Demolingchi – Ana’s execution


Demolingchi – Ana’s execution


Mr. Leon Van Bergh was an official from the Local Force for more than 30 years. During this period, he occupied different positions in the government, but the one that really made him famous in the country was as the cruellest Executioner since 2010.
Famous by his sadism, Leon was the favourite executioner of the King. When people needed to see a public torture show, his hands worth any price for the Kingdom.
What nobody could expect is that the infamous executioner would accept with pleasure the invitation to execute his own wife.
In June 2019, Ana Van Bergh, wife of Leon, saw him talking very pleasant with a younger woman from the village. Enemy from Jenny since they meet, Ana full of jealousy stabbed the pregnant girl at least 8 (eight) times, provoking serious injuries that caused an abortion and could lead to Jenny’s death any moment.
Furious by the damage done to his supposed new lover, Leon tried to bring Ana himself in front of the court to be judged for her crime, but she did escape and took a flight to her country.


Before meet Leon, Ana was not even a local citizen. She came from a South America country searching for a better way of life. And the decision of the court would show again her place in the world.
After days of deliberation and contact with Foreign Minister, finally a decision was published on 12th, June.
“A few days ago, our country suffered a very hard attempt against its social values. A Foreigner stabbed a local pregnant girl 8 (eight) times, provoking an abortion. Even that the girl survives those terrible injuries, she will have marks and problems for the rest of her poor life. Taking in consideration the decision from the foreign Minister of cooperate with our Justice, this court decided that Ana Van Bergh is founded guilty of qualified murder temptation, abortion and escape from official force.
Considering the extension of the crime, it is the decision of this court that Ana must be impregnated, tortured and confined for at least two days before be executed by a thousand cuts, that must follow the method of the wire-jacket. Note that the breasts, nipples and pussy from the criminal most suffer the extremes tortures since those parts from the victim’s body received permanent injuries. Secondly, if at the end of the procedures, the criminal be still alive, the executioner will wrap the remained body in plastic, the body will be oiled and chilli will be inserted in the pussy. If even after that the prisoner be still breathing, she will be crucified for a certain period. During this period, the prisoner will be exposed by cam on the net and spectators can make suggestions taken from a prepared list. The condemned will be deported immediately in order to fully accomplish this sentence”.
— In order to ensure that the convict survives as long as possible during the proceedings, this court invites the courtliest executioner, Mr. Van Bergh, who can obviously refuse this incumbency since the convicted is his wife in law, said Judge Robert.
Leon almost immediately emerge from his seat and asked permission to talk to the judges.
— You have the word, Mr. Van Bergh, said Judge Everett.
— In response to this exceptional court sentence and request,
I would like to thank the opportunity that this court is offering me, to honour my errands before my country and to avenge the tragedy that has plagued my beloved Jenny. It will be a pleasure to torture and execute this filthy criminal.
— Thank you very much, Mr. Van Bergh. It’s always an honour to have officials like you in the Kingdom.


Ana received the news about the Local Court Decision while doing her nails in the Consulate Detention Center. It’s difficult to say all that passed by her mind at the moment, but for sure one name was the centre of her whole mind convulsion: Leon Van Bergh.
Besides the public opinion about their private romance, Ana really loved Leon and for many years she claimed to be happy at his side. Ana just tried to kill Jenny in a pure passionate reaction on Leon’s betrayal. She was not a terrible criminal as people was trying to convert her to. She was only a very in love and hurt woman.
Likewise, the hardest thought was to know that Leon not just don’t loved her, but would have the will of kill her in terrible ways. She could never forgive him. On the other hand, somehow, she was not very worried about dying since she couldn’t see a future for herself without her sadist husband.
To summarize, her mind was a rich field for contradictories thoughts and feelings.
On Thursday, 13th June, her flight arrived in the airport. Leon was waiting to bring her to her cell in the Kingdom.
By the first time in her life she wished the immigration would stop her to enter in the golden world but they didn’t. She was nervous, afraid that some strangers could be there waiting to treat her or so, but her eyes spread open when she saw Leon, calmly waiting in the hall. Normally they would embrace and kiss each other welcome back, but for sure not this time.
This time all that existed between them was silence and tension. She was feeling very sad, head down the most of the time. How could her husband act like this after all they lived together? How could he simply stop loving her because of another funny girl? How could he be so cruel? She couldn’t believe all this was happening.
When they founded the car, he forced her inside the back seat.
— Hands back, said Leon holding cuffs.
