Dirty Laundry

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***Note to the reader: This story starts out as M/F story but builds up F/F. It’s beginning to turn into a little bit more of a slow moving story. So far I’m at about 5,000 words. It is bound to have some grammatical errors, maybe a few awkward sentences. If anyone is interested in editing and giving suggestions, please contact me!***


Chapter 1

First day of my new job.


It’s not anything glamorous but, it will pay the bills. It was better than hoping the Peterson family needed a babysitter again or busting my ass at the small hardware store for $7.25 an hour. The tool shack, where no one appreciates you, laughs when you say you want the newly available night manager position and hires some idiot that you have to teach everything to. But no hard feelings. Right?

First job at a big business. A hospital. I already sat through four hours of orientation with a bunch of other new employees. Most of them were CNAs, orderlies, environmental services workers. They droned on and on about HIPAA, patient care, and other irrelevant information. Well, irrelevant for a laundry girl. Like I said before, not exactly glamorous. However, the pay was almost double what I was making at the crap shack.

I walked down to the basement to where my new manager had brought me for my interview. I peered into her office and knocked on the office door frame.

“Hi! So glad to see you! Ready to get started?” She smiled. She was a thin, middle aged woman with short, slightly greyed hair. Friendly, but so far she had been professional and to the point. I can work with that. “So how was orientation?” She asked as I followed her down a hallway and through some large double doors.

Besides agonizingly pointless? “Um, fine.” I stated awkwardly.

“Yes, it is a little lengthy isn’t it? A necessary evil, I suppose. It is more geared towards employees that will be in direct contact with patients. Oh, Lillian, dear! This is our new hire, Shea.”

“Hello” I gave a small wave. A short, plump lady that looked like she was in her fifties walked up, looking me over.

“You’re a youngin, hm?”

“I’m 21.” I said quietly.

“Most of the ladies on our team are a little bit older than you, dear. But it will be wonderful to have a fresh young face around here, won’t it?” Carrie said. “Lillian will be training you in. She’s been with us for 25 years in the linens department. Let’s start her out with something easy, the basement floors I think.” Lillian nodded.

“I’ll show you where everything is and get you some scrubs.” I nodded and followed. She showed me around the giant concrete room filled with carts that were stuffed full of scrubs, towels, blankets, sheets, and gowns. You name it, they had it. She plucked some old faded scrubs from a shelf and handed them to me. “You can put those on and we’ll get started.”

I threw my keys down on the counter and flopped onto my bed, exhausted. I didn’t bother to take off my shoes or jacket. This job was definitely one of those ‘overworked and unappreciated’ kind of jobs. At least I wasn’t underpaid. I rolled over and pulled out my phone.

A half hour later, Morgan was knocking on the door. I pushed my fluffy, grey cat Stanley off my lap to answer. I stopped next to the door to look in the body mirror on my wall. My long brown hair was up in a messy bun and I was sporting plaid PJ shorts and a frumpy old T-shirt. I looked at my body in the mirror. I had small chest, but at least I had an ass. I’ve been told lots of times how young I look because of my large eyes and soft features.

“Hey” he said as he closed the door behind him. He went to the fridge and popped open one of the beers he had left here last week. He took a long drink and sat down next to me on the couch. He immediately went to work, opening his small baggie of pot and stuffing it into the grinder. “How was your first day?” He asked.

“Fine. Exhausting. I’m gonna have to get a pedometer. That hospital is huge. A compass too maybe. I’m bound to get lost at some point.” He chuckled as he pinched the weed into a small chillum. He toked on it a bit before passing it to me. Ahhhhhhh, yes. I took a nice long hit, closed my eyes and leaned back into the couch. If there was one thing I could always count on, it was that Morgan would get me high. Of course, in exchange for sex. We weren’t dating but, we had an unspoken mutual agreement. He had weed. I had a vagina. That all suited me just fine. I’m not a pothead by any means but, I enjoy a smoke here and there. Usually at night or on the weekends. Morgan, however, was a ‘wake and bake’ kind of guy. I don’t think he knew how to function if he wasn’t high.

