Dirty Dan Pt. 01

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How does one come to possess the moniker Dirty Dan? Glad you asked. I grew up poor, not simply without, but dirt poor. My two sisters and I had little to nothing outside the very basics, all of our clothes were hand me downs, we had no indoor plumbing, we did have electricity and heated our small three room shack with wood.

We would take a bath every Saturday night in what was designated the kitchen area. Ma would heat water in one of those old square tubs, it was somewhere around 3x3x18″ high. Ma would always wash the girls when pa and I were outside doing chores. Mother did laundry and baked bread every Saturday, so pa and I would wash while they were outside taking clothes off the lines.

My sisters were older, I recall when puberty was upon them, they were after ma to wash more often, allow them to shave their pits, get underwear that wasn’t a hand me down. Mother accommodated as much as was humanly possible. Dad wasn’t illiterate, but close. He had been forced to leave school after 8th grade to help on the family farm. He was now in his mid-thirties and still working as a farm hand, being paid just enough to survive.

We had chickens, mother sold the extra eggs as well as stewing hens when they stopped laying. It wasn’t a lot, but it helped. She mainly used it to do things for us kids, mother never bought a thing for herself outside the very basic needs. All her outer clothes were hand me downs, of course doing laundry with an old ringer washer only helped to wear them out faster. She hung all our laundry outside, even in the winter.

Where did Dirty Dan come from? When I reached puberty, I didn’t really care who thought what about me. I’d been made fun of and picked on all my life so who gave a rat’s ass. I didn’t pay attention to personal hygiene, as many young boys don’t. I didn’t use deodorant, or brush my teeth every day, sometimes I didn’t change my underwear. Well … I stunk, I was unkempt and often down right dirty. Thus, the name Dirty Dan.

Midway through my 8th grade year dad got a better job with a larger dairy operation. His salary had increased, but the greatest benefit for our family was that a 3 bedroom one and a half bath mobile home was part of his wage. The utilities were included, he got two Sundays a month off, half a hog and a quarter of a steer a year. For the first time in my life we had running water and indoor plumbing. Though the girls had showered after gym in high school it was a new experience for me. One that I welcomed. Suddenly hygiene was important to me.

The mobile home had a stackable washer/dryer combo and for the first time in mother’s life she didn’t have to hang clothes if she didn’t want to. I got to where I liked being clean, brushing my teeth, etc, no longer stinking and dirty. The nickname however stayed with me. I was hired to help with haying and other chores the summer before my freshman year. I had saved most of what I’d made, the girls were working part time at a diner called Rods. One on the grill the other washing dishes. Just before school my sisters and I went to the closest goodwill store and bought as many clothes as our money allowed.

Our clothes weren’t new, nor were they necessarily the latest style, but they were not hand me downs. I let them drag me through Penneys as they bought some panties and bras. I felt like a perv looking at all those things, but I was with my sister’s, so I drank in as much as I could. I had even imagined Becky Johnson dressed in some of those teeny tiny panties. That of course was a pipe dream, Becky was three or four levels above me. Speaking with me would have been an insult to her.

I had grown physically and mentally through the summer. No longer a demure punk kid to be pushed around and taunted, I was now 5’11”, weighed 164 and was rock solid. Bob Seegers song “Like A Rock” always made me smile. I was introduced to football and loved it. I had enough disdain inside from being picked on all those years that the football field was the perfect place to shed that anger. I was ruthless and fast, earning a position as linebacker on the varsity team in my freshman year.

After football I participated in power lifting, as soon as that finished I was playing baseball. Sports occupied my time during the school year, my summer job the rest of the year. The spring after my sophomore year Sam Johnson offered me a job at his True Value Hardware store. The store had been open over 100 years and was a typical older hardware store. They were also licensed plumbers and electricians. I worked with Sam and his son Tucker the last two summers and weekends of high school.

My grades were good enough for college, and I had considered it, but decided to pursue the trades instead. At that time you had to prove you’d worked 7000 hours (3-1/2 years) with a licensed electrician to take the journeyman exam. With my time during summers and working after graduation I was ready to take my exam at the age of 22. Plumbing took a little longer, but I eventually passed the exam at the age of 25. I attained my masters license in both fields a few years beşiktaş türbanlı escort later. I had considered starting a business but didn’t want to take away Sam’s customers. While working for Sam I noticed he turned down a lot of smaller jobs in favor of the larger ones.

