Desperate to keep her job at all costs


Desperate to keep her job at all costsI had employed Carly about 6 months before based on the fact that she had good experience and from her qualifications appeared that she could do the job expected of her. Carly was very conscientious and always began work before time and often stayed late when I required her to do this. As the months passed by and the work given to Carly became more complex to the level expected of the role it became clear that without significant help to do the job, Carly was just not capable of doing the job. Carly had a great personality and we shared a lot of jokes in the office. She had turned me on from the start, with her slim curvaceous figure. Carly was very slim, but had curves in all the right places and had gorgeous arse. She was quite short at 5ft 6inches, with jet-black hair and breasts that were larger than you would expect for a girl of her height. She was around 25 years old compared to myself who was now 42.Carly always took pride in what she would wear to work and would always dress in a manner suitable for the office environment that we were in. Some days she would wear skirts that were a little shorter than you may expect, but I wasn’t going to complain about this point. Carly would often wear skirts that would show lots of leg covered in the black stockings she always had on. There were several occasion where I would have meetings with Carly and all I could think about while she was talking was my erect cock under the meeting table and how I would love to stuff it into her mouth to keep her quite for a bit. If it was one thing that Carly did too much was talk.A few more months passed by and the fact that Carly was so hot was no longer compensating for the frustration of her being poor at her job. I had spoken to Carly several times to try and improve what she was doing but there had been no improvement.Today was the day that I was going to have to tell Carly that I was going to end her contract. As we worked in the meeting room I thought how good she looked in her tight cream coloured trousers that showed her perfect arse off to its maximum. As she moved in front of me I could see that Carly must be wearing a thong as any normal panties would have been visible in such tight trouser and all I could see was two lovely ass cheeks.As we sat down I could see that Carlys top button of her black blouse had come unbuttoned showing her nice sized breasts. A question again came into my mind that did I really want to get rig of such a hot employee? I knew what I had to do this and I began the conversation. From the start it was obvious that Carly had been expecting this meeting although he had clearly not realised the severity of her performance issues. As I explained the issues and arrived at the conclusion that she would be out of a job within the month the realisation came into her face. It was small tear at first that soon became a flood as she began to cry in front of me. I had expected this but it was still no pleasure to make hot girl cry. What happened next though was not what I had expected.Carly got up from her chair and walked around to my side of the table she got to her knees and begged that I let her stay as she knew that she could improve on what she had been doing. Her head drooped into my lap with her head now inches away from my cock. I could also now see down the back of her cream trousers to see the glimpse of the pink thong that she had on today. To try and gain some dignity for Carly I picked her up and said that if she did everything that I told her in the next month then she may be able to keep her job. With this sentence thoughts ran through my mind as to what this might be, but they soon went as quick as they came.Over the next couple of weeks it was if nothing had happened between us. Whether Carly was in denial and thought that I had given her a second chance for good I wasn’t sure. Either way Carly was doing everything she could too impress, this included seeming to dress a little more inappropriately for my benefit. On one occasion she crossed her legs in a meeting to reveal the tops of her stockings, as the black skirt she had worn was too short to cover them.It had been a long day in the office and Carly and myself had remained behind when others had left when like many times before. Even though he was now departing in only too weeks I still could not fault her keenness to do a good job. It was just a shame she was just not clever enough. I had regularly got my cock excited during boring times a work thinking how I would stick my cock in that over active mouth of Carlys. Today had been no exception and Carly was looking particularly hot as ever. She was wearing a very tight light red blouse that showed enough cleavage to get any man excited. It was also see through enough to make out the detailing on her white lace bra that was hiding her gorgeous tits. Her jet black hear was tied up into a bun and she was wearing her glasses for once as she usually had contacts. I had asked her about this and she was waiting for a new order. I didn’t mind as they made her look more naughty. Her black skirt was short as normal with her usual black sheer stockings underneath. Her shoes were high heals and were red in colour too match the blouse that she was wearing. As she got up to walk out of the office my cock grew hard thinking of how hot she was making me feel today.The thought came back into my head of what I had said in the meeting wear she had cried. Would Carly really do anything to keep her job?My cock was now pressing hard against the black pin stripes suit trousers that I was wearing and I reached down to rub it as no one was in the office. My balls felt full and swollen and I wanted to relieve myself there and then. It had been a few days since I had last given my wife a good fucking and I thought that I would