Defrosting My Marriage Pt. 03

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We slept late and never made it to the gym which is our regular Saturday morning thing. I awoke before Ellen and put up a pot of coffee. I quietly got dressed and slipped out to get some bagels as well as some supplies for the weekend. When I returned, Ellen was at the kitchen table drinking her brew.

“Want a fresh bagel with the works?”

“I’ll split one with you. My stomach is all butterflies.”

“Relax. As much fun as we’ve had so far, today will be even better. You’ll see.”

“I know but I can’t help it. My mind is working overtime.”

“I know. Consider yourself fearless, stepping into the unknown. Exploring new things and enjoying the ride. Just relax. Would you like a massage?”

“I think that a massage would be the ideal answer. But no funny business!” She cracked herself up. “Lead the way, Oh Captain, My Captain!”

“Hmmm. Let me spread out a big towel on the floor and warm up some scented oil. Don’t go anywhere.”

i got my supplies and spread out two huge bath towels on the floor of the living room. I lit a couple of scented candles and I drew the blinds. “Ready,” I called out.

“It’s close to noon and Rita said she’d be here soon. Maybe you should leave the door unlocked for her.”

“Okay. Now take off your clothes and lay out on your stomach. For now, let me drive.”

I poured some warm oil on her back letting it drip for a moment. I worked on her shoulders and down her back, down to her tailbone into the top of her crack. She moaned and loosened up under my hands, her muscles were like buttah. Within a few minutes, she had closed her eyes and seemed to be asleep. I continued my massage and worked her feet. I went back to her shoulders again when I heard the door open. Rita walked in and saw what I was doing. She put a finger to her lips. She looked for the bathroom as I rubbed Ellen.

When she returned, she was now naked. And she looked good. Her bare mound was winking at me, I swear. And her tits! Wow! I immediately got hard. She walked over to me and put oil on her palms. She signaled me away and took over the massage. Rita sat on Ellen’s butt and lowered her chest onto Ellen’s back, her hard nipples rubbing into her skin. Ellen suddenly lurched at the sensation and moaned again.

I got up to lock the door and while I watched, stripped off my clothes. My cock was so stiff. It projected from my bare pubes like a divining rod, which I suppose it was. I sat down on the couch to watch and masturbate.

Ellen rolled over and smiled. They kissed and held each other but soon, it was serious spit swapping. Rita stretched out over Ellen and pressed a leg between Ellen’s thighs. They were vulva to vulva tribbing against each other. They were aggressively kissing with some deep tongue.

Rita said, “I have wanted you since the first day we met. I knew you also wanted to, I felt the vibe. I’m so happy right now. You feel so good.” They kissed like long lost lovers. Rita moved down to Ellen’s breast and started caressing and licking it.

“I couldn’t admit it then. I was afraid. But I sensed something sexual between us. Oh, that feels nice. Pull on them.”

Rita tugged at Ellen’s nip, one then the other. Ellen’s palms were filled with Rita’s tits. But Rita was working her way down. “When I came out to you and kissed you…and you returned the kiss…I knew we would get together sooner or later.”

“I have to make love to you. I want to taste you.” A whimper escaped Ellen’s lips as Rita moved south. Rita looked up, first at Ellen, then at me. “Look at him with that big stiff pole! We’ll get to that soon enough but first I have to eat this woman up.”

Ellen said, “I want to taste you, too. Turn around.”

“In a few minutes, okay. First, I really want you to feel my lust.” Rita leaned down and slowly licked Ellen’s slit. Ellen swooned and arched her pelvis up toward Rita’s tongue. Rita placed her face into Ellen’s vagina and devoured her. She really went to town. Squeezing Ellen’s butt, she pulled her clit between her lips. “Oh, girl, do you taste delicious..” She seemed to gobble all of Ellen’s lady parts at once. She was ferocious and Ellen reacted accordingly, spreading her legs further apart.

“I want you, too, turn around.” Rita slowly pivoted and spread her vagina over Ellen’s face. Ellen placed her hands on it. “I’ve wanted this for so long.” She licked Rita’s slit, tasted her and then dove in. For quite a while, these two lusty women feasted upon each other, enjoying all the sensations involved. They moaned a lot, too, and mumbled loving words. I could see how much Ellen was into this. She couldn’t seem to get enough. She licked, she pushed her tongue into Rita, and Ellen has a long tongue, She nibbled on Rita’s clit and washed it down. Rita was more deliberate yet equally enthusiastic. They were rocking and bouncing and gasping and moaning.

I couldn’t take much more stroking so I grabbed my phone and took a few shots for the historic archives.

