Desire Fulfilled Ch. 04


For continuity purposes, I highly recommend reading the first three chapters of “Desire Fulfilled” before reading this chapter. Enjoy…


Giggling at Erin’s enthusiasm, Sam swung her legs over the end of the bed and quickly jumped to her feet. Standing in front of the large dresser, instead of bending her knees to reach the bottom drawer of the dresser, Sam stood with her feet shoulder width apart and bent over at her waist, her wet and swollen pussy lips plump and puffy, protruding between her legs and clearly visible to Erin.

“God, your pussy is gorgeous from this angle,” Erin said while she propped her head on her hand and watched as Sam retrieved a few different items from the drawer. Instead of closing the drawer, Sam left it open, just open enough for Erin to see even more toys neatly arranged inside. “Damn, you’ve got quite a collection!”

“I know,” Sam replied, grinning and turning around holding an assortment of toys. Reaching the edge of the bed, Sam dropped her handful of items. Leaning towards them, Erin reached out and moved them apart curiously.

“Ooooh, this one looks fun,” Erin said playfully as she picked up Sam’s Glow in the Dark vibrator. “Does it actually glow?”

“Oh hell yes it does,” Sam proudly replied. “It looks awesome as it disappears and reappears…disappears and reappears.” Erin giggled at her own curiosity and holding it firmly at the base, wrapped her fingers around its smooth surface and slowly slid her hand up and down the 7″ length. “I can imagine we are going to have fun using it on each other,” Sam said teasingly.

“You bet we are Baby…by itself and with these other ones too.” Erin held the glow in the dark vibe and reached towards the other items Sam had dropped on the bed, moving them about and carefully looking them over.

“Hey, I am going to get another drink…do you want one too?” Sam asked.

“Yeah, sure…I am gonna wait here and just take a look at these…?” Erin’s words trailed off as Sam hurried out the room and down the stairs. Erin twisted the bottom of the glow in the dark and much to her delight, the lowest setting was quite powerful. Rolling onto her back, she rested the tip of the vibe on her nipple, making it immediately harden. The tingling sensations making her smile. She couldn’t help but let out a quiet moan as she moved it to her other nipple, making it harden too. Closing her eyes, Erin slowly twisted the knob bringing the vibe up to the medium setting, then slowly trailed the tip of the vibe down her body towards her waiting pussy.

Sam returned to the bedroom with two glasses refilled, only to enter and see Erin laying on the bed with her legs spread and the glow in the dark vibe being rubbed up and down over her clit. Sam paused at the doorway for a few seconds watching Erin slowly tease herself with the vibe, her fingers gently pinching and pulling on her nipples, alternating between each one. Erin was already enjoying the sensations of the vibe so much that she didn’t hear Sam reenter the room and set the drinks down onto the nightstand. Leaning over towards Erin’s pussy, Sam gently blew a breath of air over Erin’s exposed and glistening wet pussy.

“Mmmmmm,” Erin moaned, still unaware of Sam’s presence. Sam grinned, but remained silent. Taking another deep breath she gently exhaled, blowing warm air over Erin’s pussy again. Pulling back her clitoral hood, Erin exposed it, vigorously the tip of her index finger around in circles. “Ohhhhhh,” Erin murmured. “MMMMmmmmmm.”

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Sam whispered.

“Oh fuck yeah…it…it feels great,” Erin uttered.

“Here…let me,” Sam said taking the vibe from Erin’s hand. Replacing Erin’s hand with her own, Sam nudged Erin’s legs wider apart and nestled herself between them only inches from her pussy. Leaning in closer, Sam pulled the vibe out of the way just enough to touch the tip of her tongue to Erin’s clit, making her jump. Sam chuckled as she felt Erin quivering and her body occasionally jerking up and down the longer she flicked her tongue up and down. Lowering the vibe down to Erin’s pussy, Sam pushed just the tip into her as she took Erin’s clit between her lips, sucking it gently. Erin’s hips immediately began to push against Sam’s face, and at the same time, almost sucking the vibe deeper into her pussy.

“Ohhhhh Baby,” Erin moaned. “Oh yeah…fuck me!”

Responding to Erin’s whimpers, Sam slowly began to slide the vibe completely into Erin’s pussy, holding there for a few seconds, then sliding it back out. Her tongue lapped at Erin’s soaked pussy lips, moving up and flicking over her hardening clit, eliciting louder and louder moans from Erin. Fucking her faster with the glow in the dark vibe, Sam opened her mouth a little wider and completely covered Erin’s clit, her lips closing around it, the little nub now aching and throbbing.

“Uugghhhhhh!” Erin gurgled as she held Sam’s head with her hands, her hips moving up and down rapidly. Sam kept her mouth attached escort bursa to Erin as she fucked her pussy harder and deeper with the vibe. When she felt Erin’s body tense up, Sam slid the vibe out and pulled away, watching her whole body quivering.