We had been seeing each other for a few months now but we didn’t talk a whole lot. We smoked and watched TV until we both had a nice buzz going. He walked over to my bed, got undressed and laid down. He laid beylikdüzü escort on his back with his arms behind his head, relaxed, ankles crossed. He had sandy brown hair with a slight orange tinge to it. The bit of scruff on his upper lip and chin were slightly more orange than his hair. He had blue eyes and was average build, average height and overall, good looking.

I slipped out of my shorts and lifted the shirt over my head. I knelt on the bed and Morgan narrowly opened his eyes to look at me. He grinned slightly and reached down to shake himself a bit. It wasn’t long before he had a semi-hard on. I leaned over to take his dick in my mouth. I enjoyed giving blow jobs. I know a lot of girls complain about it but, half the time I enjoy it as much as sex. I bobbed up and down on him for a while until he was hard. I pulled away, letting it flip up and hit him in the stomach. He grabbed my hips and pulled me on top of him, lining his member up with my opening. The saliva made him slide in easily. I lazily rocked back and forth on top of him until he was panting and gripping my thighs. He pushed me off at the last moment and grunted while he gave himself a few quick pumps with his hand before coming into it. He got up to clean himself off in the bathroom. I rolled over, covering myself up to sleep. Morgan came out and got dressed.

“I gotta work in the morning so I’m gonna head home”

“Thanks for the smoke.” I mumbled groggily; I was already halfway asleep.

“Yeah. No problem” he said. “I left you a nug on your coffee table.” I hummed contently and nodded. I heard the door close as I drifted off into a deep sleep. Nothing like a buzz and quick fuck to send me to bed like a little baby.

Chapter 2

“Good morning, Shea! How has it been going? Getting the hang of everything?” Carrie chirped as she walked into the lounge.

“Yeah, I think I’ve pretty much got the hang of the lower level routine.” I said as I punched in. “Have a good day, Carrie.” I said as I walked into the changing room with my scrubs. I changed, pulled my hair up into a ponytail and grabbed my cart. I started with all the areas that I knew needed my attention. I dragged three carts of dirty laundry to the dirty linens room first thing and then started on replacing it with clean stuff. I stacked some towels, scrubs and sheets onto my cart to bring to the residents lounge. There usually wasn’t anyone in there in the mid mornings. The young doctors were usually either already up and doing rounds or had gone home after their night shifts. Perfect time for restocking the cabinets and changing the sheets. I entered the lounge and knocked on the door of the first room. No answer. I tried the door; it was unlocked and unoccupied. I walked over to the cabinet with my cart and started stocking up the scrubs when I heard the door open.

“Sorry I’ll be out of the way in a moment, I’m just restocking the laundry” I said politely, as I finished topping off some of the scrubs. I turned to push my cart towards the door to leave. When I looked up, I nearly dropped the bag of dirty laundry that I was going to put on the bottom of my cart. A woman was leaning her arm against the door frame, naked from the waist up, smirking. “O- oh, god. I’m s-” I put my hand over my brow, in attempt to shield my eyes as I looked down. “Sorry.”

“Hey there” she said, seemingly amused by my flustered stammering. Her hair was short and dark, slicked back with wetness as it seemed she had just taken a shower. She had bright eyes, full lips, and small, perky tits that had metal bars through the nipples. She dropped her arm to her side and started undoing the towel that was wrapped around her narrow hips. “Mind taking this?” She gestured to the towel. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks and ears. I nodded and snatched it as soon she held it out. I shuffled out of the room as quickly as I could without bumping into her.

“Thanks.” She said as she shook her hair out and walked into the room, shutting the door behind her. I threw the towel on top of the bag of dirty laundry and briskly walked back to the linen department.

Oh my god. That was so awkward! I mean. It seems one thing to be confident in your body. I shook my head to rid it of my embarrassment about seeing her mostly naked and continued with my day. I think it’s time for my lunch. I decided to go a little early. After lunch, I agreed to help Lillian on the clinic side. It was a good opportunity to learn another part of the hospital, she pointed out. She showed me where the two main closets were for linen and handed me a few gowns and a new set of bedding.

“Can you bring this to room 34?” She asked as she plucked away at the cart. I nodded and started that way.

“Excuse me.” A female voice said from behind me. I turned. “Could you bring a set to 28 too? If you have time.” It was her. Of course it was. beyoğlu escort Her hair had dried now and fell into her eyes slightly which I noticed were a bright shade of green and accompanied by dark long eyelashes. She was dressed this time, in a long white doctor’s coat that read “Nichols”. She looked up from the chart she was holding to make eye contact. “Oh. It’s you.”

