Dirty conversation heard at work


Dirty conversation heard at work
Some time ago, approx 2012, I was working in small supermarket as one of two P/T jobs I did during the week. I did five evenings a week so only worked with certain people certain nights. There was a wide cross section of people, both young and old. One in charge was a right pain in the arse, so Tuesdays were the least fun day. But Monday was okay as was Friday. Anyway, there was one of our supervisors I started off on the wrong foot with at the beginning, but then I used to get stressed about how much stock would come in, to then be stacked in the shop for my section. Anyway, Ellie was okay when she asked me what was wrong. She was kind and understanding, so once it was sorted out, we kind of got on quite well.
Anyhow, months on, a new lass called Becky had started and did most evenings like I did. She and Ellie were pals outside of work and Beck’s used to sometimes come and work down in my section when hers was finished, so she quietly got to chat and try sussing me out with idle chit chat.
Often, Beck’s would go upstairs casino oyna and have a her break with Ellie and one evening, my workmate Melvin was upstairs, having a skive, taking his phone as he often did. He was able to eavesdrop a conversation he heard them both having in the canteen one evening break. They were having a “who would you want to shag?” chat that they sometimes did. The annoying thing about all this was Melvin didn’t let on to me until weeks after I had finished the job!!!
When put on the spot, it was Ellie who hinted that were she not into cheating or affairs, she would be into an older guy. Becky mentioned “Well what about Johnny? He’s an older guy! You would love an older guy” Ellie said “Look Beck’s, he’s already married and what would he see in me? Anyway I have a husband and him a wife, plus why would he want me with my big arse!!? But yeah okay, he has got such a nice arse. I enjoy looking at that wiggling in those tight trousers anyway! Beck’s says “So why don’t you tell him?” “Oh you dirty bitch I would kill you if you ever canlı casino siteleri let on!!” says Ellie. Now I promise you that Melvin heard this AND another conversation these two had at work.
They were both in the toilets a week or two later, where Melvin could hear their voices through the stud-partition wall of the toilet block. Again, he was in there, messing with his phone and was somehow able to overhear them talking.
“So you are still lusty about the hunk then?”
“Shut up You!!” was the reply.
“Bet you would love handling that peach while he was shagging you in there, balls deep? Well I’ll leave you to have fun!”
Melvin said he sat in there stunned. These two were blissfully unaware he heard everything.
When he came out about the same time as Beck’s left, Beck’s looked bright red “Oh Hello Melvin, you skiving?” He says “yeah, well just in the loo” but he could tell Beck’s went quiet and didn’t have her usual brash tone of voice.
It was only when I left, he caught up with me, texted me once Id changed jobs and was in the pub one canlı bahis evening.
Melvin tells me “You know you had an admirer in the shop, but will have to figure it out. She worked Mondays and Fridays and admitted you had a hot arse! I think you might have had a chance, cos she used to spend quite a bit of time on her break, NOT eating her tea, but I would guess, with her bottom halves down and giving herself a “nice helping hand”. I didn’t want to let on and make either of you feel embarrassed…..
I wouldn’t say it would have been embarrassing, so much as utterly hot to find a hot young Milf, wanking herself off in the staff bogs. I even recall her mentioning about her having a fat arse, (it wasn’t FTR, was really nice) while I was about and I just replied, “No way is it, it’s alright and way nicer than my wife’s!”. She did smile and appreciated the compliment, then I added “but that’s for your husband to say really!”
But to have the idea I was getting someone at work to be in the toilets, playing with herself and knowing I’d have willingly “assisted” was gutting and at the same time, totally hot, cos she sure as anything was definitely a yummy mummy!! Curses to Melvin for keeping it Schtum all that time.
Explained why he used to smile a bit whenever I was around, but wouldn’t let on why……

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