Ellen came first. In a series of little yelps, pants and hiccups, otele gelen escort the flood followed. Rita was literally drinking her cum. She couldn’t get enough, she was wallowing in it. “Ooooh, so sweet!”

But now Rita wanted to cum. She placed her knees down and pressed her pussy into Ellen’s mouth and nose. Ellen reached up and grabbed Rita’s cheeks, pulling her further down. Ellen pressed her tongue down and began whipping Rita’s clit from side to side. Rita yelled out, “Yes, yes…oh my God, yes. I’m cumming!” Ellen’s face was flooded, her hair matted, her smile exquisite. Rita bucked her hips and shook.

They lay motionless for a while and then Rita rolled off. Ellen wasn’t having it. She rolled onto Rita and started licking her again. “No, no,” said Rita, “I have to rest. My pussy is so tender.”

Ellen laughed. “I can’t help it. I love it. I want more, more, more.”

“Easy girlfriend, you’ll get plenty. Let’s rest a while. Let’s make out. Ray, light up a joint and come over here. You got something to drink, something soft?”

“Yeah, right down here!” I pointed to my penis.

Rita laughed, “You settle down, you wild thing.”

I got some iced tea and sat down between them. Rita reached over and took hold of my cock. “That’s a nice slab of meat, honey. Maurice will love it, I just know.”

I asked, “How come you and Maurice have never hooked up, Rita?”

“Oh, baby, it’s a long story. But I’ll tell you another time. Basically, he and I pursued our own paths. Yesterday, when he sent me the picture of his cock, I nearly came. It was the first time I ever saw it and man, did it look good. He said that my pictures made him shake, too. Tomorrow will be a first for us. And you? Did you like his cock?”

“We did. Very much.”

“And you’ve never sucked a cock? How come?”

“No. Been close though but could never pull the trigger.”

“I see, you’ve felt frustrated. Like Ellen. Let me ask you this, are you willing to eat his cum, too? Or let him fuck you?”

“I want to try it all. Like Ellen, we’re in this together. However, maybe we’ll leave fucking for another time.”

I now had the opportunity to observe Rita. She had a light tinge of cocoa in her skin. Her round face was clearly of Asian descent, but where? Her tits were a fully round thirty-sixes, her areolae were as big as silver dollars with half-inch long pointy nipples. Her shaved pussy was damp and open to me, truly a tunnel of love.

“Take a good look, why don’t you?”

“I can’t help it. You look amazing. I’m glad that Ellen had such a great first time with such a hot lover. But I’m trying to figure out your lineage.”

“My mother was Hawaiian and my father was Argentine and much older. He was a diplomat at the U.N. After twenty years, he got recalled. My mother and I wanted to stay here as we are American citizens but once a year, we fly down to Argentina to see Popi.”

“Well, you sure look fine.” I reached over and caressed a nipple.

“She sure is,” Ellen piped up. ” I really liked that. I felt so free. Thank you, Ray, for letting me do this with you And thank you, Rita, for making me feel like a million.”

“Yeah, thanks,” said Rita, reaching over to tweak a nipple.

“Don’t thank me. This is a mutual thing. Tomorrow, you are going to watch me put a cock in my mouth for the first time. Like, I said, it’s a mutual thing.”

“So, you’ve wanted to but never…”

“No, I never. Like Ellen, I’ve been close…”

“And you really want it?”

“Oh, yeah. I really do.”

“Okay,then. So, you two agreed to explore your kinks together. I have to hand it to you, that takes a lot of guts.”

Ellen answered her, “We trust each other, Rita. We keep our secrets. And now we trust you and Maurice to do the same.”

“And vice versa. I like to keep my sex life in the closet. My mother would disown me. But enough of that, ready for Round Two?”

“You bet!”

“But first, do you mind if I check this out?” Rita leaned over and stroked me. “Mmm, I have to taste it.” She placed the head in her mouth as he tongue washed around the spongy skin. “Mmm. That’s so nice. Come here, El.”

The two of them bathed my cock while kissing and caressing each other. I was in heaven.

“Let’s get back to Mister Penis a little later. Rita, sit back and let me get between your legs, honey. I want to look close, I want to inspect every part of you.”

Rita sat back and spread her legs apart as Ellen crawled between them. She lay on her stomach and dipped her head in. She pulled Rita’s vulva wide and felt it’s wetness. She swiped her tongue up and down, side to side, and into her dripping canal.

“Oh God…, you do that nice. Don’t stop…”

I wanted to feel some skin so I lay down on Ellen’s ass and began to slip my shaft between her ass cheeks. She flexed her ass and gripped me tight. And she was getting serious on Rita’s clit. Rita arched back and pushed her clit into Ellen’s mouth.

