Dinner With You

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I still can’t believe it as I drive down the stretch for expressway to your house. I remember when I asked you out to dinner that I had butterflies in my stomach waiting for your answer. I could not believe what I was seeing in the IM window when you typed in “yes” my heart about stopped. Time passes slowly as I listen to the radio and think of the things we have talked about over the months. I have see your picture the way your hairs flows over your shoulders, drapes across your back, I can see and just imagine how soft your skin feels, the fragrance that you wear. The fullness of your lips, that I have kissed so many times in my dreams.

I followed your directions that you gave. And here I am in front of your house finally. I set behind the wheel take a deep breath and open the door. Once out I give myself a look over to make sure all is OK. A dress pant, nice shirt, jacket, every thing is fine as I pull the single red rose from the seat and head up your walkway. How many steps do you have here? I know it is only 7 but why is it taking me so long to get up them LOL Standing in front of your door I take yet another deep breath and ring the buzzer.

I hear the sweet voice I only imagined that went with the pictures I have seen. “Coming” My heart dropped to my stomach as the handle turns and the door opens. There you are. The first thing that catches me is those eyes. So soft and warm, you can see the compassion and the passion that lies behind them. I see your hair, oh so soft and shiny, the pictures do not do it justice as it hangs across your shoulders. You dress is long and black, the front of it dropping down to caress your breasts as my hands have done so many times. The deep valley between them ever so visible. You can see the softness in them, and imagine what they would feel like in my hands and under my lips. Looking on down across your dress I see it is spilt up the side with it starting just a few inches below your hip. You leg sneaks a peek out as you slide it forwards just a bit. It is so long, so tanned and oh so smooth. And look at you, with those strap shoes on that allows about 98% of your foot to be bare:) Mmmmm Darlin your killing me. You never did send me a picture of them, but I see they go with everything about you, soft, sensual and very attractive.

Looking back up to your eyes, I hand you the Rose, your hand touches mine as you take it from me. I can’t tell you the electricity that I felt when I felt your touch. Stepping up I lean forwards and kiss your lips lightly, “Hello Darlin” We wrap our arms around one another, the warmth of your body feels so good in my arms, my face rests on your shoulder and one of my dreams comes true. The softness of your hair on my cheek gives me goose bumps, the smell drives me crazy with desire of you. We break as you take my hand in yours and we walk into the dinning room. The table is set with candles all around and the soft sounds of music fill your house. I see the fireplace off to the right with a warm fire burning inside. As we set and eat we talk about so many things we have in the past, but it all seems so new here with you in person now.

I we set there talking after dinner I feel your foot sliding up in the inside of my leg. Looking down I see you’re cute toes nestled up between me. I reach down placing my hands on them, massaging them, feeling their softness in my hand. The softness of the bottom of your foot, presses against my hard cock though my pants. With the help of my hands and your leg, I rocks back and forth across me. Mmm the feeling is indescribable. Letting your foot go I slide my chair back, stand and walk around to your side, I slide your chair back as you stand and face me. The first time I kissed your lips in the door is nothing compared to no as I lean forward, kiss your lips again, my tongue parts your lips, as my hands slide through you hair. From your hair they slide down slowly across your back, down along the inner şirinevler escort cure of your lower back, before finding you cute ass, Mmm did I ever want to grab it when I first held you. I have dreamed so much of the feeling of it in my hands. Many a night I would get excited and so hard just thinking of your ass in my hands. As the cup your ass I pick you up, sliding you gently on the table. You lean back on your hands as I sit down in the chair in front of you. You slide your feet up and set them on my thighs. Mmm Darlin I do love them cute puppies:)~

My hands slid up your legs, and oh my, were I right, they are silky smooth and so warm to the touch. I slide them up and down you as we look into each other’s eyes. I slide the chair back and stand. As I keep looking in your eyes I reach around and slide the zipper down from the back of your dress. As I am leaned forward to do that I kiss your neck and nibble on your ear. As I slide my hands from the zipper I drag them lightly up across your back. As my hands reach your shoulder I hook my fingers inside the straps that gracefully cover them and pull them forward. As they descend and uncover you I am taken aback by your beauty the dress slowly falls from you exposing even more of your sweet breasts. Cupped ever so lovingly in a hunter green lace bra. The mounds of your sweet breasts I can take no longer as I lean down and kiss your soft skin.