— Leon, it’s not necessary. I can’t run away anyway, isn’t? said Ana with a dry voice.
— I will not break your face right now because we are in another country still, but you are just a criminal here. Never more call me Leon. And put these fucking cuffs. You are very wrong if you think I will treat you any different from the other shit people I executed before.
Ana remained quiet and putted the cuffs as he ordered. Her mind was burning with his actual behaviour. Did he really don’t love her anymore? No even a tiny bit? This was the questions the poor criminal tried to figure out during the silent trip to her own end.
After a few hours driving they were finally in the old house were the Pre-execution Dungeon Center was installed.


Leon brought Ana by the hair inside the place, although she didn’t offer any resistance to enter the residence. He continuous till they were in the bathroom.
— You depilate and clean yourself good or I will do it my way.
Ana just nodded the head. Somehow that was a pleasure, her clothes were still on the toilet, her shampoo and conditioner. All in the same place she left the last time she used. She missed all that. She did all very delicate, depilated her pussy lips, her asshole, her armpits and legs using her honey essence that Leon loved the most. After the shower, Ana putted her sexy pyjamas and a lot of her favourite perfume. If Leon still had any feeling for her, she would know.
She knocked on the door.
— It’s done, Sir.
Leon opened the door to see her pretty and perfumed. For a second, he could not hold his eyes on her. But then he finally putted the cuffs back on her hands and ankles with a bit of chains so she could still walk and so.
He brought her to the cell. Was a place full of devices of torture, a cage and a bucket. She was starting to understand what was going to happen and this terrified her.
He pulled her back against the wall.
— Arms up, now.
She did without any resistance.
He started to take off her blouse in a rather hard way.
— You are not allowed to use clothes anymore; except the ones I order you. I will give all your clothes to Jenny, said Leon starring at her.
When her breasts were totally naked, he could see the nipples pointing. He passed his fingers above it and she reacted groaning. With a smile in his lips, Leon took off Ana slip just to find a wet pussy between her legs. Another ashamed groaning came from her throat.
— Even sentenced to death, you are still a slut is it.
Leon pressed Ana’s neck with one arm and tried to smell the perfume that was coming from her wet hair. Without any warning, Ana kissed Leon’s face. Smiling, Leon took Ana by the hair again and brought her to the mattress nearby. They kissed each other with passion, Leon forced his hard cock in Ana’s mouth and pussy, while touched her breasts and so. When he was almost having an orgasm, he took his rigid cock out and waited. He did this about ten times. Then he got of her and went at the side of the mattress, angry. She was at an ultimate point and begged to be really fucked and be able to cum. He threatened her that he would let her fuck by a lot of men or even by some dogs.
While she was still trying to understand what was going on, Leon already took her by the hair forcing her to lay on the floor where he started to kick and punch her on the belly, legs, back and face.
— You are absolutely useless to me, your fucking Latin shit. You can’t make me cum, you can’t make me proud, you can’t make me love you. Do you understand?
Ana just kept herself quiet trying to defend herself from the beating.
Finally, after some minutes he took her by the hair and brought her to the cell, where she would pass her final days of suffering. He just throwed her inside and closed the door. Ana’s heart and soul were absolutely broken. She cried the whole time after that.
The only time she saw him again that day was the moment he brought her food and water.

At 7h30, Leon awake Ana beating her with a stick.
— Come on, slut. Head down, don’t look at me.
Leon guided her with the stick in her back into the bathroom.
— You have half an hour to make yourself very attractive for the public. There are the clothes of whore I laid out for you.
Ana cleaned herself, used her creme, perfumes and put on the ropes jumpsuit he had chosen for her. Still had a mask to go. She faced herself on the mirror and stayed a while there just thinking what would be her destiny. Finally, she putted the mask and the red lipstick.
Leon entered the bathroom and brought Ana till the dungeon again using the stick. There he tied her on her cage, arms and legs pulled down so her breast was sticking out in full pride. He also placed a gag in her mouth.
He started touching her body, pulling the nipples and his fingers inside her female hole.
— Well, you are not as beautiful as Jenny, but I am sure we will have a lot of fun torturing you.
Said that, Leon started passing a kind of oil in her nipples and breasts. The same with her pussy.
— Let me explain what will happen the first days. You will be fucked by me till you are pregnant. The times I rest you will be used by other things as I decide. You don’t have an own will anymore but are the property of the state.
