Dinner and a Movie

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All day I haven’t been able to concentrate on anything else. Dinner and a movie, you said, and while that may not be too exciting in most cases, any time spent with you is special, and I was barely able to concentrate on any of the tasks that had to be done throughout the day. Now finally it’s almost time for me to leave the house, we had agreed to meet at the restaurant and would then just walk over to the theater. One last look in the mirror shows me a woman with slightly messy hair, beaming eyes, and flushed cheeks, a white lacy top and a denim skirt that comes down to just above my knees. I have chosen to go without pantyhose due to the heat, and I’m wearing strappy little sandals. I’ve even painted my toe nails fuck-me red. I hurry to get my purse and keys as I don’t want to be late, every minute I get to spend with you is too precious to waste on playing games and being ‘fashionably’ late.

You’re already there, and you see me drive up and meet me in the parking lot. You look so handsome in your khakis and button down shirt. We share a lovely hug hello…. Hi baby…. it feels so good to have your arms squeeze me with one hand on my upper back and one on my behind. A few kisses on cheeks, and we go in. We chat pleasantly about this and that, how was your day, can you believe the traffic, what’s good on the menu…. it is a casual place and we opt for light yet tasty fare, all the while chatting and enjoying each others’ company. Sitting across from me, I catch you shooting me the occasional hot look, which I brazenly shoot right back at you.. I feel the maltepe escort heat even more intensely now which is strange because the sun has gone down by now, and shouldn’t it cool off a little?

Once finished with drinks and dinner it’s time to head out and see a show. We walk very closely together and your arm is around my shoulder as we stroll across the parking lot to the theater, stopping here and there to share a cuddle and a kiss, giggling, acting like teenagers. and of course we end up in the back row in the theater – tacky? no, I think it’s romantic. We settle into our seats, I settle against your shoulder, and we wait for the lights to dim. When they finally do we try to concentrate on the movie, after all, we’ve been wanting to see this one. But somehow your arm that was around my shoulder has moved to my breast, and my hand that had rested on your knee has crept up your thigh, your mouth is on my ear and your tongue licks it softly – which is a dirty trick because you know what that does to me. For one panic stricken moment I try to remember that our fellow moviegoers are very close by, and would they be able to see and hear? I think we’re safe enough for the moment, and I melt into your tongue while my hand makes a discovery of the hardened kind, stroking, I feel your cock stirring under the cloth of your pants while we both breathe a lot heavier now.

Our tongues find each other, your hands creep under my top and caress my breasts, it is all I can do to keep from moaning aloud, good thing your mouth is on mine mecidiyeköy escort to muffle my sounds. It is becoming increasingly difficult for me to remain silent when you roll my hardened nipples between your fingers, you are driving me crazy with desire and I have to break the kiss to gasp for air. Your mouth wanders back to my ear and whispers something filthy in it, it makes me giggle a little too loud, which causes someone to turn around and hiss a slightly annoyed “Shhh!!!!!” in our direction. Amused, and aroused, we re-situate ourselves in our seats, after all, we don’t want to be thrown out of the theater, and we did want to see this movie. But I can’t stop thinking about the bulge in your pants. I keep peeking at your lap, wondering if it’s still there, until I can’t stand it and reach over to find out for sure…. ohh yeah, it’s still there. Right about the same time your hand slides higher and higher up my bare thigh and under my skirt, finding my wetness, dipping one of your naughty fingers in, trailing your wet finger back down my thigh. Ohh, you tease….

Finally, finally! The movie is over. I’m not sure how much we really followed it while constantly checking each other’s level of hardness and wetness while managing to conduct ourselves semi-properly. The walk back to the car seems a little more brisk now that all we want is to get home and fuck. About half way to the car you pull me off the path and push me against a tree. You fall to your knees, hike my skirt up and eat me through my lace panties, but merter escort you stop just before I can explode. Oh God! I need to cum so badly. We make it to the car, but before the key is even in the ignition I lean over and unbutton your pants, your cock sticks out through your boxers and I suck its head with such fervor that all you can do is moan loudly. I return the favor and stop just short of your climax – hey, two can play that game! You start the car, hit the freeway, and drive very fast towards the house. While you’re driving I have my feet up on the dash with my knees open, scooping my wetness on my fingers, and feeding it to you, licking my fingers after you’ve licked them, crazy, horny, unable to think about anything but sex with you, how much I want it, how much I need it.

It’s taking forever to get home but finally we arrive, finally the door closes behind us, finally my skirt is pulled up and your pants are pulled down, you bend me over the chair in the front room and you take me from behind, effortlessly sliding into my pussy while I cry out in pure pleasure. I hear you hissing behind me “you’re not getting away from me now, you’re my little fuck slut now,” as you’re pounding into me in an almost angry manner. I am so ready that just a mere touch of my hand on my clit sets me off, your pounding intensifies the sensation and my orgasm sweeps through me fast and hard, causing my muscles to grip you even tighter and making you lose control. One final thrust and you let go with a primal grunt, holding my hips close to you, unloading inside me, before you slump over my back and I feel your hot breath through my top. Panting, half dressed, and a mess now that both your juice and mine are running down my legs, but feeling a lot better now, we decide to take a shower. Maybe we could play some more later? Oh and we’ll need to pick up your car tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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