My hands continue to slide your dress from you as you raise that cute ass off the table and I pull it down around it, across your legs and off your feet. Letting it slip down to the floor I turn back to you. The same hunter green also covers your bottom, in a satin lace combination. You remembered that lace is my weakness:)~ My arms slide around you and unclasp your bra. It hangs across your breasts as I slide the straps off your shoulders, freeing them. As you lean back on your hands I lean over and kiss them, circling around them till I am inches from your nipples. My beard teases them as I get closer. Taking my tongue I slide it across your nipple, Mmm it is so hard already. Using just the tip of it I circle around it, the taste in incredible and something, yes, I dreamed of many times. Reaching down on the table I take a finger full of chipped cream from the pie we had for desert, rubbing it onto your nipple, then back down to lick and suck it off. Scooping up another finger full I start it just below your neck and drag it down between your breasts, across your stomach down to your navel. Leanings back down I lick it off, slowly between your breasts and down your stomach. Licking and kissing around your navel, my tongue probes and teases it.

Reaching back across the table I get the glass of wine we shared tonight. Tilting the glass I drip it across your breast, watching it run across your golden skin, collecting and dripping off your erect nipples, it is such a erotic sight. As I move the glass more to the middle it runs down between your breasts, across your stomach and navel and into the top of your panties. Licking you breasts again, your hands in my hair as I suck all the sweet wine from you, after circling and sucking it from your navel I move further down, my hands resting on your thighs as you once again lean back on your hands. My tongue slide across the top of your panties, teasing you.

Sliding down on the material that covers your sweet mound and lips, I slide my tongue across the wine drenched material Mmmmm not only to I taste the wine but I also taste the sweetness of your juices. Sucking on the material, moving further down. Mmm you know I can feel your hard clit under there. Opening my lips and covering them over the Satin and your clit, pulling the closed, then sucking it. I can’t wait to feel it hard and naked between my lips. As your legs spread apart just a bit further, you feet move back onto my thighs. My tongue slide down across your panties, I can şirinevler elit escort feel your lips quiver under it. They are swollen and waiting. I continue to slide it up and down across them, slowly at first, then quickly, I hear your breathing quicken and become deeper.

Once again I have dreamed many times of the soft moans I hear now. I slide my hands up across your thighs around to your ass, hooking my fingers in your waistband and as you lift your hips up, slide your soaked panties from you. As you put your legs back down they don’t go to my thighs as before, they fall gently on my shoulders. Mmm hehe turning to give them a kiss, later Darlin. :)~ Looking at your sweet pussy it was something I could never imagine, the smoothness of it being shaved excites me to no end, my cock is so hard with just the though of parting those lips. The way your lips are swollen and protruding is so erotic, I can’t wait to have them between my lips. The way your inner thighs just blend right into them, and the way your hot juices run across them, shinning across your thighs and running down across your cute tight ass.

My finger slide and brush up across them, the are so soft to the touch. Up and down I slide across them, on the last on down my finger brushes across your ass, circling around it, spreading your wet juices across it’s opening. I slide my tongue up across them parting them just a bit. Your hips strain for me to enter you but I make sure I am back enough so as only too barely part them. My fingers slide up and part them, gently pulling them apart exposing your hard clit. My lips part and suck it gently, feeling it throbbing against my tongue as I suck it. Dragging my lips back and forth across it, the gentle rubbing against it is driving you and me crazy:)~

Your hot juices has coated my beard with sweetness. My tongue slides down back across your lips, sucking on one of them gently, pulling it into my mouth, my tongue inside flicking across it. Mmm I love your lips the way they stick out like that, there so soft and I could suck them all night alone. As I gently part your lips wide open in front of me, I take my tongue and slide it up across the innermost of your lips, were no tongue as been before. Mmm wet and hot you are. I slide my tongue between them and feel it ease its way deep inside your hot, wet pussy. I can feel you clamping down on it, trying to suck it inside you even more. Your inner walls so smooth and wet, as your hip rocks on the table. Cum for me Darlin, shoot you hot cum into my mouth, on my face and chest cum for me now. I feel your pussy throbbing and jerking as you legs wrap around my head pulling me deeper inside you, my tongue drive deep, as you hot cum squirts across my tongue, filling me with your sweet honey. I lick and suck every last drop you have to give me.