— Secondly, bahis firmaları I will pump your nipples, breasts and clit till they are big enough to show firm in the jacket later, as if you are giving milk. This for at least 6 hours a day.
— If you not get pregnant within 10 days, your parts needed for a pregnancy will be destroyed.

After 8 days being fully used and humiliated, Ana finally got pregnant.
— Congratulations, pig. Your pregnancy test is positive, you are ready for the torture and execution.
Ana was relieved of finally over that agony of being a toy every day. Her mind was already broken and her proud absolutely destroyed. But at same time now she was carrying a baby inside her, a baby from Leon, she couldn’t believe how he could be so cruel.
— Leon, … (before she could finish the sentence, he beat her face).
— You are not allowed to talk.
— Please, don’t do it. We will have a baby; I am still your wife. I love you.
— You lost all respect I still had for you by committing your crime.
— Don’t pretend to me all that is because of your country and job. The truth is that you love that girl and her baby was probably yours. You should be ashamed of use the state to torture and kill your own wife and k** because of a whore you fucked behind my back.
— Can be I was wrong but I did not commit a crime, on the other hand, you did. And this has to be shown to the public so they know crime doesn’t pay.
— I know you for years. We are married, we shared everything together. No one executioner would kill his own wife, but you loved the idea. So, just tell me why. What that girl had that was so better than me?
— What this girl had or not does not matter. My work is to execute and I do it as good as possible.
— It matters to me. Your baby and I will die because I love you, I just did what I did because I could not hold to lose you. So, stop to run away and say the truth. I read the papers, you could had refused to do it yourself, but you said to the judges that would be an honour.
— The only reason I accepted is that I have an agreement with the judges. If you survive the tortures you are allowed to live free again. Of course, you will have marks but will still be alive.
— What? So, you still love me? Why you treated me this way till now? I am truly confused. Tell me exactly what is going on, please.
— See those camera’s? That’s the reason. It has to be realistic and that’s what I will do. And now stop talking and we go on.
— Please, just say if you still love me.
— I still do.
Ana and Leon kissed each other while he touched gently her belly.
— How are my chances of survive? If I do, will you stay with me or I will be sent to my country?
— I will try to make it a fifty fifty chance and you are allowed to stay then.
His words of contempt and careless left Ana very angry and sad.
— You were already disinterested on me before, imagine after being marked. I don’t need your pity. Just do what you have to. If I survive and you let me go, I will start a new life for myself.
— Very well, we have an agreement.
Ana finally accepted her faith. She slept in peace that night, enjoying the thought that she wasn’t alone anymore.

At 7h30, Leon opened the door of the cell, took Ana and brought her till the bath. He putted her arms up, chaining the cuffs to the wall and a gag in her mouth. She did not protest.
He used a hose with cold water and a very hard brush to give her a shower. Was visible her intent of be quiet in name of her own proud, but some reactions were impossible to hide. She endured the shower for 10-15 minutes, and was not allowed to dry her skin.
Subsequently, he brought her to the dungeon. Where she was chained on her ankles.
— You are allowed to walk a few passes. I will go get water and bread for you.
He chained her on her cell and left. Every step she made reminded her of her situation by the noise of the chain.
After a short period, he came with a bowl of water and a half bread.
— This is your food for today. I suggest you eat a bit because we will start with the pre-tortures soon.
He did not look at her but started preparing his materials. Two large breast tubes, two smaller ones for the nipples. They would fit into the larger ones. A thin tube with a balloon through and a pump for her clit and pussy.
— You wanted to have bigger tits and nipples. So, we will make sure they will be enormous for the final torture, so they will protrude firmly through the rings of the jacket, from now on you will stay with then at least 6 hours a day.
He dragged her to the table and started to fix her on it. He was not really careful with the tying. When finished, he stepped back and looked at his work.
— I will first whip these breasts and when they are red, I will place the pumps. This will bring more blood to them and make them more protruding.
He went to the wall and took a whip from the hook. Returned and start whipping her breasts very hard. Immediately the skin turned red and the breasts were more prominent. After 100 strokes they were deep red.
— I must admit that your nipples are puffier already and the breast are bigger also.
— I think is time to put the pumps. I will start with the nipple pumps. Over these I will place the breast pumps.
This said, he started with the left one. Placed the retort over the nipple and started to pump. After a few seconds the nipple became blue and purple. He pumped him in as hard as possible and then removed the tube of the pump. The same on the right side.
— Well, you always wanted big nipples, finally you will have some. Perhaps I will take some pics to put them in the net so they can see what a slut you are.
