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Details, huh?

You want details?

Details of all the daydreams, fantasies, and nasty, naughty thoughts I’ve had about you?

Oh goodness, where to start? …the one when I surprise you late in your office? …or when we’re in a crowded bar and cannot control ourselves? …or when we’re on a tropical island…surrounded by sun, sand, and sea? …or when were in a simple hotel room? …or when we have other playthings…?

You like the office one? Ok then…

I’m feeling a little guilty. Not about what I want to happen. No, it’s because as part of my plan I had to pilfer your security badge last night. That added to your stressful day, you poor guy. But I do know I’ll make it up to you. Oh will I ever….

You’re planning on working late, I know, partly due to my encouragement and a fib that I had plans with a friend. Well, maybe not a real fib, because I DO have plans – with you.

I walk casually past the security guards. They don’t ask for an ID – just nod, smile, and stare at my legs, enhanced by the insanely high heels I’m wearing. For you. I know how you like them.

I make my way up to your office – the security card coming in quite handy. I hear activity in the distance, but nothing significant. Nobody we’ll have to think about. Perfect.

I knock as I open the door, finding you deeply engrossed in something in your computer screen. It must be work – the security at your office doesn’t allow you to go to any interesting websites. I tell you to save what you’re doing – I’d hate to have you lose any of your hard work because of me. And you won’t be looking at your computer for a while if I have anything to do with it

You rise to remove my coat for me – but I tell you to sit. I take it myself and hang it on the back of your door. Slowly. Giving you a chance to admire the black silk dress I wore for you, the seamed stockings I wore for you, and, of course, the heels. For you.

You have music on, as you always do. And it’s always great. The song on now…’Perfect’, I say.

‘For what?’ you ask.

‘For this,’ I say, moving toward your chair. ‘I thought after the day you’ve had, a lap dance ataşehir escort would be just what you needed’

I start moving to the music, dancing for you, my hips connected to the melody. My eyes connected to yours. As I move closer, I notice I’m starting to have an effect on you. A slim strap slips off my shoulder as I move closer. Your eyes start following my hands as they roam my body. On my hips, feeling the lace of the garter belt through my thin dress. Over my breasts – where you can start to clearly see I’m not wearing a bra. I’m thinking about your touch as I caress them, pinching my nipples a bit.

You reach for them – but no – that is against the rules. I can touch you, but your hands stay put. At least for now.

So I start touching you. Gently kiss you on the cheek as my breasts grace your chest, feeling the chilly smoothness of your tie tease my nipples. Brush my lips across yours, teasing you. Run my hands down your chest, toward your hips. But not further. Yet.

I turn around, my hands all over my hips, my ass. Hiking the skirt up just a bit. Just enough so you can see the top of my stockings, and maybe the garters. I know you want to touch me. And you will. Oh, you will.

My other strap has slipped now, and I’ve practically lost the top of my dress entirely. I want you touch me, but that’ll have to wait.

Well, maybe not.

I grasp your tie and pull you toward me. Our lips meet in the longest, strongest, most sensual kiss I’ve ever felt in my life. And it feels like it goes on forever. When we do break the kiss, if only to take a breath, I move down your chest, but this time I don’t stop at your hips. I can’t.

I loosen your belt, undo your trousers. They do look SO good on you, but I can only think about what is under them right now. You shift your hips so I can pull them down, along with your boxers. I leave them at your ankles – you won’t be moving anywhere for a while.

As I drop to my knees in front of you, every sensation is heightened – my breasts on your thighs, your hands on my shoulders, my kisses along your hips

I move toward your gorgeous cock. I just avcılar escort can’t wait anymore. I kiss near the base of your throbbing cock, feeling the heat. My tongue starts working up your shaft, savoring every inch of you. Then I reach your head. It slips past my lips. You feel my tongue dancing all over it, around the ridge. I continue this for a while – licking your length, finding all the places to touch you that make you shake, twirling my tongue on your head. Then, I start to take you in deeper. In. Out. In. Out. My hand grasps your shaft as you tell me to hold on tighter. My other hand reaches lower, holding your balls, caressing in time with your thrusts in my mouth.

Your breathing grows shorter. Your moans grow louder. Then I feel it. You explode in me, filling the back of my throat. I do my very best to swallow every drop, but inevitably, some of your come lands on my breasts. You wipe it with your finger, then bring your hand to my mouth. Your fingertips on my lips almost make me come on the spot.

You pull me off my knees and help me stand. Your hands move up my legs, past the tops of my stockings, feeling the lace of the garter belt. Your fingers roam, and you’re pleasantly surprised that the garter belt is the only undergarment I’ve burdened myself with this evening. They linger on me, appreciating my recent Brazilian wax, and just how wet I am for you.

You stand, kick off your shoes, and completely remove your trousers. Now you’ll be moving around. You lift me onto your desk, facing you. You pull my dress up to my waist. Then sit back down in your chair. Your lips find all the right places on my legs as you roll the chair closer to me. Kissing at the top of my stockings, your tongue running along the garter straps, you are making me even wetter.

I feel your breath on me. Your fingers spread my lips as I start shaking.

‘Sssshhhhh,’ you say. ‘Just breathe. Slowly.’

I can barely breathe at all, but I do as you say. Your fingers, your lips, your tongue, begin a dance on me, in me, that sends me completely into orbit. I don’t know if I’m having a thousand orgasms, or one that is lasting avrupa yakası escort for days. I am on a completely different plane.

I have no idea how much time passes before you stand to kiss me. I can taste myself on you – and I like it. I’m still having tremors coursing through me. You have set my pussy absolutely on fire. Before I can start to cool down, I feel your cock head rubbing on my clit. I’m so ready for you.

Our eyes lock, and you thrust into me. You kiss my breasts as I wrap my legs around you, pulling you in deeper. You pinch my nipples, the way you know I like it: hurting me just enough to thrill me.

I don’t know how long we go at it like that, before you suddenly withdraw and pull me to my feet. You completely remove my dress and I help you remove your tie, then your shirt, then your undershirt that is tight in all the right places.

‘Let’s go to the window,’ you say. I kiss you with my consent.

As we near the window, you turn me to face it, pressing me up against it. The pane is cold and sends shivers through me.

‘You like that, don’t you,’ you say


‘That anyone who happens to look up here can see you?’ as you start to finger me from behind.


‘That they can see your tits and your dripping, hot pussy?’ I love it when you talk like that.

‘Yes!’ as I grind on your hand, you thumb playing with my clit.

‘Do you want them to see anything else?’


‘Do you want them to see me fuck you?’


At this, you pull me back a bit and quickly enter me from behind. I’m bent over and holding on to the windowsill for dear life, returning your every thrust with my own. I feel your hands on my ass, and I’m hoping.

‘Please do it’ I think to myself. Then you do.

One finger you trace up and down the cleft of my ass, teasing me, then finally stopping at its wanton destination. You insert it slowly, sending me completely over the edge.

I shake, I scream. You thrust, you moan.

I feel you come inside me.

We collapse into a heap on the floor, completely spent, gently kissing, touching as we recover our bodies and our senses.

We slowly dress, then leave the building, waving good night to the security guards.

Still not fully recovered, you suggest we go somewhere for a bottle of wine. In the bar, we find a table set back from most of the action.

But wait. That is another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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