Dirty Lady Katherine Ch. 03


Lady Katherine has been moist all afternoon thinking about tonight.

The visits to her website had trebled since the new video went up. They were sat in the sun-drenched rose garden, analysing the statistics over a light lunch. Their delicate pastries crumbled easily and the red blossoms danced gently in the breeze.

The camera was now part of the landscape, and Katherine looked out through a gap in the bushes, surveying the large estate, her brown locks flicking in the air, as it watched her intently.

Neil gushed as he pored over the traffic data, and Tom politely showed an interest. Katherine was pleased, and flattered. For a week, lascivious eyes had watched her toying with herself, sometimes over and over again.

The idea now was to post something new every Sunday evening.

Her flimsy floral dress clung to her as she tried her best to phase out the boring chatter. She had been filmed almost constantly for six days now, but nothing spontaneously sexual had occurred. For some reason she’d only felt comfortable teasing herself alone in bed, thinking of them all watching her on their monitors, either pumping or fingering. She’d been particularly aroused by the comment from one couple who thanked her for the show, and told her how it had made them so frisky they had to fuck one another as they watched it again.

They used the word fuck.

It made her feel so dirty.


She licked at her lower lip, remembering how she’d felt when she read the comment. It immediately made her close the laptop and lie back on the bed to re-enact her exhibition alone.

Alone. That panged at her slightly. It seemed like an age since she’d shared the warm embrace of another. Recently, she’d found herself lingering too long as friends gave her hugs of greeting. Two days ago, she looked down after a gentle farewell peck on the cheek to find her nipples poking ferociously through her silk blouse.

It made her wonder if they were making themselves known now. Sensing the camera framing the curve of her chest, she knew the answer was probably in the affirmative. They felt hard, and her dress was paper-thin, the odds were high that they were on display.

Tom had an uncanny knack of aiming the camera at her while dividing his attention elsewhere. He was deep in conversation with Neil, but his hands seemed to automatically follow her every move. She was convinced he could zoom in on her lips just as she was about to moisten them with his eyes shut.

She was actually bored now, and wanted some time to herself. Maybe she would go for a solitary walk around the lake, feel the cold surge through her toes as she dipped them in the silky water, and lean back against her favourite tree and daydream with her finger.

Yes, that sounded like a top-notch idea.

Her gaze drifted from the lake and up the hill beyond. The giant hall stood beautifully in its surroundings, commanding and proud. It seemed further away these days though, just out of reach; a fading memory.

She tried to shake away the forlorn melancholy, and drifted back to the tree; a giant oak that towered over one corner of the lake, framed on either side with marble follies. Her lips twitched a momentary smile as she remembered pressing herself into that marble as a tumescent hot rod pushed into her from behind. The marble had felt more delicious than the actual sex, but it had been so long ago even the short-lived pounding she got that afternoon made her yearn for another.

Then she remembered the poor boy had climaxed after about four strokes, and she smiled again; it was a little silly to be lusting after such twaddle. No, she needed a really good seeing to.

Fantasising about how that might go, alone under her tree, as the breeze teased her thighs and the birdsong chirruped above her was too good an idea to ignore now.

She decided to end lunch. The little bell was the best way to do it, and as she waited for someone to arrive, she explained to Tom she was going for a walk. He seemed pleased; he had other things to do.

The wait was interminable, but Sally finally emerged through the gap in the rose bushes and began to clear things on to a tray. Her curled red locks were tied back in to a ponytail, but a strand had worked loose from her fringe and hung coyly across her face.

Katherine noticed Tom exploring Sally’s features with the camera, and saw her cheeks flush slightly at the attention. She was trying to ignore it, and kept flicking her eyes at Katherine.

As Neil left to head back to his servers, Tom spoke to Sally, “Did you enjoy the show the other afternoon?”

Sally upset a teacup with a clatter, and Tom smiled. This was a little unfair Katherine thought, but was surprised to hear Sally give a reply.

“Yes,” she said softly.

Tom raised his eyebrows and made a little face, impressed she had spoken up. He continued, “Do you look at the site?”

“Yes,” she answered, not looking up from her chore.

It was Katherine’s turn to raise her eyebrows.

“Have you watched the video we made?”

Sally görükle escort bayan flicked her eyes to Katherine, seeking Mistress’s permission to continue the conversation. Lady Katherine granted it with a little nod, intrigued to hear more.