Now he started with the breasts. Placed the retorts over the cones and start pumping. The cones were sucked in in the retorts, at 6cm they won’t move anymore. They turned deep reddish. And clearly it was painful.
Time to start on her pussy. He took some pieces of ginger, pushed them in her and placed the retort over her pussy to pump. The lips were getting thicker and thicker, soon they filled the whole retort.
— This is way too nice to not show the world. Let them see how your last days will develop.
— I will let you this way for an hour or two and then we go on with your preparation.
After two hours, he came back in the dungeon, looked at the puffed tits and nipples. Went down on her pussy which was swollen enormously.
—Time to go to the second for today. But your tits and nipples are this puffed I want to keep them longer pumped up. For your pussy I found something else. You always wanted to be the big lady and drink always champagne is it. Well, I will give you your champagne.
He unchained her ankles and putted cuffs on them with a spreader bar between them. He started to pull her up by her feet. The moment she came loose from the table, he attached her hands to the floor and pulled her further up till her body was really tense.
— This position will actuate your audience. This strained hard thighs, the flat stretched stomach and the breasts standing out so proud. I will place a tube in your pussy, long enough to get in your mouth so you can drink the champagne. This will make the meds work better.
This said, he took the bottle of Champaign and showed it to her.
— Look at it, this will be your last bottle, so you suck that tube and enjoy.
He placed the bottle between her lips and started to insert the neck as deep as possible. Then he started to shake the bottle firmly. Suddenly, there was a pop and the drink started to spray out of her. It ran over her body, making it shine. He saw she was drinking through the tube and in her eyes, he saw she was slightly getting drunk.
— Suck it you slut, I will leave the bottle in till it is empty. Consider it your last meal.
Because she was hanging upside down, the tube worked as a siphon. She could not follow swallowing and the Champaign started already to come out of her nose. Finally, the bottle and her pussy were empty.
By now she was really drunk. But there was no time to linger, he had to finish the program.
He let her body fall on the floor and took off the cuffs, she was still conscious but barely getting up. He chained her hands together and connected it on a chain trapped in the ceiling, pulling her arms till she be straight up.
Done it he started to wrap her whole body in elastic.
— You must be almost u*********s already, but you better hold still a while in order to don’t dislocate your arms to soon. I will be slid each rolled elastic on you five times, except by breasts and buttocks that will receive ten each elastic.
After a few groanings from pain, Ana fell asleep while Leon continued his job. After finish with the elastics her body was fully marked with welts. He knew she would be in bad pain when wake up.
Nevertheless, he had to continue with his work. He changed her position, hanging her with her belly down, legs open. All perfect accessible and started to push needles on her body. In total he had to put 50 needles in her. Just in the breasts he used 15 in each. The pussy lips and mouth lips were sewed up closed. And the other 20 needles were divided between her belly, pelvis and buttocks.
Leon knew his wife had a horror of needles and wake up like this would be terrifying for her, but he had to do it in order to please the judges and also the audience.
After a while she woke up. Her eyes widened when she saw herself full of needles, she was clearly passing bad and crying. Her eyes were begging Leon to help her and stop that suffering. For a second Leon wanted to do something about, but his phone ringed while she was in panic.
— Hi, said Leon.
— Hello, Leon. It’s Robert, the judge of Ana’s case.
— Oh, yes sir. How can I help you?
— I just wanted to say that you are doing an amazing job with her. Me and my son have been watching since this morning and he wants you to do something very special with her tomorrow.
— I see, said Leon very worried. And what would that be?
— He wants the girl’s holes to be cocked.
Leon stayed quiet for a moment trying to digest the request.
— Leon?
— Yes, sorry. And how do you want me to do that?
— He wants you to insert just cooked and cut ginger in her pussy and a sausage in her ass.
— Considered done, Sir.
Ana was groaning and trying to move at any cost, she was absolutely panicking.
— And Leon, shows this bitch her place. Give us a good show and who knows she can still live after all. If I feel you are facilitating for her, you know what Gibson will do to her isn’t. Perhaps you don’t know but Jenny was his lover also and all he wants is to break your lovely and pregnant wife since she killed his only son.
Leon off the call absolutely angry and miserable. Why Ana had to do something stupid like that. Now he was forced to torture her or she would be put perabet in the worst hands possible.
He held her hair and beat her face strong.
— Stop crying right now your fucking slut. If you cry once more, I will beat you very bad. Stop!
Ana started to cry even more and louder.