I spoke with Sam, telling him I wanted to go into business, but concentrate on all the jobs no one else wanted. Sam told me it was a gold mine and to go for it. In the fall of my 28th year I opened Dan’s Repairs. The motto on the side of my truck read, “I finish what your husband started.” I had all the work I wanted from replacing electrical outlets, to replacing a toilet or faucet, to small remodels. I was seldom without work.

The name on the truck said Dan’s Repairs, but when people called it was usually more like, “Hey is this Dirty Dan?” I’d gotten to where it didn’t bother me anymore, in fact it set me apart from all the others. During the winter of my first year in business the moniker Dirty Dan took on an entirely new meaning. I’d been asked to bid a kitchen remodel for Linda Ethridge and husband. She was Linda Merriman when we were in high school. I had gotten the job and was thankful to have a two or three week project in the same place.

Linda’s husband was a real piece of work. He was six years older than Linda, who was my age, and once the newness of marriage wore off he became a beer guzzling pot bellied abusive prick. Linda stayed home with two small kids at the time. She would fix me a small lunch each day, we’d talk about classmates, family, every day chit chat. On Wednesday of the second week as we were having lunch Linda asked me a very interesting question.

“Why do people still call you Dirty Dan? I would have thought you’d long outgrown that.”

“Well so did I, but people tend to hang onto senseless shit much longer than they should.”

“I hear you’re quite the lady’s man, maybe that’s why the name sticks. Tell me Dan, how dirty do you get?”

I didn’t know what to say. I was never expecting something like this. Linda was smiling as she stared into my eyes. I figured “what the hell”, I may as well find out what’s on her mind.

“Tell me what you have in mind Linda, then I’ll have a better answer for you.”

“What I have in mind Dan, is if you can be discrete about things and keep your mouth shut. I might like to work off a little of this project in the bedroom. My husband makes sure I get no more money than I absolutely need to run the house, so I’m without an income to hire a lawyer and get out of this miserable situation. You can figure what that bedroom time is worth, charge the entire amount, after my husband pays, you can give the difference to me and I can divorce this shithead I’m stuck with. Is that too dirty for you Dan? After all, the truck says you finish what our husbands started.”

I was grinning like the cat who just swallowed the canary. Linda continued with the conversation.

“I’m taking that shit eatin grin on your face as a yes. The kids go down for a nap everyday at 11 and sleep at least two hours. Once they’re asleep I’ll be waiting for you in my bedroom, we can figure out what we want to do from there. Sound okay?”

“Yes Linda, that sounds like a good deal. How often do you want to do this?

“Every day Dan, every day. It’s already 11:45, so why don’t we go to the bedroom and I’ll give you a preview of tomorrow.”

As I followed Linda I realized how nice her body was. After two kids her hips had widened a bit, but she didn’t have an extra tire around her waist. I did like the little wiggle her butt produced as she walked. In the room she closed the door and began undressing me. When I protested she assured me she would do the same quickly and that I was to enjoy the show.

Sitting on the bed in just my briefs Linda lifted her dress up and over her head. Hot damn, what a view. She had on a very sheer black bra, black garter with stockings and no panties. I looked at that nice thick patch of fur between her legs and my cock twitched. Linda noticed and smiled.

“Here’s what I have in mind for today. If you like the straps and stockings, I’ll leave them on. I want you to take my bra off and make me cum without screwing me, today. I will of course do the same for you.”

I pulled her toward me, helped her lose the bra and tossed her on the bed. Linda squealed as she landed. I was next to her with a tit in my mouth and my hand in her bush before she could say jack rabbit. She had a lot of hair, it was soft and long for pussy fur. I imagined burying my face in what was certain to be a juicy steamy mess of pussy juice soaked hair. I was salivating.

Once I’d sufficiently slobbered all over her tits and nipples I began kissing down her body stopping at her bush.

“I suppose I should have shaved, but I hate that.” Linda stated.

“Not a chance Linda, you leave this forest just as it is. Now spread your legs so I can lick you from stem to stern.”

She moaned as I moved into position. As expected, her cunt was dripping beşiktaş ucuz escort with juice, the hair was coated, juice was beginning to trickle downward toward her butt. I put my thumbs in the middle and opened her up enough to slide my tongue against the inner labia. Linda groaned and pushed up into my mouth. I stayed where I was a few minutes teasing and building up her release, once the clit came out of hiding I attacked it with purpose.

