Dirty Dancing Ch. 01

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It was a Sunday morning and Laura, a little hung over from a party the night before, stood peering out her window over a desolate scene of drifting snow and stunted black spruce trees. This view had been part of her life for over two years. Life in a new town in Northern Canada could be tough on the wives of the men who worked the mines. A combination of a new poorly serviced community, gravel road access, television quality dependent on how hard the wind was blowing or snow on the satellite tower, separation from extended family, short winter days with generally lousy weather could all lead to a lonely and boring life and depression.

But the reverse was true for many who lived it and they would realize it even more later on when they moved back to larger and better-serviced communities. Folks were much more dependent on each other, having to develop their own social functions and facilities. Laura as the wife of a mine manager was in a position to take the lead in the promotion of ladies clubs, charitable events, children’s programs and so on, and was kept busy doing so. On a larger scale the mining companies held group parties and sports competitions to which everyone was invited. These activities served to lessen the development of social layers within the community. The objective was a ‘one for all and all for one’ type of lifestyle.

Laura had attended one of these mine parties the previous evening and had again encountered a particular young man with whom she had become erotically obsessed. This had been about the fourth or fifth time that he had asked her to dance.

The parties were held in the mine cafeteria, the only place large enough to seat a few hundred people with enough space for a dance floor. There was plenty of free booze, hors-d’oeuvres prepared by the kitchen chefs along with live or canned music. It was the time of the twist, early rock and roll, limbo competitions and slow dance ballads sung by Nat King Cole.

Some of the supervisory staff had been nervous about attending these all inclusive parties, expecting free booze to lead to unpleasant encounters between disgruntled employees and their bosses from work, but fights or arguments had never become an issue. Treat people properly and they act properly. These events had become very popular with heavy participation from the entire workforce.

Laura was approaching fifty and had lived the nomadic life of a mining man’s wife for many years. When their children were of high school age she had remained behind in their hometown to provide them schooling not available in many new towns. But generally she and the family had joined her hubby in communities similar to this one, recently carved out of the bush with few amenities but also providing the excitement of something new and maybe great.

She was a tall slim attractive woman, warm and friendly, all traits important to being plunked down in the middle of a group of strangers who worked for her husband. The down side of it all was the heavy workload and strain on her husband during these start-up years. There was little time or energy left in him each night to satisfy a horny wife. And probably just as bad or even worse was the feeling of being invisible to him, no little touches of affection, teases or compliments, it was if he shut her out completely during these stressful times. Crazily, once things had settled down at a new project, he would be off seeking another challenge in some new mining district.

The stress of his work had kept Laura from enjoying a reenergized interest in sex. The kids were living their own lives and she was free and eager for more lovemaking but was not getting it. This was currently causing her some distress as she struggled with the fantasies that this young miner was instilling on the dance floor.

It had started innocently enough at a party a few months prior. Her husband always encouraged her to mingle with his employees at social events. He considered these events a part of his team building in the development of a dedicated workforce. Laura, a very social woman, enjoyed dancing with different men in a party atmosphere. Men sensed this and her dance card was always full. She was on occasion disappointed if a certain man did not make some sort of intimate advance while dancing. She could sense their interest in her body however and enjoyed a little bumping and grinding or the hot touch of their hands.

Most of the attendees were married employees accompanied by wives or husbands albeit of a younger generation than she and her husband. There were fewer of the single status employees at the parties, but a fair number of them showed up, if for nothing else than the free booze. Mark, the young man in question was a regular. He was about twenty-five years old.

Their first dance was electric. Very little was said outside of the social preliminaries, but the touch and feel of each other and the eyeball exchanges immediately energized their libidos. They clasped their dance hands together with palms rize escort rubbing and fingers erotically interlaced like long time lovers. It was more than either of them had experienced. To Laura, it was pure sexual attraction, nothing about sudden love or affection or even being struck by his build or appearance. It was one dance and a thank you, and then several weeks of thinking about the encounter.