— Great, if you prefer this way.
Leon took a bottle of alcohol and started throwing it on Ana’s body, hair and everything. Ana started to have a panic shock.
— Or you stop crying right now or I will burn you and your baby alive.
Ana paralysed; her eyes still wide. He came near of her and started taking off the needles in her buttocks. She didn’t a sound, but was shaking as hell. She barely could breath.
— I will open your lips but if you talk or scream, I will cut off your tongue.
Ana didn’t move when he cut the line from her lips. She only got a deep breath when her lips were free. After her buttocks were free, he untied her and left her sit on a chair in front of the camera and tied her arms on the back and her legs on the legs of the chair.
Leon throwed a bucket of water above her to take out the alcohol from her skin and hair. She was breathing very hard.
— These breasts are simply asking to be in pain, so I will play a while with them.
This said, he started to squeeze the breasts so the needles got deeper inside. After a while, he began to pull them out one by one and very slowly. With her pussy, he pulled the needles back till just under the skin and injected saline in the lips and parts where the needles were. This made her pussy swell and pull on the wires with which it was sewed. When finished, he pulled the needles out.
— Well, I saw that you peed on the floor isn’t whore.
Ana didn’t move. Leon pulled her head back hard on her hair.
— Yes or no?
Ana just nodded the head positively.
— I will punish you for that. You will drink my pee first and then you clear the floor with your tongue. I want to see a clear floor after. Lucky you did not shit also. You deserve this treatment since you behave like a dog you whore.
Said that, Leon forced his cock in her mouth and start peeing. Ana did choke a few times but drank all as he ordered. He released her from the chair and forced her face on the dirty floor.
After she cleaned the floor, she was finally thrown in the kennel to pass the night. Leon could hear her crying during the night.

At 7h30 as usual, Leon took Ana from the dungeon and guided her till the bath. Chained her arms up in the ceiling and proceeded with the cold shower.
Ana seemed very down and sick, she clearly had fever. Leon laid her on the table and started clenching the handcuffs and putting her in position.
Leon analysed her tits and nipples very carefully.
— Seems you have an inflammation in the nipples so the pumps will hurt a lot. Lucky for you this will be the last time. So, you keep quiet or tomorrow with the jacket, I will cut the nipples completely off, do you understand? One slightest sound and you will lose them.
Ana nodded with tears in her eyes already. When he putted the pumps above her hurt nipples she already starts shaking. While he was pumping, the blood from the previous holes splashed in the plastic, she was crying quiet and he could see by her contortioned face that the pain was unbearable. Anyway, he continued till the maximum and did the same with the tits. She was in real pain.
— There’s a change of plan. On special request of the judge and his family, I will cook your pussy and ass by inserting boiling meat and vegetables. In your pussy I will put cut and cooked ginger. In your ass a sausage also baked, straight out of the frying pan. In order it all go’s smooth, I will stretch your ass first.
Ana was terrified, her heart beating really fast. But she didn’t protest. Leon took a kit of pompousness balls and used them with lubrication a lot of times in her little hole.
— I think now your ass can receive something bigger isn’t. Said that, Leon chooses a plug. This is a nice one to start with. We will increase the size during the morning.
During a period of three hours, Ana was submitted to plugs and dildos of different sizes in both holes.
— You seem to like it you slut, your pussy is already dripping wet and your ass sucks the balls in as if you crave to feel more in you. I never knew you were such a hot slut.
— Let’s go on, I think you are ready and I for sure don’t want you to have pleasure in it. I will leave the biggest balls in your ass and the biggest dildo in the pussy so they stay open wide to receive the hot stuff.
Leon went down and putted everything to cook. Ana was getting crazy by the psychological torture she was suffering to know her terrible faith, for some seconds she thought on try to escape from him but soon discovered that was impossible, she was unable to move.
Leon came back and analysed her whole body, especially her breasts.
— I will take off the tubes now and inspect the results.
He took of the tubes and checked the results. The nipples were very big and thick and the breasts were bigger also. He could not resist to pet them, although he saw it hurt her. To his surprise she started to moan and the nipples reacted by getting harder
— No way you are going to cum, I will go check the prepared stuff. Must be ready by now, I think.
Leon came back with a pot full of boiling water with some vegetable and meat inside. Just to see the steam Ana started to panic.
— Here we go, just let me put on my special hand shoes, I don’t want to burn my hands.
— Please, don’t do it! I am pregnant! Leon, please!
— I have to do it. This reminds me I have to inform the judge and his family.