“Twice,” Sally said. “But it was more fun seeing it in person.”

“Why?” Tom asked.

“You can’t smell ma’am’s musky sex on the video.” And with that she gathered up the tray and walked away.

Tom’s camera followed her, its iris moving as he obviously focussed in on her little bottom. Meanwhile, he looked at Katherine with an expression of admiration. But his head snapped away when Sally spoke from down the path.

“Ma’am,” she said it as in pram, “Perhaps you’d like me to come to you tonight?”

It was such an arcane phrase, one that had fallen out of use, but the power of it was palpable as Katherine heard it. She stared wide-eyed at Sally, standing with her back to them, tray in hand, looking back over her shoulder so matter-of-factly she might as well have just asked if they wanted more tea.

Katherine’s eyes flicked down and traced over the curve of Sally’s bum trapped within her skintight pencil skirt.

“Yes Sally,” she heard herself say, “That would be nice.”

Sally gave a little nod and carried on her way a few steps. Just as she disappeared round a tall rose bush, she said, “He can bring his camera.”

Silence hung in the air for several seconds.

The Lady Katherine’s cheeks were flushed.

“I’m going for a walk.”


It was dusk when Katherine finally stood up under the majestic oak and smoothed her dress around her hips, patting the creases flat on her buttocks. She’d spent hours luxuriating in the anticipation of tonight, bringing herself to the brink over and over again, but never once letting herself topple over it.

The tip of her middle finger had shrivelled up having spent so much time swishing in her wetness. The cool evening air danced between her legs as she walked back to the cottage, tickling at the moistness, reminding her how damp she still was.

Peeking from the trees, she saw the light in one of the holiday chalets was on. It had slipped her mind they had tourists visiting, and she checked the sight lines. She couldn’t be sure she had been hidden from view.

Ah well. No matter.

The warmth of the sitting room greeted her; she hadn’t been aware of how cool the air had become. She snuggled down with a trashy book and tried to ignore the dull insistence in her loins. It mixed with her nerves to create a flutter in her tummy.

The Lady Katherine had never been with a woman.

A little later, she perched on her dining chair, alone at one end of the long table as Paul laid a plate in front of her. Being served like this had never been enjoyable, but one must keep up appearances. The trembling in her belly meant she wouldn’t eat much anyway.

Sally hovered to one side, and Katherine had to concentrate hard not to flick a lascivious glance her way. Finally, she felt her beside her, and watched as the neck of the decanter tinkled against the lip of her glass. The wine gulped in gently, and she heard Sally ask, “About ten o’clock?”

Katherine’s button literally twitched at the sound of her voice. The tip of her tongue darted out and moistened her lips, and she stared stoically at the filling glass.

“Yes,” she whispered, looking to see if Paul was listening. He was not.

As Sally stepped away, she lifted a finger to a lock of Katherine’s hair and flicked it back over the shoulder. And then the staff was gone, and Katherine was left alone to her thoughts.

When Paul returned he noted, “No appetite tonight ma’am?”

“No, sorry,” she said, shaking the erotic fug from her head.

“Perhaps you can nibble on something at supper.”

The image of Sally flashed through her mind, and Katherine smiled softly at what she might be nibbling later.

“Perhaps,” she said softly.


“Is that what you’re wearing?”

The derision in Tom’s question made Katherine pout, and she looked at herself in the mirror with a frown. The long brown hair hung down over her slender shoulders, where the delicate straps of her navy blue night shift hung. The sheer satin dangled around her flesh, touching her only at the breasts, while the hem teased at the front of her legs. It barely covered her plump mons.

She thought its plain elegance looked good, and was about to protest when his laugh told her he’d been teasing.

“No,” he said pushing a tape into his camera, “You look fabulous.”

“What if she doesn’t come?”

“I’m sure she will,” he said with a wink.

She rolled her eyes, “I meant what if she doesn’t show up?”

“I’m sure you can find something to do instead,” he said, looking down at some buttons on the machine, “Bet you’ve been fantasising all day.”

She didn’t answer him, and instead went to the jewellery chest that sat atop her giant mahogany drawers. It took a moment, but she soon bursa otele gelen escort found her silver ankle bracelet, and as Tom polished his lens, she lifted her left foot onto a chair and clipped it on.

It felt nice against her freshly bathed flesh.