Catching your breath I help you set up on the table, the look on your face has to be has pleasurable as mine. As I look into those passionate eyes I kiss your sweet lips, tongues entwined together hot and deep. Your ass slide to the edge of the table were you feel my cock aching to be released for my pants, the feeling of it against your legs brings such a sweet smile to your face. As I help you down from the table you stand before me and remove my shirt, your hands, ever so soft, runs up across my chest, If I died right now I would be a happy man. I can’t tell you how much I have longed to feel your hands on me, running them cute fingers through the chair on my chest. As they slide down across my stomach and reach my pants you look at me as you unbuckle my belt, then the snap, then the way you slowly unzip them. As the start to drop you kneel down before me so that I can step out of them as you toss them to the side. The boxers I have on can do little to hide the hardness of my cock. As you hands slide up my legs I close my eyes, as the feeling is so sensual.

As I feel them şirinevler escort slide under the legs of my boxers I open them and look down at you. You hands tease and caress my balls, caressing them ever so gentle in your soft hands. Mmm as both your hands slide up across me they brush across my hard shaft, your hands continue further till you have the waistband in them. Slowly pulling them down from the inside:)~ Mmm As the waist band comes down it brings a bigger smile to your face as you watch as my cock is released and points directly at you. As I step out of my boxers, you lick your lips as I see your hands move up. I brace myself for as soon as your hand curls around my hard cock, it is like a 1,000 volts of electric that has hit me, you touch is something that has filled my dreams for a long time. As you hand glides across the shaft it does not take long for the precum to coat it with warm juices. As you look up on the table I see your fingers scoop up some of the very whipped cream that I was in not long ago.

As your fingers slide across the shaft, leaving some the whole length. The last bit that you have on your fingers you rub on the swollen head that now is just dying with anticipation. With your fingers just under the head of my cock, you pull it up gently as your tongue slowly slides under my ball, coming around them and picking up the whipped cream along my shaft. As your hand cups and squeezes my balls your other hands wraps around my now clean shaft, all that is left is the whipped cream on the head. As I look at you, and you at me your tongue licks the cream from me, Mmm I love the feeling of your wet tongue on my smooth head. As the last of the whipped cream is gone I see you pucker your lips at the head of my cock.

As I see it part them and slowly disappear between them, my knees are weak with the pleasure you are giving me. I can feel your tongue under it licking back and forth inside your sweet mouth. Darlin I am in heaven, but I have to stop you, I want to be inside you, real quick and right now:) As I help you stand those eyes, wow I can get lost in those eyes, as I kiss you deep, passionate, sucking your tongue deep into me. Picking you up your legs wrap around me, Mmm I can feel your feet up against my ass:)~ Walking with you over to the couch, you stand, looking at me you tell me “take me from behind” as you climb up on the couch on your hands and knees. Mmm what a ass you have Darlin. I want you now but I hold that ass in my hands as I kiss it. Sliding my tongue across those sweet cheeks. Kneeling behind you, I love the way your hair flows across your back and when you turn your head around to look back at me, I could just about cum right there.

Taking my cock in my hand I slide it up and down across your swollen wet lips. As I hold it against them I push it slowly, as swollen as they are I love the feeling as it parts and engulfs them. Slowly I slide it in until my hips are up against your cute ass, Your pussy is just soaking with juices, as I slide it in and out of you. The head comes almost out before sliding it deep back into you, my hands on your ass as you start thrusting back against me. The pace quickens as I reach around and twist gently and tease your nipples. My hips now slap up against your ass, as my balls swing up against your hard clit adding double pleasure for you and me. Your tight pussy camps down on me just as it did with my tongue. Mmm I can feel the way it is trying to suck every drop from me, Our moans and screams of pleasure fill the house as the sounds of passion fill the air.

I feel your inner walls quiver and throb as you feel my cock twitching with pleasure. My hands hold on to your ass as I feel you hot cum squirting across my hard cock, your screams of passion soon followed by mine as you feel load after load of my hot cum shooting deep inside you. The thrusts go from hard and long to soft and slow as the mass of both us cumin was so intense. As my cock slides from you, I slide over behind you my back to the couch and you on front side, as you curl and scoot back against me, my arm wraps around you pulling you back. My hand brushes your hair back, as I kiss your cheek and neck snuggle up against you.

Rest Darlin we will take a shower when we get up:)~~

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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