Linda didn’t last long. Her body was writhing and bouncing about. She wanted me to stand while she got on her knees. I mentioned if she wanted to find a more comfortable position I certainly didn’t mind. She told me she preferred being on her knees, then she could look up into my eyes as she sucked. She dropped a pillow on the floor and got busy. Oh boy, this girl had sucked cock before. She hadn’t been bobbing up and down on my pole more than 5 minutes and my nuts were ready to let loose.

“Linda, I’m about to cum.”

I expected her to pull off, instead she tightened her grip on my thighs and murmured mmmm, hmmmm as she continued sucking. My fingers were in her hair as I exploded inside her mouth. I held her head in place as I gently fucked her face, cum spewing from my dick, Linda swallowing each spurt. As I pulled out she let it POP from her lips and smiled.

“So Dan. Did you like that? Maybe you already figured out I’m somewhat of a cum slut when sucking cock. I used to be with Phil, but anymore he’s such a prick I won’t let him touch me. I’ve been without a cock in my mouth or pussy for almost a year, tomorrow we’ll take care of the pussy part. Make sure you aren’t out in the bars at night, while you’re on this job I want every ounce of your sperm.”

“Say, speaking of sperm.”

“Not to worry Dan. No babies at this point.

As I walked in the next morning I went to kiss her. She pushed me away.

“Dan, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Well, just saying hello. After yesterday I figured a kiss would be okay.”

“Here’s the way this works Dan. We’re not lovers, I’m putting sweat equity into my project. I want you on the job and giving me 100% when you arrive. From 11:30 until one each day I want you giving me 100% in the bedroom, you can have me any way you like. After we finish I want you back on the job. Are we clear?”

At 11:30 I walked down the hall to her bedroom. There lay Linda without a stich of clothing, nothing but a huge smile. As I walked toward her she lifted her upper leg, opening her pussy for me to see.

“Get your clothes off Dan. Come show me what you got big boy. I want a pussy full of cum when my husband comes home so I can sit at the table and smile, knowing my panties are wet and gooey because of someone else’s cum.”

I leaned down to kiss her after undressing, instead of balking she eagerly pushed into the kiss, her arms around my neck, sucking my tongue into her mouth. I positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed forward. My dick slid in without effort, but the inside was tighter than I imagined. Her vaginal muscles were sucking my cock, I hadn’t been laid in over two weeks and this experienced mommy of two was showing me what I’d been missing.

I loved the feel of her hair around my dick, I’d fucked a lot of hairy pussies, but never one like this. Her legs were bent alongside her torso, arms hooked in her knees, grunting with every thrust. I worked at it for over 15 minutes when I felt her tense. She didn’t yell or scream, nor did she buck around violently, she lay there stiff, not breathing, head thrown back and a heavy sigh. Wow, I had never been with a girl who came so quietly. I was still pumping as she recovered, she joined right in with her feet on the bed pushing her pussy up to meet me.

“Okay Danny, let me see how dirty you are. Do you have enough stuff to completely fill my hungry pussy? If you have enough it might make me cum again.”

As she said that I exploded inside her, I could feel it shooting, splashing against whatever there was to splash against. My cock was jammed tight to her groin when I felt her tense again. This time she hissed, “Yeeesss.”

We lay side by side finding our breath and energy.

“Were you serious when you said your husband hasn’t touched you in a year?”

“Oh, he’s wanted to, but I’m not letting him touch me after he fucked that skinny bitch who works at Meisters Bar. Fuck him, besides, you have a bigger dick than him and you sure as hell cum a lot more. I thought I was gonna drown yesterday when you came in my mouth. We’re done early, would you like to lay here with me? I’ll set the alarm on my phone.”

Every working day was the same. No foreplay or kisses before I walked into her bedroom. Several times she had on lingerie explaining she loved wearing it but refused to let Phil see her in it. The project went a half week longer than anticipated, Linda didn’t seem to mind, we were enjoying our daily tryst. In the end I gave her a refund of $2500. Far more than she was expecting, it was worth it to me, I beşiktaş üniversiteli escort had enjoyed myself and learned a few things in the process.

I asked if she’d like me to stop by any time soon. She kissed me deeply, stroked my face and explained that our fucking days were over. She’d enjoyed herself, now that she had enough money to divorce Phil she was going to move to Kansas where her sister lived and not look back. As we parted she whispered into my ear.