He took his handy and dialled the number.
— Hi Sir, I just want to inform you I will start with the cooking in some seconds. You gather the family on the screen and watch the whore being burned.
In the background Ana begged for mercy. She was absolutely terrified.
— Oh, that’s great news, Leon. I can hear the pig screaming already. Make me proud of my executioner, give this country the sense of punity they need.
— I assure you, you will hear her scream even harder in a few seconds. But allow me to give you a good show. Is the camera in the good position so you can see her cunt very well?
— Then, let’s do it. I will do it slowly so all of you and everyone in the kingdom can see how we burn her and hear her screams.
Ana was already crying and begging without a stop.
— Please Leon, please no.
— You can scream, cry and beg as much as you want, it will go in. Orders from above.
Said that, Leon putted a strong gag on Ana’s mouth and started preparing the stick with the ginger and the sausage. He held the both things up, turned to the cam to show all the people
— There we go, and stuck the ginger and sausage in one stroke in the whore’s holes. I will keep them in her for 1 minute. This will make her holes useless.
Even with the gag the neighbours could hear her inhuman screams. Her whole body was convulsing and she was shaking as hell.
— aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakeeeeeeeeeeee it offffffffffffff. Ana sounded anything except a girl. Her holes were on fire, she could not think in anything else than the pain.
— I never knew she was this flexible. Look the slut move, see the body contract, this is perfect.
Leon looked at his wife and was surprised. He was glad his face was not visible on the cam. In his eyes was a deep sorrow visible.
After two minutes of full terror, Leon took off all the hot material from inside her. Ana was spiritless, her body continues to shake and she badly could express any emotion.
He started checking the burnings and her overall state to confirm to the public. He opened her pussy to show the spectators the results.
— To all who watch, I can assure you that this slut will never take a cock in her cunt or ass.
— Leon
He hearted Ana’s weak voice and putted his ear near of her mouth.
— Kill me, please. I can’t hold this pain anymore.
Leon closed the cams and cut off the sound.
— I can’t, I have to accomplish the sentence and something is holding me back but that I will explain later. Now we first will care for the burnings and you get a night sleep. Tomorrow is a harder day you know.
Ana just putted her face down and waited for new orders. She was feeling really bad.
— You can lay yourself on the table.
Ana was walking very strange and bad in order to don’t hurt even more the burnings. Even careful she could not avoid the tears rolling down her face. The pain was absolutely unbearable.
Leon took a pill and forced on her mouth.
— Take a bit of water with it. And after open your legs so I can put the med for the burns. We need you full of energy for your last day.
Ana avoided to look at his face and just did as he ordered. When Leon touched the burned spot of her ass with the syringe, Ana release a hard scream which left him very nervous. In the second scream she gave, he lost his mind and beat her face very bad. Subsequently, he pulled her inside the kennel. She was crying very sad.
— I am sorry for that.
Ana just turned her head and continued to cry. Leon wanted to hold her and beg for forgiveness but he knew the best he could do for her now was to complete the deal he had with the judge.
During the whole night he heard her groanings from the pain in the burns and the crying from the pain in the soul. This was making him crazy. How can a husband torture and kill his pregnant wife? He could imagine holding the baby and watching her sleeping without pain again. All he wanted was to have a new chance to make her happy.

At 7h30, Leon opened the kennel and ordered Ana to go to the bathroom but soon he saw she could not keep herself up.
— Jeses, you are burning from fever. Can you open your legs?
Leon checked her holes and indeed there was a nasty inflammation.
— Damn. I know it’s bad but you only have to hold a few more hours. What’s wrong with your belly?
— Colic, said Ana with a low voice.
Leon could not pretend he was not worried. He helped her till the bath and prepared the water.
— Listen, today I will let you lay on the bath because I don’t want you to die before the right procedures. You clean yourself very good or I will use the brush including your pussy and ass.
Ana just tried to hold everything without break. Leon was dying inside to watch the love of his life languishing like this. He could not hold that anymore and went outside to call the judge.
— Hello
— Hi Sir, it’s Leon.
— Oh, Leon! Jeses, I am still cumming from your wife burning yesterday. Congratulations! How can I help you?
— Thank you, Sir. I wanted to know if we can change the date of her execution.
— What? Why?
— She has a very bad inflammation and high fever. I think if we proceed with the execution today, perabet giriş she has not chance of survive.
— And? That’s the idea of an execution isn’t Leon.