She fussed with her hair and tried to ignore the tightening sensation in her stomach. At the moment it was more nerves than arousal, and she wondered apprehensively if she could relax enough to enjoy this.

“Can you turn on another light?” Tom’s voice seemed so cool and distant. Perhaps he was trying to remain professional, but she hoped he was excited at the show he was about to document.

If she wasn’t overcome with stage fright of course.

The single lamp bathed the room in a soft orange glow, and she liked the ambience of it. “I’d rather not,” she admitted.

Tom shrugged and adjusted some settings on the camera.

“You wet?” he asked idly.

“What do you think?” she admonished automatically.

Another shrug. His apathy at the whole thing was certainly convincing, but it would be nice to see at least some hesitance and unease from him.

“Are you hard?” she mimicked his indifferent tone, but was actually more than a little curious.

“Was,” he said, “But got Sally to give me a hand job earlier. Much better now.”

Katherine giggled, relaxing slightly. He obviously sensed her tension and was good enough to try and calm her.

“No,” he said through a smile, “Must admit, it’s been aching all evening.”

Katherine said nothing and turned back to her chest. As she picked out a bracelet, she darted a surreptitious look his way and was pleased to see he wasn’t lying. He was human after all.

She chose a chunky open cuff of solid silver that was worth more than she paid Sally in a year. As she slipped it onto her slender wrist she took a longer look at his trapped erection. The shape of it was clearly visible through his trousers, and he caught her looking.

Her eyes darted away and she blushed slightly.

“She’s late,” she said by way of cover.

He checked his watch and shook his head, before unfastening it and putting it on the dresser. “Don’t want it clicking and clacking as I wank.”

She snorted a short laugh, but heard herself ask, “Will you?”

“No,” he replied, “All the jiggling ruins the shot. I’ve put two mics on the head board and tucked the mixer under the bed.”

She didn’t care; the knots in her stomach were tightening.

They both looked over as the heavy oak door clicked open and slowly swung on its hinges. She heard Tom lift his camera up and the familiar mechanical whir buzzed gently as the tape began to run.

Katherine swallowed back the nerves.

The aged grandfather clock began chiming out on the landing, and Sally stepped in.

She looked stunning.

Her curled red hair was hanging down, and her pale skin was almost alabaster white, save for a red flush at her cheeks. If she’d chosen her outfit to appeal, she’d certainly succeeded.

It was a tan coloured crocheted woollen dress with such an open weave it was like netting, and it was almost as short as Katherine’s shift. Underneath, Sally wore a set of matching underwear, the ecru cotton so elegantly plain it looked like a bikini set.

The Lady Katherine felt the clarion call of her clitoris.

Sally strode towards her, her naked feet pushing into the plump pile of the Arabian rug. Her lips were swollen and red, it almost looked like lipstick; but Katherine realised her complexion was flawless and she’d never seen her wearing any make-up.

The confidence that oozed from her was incredibly arousing, and Katherine felt her heart beating faster as she drew ever closer. The warmth of her breath teased at Katherine’s face as Sally stopped, so near now. Their lips were achingly close, and Katherine could feel the air moving as Sally’s eyelashes fluttered.

“Ma’am,” she simpered, leaning ever closer and opening her mouth, without actually touching hers.

“Katherine,” she breathed. And then she finished the journey herself, pushing her lips to Sally’s and kissing her softly. The tiny sparks of an intimate embrace at last were delicious, and her spine tingled in appreciation. It was such a light peck, but it was exactly what she’d been aching for these past few months.

It was over far too soon, and Sally stepped past her, looking around the room with such poise and self-assurance. She patted at the corner of the giant mattress, floated to the chest, examined its contents fleetingly, and gave a little acknowledging nod towards Tom.

Katherine had forgotten he was there.

Sally turned back to face her, and she seemed so far away now. Katherine wanted to approach her, but her feet betrayed her and sunk deeper into the rug.

She watched though as Sally quickly adjusted the dress around her chest, and noticed her nipples were swollen against the ecru cotton. Those breasts were more ample that she had expected, certainly fuller bursa escort bayan than they ever looked in her white maid’s blouses. They were so firm too, and Katherine remembered that Sally was barely eighteen.

“So,” Sally broke the silence, “why don’t you come over here?”

As she said it, she stroked her arms out from her sides along the width of the drawers, lifting her dress higher up her hips. She was clearly revelling in the reversal of their normal power dynamic; in more ways than one, judging from the spot of darker ecru this motion exposed at the slope of her briefs.

