Discovering the Boss

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This is my first attempt at writing a story, thanks goes to my proof reader, PD. I wish to identify myself as the author, including any Copyright entitlements. Both parties are over 18. Any feedback would be welcomed….


Patty is a 31 year old woman, 5’6 tall, with long blonde hair down to her shoulder blades. She is also my boss.

Me? I’m 6’0, 44 years old, with short dark hair and glasses. In have been teased about looking like Harry Potter, so to give you an idea. I have been admiring Patty since she started in my department as a supervisor, and recently she was promoted to Department Head, over-seeing the 30 staff in this section.

Most people would look at her and say, yes she is gorgeous, but wouldn’t approach her to express their admiration, myself included. Privately though, in my head, we have done everything imaginable in the bedroom, and out of the bedroom too. I never thought in a million years I would even get to touch her out of turn.

One afternoon, with about 1 hour left until the end of the day, Patty come over to me and speaks quietly, “John, you are in charge of the Brooker account are you not?”

“Yes.” I reply, “I’m currently getting the presentation finished off for the meeting of the Board in 2 days, but I’m struggling with some of the final figures, they just seem to add up the way they should be.”

She looks at the data, and asks me to stay back so we can have a look at them. I was planning to remain after anyway to re-input the raw data, so I agreed.

5pm rolled around, and the office erupted into a human lava flow towards the exit, leaving me sat at my desk. I look over to Patty’s office and see her on a phone call, looking quite animated, as if she was laying down her law to whomever the unfortunate soul was on the other end. I was glad it wasn’t me, as she occasionally was quite venomous if someone got on her wrong side.

About 15 minutes later, I feel a hand on my shoulder, which startled me. I hadn’t heard Patty walking out of her office and approach me.

“Are you OK John?” she asked in a concerned tone.

“Yes, sorry. My mind is running hundreds of scenarios on where the information went wrong, and trying to fix it.”

She grabs a chair from a neighbouring desk, and we start to go through the information, from the bottom up. While we work, I am aware of the perfume she is wearing, White Musk. It fills my nose and my head. Several times, when she leans across to point out something in the data, she puts her hand on my arm to steady herself. She has never been a ‘touchy-feely’ person in the office, but input it down to her approach as a manager to not get too personal.

After 2 hours, we finally track a mistake in the data. A single decimal point. In my haste to input the information, I moved the decimal point one space. So I correct the mistake, and re-run the calculations, and it run true to the predictive model.

The presentation, if successful towards the Brooker board members, would ensure our reputation as the best.

Patty gets up and heads to her office to get ready to go home, like me. Just as I’m about to step away from the desk, my phone rings. I look at the Caller ID, and t is Patty.

“John, seeing as we have been sat here for sınırsız escort hours, I would like to offer to buy you something to eat, unless you have other plans?”

“That would be great, thank you,” I replied. I had been preparing myself to be here late into the morning dealing with this issue. “I will get you at Security.”

I grab my coat and walk down to the building entrance. I swipe out and a couple of minutes later, I hear Patty swiping out. As we walked out into the night, we look at a couple of food places, but they are busy with night time traffic. She notices a quiet looking bar that served food, and I agreed. Pushing open the door, a strange mixed smell of alcohol and restaurant food hits you, and not unpleasant. We go to the bar, and order our food and a couple of drinks.

We find a recessed cubicle near the back, and made small talk. For me, about my failed marriage 10 years ago, how I had thrown myself into my work afterwards, and how I made it to being Brooker’s account manager.

For Patty, she opened up about her path to Department Head, her struggles, and like me, a failed marriage behind her. As a woman, she had to fight tooth and nail every step to pull herself to where she was. Unlike me, she didn’t pursue a relationship so she didn’t have to compromise her work and personal lives.

Our food arrives, and we order up some more drinks and chatted through our meal. We finish eating, but carry on chatting, and drinking for the next couple of hours. As we talk, we move closer, when talking in hushed voices, so we keep our privacy. I feel here body against mine, her perfume filling my senses. I have to push myself not to give in to my needs, 10 years without the touch of a woman, knowing Patty has also been living alone also, without a man in her life.

She is also my boss, which means I keep a professional courtesy towards her. We finish our drinks, and head out onto the street again. I look at my watch and realise how late it is. She asks off I have far to go to get home, and I tell her where I live.

“That’s too far away,” she says, “live near by, and have a couch going empty for the night, if you are interested.”

I agree and we hail a taxi, both bundling into the back of the cab in a semi-drunken heap. We both sort ourselves out, and talk on the way to her house. As we pull up outside, I pay the driver, and help Patty out of the taxi. We walk up the path and she unlocks the door, we stumble in, and close the door. She pulls a blanket from a cupboard for my use on the couch, before heading to her bed.

I take my jacket off and hang it up, and remove my trousers before covering myself in the blanket. I am just drifting off to sleep, when I hear a crashing noise from upstairs. Not stopping to retrieve my trousers, I run up the stairs and find Patty on the floor next to the toilet, apparently misjudging the seat. She is in a silk and lace, thigh length, red nightgown, her hair is in her face as she struggles to get up.

I move in to help her up, and hook my arms under hers. As I lift her slowly, she tries to get to her feet, and her knees give way, making her fall into me, her breasts pressing into my chest. I manage to get her onto the toilet, and as soon taksim escort as she is sat, her bladder opens. The sound of her urine hitting the pan is an aphrodisiac. I can’t help but stand and watch her empty her bladder, and she is semi-aware of me watching her.