— But we had an agreement, Sir. She is my wife and she is pregnant. I can’t go ahead with the execution today.
— Leon, I have always admired you all those years. But I will not destroy my reputation because of your shit wife.
— No offence sir, but you know I want to deliver a perfect job. And when the public sees a sick and half dead prisoner who will not even react with the jacket, I don’t think they will be amused.
— All the kingdom is waiting to see that slut being executed today. All the newspaper is talking about this. You know very well what people will think if Leon Van Bergh ask to suspend the execution of his own wife. Do you want her to be sent to Gibson?
No, I will proceed the execution as commanded, just let me give her something to tone her up so at least the crowd has something to delight themselves.
Give her whatever is needed to make her absolutely aware of her faith. You have three hours till all the cameras are on and her execution starts. And Leon, the participation of the public while she is on the cross is really making us very famous, if you give me a very good work on her I can give a promotion.
I will give you and the public a show they will remember for the rest of their lives. I will give her a med that will keep her awake for the whole day and let her feel every nerve in her body.
— You make me very proud, Leon! I am sure the Kingdom will give you a bright future.
Well, we still have 3 hours left. I gave her the med already. I think we can make the list for the public now. You know, so they can choose some tortures to do on her when she is on the cross. When she survives the jacket of course.
— Great my son and the rest of my family already have some ideas, but we would love to hear her executioner suggestions. So, Leon, what you think would let the public crazy?
— I think they would love to see her been broken somehow, by bats or sticks or whatever
— For sure it can’t be missing on the list. My son suggests to impale her burnt pussy and putting weights on her split nipples. What more do you think is possible?
— Pierce the breasts with skewers, pulling her clit out. Whipping and canning.
— Good for me, Leon. You create a list with all those things and what more you want and send to me in ten minutes because I need send to the King.
The list will be:
1. whipping the body with 10 strokes per viewer
2. Impaling with a pole; hit the pole with a hammer once per viewer
3. Weights on the pussylips, 10gr per viewer
4. whipping her with nettle, 5 strokes per viewer
5. push thumbtacks in the cuts, public decides the quantity. 5 per viewer
Well, time to put on the jacket. This was made of rings of 2.5cm diameter and fitted the whole body. From the ankles till the shoulders. In every ring will come a cut so the total will be about a 1000. It was construct too small so the skin would bag out of the rings, making the cuts longer.
— Stand up Ana so we can put the jacket on and close it.
He pulled her up by the hair and started to put her in the jacket. It was indeed too small so he had to tighten it strong. After half an hour the jacket was fitted. He looked at her, even in this outfit she looked astonishing. the public will certainly enjoy her body and pain. Ana was shaking from anticipation.
He started to chain her, arms wide, chains on the shoulders of the jacket and pulled her up. When her feet were from the ground, he chained her ankles to the floor, making sure her legs were spread open extremely. Now he was able to reach every cm of her torso and arms, legs included. He gave her one more med to assure she would feel every cut very intensely
— Ladies and gentlemen, members of the court, good afternoon. I have the honour to present you the execution of a prisoner, charged with attempted murder and murder of an unborn c***d. Let everyone see and think about committing a crime because this will be what is expecting you.
– Please, no! I’m pregnant! Somebody helps.
Whit this, he showed the knife very demonstrative to the public and started to cut. Every ring one slice. He worked in silence and constantly, starting from the ankles up. At the top of the thighs, he stopped.
— Please, stop! God, no!!!! Ana could not even move muscle; her body was absolutely stretch. The only thing she was allowed was to feel the blade in every part of her small body.
— Dear public, I will go further with the arms now. The best parts will be after this, the cams will show you all in close up for your pleasure. Enjoy the suffering of this whore.
After the arms, he stopped again. Placed a new blade on the knife and went again to the public.
— As you see, I replaced the blade by a sharper one because I want to cut the nipples in two and slice her pussy lips. All in close up of course, so watch and rejoice. Camera, come closer.
With this words Ana cried even louder.
— Please kill me!!!
Leon don’t give attention to her complaining’s and started with her belly, letting her in doubt if he would go up first or down. He teased her by going one up and the next down. But when he reached the underside of her breasts, he decided to go up. From the back to the front he teased her. The breasts were covered in cuts already. Now he came to the nipples.
— People, watch the slut’s nipples splitted and hear her scream in agony. They will never be used again.
—- NOOOOOOO! Please, don’t do it! She was in absolutely panic.
He took the first nipple and slid it through till the aureole. the same with the other one.
