’s right doctor. I like c***dren and I have no reason to treat the baby any different than as if he were my own.””I agree Robert and that’s very noble of you. Your wife tells me she wants several c***dren for you two. Are you in anyway afraid of her wanting all of them by men other than you?””Dr. Ross, you and I talked about this in our last session and I’ve had time to think about it after watching that video you gave me. The one entitled “Being Proud of Your Wife Bearing Other Men’s c***dren”. I also listened at the accompanying cassette tape you gave me. I also listened at it while I slept, just as you told me to do.””Very good Robert, you’re a good patient.””Well Dr. Ross, all I can say, is that I have to agree with the narrator. That through their actions, other men are really saying, they admire my wife if they take the time and trouble to ejaculate their sperm in her and make her the incubator for their seed. The wife on the other hand, by letting the other man inseminate her, is also letting the husband know, that she is still prized by other men and that her husband is envied by these men for the prize he’s married to. The baby should therefore be prized and loved by the husband as a trophy of his wife’s worth and admiration by other men outside the marriage.””Very well put Robert. So you now have one trophy on the way, which is a demonstration of the prize catch of a wife you have. Don’t you see that the more babies she has from other men would only enhance the respect other men have for you as her husband?””I-I see.” Robert replied as he mentally processed what the doctor had just said.”After all Robert, you wouldn’t want to be married to someone who nobody else is interested in, would you?””You’re so right Dr. Ross. You have such great insight. I see your point very clearly.””Additionally, as you love, baby-sit, care for, and raise other men’s c***dren, the other men will be envious of you for being able to hold onto your wife and the love she has for you.””I never thought of that, but I do understand what you’re saying.””Robert, you’re a excellent example of the positive benefits my crystal therapy can bring into a marriage such as yours.”CHAPTER 5 A YEAR LATER”Robert, the fellows are so pleased at the doting caring daddy you’ve become to little Hank. Hank indicated he felt good about us raising his son as ours. Aren’t you pleased darling that my men think so much of you?””Yes I am Rose.””I think a lot of good rapport came about because of the good head you gave them all while I was pregnant. They really enjoyed your lips and tongue on their dicks as well as coming in your mouth and seeing and hearing you swallow all their hot rich spunk.””They certainly shoot a lot. You know when I first started doing them, I never thought that almost to the man they easily came twice when it was their turn to fuck my face.””They do shoot a lot. Mother estimated you probably swallowed about 20 quarts of their jism.””I wouldn’t doubt it. They not only shot off a lot, but they ejaculate with such force, and their stuff was so hot. I-I can see why you c-consider them better men.””Only physically darling. You’ve got a heart of pure platinum. And that’s why my heart is yours even though they have priority on my pussy.””By the way Rose dear, it’s been a long time. When are you going back on the pill, or are you going to use your diaphragm? I’m tired of using condoms. I’d like to get some, raw, wet, and skin to skin again.””Oh dear, I forgot to tell you, I’ve been using the diaphragm with the guys. They always have me bare back. They liked the idea of you using rubbers. So I went along with them.””T-They did?””Yes, but anyway, it’s a good thing you brought that up. Starting tonight, I won’t be using any protection at all.””Y-You won’t?””No honey, I won’t. The fellows are so impressed by your lack of prejudice about me having k**s that aren’t yours, as well as the way you’ve talking care of little Hank, they want to help us with our family. They respect you so much they want us to raise their k**s too. So I’ll be starting on us another addition to our family tonight. Knowing these horny devils, I’ll be plumped up in no time. Once I’m preggy, I’ll let you put it in again without the raincoat. However, you know your tongue will always have me when I’m hot, wet, drippy and full of their cream.”Robert looked at his lovely wife and knew that he’d have to endure a few more weeks of latex because it pleased her. If it pleased her, it pleased him too.###END###

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