have to tuzla escort empty my balls into her later that evening whether she wanted me to or not. My wife my moaned that we didn’t have sex enough, but seemed to moan every time I wanted to fuck her. She moans even more when I shoot a big load of my sperm up inside her ass letting it drip out as I take my softening cock out. These thoughts made me think that I would fuck her extra hard tonight before giving her a nice load down her throat. She especially hated it when I made her swallow my sperm down without taking my cock from her mouth. Only when every last drop was cleaned from my cock and down her throat would I remove my cock from the back of her throat.My cock was not about to explode and I wondered if I would be able to walk out of the office with such an obvious erection bulging in my trousers. As I walked from the office with my suit jacket done up to try and conceal my erection I walked past the ladies loo. There was no one in the office now except for Carly and myself who had left a few minutes before. I knew that Carly all went into the ladies just before leaving for the night. With this in mind I waited outside for another few minutes to ensure that no one was in there and then I pushed the door open to go inside. Unaccustomed to the ladies toilets I was presented with cream tiles room with a series of cubicles along one wall and a series of basins across the other. The end cubicle was larger than the other for use by a disabled person. I decide that I would wait inside this cubicle. The door swung open to the cubicle and in there was a toilet, a basin and a small bench to rest thing on.After a few minutes of waiting the ladies toilet door opened. I peered out of the cubicle to see that it was Carly fixing her makeup in one of the mirrors by the basins. She was adding some more red lip sick to her luscious lips. I opened the door and stepped out into the main area of the room Carly saw me in the mirror and spun around with a shock. What are you doing in here, she asked. Well Carly, I was thinking about what we discussed in the meeting a couple of weeks ago that you would be willing to do whatever it took to keep this job. Yes she aid with a slightly concerned and yet naïve look on her face. Why don’t you come over her Carly and I will show you the task that I want you to do for me. Carly looked nervous as she stepped across the room her red high heals making a noise on the hard tiled floor. She stopped in front of me looking at me wondering what I had in mind. I unbuttoned my suit jacket and stood there for a few seconds. I looked towards the ground and back up again. Carly wondered why I had done this and quickly followed suit. As she looked towards the ground she passed the bulge that was still obvious in my suit trousers. With a quick second glance she returned her head to a normal eye level with a look of surprise on her face. My cock is hard for you right now Carly and is has been since you arrived. You are always getting my cock hard in meetings with the skirts and stockings that you wear. As the words were coming out of my mouth Carly began to try and retreat slightly. Remember what you said Carly, you will do anything to keep this job. With these words I placed my hand on the back of her jet-black hair and pulled her head towards me. Carly moved forwarded and I back away bring her towards the larger of the cubicles. With us both inside the cubicle door lamed shut. Reaching behind her I slid the bolt across to make us secure.I quickly swapped positions with Carly to block her escape from the cubicle. I knew Carly had a boyfriend and Carly new that I was married. I was going to go home and let my wife satisfy this bulge in my trousers but as you were so willing to do anything to please me then I thought that you would like to do that for me. If he hadn’t realised before my intentions for her with this task Carly now new that I was serious in what I was suggesting. You walk around the office making me horny all day with no chance to relieve myself, dose your boyfriend fuck you good when you get home each day? We have sex if that’s what you mean. No, does he fuck you to the point that you can’t be fucked anymore. With reluctance she replied no. Do you not want to be fucked hard like the teasing slut that you are? I like to be fucked was her response. I could see that Carly was a bit naïve and I decided that I would begin to show her the new task that she had. Bend over for me so that I can see that nice ass of yours. There was no movement from her. I said turn around and bend over the basin so that I can see that ass of yours. Slowly Carly turned around and lowered her arms so that her hands rested on the edges of the basin, good I said as I moved closer placing one hand on her protruding ass. I mover both hands over her skirt squeezing a feeling what lay beneath, my cock throbbing inside my suit trousers. I reached lower down and placed my hand on her stocking clad leg. Moving slowly upwards with my hand I reached the top of her suspenders. The suspender were attached to her susender belt and I gently pulled and let go on the elastic making Carly jump. Placing one hand on each leg I worked my way upwards until my hand forced her skirt up revealing her panties beneath. Carly began to straighten but I placed my hand on her back nudging her back into position over the sink. Her ass was now visible to me. Only a small white thong obscured what was a perfect ass. Her black stockings were still covering her slim legs. I gently squeezed her ass cheeks before pulling them gently apart to see the white thong sitting over her asshole. My hand lipped under her thong stretching the fabric from beneath her cheeks before letting it shrink back to wear it had come from.Turn around was my next instruction. Carly now new that tuzla escort bayan she had to do what I said and turned slowly around, her skirt