Ana screams were terrible. Even some watchers passed bad.
— Stay quiet or I cut them totally off or perhaps I stab the knife in your tits till it comes out the other end you slut
— Let us end this part people and start with the slut’s cunt
—- Please, no. Leon, kill me, do whatever you want but please stop torturing me. I beg you. I love you and I am scared.
— I have to go on, the whole kingdom is watching. But he whispered in her ear, don’t be afraid, you will live
— I can’t hold no more. Please! Mercy!
— Sorry but I will have to gag you. More you scream worse will be for you. Just enjoy your last hours here. Said that, Leon putted the gag on her mouth.
He started on her pussy, cutting all the rings. Her lips were sticking out and he could not resist to cut a small piece of them.
Ana’s body was shaking hard and the contortions and lust of her face was clear. She was feeling a terrible pain.
— And now people, I will let her see who she is, a nobody who should live of what she is offered. I cutted a piece of her lips as you all could see and now I will let her eat her own flesh.
Ana had not force to fight anymore, she just accepted she was done and ate her just teared flesh.
— don’t go away because now everyone is allowed to ask a punishment when she is on the cross. She will be on it for 1 hour. In this time all suggestions are allowed when they are on the list. The screen will show the list now.
He let her down and started preparing her for the cross. She was very weak and sick.
— Leon… if you still love me and this k**, I carry inside of me please finish this now. I can’t hold anymore; the pain is increasing more and more and I don’t care about survive. I just want it to end. Is the only think I will ask you.
— Just try to hold on for 1 hour more and then this unpleasant phase will be over and we can go on with our life and have this baby.
— You are not understanding. Look at me, I can’t have nothing anymore. Please it’s hurting too much.
— I will give you a strong painkiller so you will be able to hold on for 1 more hour. We have to finish this.
Leon’s phone was ringing.
— Hello.
— Leon, it’s Robert. Let me talk to the prisoner right now.
Leon putted the phone in her ear.
– The judge wants to talk to you.
— I am on the line.
—- Listen Ana, I know you love Leon Couse we both know you are just there because of him. I did an agreement with him and he is willing to broke it because of your behaviour. Now I give you two possibilities: (1) you face your faith with dignity and save Leon’s public image; or (2) you will be sent to Gibson that will probably skin you alive and breake your bones; and Leon will probably be condemned for corruption. So, what will be?
Ana remained silent and angry.
— You better answer fast, girl.
— I will not disturb Leon anymore, he can go on.
— This is the spirit, slut. Now, tell Leon that you are sorry for you behaviour and did you deserve much more than this. Beg him to do it all worse.
Again, Ana stayed silent on the phone. Her eyes wide.
— Tell, or he will be punished in front of you before you die.
— Sorry, Leon. Mister Robert is right, I deserve much more. Can you please go on till I paid for all I did?
— I will go on till we did the whole sentence, but it will depend of the people’s choices this last hour.
Leon brought the phone to his on ear.
– Sir, in a few minutes she will be ready for the cameras.
— Listen Leon, Jenny has just died in Gibson arms. The situation with him is very bad, he is really creating problems in the court. You give me a perfect show or I will have to process you for corruption. Put this stupid cunt to talk to public, and ask them to make she pay. We need all to prove we never corrupted this execution. Do you understand?
— Don’t you worry, I will execute the court’s decision as written in the verdict. But I have to say, what Gibson want’s is impossible, a prisoner can’t be doomed twice for the same crime. And the people know this also. This can be a discord in the Kingdom as the legislature works with two weights and measures. Until now I did not corrupt the execution as you could see yourself on your screen, and I will not do it for the last hour also.
I am awaiting the suggestions of the people to close this execution.
— Leon, I am not your enemy but your friend. I am just telling that if something goes wrong I will take my ass out of the fight. We both know the law, but Gibson is influent and let’s be honest nobody will defend your girl
I will do as the people ask. Without any kind of corrupting the case. But i want you to let her in peace then.
— I for sure will let you both in peace. As I said is not with me that you must worry. But I wish you good lucky.
He started to prepare her for the cross, oiled her body and wrapped it in plastic, very tight. Since it was shrinking film, it tightens itself even more. He tied her arms and feet on the cross and pulled it upright.
He turned to the cameras and did the announcement.
— People, I just received the sad news about the death of Jenny. My condoleances to the husband and family. This can’t never be repaired. Now the prisoner is in your hands, you all have the chance to make her pay. I hope on a countless replay on the list.


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