Delightfully Evil, Part Four


Delightfully Evil, Part FourI slowly woke up, feeling a little bit sore in my wrists, and certainly my bottom. I closed my eyes and nestled into the down pillow. Feeling the comforter, very warm, a silkiness on my body…I curl up, nibbling on the edge of my thumb…no, no can’t go back to sleep.I open my eyes and on the night table a digital clock tells me it’s already noon, Saturday. But I wouldn’t know otherwise, no windows in my cell. I sigh…if he keeps his word, I go home tomorrow…[i}…home…I want to go home…but…I shake my head and roll onto my back. Looking a the stone walls, and how odd this beautiful bed is in here, with it’s whiteness and comfort. I honestly expected to wake up on straw the way last night was going….ther’s even a shower in here…I sit up and notice my night shirt. Obviously a man’s. It fits me like a tent. But very comfortable. White and made of silk. And…his cologne…I close my eyes, telling me to stop thinking about that.Looking down, right next to the bed, on the floor was a lap table. I picked it up and saw some g****s and a sliced plum. There was a note directing me to eat. In a silver bucket, on the floor, was a carafe sitting in ice. Orange juice. I took my time eating. I heard a soft whirr.Oh. That makes sense. A camera in the cell. Can’t give me privacy can you? I give the camera the finger and a sweet smile.Wait…I’m wearing his nightshirt. That means…“ASSHOLE! What did you do?”I threw a slice of plum and missed, “Dick!”Within a minute, the door opened. I crossed my arms. Tapping my foot. Him.“Good morning! Or should I say afternoon?”“You can go-“He tsked me. I hate that! I turned my head away and hmphed. He gave that chuckle that I love and hate. Tapping my foot again.“Good, I’m glad you ate. You have long day ahead of you…we both do…princess.”I stamped my foot, “Don’t you call me that! You can NEVER call me that!”“Shall I call you brat instead?”Hands on my hips, “I don’t care what you call me. Just. Let. Me. Go. Now.”He just laughed at me, “Oh my, aren’t you confident this morning.”That earned him a glare.He held up hands, “Stop. I didn’t change your clothes and take advantage. I just laid manisa escort you down. Someone else put you in my shirt. She thought that would be most comfortable for you.”“She.”“Yes, she. You will meet her later.”I nodded, “Fine. You don’t have the privilege to see me naked.”He smiled, “Good. In the meantime, why don’t you avail yourself of the shower? There will be a change of clothes for you. The press that button by the door, and I will come for you.”I pointed to the camera. He chuckled, “Relax, I won’t be watching. I will try to be at least that much of a gentleman.”I made a shooing gesture. A shower actually sounded nice. She. He said “she”. So he has a partner in crime? A woman? Great. Just what I needed. I looked at the camera. Did I trust him?Idiot. He k**napped, spanked and put you in a cell. I rubbed my face in my hands groaning. Fine. I looked up at the camera again. Ok. Fine.I put my back to the camera. I undid the top two buttons. I closed my eyes. I let the shirt drop down off of one shoulder. I turned my head so my chin was against my shoulder, looking at the camera, over my shoulder. I slowly brought the shirt back up.I slowly turned around. Unbuttoning each button, so slowly, never taking my eyes off the camera, turning in a small circle. When my back was back to the camera, I let the shirt drop off my shoulders, stopping right above the shelf of my bottom, being held by the sleeves hanging on my elbows.…oh that silk sliding down…[/]I just stood there. Suddenly unsure…look at me…I want you to see me…I trembled.…how would his hands feel on my shoulders…I snapped out of what I was feeling and with a swift movement, brought the shirt back up. I turned to face the camera. The shirt was open. I traced my finger from just below my hidden breasts over my stomach…twirling my finger around my belly button…lips slightly parted.I turned and gave the camera my profile. His shirt covering me, I slid the panties down. Inch by inch…over my legs. Stepped out of them. And then glided to the shower.I stepped in and drew the curtain back, hidden. I took off the shirt and stuck out through the curtains, escort manisa letting it slide off of me fingertips. I peekd out and blew a kiss to the camera.