“Yeah, pendik escort just like that.”

Rita began to spasm and rock her cunt into Ellen’s lips. Her juices flowed like Niagara,on the Canadian side. Rita was rolling through a particularly exceptional orgasm. “Uuuuh…oooooh…girl, you’re good…” She came hard and fast, breaking into a sweat. The scent of cunt mingling with the patchouli candle was exotic. Rita shook, gasped and fell back. She was sapped. As she lay there motionless, she very quietly said, “Honey, you are one fast learner. That was as good as it gets. You sure you never ate pussy before?”

“I know what feels good to me. I was trying to do that for you but I got so lost in you. Your orgasm went right through me. I suppose I let nature do its thing.”

“Did you like my pussy?”

“Oh yes, I loved it. I loved the taste, the smell, the whole sloppy package.”

I was a fly on the wall. It was as though I wasn’t there. I was listening to a lover’s post-coital cigarette. I was feeling so good that Ellen fulfilled her desires and had enjoyed the ride. But I had this erection and it wasn’t going away.

The ladies were kissing and exchanging little words that I couldn’t hear. Ellen rolled over and looked straight at me. “Was it good for you, too?”

I pointed to my stick shift.

They both laughed. “Come over here and fuck me, my man.” I got up from my chair and moved onto the floor. I grabbed Ellen and placed her on my lap. She slid down on it all the way to the root and sighed. “Pussy is delicious but there is nothing like a warm cock.”

“Aw, you’re just saying that.”

“Maybe.” She’s such a smart ass. Rita rolled over and stuck her face in our crotches. She licked from my balls to Ellen’s clit.

I managed to get out, “I won’t last long.” Ellen was rocking on my dick, Rita was fondling my balls and playing with my asshole while laving Ellen’s clit. She was panting, I was panting, Rita was panting. “Here it comes.” I sprayed her walls with jizz. She clamped down me and started to shake. My white cream was flowing out of her as Rita lapped it up. I held her close to me and gently caressed her breasts. The three of us were locked in ecstasy. We sat motionless, catching our breath.

“I have to get ready to leave,” said Rita,looking at her watch, “My mother is waiting for me. Want to take a shower with me?”

They went off to the bathroom while I cleaned up. While they showered, I could hear giggling. I hated to interrupt them but I had to pee, so I quietly entered and aimed at the bowl. They were clutching each other, fingers in each other’s vagina, tongue kissing and giggling. I don’t think they even saw me. I emptied my bladder and quietly walked out. My mind was working overtime. What had I done? Had I lost my wife to another woman or was this just fun sex, a lark to satisfy curiosities, nothing more. Was it a coming-out progressing to an evolving relationship between us? I had to admit that I was also curious and it had already progressed this far. I had to see it though. I remembered that everything was okay and better than it was. Still, I was a little concerned.

The ladies were playing hair and makeup in the bathroom, whispering and then giggling like young girls. It actually sounded nice to me. I sat back on the couch, turned on the game and was soon snoring. I woke abruptly as Ellen woke me with little kisses all along my neck and face.

“I have a cup of fresh coffee and a bagel, loaded the way you like it, on the table. Wake up and meet me there.” She started to get up and then suddenly went back to kissing me. “Oh, and I love you madly.” She sucked on my earlobe. Then she stuck her tongue in my ear, gave me a “wet willy”, and jumped off the couch, laughing hysterically. Now, I was up.

“You know, you’ll pay for that!”

“I can’t wait.”

I went off to the john and peed for what seemed to be an eon. I threw water on my face and ambled back. This bagel had my name all over it: an onion bagel mit a shmear, a slice of nova, a slice of tomato and an onion slice. Yum. No sooner had I taken a bite, when Ellen said, “Well, that was quite something, wasn’t it? I mean, this afternoon. How do you feel about it?”

“What else could it be?” I said with food in my mouth. Damn, it was delicious. “How do feel right now? I mean this very minute. I’m hungry. You talk, I’ll eat.” I sipped my coffee.

“Oh, God. Right now, I feel great both physically and mentally. I feel exercised as though I was working with different muscles…I guess it’s an endorphin rush. Mentally, I’m good. I released all this pent-up shit and feel so much better for it. While it was happening…while we were doing it, I got deep into it, so deep…into the moment. I realized that it was feeling all of her but my object was her pussy…our sex..that I was focused upon. And I was learning about my own vagina. Although I like Rita, it wasn’t the person, it was her vagina. But then, her emotion got me deeper and I was perfectly rus escort fine to give pleasure…it’s like how I feel sometimes when I suck your cock. That’s all. Now, I feel like I learned a lot about a lot of things, about myself, about being alive. I had a great time like I went on the rides,…no, it’s more philosophical than that. And primal, it’s that animal, too. But, I think you know what I mean. And, how about you?”