What’s that supposed to mean? She sounded slightly surprised but I couldn’t make out what else.

“Yeah.” I said curtly as I turned away. She grabbed my arm. Firmly, but not in a way that hurt. I stopped, eyes wide and mouth slightly open. What? I spat the word in my head. We locked eyes; mine were wide and hers, narrowed. It was as if she was trying to read me. Her expression softened and she released my arm.

“Thank you” she said as she walked away. I stared after her for a moment. She’s weird. I brought the sheets into the room that she requested and went back for more for the room Lillian asked me to put bedding in. After we finished in the clinic, we headed back to our department. I continued working the basement rooms until it was time to go. I clocked out and changed back into my street clothes. I fixed my hair and put on makeup before leaving. Morgan had asked if I wanted to come hang out with some of his friends at his place tonight.

I walked into Morgan’s house without knocking, no point. I swear he never locked his door but, with 5 guys living in one house there was always bound to be someone home.

“Hey guys” I said as I walked in. One of the guys was playing Resident Evil on the couch. Morgan and his other housemate, Nick, were drinking at the dining room table. I grabbed a beer from the fridge and joined them. Nick grinned up at me, clearly already stoned out of his mind. Morgan slid a bowl over to my side.

“There should still be a hit in there for ya.”

“Sweet, thanks” I said as I snatched the lighter off the table.

Later that night we were all out on the patio smoking our cigarettes and drinking. I giggled as I listened to the guys bantering back and forth. I stood up and flicked my cigarette butt onto the ground.

“Alright, I’m turning in, kids” They all booed and awwed in complaint while they passed around more weed. I held up my hands in protest. “Mind if I crash?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a bit” Morgan said. I said my goodnights to the boys and walked to his room. I stripped down to my underwear and crawled into his bed. It wasn’t long before I was asleep.

“Hey, wake up.” Morgan shook my shoulder gently. I groaned in protest but rolled onto my back. I knew what he was after. He grinded on my hip for a bit while he groped my chest clumsily. I could smell the weed and booze on him. He must be pretty twisted. He got up and stumbled around the bedroom to grab a condom. He rolled it on and climbed back onto the bed, positioning himself in between my legs. He yanked down my underwear. He grabbed his dick and began rubbing it up and down my opening. With his other hand he leaned forward to squeeze my tit. He did so a little roughly, not unusual when he was fucked up like this. He pushed his cock against my hole. I wasn’t very wet so there was a little resistance at first. I winced as my cunt gave way to him, as he buried himself to the hilt. He crouched over me, grunting as he fucked me slowly but forcefully. The bed creaked with every thrust.

He stopped to lift my leg to the other side before he shoved the rest of my body onto my side/stomach. I sighed with annoyance. Fuck. He spread my ass cheeks and pressed his dick against my asshole. I hate anal, but he loves it. He generally didn’t try to get it unless he was… well, how he is right now. I did my best to relax, knowing it would be much less pleasant if I didn’t. He didn’t give me any time to adjust before he began ramming into my ass

“Fuck! Morgan, that hurts!” I said as I tried to sit up. He grabbed my arm with one hand and slammed my head down onto the pillow with the other, continuing to plow me. I winced and grunted in discomfort while he panted behind me. It seemed like an eternity had passed when I could feel him coming to the end. His whiskey dick had kept him from spending his load quickly and my ass felt raw. He shuddered as he came into the condom, still pushing my head down into the bed. After a few seconds of recovery, he rolled off me and slipped off the used condom. Within a few minutes, he was lightly snoring. Tears welled up in the corners of my eyes. I sniffled and mentally shook my head of emotions. Morgan wasn’t a bad guy, but he wasn’t a good guy either. I sat up and slowly stood, wincing in pain. I don’t want to be here.

Chapter 3

The sunshine sneaked through the blinds and into my small, studio apartment. Stanley was lying next to me on the bed, in a particularly sunny patch. His tail flicked contently as I reached bomonti escort over to scratch his chin. His eyes opened narrowly as he tilted his head to let me scratch him better. “Good morning, my handsome man.”