slipping back into position. Sit on the bench for me. She sat down and I moved over to her with my crotch about two feet from her face. Undo your blouse and take out your tits for me, I want to see if they are as good as I have imagined them to be. With slow had movements Carly unbuttoned each of the button on her blouse before letting it slip down onto the bench. She began to lower the straps of her lacy white bra. Once off she slowly lowered the bra cups to allow her ample tits to spring out over the top for me to inspect. Lovely tits Carly I said as I began to squeeze and move her breasts in front of her watching eyes. My hands roughly tweaked her large dark nipples which made them harden in from of me. Her nipples appeared even darker against her pale white skin. I needed to fuck those tits soon but first my throbbing cock needed to be released from its prison. Undue my trouser fly now for me, was my next instruction. Carly gently raised a hand and lowered the zip to its lowest point. Reach inside and take out my cock for me so that it is no longer restricted in there. Carly reached into with her right hand and lowered the top of my tight boxer shorts to grab and pull out my cock. My cock which is 9 inches long appeared out of my fly with ease. Although incredibly hard already the extra space allowed my cock to grow to its full length while Carly watched this inches from her face. I moved closer to her face with my cock before stopping a few inches away. Is your boyfriend this big Carly? She said that it was about the same but I could see that see realised that it was a lot bigger than her boyfriends. I grabbed my cock and rubbed the tip over one of Carlys nipples. I then felt one tit while rubbing my cock over the soft flesh of the other. Hold your breasts together so that I can fuck your tits. Carly cupped both her breasts and raised them upwards. I grabbed my cock and stepped closer. As I put my cock near Carlys breasts she released them slightly to allow my cock to lie between them. As she closed them together around my cock I could feel the pleasure already. With slow strokes I began to move my cock between her tits using the full length of my shaft. Before long I picked up speed fucking her gorgeous tits.I had to stop fucking her tits as the pleasure was becoming too much and there things to explore. I pulled my cock from between Carlys tits letting it spring up and down. Grabbing the base of my shaft I rubbed my cock on the sides of Carlys face and over her red lips smudging her lipstick. I pulled my foreskin back to reveal the swollen tip of my cock before ordering Carly to open her mouth. Se did this slowly knowing what was coming. Letting go of my cock I moved forward positioning my cock inside her open mouth. I moved in and out before giving the instruction to close her mouth and lick my cock clean. Carly reluctantly began to suck and lick my cock along the length of my shaft. Although she had made a good effort I pulled my foreskin right back again to allow her to lick and suck all around the base of my helmet. Once complete I forced my cock further into her open mouth making her cough before pulling it out. Take my balls out for me I ordered. Carly reached in and pulled out my swollen balls, resting on the top of my boxers outside my fly they were made bigger by my cock resting them against my trousers. They will need to be emptied Carly to save my wife the trouble. She has already had enough of my sperm in her holes I think its only fair that someone else has some. I am sure that she would agree that you could save her the hassle. This thought did not go down well with Carly as she tried to stand to leave. My hand pressed her should down and forced her back onto the bench. As she landed on the bench my cock had been pushed back into her mouth with more force. I am now going to push my cock to the back of your throat and this time you will take it all in and not cough like a little school girl who is having cock for the first time. With this my cock slid in making sure I wiped it al around the inside of her mouth. Carly began to struggle after a few inches. Take it now I said as I pushed it in further. Carly took in about six inches when I could feel the back of her throat starting. This had been a fantasy for so long standing there with the length of my cock hanging out of her slutty younger mouth. I stood there leaving my cock in position before Carly began sucking and sliding her throat back and forward. I commented that she was using her initiative whilst laughing at the sight of her reluctantly sucking my cock and squeezing my balls with her other hand. This carried on for quite some time alternating between me fucking her tits and fucking her mouth with my cock.Sit on the toilet for me. Carly stood up and moved to sit on the seat. Before she down I lifted up her skirt to reveal the front of her white thong that had a lace panel showing her well-trimmed pussy hair. Lean back and lift your legs in the air and spread them for me. I mover to kneel in from of her spread legs inches from her pussy. You can’t go in there at the moment she whimpered its not the right time. Realising what she meant I was initially disappointed and I am sure that Carly though that this was a good thing. I slowly moved the fabric of her thong away from her pussy region to reveal her lovely pussy hole. I knew that this was off limits but I could not resist playing and licking her clit for a while before returning her thong to its original position. Standing up my cock slipped back into her filthy mouth for a few seconds before I pulled Carly to her feet. Not wanting to stain my suit I now undid my belt and undid my trouser button pushing my escort tuzla trousers and boxers to the floor. I removed my suit jack and shirt leaving me stood there with nothing in front of Carly. What is it like to have sucked an older