I’d finished chewing by this time. “First, let me say that last week, I had an unhappy wife. You know the saying, ‘If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t no one happy”, that is so true. So you were miserable and I was miserable. Now, I have a wife you is bursting with energy, is wallowing in her own sensuality and is altogether vibrant. It’s like you went in for re-grooving and this is the result. While it was happening, I went through a lot of feelings. I was jealous. I wanted to participate more, etc. But these were fleeting. I was absorbed in how much you got into it. You were insatiable. I wanted what you were having. Like I said, I was a bit envious. And, I felt proud of you, too. You stepped up to the plate where most others might not have. You showed me more facets of yourself. I kvelled in your pleasure.”

“I felt fearless. Like I can do this. I want to do this. And, because of you and our honesty, there were no barriers stopping me. I surrendered and I trusted. Wow, what a rush!”

“Exactly. I would say that so far this experiment is working, wouldn’t you? But, are you going to leave me and run away with your lesbian lover?”

“No, but I might like a few more rolls with her, with you by my side and even more participatory. I might like that. When you were fucking me and Rita was licking us, whew. Totally!”

“I’m curious about something. Tomorrow, I will take my turn on our sexual carousel. When that ride ends, where will it take us?”

“How do you mean? Like, you’re going to leave me and run away with your gay boyfriend?”

“No, no, no. Not like that. I mean, will we get into swinging? Will we go to sex clubs?”

She laughed, “I don’t know about that. But I do want you to take me to a nude beach. That’s a fantasy. All these other naked bodies, gee…and they’re all looking at us.”

“There’s an idea!” I laughed.

“I’m curious now. What are you thinking about tomorrow? Rita tells me that Maurice is a very gentle soul. He’s always been there for her. I asked her why they didn’t marry him and she just sighed. So, how are you dealing with tomorrow.”

“After I watched you today, I’d say my curiosity is bursting. My anticipation is great. I’m glad she said he was gentle because I want to take my time to know his penis. I want to feel the sensuality, the heat and maybe, also the tenderness. It’s all about his cock, or, rather, THE cock.”

“Fascinating. I can relate.”

“I’ve been meaning to ask you. How does it feel all shaved and bare?”

“Oh, I thought of that while we were having our threesome. I really liked the sensation. I’d say, it intensified my pleasure. You?”

“I like the feeling. It makes me feel more naked, if that makes any sense.”

As I was finishing up, Ellen said, “It’s seven forty-five. It’s too late to go to the gym…and you just ate…I kinda wanna take a walk, but I kinda don’…”

“Let me help you with this dilemma.” I walked over to her and lifted her up by her tush. She wrapped her legs around my tush. “Want to fuck?”

“Can I suck your big cock like I’m a gay man or do you want to lick my pussy like you’re my girlfriend?”

“Both. Can I eat you and you can give me some tips to do it like Rita did or do you want me to put it in your ass like a gay man?”

“Ooh, now there’s an interesting twist! You hardly need any tips on that score. How about I get out my vibrator, get it all wet with my juice and do your ass?”

“Hmmm. Tough choices and dirty thoughts. Let’s play it by ear.”

I carried into the bedroom and slid right in to her sopping puss. “Oh, yeah. Do me good, Ray.”

“There’s no other way.”

I pushed in all the way through her tightened muscle contractions. I think I touched her cervix. Then I slowly withdrew.

“No, put it back in. Just fuck me hard, baby.”

“No, first I have to lick it.”

“No, please clean me after you do me. Please.”

She was pleading with me for more straight-up cock. How could I refuse her?

“Just fuck me. Use my pussy.” And this was coming from my newly minted sex vixen. I entered her slick hole nice and I entered hard. I think you could say I was banging her. “Yeah, yeah, fuck me. Fuck me hard.” She wasn’t kidding. I fucked harder and she wasn’t complaining. Long and slow on the way out and then hard and fast on the way in. This caused a natural bounce to her ass. She was pushing up while I was drilling down. It made her gulp a few times. We’d been doing this for about ten minutes and I could no longer hold Little Elvis back.

“I’m coming and I’m going to spray your pussy like a fire hose”

“Yeah, cum in me. Cum a lot. Cum all over me. I’m coming, too, hold on.”

I was literally pounding her and could no longer prevent the sensation sliding up my shaft for the inside. I opened the valve and shot volleys of my love juice straight into her. She squealed and gripped me. But I pulled back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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