“Hope you liked the show, asshole.”********Wearing a bathrobe, I approached the bed and saw the clothes. Also, there was a changing screen and a full length mirror. Was my little tease too much? Good.I took my time. It had been awhile since I wore garters. The stocking were nice, black and very smooth. I caught myself running my hands up and down my own legs. The skirt was leather. Almost a perfect fit. The white blouse was open in back, plunging in the front, the firm collar holding it up. A white hair band for my hair. The black heels gave me another two inches in height. Looking at myself in the mirror…nice…going to tease him so bad…I pressed the button and waited. The door opened and when he walked in, he smiled. Good. We both were getting what we wanted at the moment, but I wasn’t done yet. He set a small bag down on the bed.He pulled out a collar with a single silver ring and handed it out to me.I shook my head, “No.”“Suzy…”Crossing my arms again, “No.”He walked to me, “Suzy…now.”I looked up, so tall, “No.”He tapped my nose, “Don’t be difficult, my dear.”“I’m not wearing it.”The anger came into his eyes as he squeezed my cheeks in one large hand, “Yes. You will.”He let me go and stepped back. He held out the collar and I took it. Black leather, the one ring, felt on the inside. Small. Like it would fit my tin neck. My neck.I looked at him, “Did you have this made for me?”“Yes.”…me, just for me…this is just for me…I traced a finger over the felt.…soft, it will be soft on my neck…Whispering, “If I put this on…then you will own me…”…oh yes, owned…to be owned…not to worry anymore…Softly, “No. You have to give yourself to me in order for me to own you.”Trembling. Oh, I hate him so much…“Please…Suzy…please put it on…”As if in a dream, I brought the collar up, around my neck.…so good, feels so good on my neck…I fastened the buckle. My arms fell to my sides, feeling defeated. Tired. Looking down. Pressure on my neck. The ring made a small sound. One manisa escort bayan hand came up, caressing the ring. Tip of my tongue briefly licking my upper lip.He came and gently took my hand. He put a leather cuff on it. Tight, but not overbearing. He put the other cuff on me. They felt like lead weights. I knew I was being compliant, that I should fight harder…but I was in that place again, that place where……where I want to be…He silently walked behind me, seeming to understand that I needed the silence. To feel everything. He was gentle but stern in bringing my arms behind me. I heard a simple click and my hands were cuffed behind me.Out of the bag he pulled a leash. He clicked it to the ring.…yes, walk me, show me off to everyone, let them see me…I pulled back a little, a gesture of tired defiance. He tugged back, but not hard.Softly, “Suzy…I want to introduce you to someone…”“I can’t.”“Can’t or won’t?”I bit my lip, “Both.”“You can. You will.”Telling me what to do…a tiny spark of anger brought me back, “No.”“Suzy…”I lifted my chin, “Not until you say it.”He was confused, “What?”“Tell me. Tell me what I want to hear. You know what to say.”Very confused, “So submissive before, now back to the bratty princess?”I smirked, “Just be glad I’m not being the bitchy princess.”He smiled, “Yes, I am.”He cocked his head. He looked me over, closed his eyes and whispered something. I’m not sure but I think he called himself an idiot.He gave me a small bow, “You look delectable.”“I’m so glad you noticed.”“I apologize.”“Mmhmm. Just bring in the woman who changed my clothes and saw me naked, would you?”He called over his shoulder, “Come!”He opened the door wider, “This is Samantha.”She took my breath away. Taller than me, wearing a black corset, black stockings, heeled boots, gloves up to her elbows. Her real, blonde hair was held up off of her lovely neck with chopsticks. Her face had this feline look to it, long lashes…falling into her eyes.…beautiful…I want those lips…now…He passed the leash to her, “Give me a few moments, to prepare.”She didn’t even look at him, just me, “Yes, Sir.”As he walked through the door she pulled the leash hard. I came flying forward, falling forward and she caught me. Pulling up on the leash, she pulled my head up. A gloved hand caressed one cheek. She leaned down and I smelled lavender.Her voice hissed in my ear, “I DID enjoy your little show…”

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