mans cock then? Its ok. With this response I forced Carly to the floor and pulling her hair down I grabbed to head and thrust my cock in her mouth. You will suck my cock until you think it is good. I fucked her throat until she begged that it was now good. I felt her pussy and her panties were now wet with juices. I think that you enjoy sucking an older guys cock now at last.Turning Carly around I pulled her white thong to one side so that it was no longer covering her asshole. Her hole looked perfect for fucking if not very tightly puckered at the moment. My finger pushed against the outside of her puckered hole to Carlys surprise. Do you not let your boyfriend finger you ass Carly? No I don’t that is what my pussy is for? You have 3 holes for a reason, which is that they all need to be filled with cock on a regular basis. With this I licked my finger and pushed it into her waiting ass. As I moved it in and out of her ass she squirmed although this eased as I got some more lubrication from her ass. I knew that I would need some more lubrication to get my cock in there and so I spread a small amount of hand soap onto my fingers before placing two fingers deep into her ass. Carly was whimpering as I stretched her asshole nice and wide. With her ass now ready I rubbed my cock over her pussy and clit to get it nice and hard. Don’t fuck my pussy she said as I moved the tip of my cock from her pussy hole to the outside of her ass hole. What the fuck are you doing, you can’t fuck my ass with that big cock of yours? My wife will be grateful that you have saved her the trouble of having my cock in her ass tonight. With that I moved forwards forcing the upper part of Carlys body to be squashed against the back of the cubicle wall. The tip of my cock half went into her ass, but he was still so tight. I removed my cock and let Carly suck it for a second tasting her ass on it. I replaced it in her hole and with a big push my head was into her ass. Relax slut or this will just hurt more. Carly tried to relax as I pushed 3 inches inside her ass. That’s it take my cock in your ass. Fucking her with slow strokes her ass quickly loosened up. Now eager to get it all in there I forced it in hard pushing each inch in until my cock was buried in her hot ass. My thighs now touched her ass cheeks and I stood there feeling her warm ass wrapped around my cock. I played with Carlys tits as I moved my cock in and out no more that an inch either way. Carly was whimpering as I invaded her rear. I could feel that I was so deep inside her ass that there was a blockage stopping my cock from moving. With a few thrusts this was removed allowing my cock more space to expand in her ass. My wife hates having my sperm flood into her ass, do you want my cum in your ass Carly? No don’t cum in there, let me wank you all over my lovely tits. The though was appealing but I knew that my load was going to end up deep in her ass. How was she going to let her boyfriend pick her up with cum dripping from her ass hole? My thrusting was now harder than ever and Carly was struggling to take my cock any longer. She pulled her ass off my cock and spun round to take my soiled cock in her mouth. She licked it clean sucking it like she meant it this time. I fucked her tits again and I new that he was desperate for me to empty my ball onto them right now. Maybe next time I would do this but for now I wanted to shoot my load into her gorgeous asshole. Sitting her on the toilet again facing me I lifted her legs wrapping them around me before inserting my cock back into her ass much to the displeasure of Carly. She watched as my cock lid in and out of her ass with ease as I played with her tits. My cock sprang out of her ass I Carly must have though I was going to cum as he grabbed my cock and stuffed it back into her open mouth using her tongue to tease it. I spun her around and forced my cock back into her ass fucking her relentlessly with long hard strokes. Carly could now hardly stand a he was struggling so much with my cock thrusting. He knew that she had no choice but to get me to cum in her open ass. She quizzed her ass tight and began to push back onto my cock. My cock was not fully wedged into her ass unable to move more than an inch at a time. I could feel that my balls were beginning to swell and Carly sensed this as she reached between her legs to squeeze them in her hand.My balls tightened more starting to fill my cock with fresh sperm. The slowness of the fucking was now hurting my cock and I had to relieve the pressure. With one forceful thrust the first shot from my cock into Carlys waiting passage. Carly felt this and moved back onto my cock. I tried to resist coming for a few more seconds but I could hold on no longer as my cock shot spurt after spurt of hot sticky sperm deep into her rectum. Carly had now relaxed allowing my well lubricated cock to move in and out until every last drop of my cum was removed from my balls. As my cock softened I pulled out of Carlys ass that sat on the toilet seat with her head in her hands. I have to go home to my wife now; I can’t have a soiled cock. With this I let Carlys suck and clean my cock for me until it was in the state it had started. That’s better I can fuck my wife well now tonight thinking that it is you. Carly now realised that he had fucked me for nothing as he would fuck his wife as well tonight. Cum was dripping from her ass into the toilet and Carly began to pee a she had been desperate for this. She didn’t care that I was still there after what I had done to her. She wiped herself clean and began to dress herself. I can’t wait to fuck that pussy of yours when you are ready. Carly new that I was serious and reluctantly agreed to this, but said that I couldn’t cum in her. We will see was my response. I couldn’t wait to come to work the next day.

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