And then another party and both sought the others eyes across the hall. Laura was less cautious now, allowing her body to be pulled to his as if by some magic magnetic field. She was a tall lady and when wearing heels was almost at his eye level. His big hand was welded flat on her back, fingers spread as if trying to grasp her entire being while their bodies brushed from shoulders to knees.

He was bumped from behind and she felt his hard rod jam against her lower belly. His eyes pleaded forgiveness and she responded by pushing her hips forward to rub her mound against his aroused member.

He smiled and said, “How will I get off the floor like this?” His hand lowered down her back until his fingers splayed out on her ass cheek. She could feel the power and desire of the burning hand and fantasized him fondling her bare ass or holding her breast or clamping on her pussy.

She moved her head to his, her chin on his massive shoulder. Her hot breath seared his ear as she thrust forward brushing her tits across his chest while deliberately rubbing her mound on his cock. “I wish I could help,” she moaned.

They talked very little during their first few encounters, thinking only of gorging on each other naked in a bed. They restricted themselves to one dance a night, and that only when the dance floor was crowded with inebriated people.

But the aura of the other remained in their minds until the next party. Laura’s secret dildo received a workout every morning for a week, and then re-appeared as the next party loomed. For the most part, she was content with the fantasies and really did not seriously consider meeting with him to consummate the dancing foreplay. There was just no place that they could ever do it without discovery.

Laura finally had to share her delicious agony with her closest friend Beth. Beth was married to a mechanical engineer who regularly followed Laura’s husband to new projects. Laura and Beth had shared the problems and pleasures of living in new remote communities and could comfortably discuss intensely personal issues. When out on conventions together, they had entered into innocent enough dual flirtations with other men while their hubbies buried themselves in technical issues.

They met for tea a few days after Laura’s last encounter with her dream stud. They shared the gossip picked up at the party, laughed and giggled about some of the strange things that happened usually involving someone who had too much to drink, or what so and so was wearing and on and on.

Laura said, “Have you noticed that young miner who seems to be at every party? He’s single, or at least never has a date, and he generally hangs out at the bar. Big guy, always in a suit and tie, great hair, looks angry all the time.”

Beth said, “Oh you mean the guy that asks you to dance every party? Yeah, I noticed him, what a hunk. We’ve danced a few times and I’ve come onto him a bit, parked my tits on his chest for the entire dance but have got nowhere! He seems to have eyes for you only.” They laughed, Beth had a great set of boobs and displayed them shamelessly at every social event. “What about him? The way he holds you when you dance suggests that he takes no prisoners and I have not noticed you fighting it off.”

Laura responded, “Damn, is it that obvious? Do you think others are aware?”

Beth said, “Probably not but I do keep tabs on you. Are you afraid that Hank will get on to it and maybe fire the poor buggar? Not to worry, Hank’s always too busy talking mining.”

Laura said, “Oh no, not really worried about Hank, just the others at the party. Apparently the guy is one of his top miners and I suspect that Hank would keep him and trade me!”

There was a pause as Beth waited for more, her eyebrows raised in question as to where this was going.

Laura finally continued, “What can I say. I think of him all of the time. I can hardly wait for him to ask me to dance, and I don’t want to let go of him when the music stops. It’s fun and exciting but I am driving myself crazy thinking about bedding him. I just had to tell someone.”

“Wow,” said Beth, “that bad is it? He is one intense looking guy with a great body, but baby, in a town like this there is no way to get him alone. Has he asked you to meet him somewhere? Do you think that he is serious about laying you? Dumb question, of course he is, most men are.”

Laura said, “He has told me that he would like to meet, and as for wanting me he whispered, ‘I want to fuck you’, the last time we danced.

Beth exploded, “God Laura, what escort rize did you say? That would have made me get off right there on the dance floor.”

Laura said, “I seem to enter a trance when we dance, the feel of his body, his big hands, his open desire for me, just carries me away to another planet. I am always thinking of him being in me when we dance. Anyway, when he said that I mouthed, ‘I want that too’ without even thinking about it.”