I rolled onto my back but instantly regretted it. Ouch. I sighed and forced myself out of bed. I relaxed a little as I ran the hottest water my shower could produce. My phone chirped as I got out of the bathroom, drying my hair.

Drinks downtown tonight?

It was from Nick. Of all Morgan’s friends, I enjoyed Nick the most. He was always down for a good time, but he was always the one to take care of everyone.

Working til 9. Be there after. 🙂

I ran a few errands before heading to work. I was a touch early so I hung around back to have a smoke before work.

“Smoking is bad for you, you know” a familiar voice said.

“Like I haven’t heard that one before” I scoffed as blew smoke to the side. I turned to face the female resident. She looked at me with a disapproving frown and stepped closer. I raised an eyebrow up at her, not realizing until now that she was a good 6 inches taller than me. She reached up and took my chin between her long fingers. Her emerald eyes glowering into mine and her full lips parted, ever so slightly. For a second, my instinct was to lean forward for a kiss. I blushed furiously at the thought.

“You’re too cute to have such a nasty habit,” She pushed my face away slightly. “Shame.” She turned without another word and walked into the building. I was left to finish my nasty habit alone.

A few drinks down and I had a nice buzz going. Morgan was at the bar while Nick and I danced. I was slightly winded when we bounced back to the bar. The bar tender slid me a shot of vodka. I didn’t order this? I picked it up questioningly. He pointed to his right, to the other side of the serving bar. Low and behold. There was the strange resident that I had talked to this morning. And seen naked my first day on the job. I gave a small smile and raised the glass in her direction before tossing it back. I watched her as she talked to a guy and girl couple that she was sitting with. She squeezed the females shoulder and she stood up, making her way towards me.

“Hi.” She spoke barely louder than the music, forcing me to lean in closer, “I never really introduced myself to you. My friends call me Jaye.”

“Shea.”, was all I said in response, as I leaned back on the bar.

“We rhyme” she smiled. “These your friends?” She gestured towards Nick and Morgan. I nodded and the two men introduced themselves.

“How do you know each other?” Nick asked. I blushed a little.

“Just from work. We don’t really know each other, just in passing.”

“Don’t be shy just because you saw my goodies” Jaye flashed a dazzling smile. She had perfect teeth and her eyes smiled just as much as her mouth. “I’m a resident at the hospital” she explained. Nick and her chatted while I ordered myself another drink. I listened to them idly, sipping on a vodka cranberry.

“I’m gonna head out for a smoke.” I said as I set down my drink. Morgan nodded.

When I came back Jaye had gone back to her friends and Nick was dancing with a cute blonde girl. I sat down by Morgan and finished my drink. It wasn’t long before I realized that I was very, very drunk. Morgan told me he called a cab and we went outside to wait for it. I fumbled with my pack of cigarettes and lighter. He eventually took it from me and lit it, passing it back to me. I grinned and brought it to my lips groggily. How was I this drunk? I really didn’t drink that much. Morgan had to hoist me into the cab. I flopped into the back seat.

“Uhhh is she good?” The driver asked.

“No. she’s not.” a voice that wasn’t Morgan’s replied sternly. I was too far gone to question it. Or the yelling that followed. It felt like barely a moment had passed when my shoulders were being lightly shaken.

“Up you get” a soft voice said. I grumbled in protest. I’m sleepinggggg. She scooped me up and halfway carried me into an apartment building. Everything was spinning. Oh no. She let go of my waist and lowered me back onto a bed. My bed? No, not my bed. Don’t puke. Was all I could think as I let my eyes close and allowed myself to be consumed by my stupor.

Pain. It was bright. Too bright. Did I leave my blinds open? My head hurts. My eyes hurt. My butt hurts, although not as bad as yesterday. I stretched my arms out but something was blocking the way of my right arm. My eyes shot open. That is definitely not Stanley.

I looked around the room. It was tidy and plain. The white walls were bare aside from the three bookshelves that were stocked with books of all shapes and sizes. The only other furniture in her room was a plush looking chair, a nightstand and the bed I was currently laying in.

I recognized the slim figure laying on her stomach next to me, once again, she was naked from the waist up. What is it with her and being topless? Jaye’s back rose and fell slowly, asleep. I touched her arm again, gently. So warm… and soft. She stirred slightly. I quickly pulled my hand away. She turned to face me, her eyes heavy with sleep.

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