It took a few seconds for Erin to say anything. “Oh God…please don’t stop!” Erin pleaded. “Please…don’t…”

Sam giggled as she turned up the speed to the highest setting, gently dabbing the tip of the vibe on Erin’s clit. Erin’s hips jerked up and down, her legs trembling. Sam slid the vibe down and inserted it a couple of inches into Erin’s waiting pussy causing her to moan even louder then before. “Oooooh, that feels soooo goooood. Oh, more…give me more.”

“I know…I will…just lay there and enjoy it Baby,” Sam whispered. Lowering her mouth, she sucked Sam’s puffy and swollen folds into her mouth, feeling the vibrations of her toy moving through Erin. With the tip of her tongue, she danced it over Erin’s hard pointy clit, flicking up and down quickly. The squelching sounds of Erin’s pussy being fucked by the vibe were soon muffled by the moans of both Erin and Sam. “Mmmmmmm…”

“Ohhhhh fuck! Oh God!” Erin exclaimed. “I’m…gonna…cuummmmmm!”

Sam slid one hand under Erin’s ass and pushed her fingertip against her tightly puckered hole. Sucking on her clit and working the vibe completely in and out of Erin’s pussy, Sam pushed her fingertip in slightly, making Erin gasp loudly. Her entire body became rigid, spasming uncontrollably. With Erin’s orgasm, Sam was rewarded with an abundance of juices flowing from her pussy, droplets being squeezed out with each spasm from deep inside Erin.

After Erin’s orgasm subsided, her hips slowly sank downwards onto the bed, Sam’s fingertip still tucked inside her ass, the vibe in her pussy and her tongue gently flicking her clit. “Fuck! How…how in hell do you make…manage to make me cum so quickly?” Erin stammered.

Giggling at Erin’s question, Sam slowly withdrew her finger eliciting another gasp from her, then slid the cum-coated vibe out of Erin’s soaking wet pussy. Looking up at Erin, Sam saw here eyes were still closed as she felt the occasional shudder move through her body. Licking the vibe completely clean, Sam tasted even more the Erin’s juices. “Mmmmm,” she moaned as she devoured every droplet. “You taste wonderful.” Setting the vibe down, Sam crawled onto her hands and knees and kissed Erin’s still throbbing clit once more before laying down beside her. With her head resting on her hand, she gently pinched Erin’s hard nipple, then finally replied, “I honestly don’t know…the desire that I have had for so long just makes me do whatever I think will feel good.”

Opening her eyes, Erin turned to Sam, “Well Baby, you are incredible. I can’t remember the last time I have cum so hard…and so often.” Moving her hand over Sam’s cheek, she gently caressed it and leaned closer, giving Sam a long passionate kiss. Erin couldn’t help herself and moaned quietly as she tasted her juices on Sam’s lips and tongue. Gently probing into Sam’s mouth with her tongue, Erin could taste even more of herself…making her crave the abundance of juices that she knew were accumulating deep inside Sam’s pussy.

Rolling over on top of Sam, Erin leaned upright, most of her weight resting on her knees. Sam felt the gentlest of touch on her pussy as she felt Erin’s silky smooth skin in direct contact with hers…and she grinned as their wet pussies lightly touched each other’s. Erin looked down at Sam, sliding her hands over the outer curvatures of Sam’s tits, her thumbs lightly moving over her hardening nipples. Sam lifted her hips upwards, increasing their contact…pussy to pussy. Angling her hips, Sam rubbed her pussy a little harder against Erin, and with the increasing pressure on her nipples spurring her on, she was desperately wanting more. Sam rested her hands on Erin’s thighs, gently stroking and caressing them, her fingers occasionally slipping between her lips, getting a light covering of juices. With the incredibly pleasurable attention her nipples were receiving, Sam could feel twitches of excitement deep inside her, little spasms igniting the burning feelings of desire. Closing her eyes, Sam pushed her chest upwards, desperate to feel more of Erin’s touch…aching, longing for the slowly building orgasm she knew would eventually come.

Erin knew what Sam was craving, and gladly obliged. Swinging one leg over, Erin dismounted Sam and knelt beside her. “Roll over Baby…I want to use this on you,” she said picking up the vibe and twisting the bottom slightly. Grinning at Erin’s request, Sam sat up and turned over, spreading her legs, resting on her hands and knees. Reaching towards the other toys laying on the bed, she picked up another and glancing over her shoulder, beamed a smile at Erin.

“I want these too,” Sam said with a mischievous grin, holding her weighted nipple clamps up, dangling them from her bursa merkez escort finger tips.