Beth made an attempt to lower the sudden intensity of the conversation and said, “Are his hands the only big thing on his body?”

Laura responded with a smile, “Oh my no. It is hard to measure just by rubbing on it, but it does have some length to it! God, what am I saying, the guy is 25 years younger than I am. The only thing in common is that we want each other. And I mean really want to fuck each other!”

Beth said, “My God Laura, you are serious aren’t you. I haven’t seen you like this since we almost had that foursome at the last convention!”

Laura laughed and said, “God, don’t bring that up again, that ending was more your fault than mine. You had to open your big mouth just before the grand finale!”

The two ladies had spent part of an afternoon in a hospitality suite while their husbands were attending technical sessions. The suite was being run by two good looking sales reps and they asked the two ladies to stick around when they closed the suite for the afternoon. What with a sense of adventure fuelled by too many martinis the ladies had agreed. Laura was standing beside one of the men chatting and looking out over the city when he leaned in and kissed her. She parted her lips and allowed the tip of his tongue to circle her lips while his hand moved softly over her waist and hip. It was quite pleasant.

He said, “Maybe we should go to the bedroom and give them some space.” He nodded toward Beth and her mate on the sofa. Laura turned to see Beth necking with the guy just as he pulled one of her big boobs out from her plunging neckline.

“My God,” she breathed, not able to take her eyes off the scene of her good friend passionately kissing the guy as he rolled her nipple in his fingers. She followed as her man took her hand and led her to the bedroom. He was great looking, smooth and gracious, so what the hell.

To make a long story short, she was down to bra and panties when there was a knock on the bedroom door and the other guy saying, “Dan, Dan, we have to stop.” It turned out that just as Beth was about to lay back and get laid on the sofa, she had answered a question about where she and Laura were from. When she mentioned that Laura was the wife of the Mine Manager at the site, the guy had bailed out and jumped up and pulled his pants back on. Apparently their company had a lot of business with Hank’s mine.

Laura finished the conversation by saying, “At least I didn’t have to go back to get my panties!”

Beth moved on with the current dilemma. “What are your plans? Geez baby, I’m jealous. I take it that Hank is no more productive in bed than my Larry is these days. But that’s happened before, once they get into these start-up jobs, there’s no room for sex at all. But how bad is it?”

Laura was quiet for a moment and then said, “We usually only dance once, but I wanted more at the last party. I went to the bathroom and removed my panties and bra. I passed by him at the bar and gave him the high sign, nodding to the dance floor. It was very crowded, just what we wanted, and like you say, Hank was buried in a crowd of miners espousing his mantra.

We clamped together like suction cups and were totally oblivious to everyone else. Mark whispered, ‘Can I tell you what I want to do to you?’ I crowded against him, encouraging him by running my knee between his legs to rub my pussy on his thigh. I said, ‘Tell me everything. I just took my panties off and my breasts are loose.’ His body jerked, I thought maybe he had come but he settled a bit and ran his hand over my ass. He said, ‘I want to put my cock between your legs and feel you slide back and forth on it.’ Oh damn, he could have taken me right there on the dance floor.

Then he said something quite strange. He stated, “I am quite big you know.’ It sounded like a warning more than bragging. I just shrugged, he probably could have slipped a baseball bat in me at that point.”

Beth interjected, “Enough, enough already, I just put these panties on this morning. Have a heart.” A pause and then, “What else?”

“Not much more to tell,” Laura said, “but that’s when he asked me if we could meet alone. I told him I wanted to but it would be very difficult. I asked him how I could contact him if I had a chance and he told me to call his boarding house at dinner hour. Finally he said, ‘I want to come in your pussy Laura.’ I almost fainted but mumbled, ‘I want that too’ again! God I wanted to kiss him but the music was ending and people around us were coming awake from their own body grinding.”

“Whew,” rize escort bayan said Beth, “So what the hell are you going to do? There is no place in this town. If you met at a hotel everyone would know by morning. You couldn’t even take a chance in your car, and besides, screwing in a car in mid-winter is just not on. The best place would be here in your home, but how do you get him in here unseen, and it would have to be when Hank is out of town as well.