“Just so you know, I’ve let a few of my most trusted friends know just how dirty you are. Don’t be surprised if you get a call from some of them. Thank you for making me feel sexy again Dan. Good stroking.”

As quickly as it began, it ended … with Linda. My next quest was an older lady who had been my third grade teacher. She had to be in her mid-60’s, which at that time I thought was old. Mrs. Kaderbeck wanted new faucets in the kitchen and two baths. What was there were installed in the 50’s and were simply worn out. I ordered what she wanted and set up a time to install them.

The old angle stops and supply tubes needed to be replaced along with the new fixtures. I had started late morning, it was now almost 5 as I finished cleaning up and putting tools back in the truck. Mrs. Kaderbeck asked if I’d like to stay for supper. I accepted, home cooked meals were not real common for me. As we were finishing I got out my invoice book and started adding up the costs.

“Danny, do you have a discount for seniors and retired?”

“As a matter of fact, I do, it’s 10%. I’ll make sure I deduct that.”

“Linda was telling me you might have other options as well. Is that true?”

Linda and her big mouth. Just how many people did she tell for cryin out loud?

‘Yes, Mrs. Kaderbeck, but those discounts are a bit unorthodox. I’m not sure you’d be interested.”

“I know what they are, and I’m interested. By the way, call me Bertie.”

“I can’t call you by your first name, whether I’m 29 or not, you were still my third grade teacher. As for discounts what did you have in mind?”

“My Herbie’s been gone 9 years now, but I still know how all that stuff works, and frankly I miss it. I’m only 66 and a little frail, but far too early to be put out to pasture.”

We talked about price, coming to an agreement and what the discount would entail. She told me to follow her down the hall. She wasn’t a very big woman, maybe 5’4″, slender body, not much for tits. I did notice she always wore hose, tonight being no different. Inside her room she closed the door and wanted the lights out. I told her at least a bedside lamp, I wanted to see her while I made love to her.

I started disrobing, she did as well. It didn’t take me long to be sitting on the bed with a hardon. Mrs. Kaderbeck wasn’t as fast. I offered to help, she looked at my cock, muttered something, smiled and declined my help. Her dress was off, next her slip. I wondered, who wears a slip at home, she did obviously. She stood in a tiny white cotton bra and those girdle kind of panties with the stocking straps attached. Again, white, but the panties seemed to be nylon, something smooth.

Once naked she asked if I’d ever seen a naked older lady before, and was I grossed out by her body. I reached for her hand, pulling her onto my lap. I caressed her small saggy breasts and slid my hand down her soft wrinkly belly to her grey bush. The hair wasn’t very long and sort of lay down instead of being curly. She wasn’t flabby, she was 66, and had the body of a normal 66 year old widow. Her hand had found my cock and she was stroking it.

“You know Danny, this is much bigger than my late husband. He wasn’t very long or wide, all our married life I’d heard about bigger cocks and wondered what that would be like. Guess I get to find out tonight.”

I picked her up and lay her down. As I was getting ready to crawl on the bed she said.

“There’s KY in the nightstand drawer, you’d better use some. I don’t have much for wetness anymore. If you don’t we’ll both be raw.”

I put a little on her vulva and then my finger. I slid my finger into her opening and she instantly lifted her butt a little. She gasp and then moaned softly. I was fingering her slow, letting her vagina stretch and be lubed, when her body shuddered.

“Oh my God Danny. I haven’t had an orgasm in years, you really are as dirty as Linda said. If you want to put it in me now you can. Between the KY and what little moisture I do have it should be okay for you.”

I dribbled a little KY on the head of my dick just for shits and giggles. As I put my cock at her entrance she breathed heavy and pushed toward me, my dick slid in non-stop until my balls were against her ass.

“Oh Danny, oh my. I have never been this full of penis before. It’s so deep and awfully thick. Oh my, I’m going to be stretched and enjoy this. Go slow Danny, it’s been years.”

I wanted to tell her it was a cock and not a penis, but that’s the language she was brought up with and I wasn’t about to tell her differently. I slowly withdrew before pushing back in. Her hips were up to meet me the first stroke, there was no waiting, she knew what she wanted. I slowly stroked her as she made little noises and held her legs up for a minute every so often. Once when I had my arms at full length she propped herself up and was watching my dick slide in and out of her body, big smile on her face.

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