“Oh yeah…they will make you cum even harder!” Erin exclaimed leaning forward and watching Sam intently.

Sam turned her body slightly so Erin could easily see while she pinched her nipples, making them rock hard again. Erin moved closer to Sam and gave each nipple a suck, enjoying the hardness of each nipple between her lips. Squeezing the ends of one of the clamps, Sam took a hold of one nipple, pulling it outwards. Positioning the clamp on either side of her nipple, Sam closed her eyes as she slowly released the tension of the clamps. Gasping loudly, she winced as she felt the incredible pressure closing down on her tender nipple. Easing the pressure slightly, she waited for a few seconds before releasing the tension of the clamp again.

“Fuck! I forgot how tight these damn things are!” Sam murmured. Seeing the slight pain Sam was feeling, Erin slid her hand between Sam’s legs, caressing her wet pussy. The distraction made the intense pressure a little easier to deal with, but the clamp still hurt immensely.

“Take your time Baby,” Erin whispered as she slipped a finger into Sam’s pussy. “They look tight so take as long as you need.”

Sam arched her back slightly, feeling more of Erin’s finger slipping into her, the weight of the clamp dangling from her nipple, the metal chain swaying and tugging on it. Sliding her juice coated finger from Sam’s pussy, Erin reached around, lightly brushing her finger over Sam’s reddening nipple, causing her to inhale sharply. Sam felt what seemed like jolts of electricity coursing through her entire body as her nipple throbbed painfully. She squeezed her other nipple, making is rock hard again and placed the other clamp on, releasing it, letting her nipple take the full and painful brunt of the pressure all at once.

Erin moved close behind Sam, and turned on the vibe, positioning it between Sam’s legs. She pressed her body up against Sam’s back, and reaching both hands around Sam, she gently caressed and stroked the underside of her tits, careful not to touch Sam’s painfully hard and extremely sensitive nipples. Kissing the side of Sam’s neck, Erin pulled Sam backwards, making her sit down onto the vibe tingling against the opening of her pussy. With the vibe slowly sinking into Sam’s pussy, Erin’s fingers found Sam’s throbbing nipples, giving them a slight squeeze.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!” Sam cried out.

“Relax Baby,” Erin soothed. “Concentrate on the vibe…you’ll get used to the clamps…just relax.”

“But…but they are soooo tight!” Sam whimpered. “God, they hurt!”

“Just keep fucking that vibe…nice and slow…just think about that vibe in your gorgeous pussy,” Erin whispered. “Keep focusing on that nice hard vibe sliding in and out…that’s it, nice and slow. Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“MMmmmmmmm…yes,” Sam moaned as she slowly rose up and down on the vibe.

“That’s it…just keep fucking that pussy Baby,” Erin encouraged. Sam responded by moving up and down on the vibe, the nipple clamps gradually becoming more tolerable. Erin sensed Sam’s acceptance of the clamps, and gave her nipples one more firm pinch before releasing them. This time, Sam moaned long and loud. Erin slid her hand down Sam’s stomach, rubbing her clit, feeling the vibe tingling from deep within her. “Lean forward…feel the weight of the clamps and chain tugging on your nipples,” Erin instructed as she gently applied a little pressure against Sam’s shoulders.

Sam responded to Erin, immediately feeling the tension and pressure increasing on her nipples again. The closer to the bed she lowered her body, the more pressure she endured. Scooting back a little, Erin leaned down and took a hold of the vibe, slowly moving it in and out of Sam’s soaking wet pussy. “MMMmmmmm, you look like you’re enjoying those clamps…your pussy is sopping wet!”

“Yesssss!” was the only reply Sam could muster.

Sam rocked her body back and forth, fucking herself on the vibe in Erin’s hand, the chain of the nipple clamps dragging back and forth across the bed. The combination of the pain and pleasure was sending Sam into a desperate state of anticipation. She wanted the release of an orgasm, but at the same time was confused about the intense pressure and pain bringing her so much pleasure. Erin withdrew the vibe and immediately replaced it with her pointed tongue, probing into Sam’s pussy. Tasting the incredible amount of wetness flowing from Sam’s pussy only encouraged Erin to grind her face harder against the well of juices that awaited her. Licking and slurping, Erin felt Sam’s hips move up and down, side to side, seemingly every which way possible. Reaching up between Sam’s legs, Erin took a hold of the chain, giving it a firm tug. Sam’s entire body shuddered, and much to Erin’s surprise, all she heard was a long guttural moan, and not the shriek of pain she anticipated. It bursa escort was evident that Sam was enjoying the nipple clamps, pain and pleasure together.