Lady Katherine didn’t mind; she was swimming in the sumptuous arousal of it all herself. Her feet did as they were bid finally, and as she stepped towards this delicious creature, the satin shift danced on her skin, teasing her nerve-endings.

As she arrived, Katherine reached her hands to Sally’s hips, but they never arrived. Sally lightly gripped her wrists, and pulled Katherine’s arms in such a way that she nearly toppled forward. Their chests pressed together, and the warmth of their flesh through material felt so yummy that Katherine moved her mouth to Sally’s once more.

But again Sally teased her, moving away slightly. Katherine chased her mouth, as Sally played hard to get — their hot breath mingling in that infinite space between their lips. With each motion, their breasts massaged together, and Katherine’s nipples poked hard into Sally’s.

With her wrists trapped, Katherine could do nothing, and the helplessness only heightened her arousal. Sally bought Katherine’s right hand up between them, gripping it softly at the wrist and pushed the back of her fingers into her own pale white cheek. Those fingers curled into Katherine’s palm, and Sally’s eyelids batted at the touch.

Katherine watched as Sally then bought the curled up hand to her mouth and pressed the middle knuckle to her lower lips. The air from her sigh danced over Katherine’s skin as she tried to comprehend what was happening. A pressure on her wrist made her hand pull against Sally’s lip, and she felt her middle finger unfurl until the tip of it rested on her lover’s chin.

Sally dipped her head slightly, and her moist lips engulfed the end of her extended finger, sighing over it as she sucked gently. Katherine took a breath herself as Sally looked into her eyes with a burning desire and softly clamped her teeth into Katherine’s flesh. A lusty smile blossomed around it, and Sally released it, before pulling her Lady’s hand down between them, guiding her finger right to her briefs.

The heat down there as Katherine’s finger brushed the cotton was fantastic. The material slipped under her touch as she was guided into the forgiving flesh behind it, and she felt the moisture oozing from the fabric. Sally’s folds blossomed around the finger, squeezing the cloth against her flesh.

This girl was so wet.

Katherine felt her mouth pressing urgently into hers now, and the pressure on her wrist disappeared. Sally’s eager tongue pushed quickly inside and explored her with a wet searing heat as she rolled her hips beneath her, enjoying herself against Katherine’s finger.

Katherine felt her hair being brushed from her shoulders, as Sally’s hands stroked through it and pulled it back into a tail behind her. Their tongues lapped, and Katherine pushed her finger deeper into the folds.

Sally whimpered through the kiss.

This made Katherine urge more wantonly onto it; she stepped in, feeling Sally’s thighs open to accommodate her as she leant back into the drawers.

But as Katherine began pushing her own tongue into Sally’s mouth; she felt her hair being pulled lightly, but enough to make her neck bend and break the kiss with a smacking plop.

Sally released the pressure and looked deep into Katherine’s eyes.

“Go and lie down,” was her sultry command, and Katherine didn’t want to resist.

The mattress sank beneath her slightly as she lay back into the embroidered quilt, propping herself up on the copious pillows, daring to lift one knee coquettishly, as she stroked her hands out from her hips and caressed the bedding.

She watched Sally watching her. The red-haired vision had not moved from her perch.

The wait was agony.

But finally Sally came to the bed, and sat down beside her left foot, swishing her fingers at the delicate bracelet that hung from Katherine’s ankle, carefully not touching her skin.

“It’s pretty,” Sally purred a little.

Katherine was finding it hard to breathe, but she tried to sound cooler than she felt, “It was Mummy’s.”

“Mmm,” Sally said, leaning to her raised knee and planting a soft, lingering kiss on it.

“Yes,” Katherine said with a contented sigh that belied her ardour, “She bought it back from the Orient and –“

Sally kissed her again, in exactly the same spot, and traced a single finger along the back of her sloped thigh. The sentence got lost in a whimpering exhale.

Katherine swallowed, and began again, “- and had the emeraaaaald –“

Sally’s finger stroked at the fold of her buttock beneath the satin shift, as her tongue swirled saliva into the skin of her knee.

She had no idea what she’d been saying, as she swallowed and closed her eyes, sinking back into the plumped pillows. She wallowed in the sensation of the teasing finger and the rhythmic lashing of Sally’s wet tongue.

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