Dinner with my bfs dad


Dinner with my bfs dadSo today me and my boyfriend are having dinner with his dad. My boyfriend said he would be there around 6, and told me to meet him there. So I got there and decided go head in first. I rang the doorbell and his dad answered. His dad greeted me and I walked in. “So he’s not here yet?” I asked, taking a seat on the couch. “Nah, should have been by now though.” His dad said sitting next to me. He turned on the tv and flipped to a****l planet. “Weird, he said he would be.” I said. Then my phone rang. It was my boyfriend, saying he would be running late because something came up at work. “So that was him, he’s running late. So…. yeah.” I awkwardly said looking out the window. DING. “Oh I gotta check on the pork.” His dad said, walking into the kitchen. After some time I decided to go to the kitchen. “Did you need any help?” I asked, peering through the top cabinets and counter. “Um yeah, can you cut some veggies?” “Of course.” I said with a smile. I headed toward the refrigerator and opened it up for the veggies. “What veggies am I cutting?” I said bending over to looking through all the bags of vegetables. My boyfriend’s dad walked over “Oh, um, here. This one, this one, and… oh this one.” His dick grazed against my ass, which made me flinch a little. By I know that was an accident. I grabbed the veggies and started chopping away. “I had a pretty long day at work, I’m pretty tired. I hope he gets here soon so we can eat!” My boyfriend’s dad said stirring the soup. “Oh, here lemme show you how to cut that cucumber.” He walked over and came up behind me, then showed me gently how to cut up the cucumber. “This is a pretty big cucumber.” He said with a chuckle, I felt his dick graze up on my ass again, feeling bigger than before. “Haha, yeah it is… if you want I can finish up and you can sit down and watch tv. You do seem pretty tired. illegal bahis Must have been a hard day for you.” I said with a smile. He looked at my vegetables, I guess I can trust you. As he washed his hands and walked out of the kitchen, his hands grazed on my ass. I can’t have been an accident, 3 times in the span of what… 15 minutes? Come on. My thoughts cleared and I finished up the soup and left it to boil. I took the pork out of the oven and let it rest. Then I got a text, ‘just left work, be about 30 mins. start w/o me if my dad is hungry. love you.’ I sighed, I guess I would go ask his dad if he wanted to eat first. I washed my hands and walked to the living room. The tv was still going, but his dad was clearly asleep on the couch. I sat down on the love seat going thru my phone. Then I looked over at my boyfriend’s dad. Hmm, I guess I never realized how handsome he was. I’m sure him grazing my ass three times was an accident, I’m gonna be his future daughter in law. I stood up and found myself in front of him, just staring. He is pretty handsome. But I guess that’s where my boyfriend gets it from. Whoa, his hands look so rough, must be from work. My eyes glazed down to his pants. I wonder… no, I can’t think like that… I came a little closer, but then turned around. Okay, get it together, I thought to myself. I grabbed the remote and changed the channel. Then all of a sudden arms wrapped around my body and I fell… right into my boyfriend’s dad’s lap… “You don’t have to wonder, it wasn’t an accident.” He said, moving his hips so that his dick was feeling up my ass. “Wha- what’re you doing? We- we can’t.” I said moving my arms about. “No one has to know.” He said. “I know you’re curious, do you wanna find out?” I pursed my lips together and twisted my body a bit to see his face. “I am a little curious… ” “sweetie, you don’t have to be. You illegal bahis siteleri can find out, if you let me. And if you promise you won’t tell anyone.” I thought for a moment. “Okay hehe… if you’re going to fuck me-” “I’ll make it worth your while.” He said turning my whole body around. I sunk to the floor onto my knees unzipping his pants. His dick was already partially hard “well don’t be scared” he said with a grin. He grabbed my hair and pushed his dick into my mouth.He had a longer dick than my boyfriend’s, and he stuffed it all the way to the end of my throat. I started gagging. But he left his hands on my head, pushing it in. I started to choke and he let go, releasing his growing dick out my mouth. I readjusted my dress then put my hands the end and started going as best as I could. I wanted the whole thing in my mouth. I sucked his dick like a giant forbidden lollipop, I licked his shaft up and down. Sucked his balls for a bit. Playing with his tip. But my favorite was when he would stroke my hair as I shoved his giant dick in and out of my mouth. “I’m gonna cum.” “Oh, my boyfriend’s dad’s cum, this is a treat!” I said with a smile, with his dick still in my mouth. He grabbed my head, and shoved his dick in really far as he came into my mouth. His cum was a bit sweeters than my boyfriend’s. His cum spilled out of my mouth, but I used my tongue to clean me and his dick up. As I got up, his rough hands pulled me onto him again. He pulled me right onto his big long dick. I moaned so loud, I was already wet from sucking his dick so he slid right in. “Your turn.” He said with a grin. He moved my legs and positioned me on top of him. “Grind” he said as he removed my dress. He started to move my body up and down his big long dick, while moaning in the process. He was longer than my boyfriend. I moved my hips to grind, and it felt amazing. canlı bahis siteleri It was even better when my boyfriend’s dad put his hands on my waist to help me move faster. His dick was so long that I knew I was already going to cum. He kept slamming his dick up inside of me. Then I came, I let out a loud squeal. “That good?” He said “yeah…” I said weakly. “My turn again sweetie.” He stood and and my limp body almost fell off of him. But he made sure his dick stayed inside of me as he pushed me against the window. The shades we wide open. “All my neighbors get to see you now.” He said “This will be quick.” My face was on the window, still exhausted from cumming he started thrusting into my pussy even harder than before. He was feeling my body, my tits and pussy, my ass. “Whose better?” He asked, still shoving his dick into me consistently. I couldn’t respond, I was moaning to much. “Whose better!?” He shouted slapping my ass. “Ah- um- you.” I said weakly. “Louder!” He said using both of his rough hands on my hips to penetrate deeper. “You!” I said with everything left in me. He shot his load into me, it spilled out a bit and he gently placed me on the floor. “I’ll check on the food.” He said zipping himself up. Some time passed and I finally had enough strength to get up and reposition my panties, bra and put on my dress. I wiped up the cum dripping down my legs with my hands, then the doorbell rang. My hands filled with his dad’s cum… I rubbed my hands on my panties and opened the door. “Hello, food ready?” My boyfriend said, taking off his shoes. “Yup, we waited for you.” He walked up to greet his and I rushed to the bathroom. I washed my hands and they set the table. As we began to eat I walked into the kitchen to grab the salad and my boyfriend came as well. He grabbed my ass and ran his hand up my thigh under my dress. He stuck his fingers into my pussy and immediately took them out. He gave me a look “hmm.. Whose cum is that?” He said pushing his fingers into my mouth. I sucked his fingers and whispered “Your dad’s, and guess what? He’s sweeter.” I said walking away with the salad. 

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