Spreading her legs wider, Sam gave Erin a better view of her soaking wet pussy and pulsating clit. Licking upwards, Erin poised above Sam’s tight puckered ass before gently touching the tip of her tongue to it. Sam jerked backwards, her nipples rubbing against the bed covers. Erin slipped the vibe back into Sam’s pussy again, sliding it completely into her. Sam’s moans were becoming louder as the glow in the dark vibe sent the familiar sensations all through her.

“Ohhhh…oh, fuck me! Fuck me harder!” Sam pleaded. Looking up, she could see the headboard of the bed was within reach. Grabbing onto it, Sam lifted her upper body off the bed. The chain on the nipples clamps hung down beneath her and she felt the full weight of it tugging hard on her nipples. Turning her head slightly, Sam could see the reflection of her and Erin in the mirror on top of the dresser. She watched in the mirror, the amazement, the beauty and the sensuality of the two women naked, sharing the most intimate of experiences together.

Erin fucked Sam’s pussy harder and faster with the vibe, her tongue dancing over Sam’s puckered ass. Sam pushed back against the intrusive vibe and Erin’s tongue, her tits swaying, the chain swinging with more momentum, pulling harder against her aching nipples. Sam felt the unmistakable sensations of her orgasm quickly building deep within her.

“Fuck…fuck me!” Sam said demandingly. “Fuck me!”

Erin drove the vibe deep and held it there, turning the dial up to high. Sam’s body shuddered and tensed up. Her breathing rapid and irregular.

“I’m cummmingggg!” Sam couldn’t hold back any longer as her orgasm began to move through her. Erin reached up and took a hold of one of Sam’s tits, squeezing her nipple hard. Sam squealed as her frenzied orgasm consumed her entire being. Erin delighted in Sam’s explosive orgasm, and in being able to see and feel her squirting again. This time, it was only a little, but Erin still savored every drop. Sam’s knuckles turned white as she gripped the headboard, holding on as her body shook and trembled. “Oooohhhhhhhh, fuck!”

Almost as quickly as her orgasm took over, it was over. Sam’s hold on the headboard was gone and her body fell down onto the bed. Erin held the vibe deep inside Sam’s pussy, as the occasional spasm made her shudder. Gasping for air, Sam lay motionless. Erin layed down next to her, brushing the hair away from her face, then kissed Sam gently on the cheek. “That was incredible,” Erin whispered. “I thought you were going to pass out Baby.”

Taking a few seconds to answer, Sam quietly replied, “I thought…I thought I was too.” Reaching for the vibe, Erin slowly withdrew it from Sam’s pussy and turned it off. She was amazed at the thick and creamy layer of cum that covered it. Rolling onto her side, Sam watched as Erin held the vibe between them, close enough so that she could taste her juices all over it at the same time as Erin. With the vibe licked clean, Erin moved closer to Sam. She gently cupped Sam’s breast, her thumb grazing over the now incredibly dark red nipple. Sam gasped loudly, but pushed herself against Erin’s hand anyway. The pressure was so very intense, but it felt too good for her to want it to stop. Erin wasted no time and leaned down, flicking her tongue over Sam’s nipple. The sensations Sam experienced were incredible. The coolness of the air on her wet nipple made it ache even more. The intense heat that had built up and the wetness made her shudder all over.

“I’ve gotta take these off,” Sam whispered as she rolled the rest of the way onto her back and grasped the bottoms of the clamps. She grimaced as the release of pressure felt even more painful than the clamps themselves. “Oh God, they hurt,” Sam moaned, squeezing her tits together. Immediately Sam felt the blood rushing back into her nipples, and they ached even more. The intensity of the sensation only made her moan over and over again. With every beat of her heart, Sam could feel her nipple throbbing, pulsating.

“I will want to try those too,” Erin said as she picked them up, squeezing them and feeling the pressure they inflict. “Wow! Those are tight!” Erin said with a giggle. “But they sure made you cum hard.”

“Oh yeah they did!” replied Sam. “God damn, that was amazing!”

Looking at Erin, Sam could only smile and think to herself how fortunate she was to have met her. The chance meeting…her deepest most secret fantasy, now a reality. Leaning towards the nightstand, Erin picked up both drinks and handed one to Sam. “Cheers…here’s to you,” she said clinking her glass with Sam’s.

“To us,” Sam quickly added. Taking sips of their drinks, Sam and Erin couldn’t stop smiling at each other. The smiles turning into giggles. Erin tilted her glass and dipped the tip of her tongue into the icy cold liquid. Sam watched as Erin leaned over and touched Sam’s nipple with it.

“Yeeeoowwwww! Damn, that hurt like hell!” Sam exclaimed as she pulled away from Erin’s mouth. “Shit! Don’t do that!”

Erin giggled as she saw Sam covering her nipples with her hand. “I’m sorry…I thought you might be ready for it…I didn’t mean…”

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