When she is finished, she holds her hands out, wanting me to help her up. I pull her up, and with an arm around her, I help her back to her bed. She falls onto the bed in a heap, so I lay her in the bed properly, My hands touching the night gown, and her body underneath it as I position her, and cover her over. As I move away from the bed, she grabs my hand, pulling me to sit down o the bed next to her.

“Please don’t go John,” she begs. I relax next to her.

“I really shouldn’t be in your room Patty,” I say, not sure who I am trying to convince of that fact.

“Please John…..” I look at her as she seems to be battling something inside her head. “I shouldn’t be telling you this John, the real reason I wanted to help you earlier on, was I could see you struggling with the report more than usually do,” and then drops her voice as if we may be overheard, “and also I like you, more than I should as your boss….” her voice dropping away all together.

I look at her, and she looks vulnerable. A million miles away from the boss-like exterior used at work.

She takes my hand and holds it softly, rubbing my palm in small circles. She sits up, and as she does, the night gown pulls awkwardly, allowing me to see a breast for the first time. The nipple is hard in arousal. She pulls me close whispering to herself, almost in a mental battle, with the drunk side winning out. She kisses me hesitantly, and I kiss her back.

Slowly at first, then repressed passion kicks in on both fronts. Our tongues meet, and fence with one another, hands start to roam heads and necks, before exploring further afield. Her hand moves to my hard cock pressing through my underwear, which surprised me as didn’t realise I was hard. She moves her hand slowly up and hooks her fingers inside my briefs, before pulling them down so she can touch me properly.

I grab her hair, softly pulling head backwards, exposing her throat to my lips. I kiss down to her collarbone, and further down to her exposed breast. I kiss and suck her nipple, hearing a gasp of pleasure from her, her hands moving to my head, holding me there as I pleasure the nipple. I use my hands to lift her night gown, pulling it off her body and over her head.

I move to the other breast and resume sucking of the other nipple, I caress the first breast I have left behind, gently pinching the nipple in time with my biting the one in my mouth. Meanwhile, her hand is caressing my hard cock, sweeping her hand slowly up and down my shaft, rubbing the head with her thumb. My pre-cum pooling at the slit, and her thumb spreading it over my cock.

I look her in the eyes, and ask her “Are you sure you want to go any further?” to which she replied “Yes, I want this, and I want you now. I have wanted you since joining the department, but didn’t know how you would take a Department Head coming on to you.”

I take her face in my hands and kiss her before laying her back on the bed. I caress her legs from tesettürlü escort her knees, moving up her thighs, and bring my face in to taste her. My fingers split her peach gently before pressing my tongue between them. She is highly aroused and her juices are flowing, I taste her before licking as deep as I can into her waiting pussy.

I lick up to her clit, taking it into my mouth, alternating between licking and sucking, and her legs start shaking in a powerful climax. Her eyes glaze over in pleasure, and I let her rest until her climatic shudders stop. I kiss up her belly towards her breasts, my cock grazing her thighs as I move forward.

My cock finds her wet lips, and pushes slowly into her. She throws her head back in pleasure as my 7in cock invades her. I press forward slowly, giving Patty a chance to relax and accept the size of my cock entering her. She looks me in the eye and starts to thrust her hips up towards me. Her wet pussy sucking hungrily at my cock, demanding pleasure. Her legs wrap around my waist as we fuck like strangers, but emotionally attached due to our attraction to one another.

I slow my pace, teasing her. I run my hand up her breasts, playing with them lovingly, before moving to her throat. I gently graze the skin with my nails, before spreading my hand around and gently squeezing the blood vessels. The look on her face is surprise, then panic, and finally acceptance. I keep thrusting inside her pussy, keeping her on the right side of consciousness.

All the while, I move deep inside her, making her body beg for pleasure, shaking and moving to capture the pleasure it wants and needs. I release her throat and speed up my vaginal assault on her body. As she comes back to full consciousness, the pleasure is almost at a peak. We both start to move as one being, in tune with our bodies, her moans building in intensity, as almost without warning, she climaxes under me. Her eyes wide with shock and pleasure, her body shaking uncontrollably and pinned by my weight to the bed, leaving nowhere for her to go.

The thrill of seeing how her body reacted to the moment, and how her pussy grips my cock, pushes me over the edge also. My back arches to make sure I get as deep as I can inside Patty, my cock explodes as it hits her cervix, filling her unprotected womb, flooding her pussy. I thrust slow as we come down from our orgasmic highs. I roll off her and lay to the side, watching her face as she comes back to reality.

She turns her head kisses me softly, and breathes “That was amazing, thank you,” and kisses me again. As we both fall asleep in each other’s arms in the light of early morning, I realise that I have 4 hours before the meeting, but I am happy with where I am.

We both wake up to Patty’s alarm, and drag ourselves out of bed. We kiss gently, and I realise I want to wake up to her face every morning. I watch as she puts on her underwear, followed by her work clothes, (an all in one trouser suit in black, and white blouse), as I put back on the clothes I wore the day before. Before I could put my shirt on, Patty appears with a shirt, and explained it was left by her ex when he walked out on her, and would understand if I didn’t take it. I knew I couldn’t do my presentation in my current shirt, so accepted it gladly.

We call a taxi and discuss where we go from that moment, and agreed we both to try and make a go of a possible relationship. “Come to my office after your proposal meeting”, she says softly. I agreed I would, as would have anyway to relay the outcome of the meeting.

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