You’re making me horny and I want some too. Are you in love with this guy or do you just want to get laid like we almost did with our foursome, except it would be a threesome.”

Laura laughed and said, “He’s too young for romance and I am otherwise happy with my life. I just want him to do what he claims he wants to do to me. If you can talk your way into something with him I’d be happy for you.”

A plan evolved.

The object of their discussion was working night shift and was at that same time reading in his room at a local boarding house. He was highly paid and could afford a more private life away from the mine and its bunkhouse and cafeteria.

He was a ‘loner’, comfortable within his own skin and not requiring close personal relationships. He was not unfriendly, but most people gave him the space he seemed to seek. He had learned his mining skills working with an older brother, and now preferred working alone without a partner. He could pretty much choose where and for how long he wanted to work.

He had a powerful if not athletic body and his muscles had muscles. Underground mining was a physically demanding life in those days as mechanization was just beginning to evolve. He looked after himself, eating and sleeping well and drinking in moderation, all resulting in high bonus earnings resulting in a healthy bank balance. He liked his life.

He enjoyed sex but could control his needs when working in one of the remote locations that seldom had enough women. Currently he was struggling to deal with his dance encounters with the Manager’s wife. Most of his romances had evolved from a chance encounter with a woman who demonstrated interest in him. They occurred quickly and were over with just as quickly, but with no place to meet, a conclusion did not appear likely on this occasion.

In the beginning he had noticed Laura dealing with a constant line of men asking for a dance. She was very beautiful, tall and slim, holding herself erect and smiling graciously at her dance partners. He had been a little nervous about joining her dance line-up despite her appealing demeanour, probably because she was the Manager’s wife. And then he had asked her for that first dance and the desire to screw her seized his mind and he could not let go. He was certain that she felt the same way.

He shuddered as he recalled declaring to her that he was ‘very big’. Why the hell had he said that? He was quite big but damn, had he said it to impress her? The comment had probably come to his mind because of the reluctance of one young woman to allow him to put it in her. A few others had appeared nervous so he was probably just seeking to prevent embarrassment. There had never been an issue with mature women and indeed Laura had not reacted at all to his claim.

There was a knock on his door and he said, “Come in Rosie, it’s open.” Rosie was the owner of the boarding house, the widow of an older miner who had been killed in a mine accident. She was Finnish, well into her fifties, rubenesque in shape and often horny. Mark thought of her as being five round balls with arms and legs. She was erotically attractive and was providing him some much-appreciated sex.

Their first encounter had occurred over Christmas when he had remained in town while all the others in the boarding house had gone out for a week vacation. The mine had ceased operations for that week and he had stayed on to earn triple time earnings as part of the mine maintenance crew. Rosie had let her staff off for the holiday and provided Mark with his meals in her apartment located on the upper floor of the boarding house.

Mark brought along a bottle of wine for Christmas dinner. He had never really considered sex with Rosie; she was always too busy running her business. She was a fun lady and during meal times was always laughing and joking as she brought the food from the kitchen. At about 5’2″ and 150 pounds, she was solidly built and he had joined every other male at the table watching her big boobs bounce as she rushed to and from the kitchen.

Now as they had completed dinner and were sipping wine, Mark’s eyes drifted to Rosie’s chest area about every three seconds, and Rosie made sure he had a good view. The laughter died off as they entered sex mode. Rosie’s eyes became clouded and lusty as she realized that Mark wanted her as much as she wanted him.

They moved to the sofa after setting their wine glasses aside, and moved closer together, Mark’s hand going immediately to Rosie’s breast as they kissed. He slipped a hand up under her skirt and toyed with her panties, pushing them to one side to rub gently on her pussy. Rosie spread to allow him more access and soon his finger was gently rubbing along the length of her pussy lips. Rosie stood and held out her hand to lead Mark to her bedroom.

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