Deflorencing In Train


Deflorencing In Train

I belong to a good family. Although I don’t have such a great figure as Shweta but I look decent and till this incident I am virgin. Now come to the incident. I want to take admission in an engineering college and I got admission in the reputed college of south India and I had to go there. It happened last month when I went to the college for my studies. The journey was of about three days. There I met a boy who was also going to south India. He introduced himself as Parth Desai. With talking with him I found he was studying in the same college where I had got admission.

He became very friendly with me and was talking very frankly about the college. I was travelling in 2nd class compartment. I asked about him, he replied that he was travelling with his sister in the 1st class compartment. He told me that he would return after 10 minutes. After some time he returned back and said why I don’t join them, that was a lonely compartment and there is no disturbance in the compartment.

I hesitantly refused him but he insisted me to go to meet my sister. I unwillingly went with him. As soon as I entered the compartment, I saw there were two boys of age about 22 to 25 years. I told Parth about his sister, he told me to wait for a while as she had gone for bathroom. He introduced about his friends as Harsh and Parminder, and naming them parry and Garry. They asked me about my studies and asked me about the trade I had opted for. Suddenly a fourth guy Vicky brought my luggage and came inside the compartment and he quickly locked the door. They all four stood around me. I was terrified and want to scream but I saw a knife in Vicki’s hand. He threatened me that if I made any noise, they will kill me.

So I kept quiet. Parth lifted me in his hand and started kissing my face. His moves were making more and more violent. Then Garry came near to me and he started squeezing my boobs. Parry and Vicky too started pressing my softer parts. I was trapped between sex horny dogs where I had to become bahis şirketleri the bitch. They pressed and caressed my body. After some time Vicky hiked my skirt and started kissing my legs. I usually go to beauty parlour for maintenance of my body. So my legs and arms were hairless. I was quite. I neither responded to them and neither opposed to them. But they were becoming more and hornier. Garry was pressing my boobs. He then opened buttons of the shirt and allowed it to fall backside. Parth immediately lowered the straps of my bra and my boobs were exposed to them. Vicky then opened the hooks of skirt and lowered it along with the panty and made me nude. All of them were kissing, caressing, pressing and rubbing my body.

I was now feeling something in my pussy region. A sensation of sex was arousing in my self. But still I was not responding to them. They were becoming more and hornier. Their touches were becoming harder and harder. Vicky was now inserting his finger inside my pussy, creating a lust of sex in me. 15 minutes later, Harsh gave a gesture, and all of them get aside. Harsh took off his clothes and laid me on the berth. He sucked my lips and inserted tongue inside my mouth and licked my tongue. The touch of his tongue made me horny but still I did not respond. I saw at his dick. He had a large dick of size about 9 inches. He handled it to me. He placed it on the mouth of my pussy and applied a gentle pressure. Some of his dick entered into my pussy. It gave me a lot of pain. I tried to cry but he placed his lips on my lips. My cries were muffled. He made another harder stroke and one fourth of his dick entered into my pussy. He applied more pressure and two third of his dick penetrated into my pussy. It gave me severe pain in my pussy.

It looked like something had torn inside me. I looked at my pussy, I saw blood was dripping from it. He laughed and said so you are a virgin. I just lay helplessly. He made another stroke and whole of his dick penetrated into my pussy. He stopped for tipobet güvenilir mi a while and then he started pumping me. He first of all pumped me slowly then he increased his speed. His to and fro movement was now giving me a lot of fun. All my pain had gone away. Only left was his horny moves. He was still sucking my lips. But now he started kissing my face. I looked around and saw three guys were ready with their large dicks. Harsh now raised my legs upside and rested them on his shoulder and caught my boobs. He made harder strokes and pressed the boobs very hardly. I was become horny and I made a tight grip with is neck. The pressure inside me was arising and soon I felt like flying in a heaven. He made harder strokes and soon I was over. He was still pumping in the same way.

But then he turned my legs upside down and I caught the upper berth of the seat with my hands for support and he pumped me from backside. This posture gave me much more pleasure than previous one. Now Vicky came near to my mouth and he asked me to suck his dick. I refused he pulled my hairs towards him. I opened my mouth to cry but he immediately shoved his dick into my mouth. I hated this because it smelled very bad. I tried to eject it but Harsh caught my hairs and had pulled it towards him.

Vicky had caught my face and he was pumping his dick into my mouth. They pumped me for half an hour continuously and then Harsh was over. He cummed into my pussy. Meanwhile I was again over. Now I was tired and wanted to rest. But Vicky grabbed me from my face and parry lay on the berth. He made me lay on the parry’s dick. He quickly inserted his dick into my pussy. Seeing this Parth too came and he shoved his dick into my ass. It gave me a lot of pain and I wanted to get away from all this. But I was helpless. They all pumped me for about one hour. After that Vicky cummed inside my mouth. I tried to vomit but his large dick was in the way. So all the cum go inside my stomach with the vomit. After that Parth perabet too cummed and now parry was alone left. He laid me on the berth and again inserted his dick into mine pussy. He made very harder strokes. After that he too was over. I was very tired and wanted to rest but Harsh was again ready. He again shove his dick into my pussy and fucked me in many poses for one and half-hour. Meanwhile other guys took rest and after that Parth was ready.

They all fucked me for three days in the journey. They took rest in the intervals of three to four hours but I never take rest in the whole journey. After three days of continuous fucking and sucking I was badly tired, and need a sleep. I had never rested in the journey, I can’t think of sleeping. They made me wake by giving me tea and other waking medicines. I don’t know how many times they fucked me in the whole journey and how many times I had drank their cum. When my destination was approaching, they allow me to sleep. After three days of continuos fucking, I was badly tired and I slept. The train had to return after two hours back to Delhi.

When I wake up, I saw there are two men in my compartment looking with eager eyes. I asked them where the train had going; they told me that train is going back to Delhi. I immediately woke up and tried to lift my luggage but they caught me. They said babe we won’t allow you to go outside without pleasing us. They both took off my cloths and they’re too. They immediately shove their dicks into my pussy and ass and pumped me very harder.

I had no interest in this game but they were pumping me very hard. One man then took his dick out of my ass and shoved it into my mouth and soon cummed in my mouth. Another man cummed inside my pussy. Suddenly they heard some disturbance in the compartment and I quickly wore my clothes. There was a knock at our door and as soon they opened the door, I quickly went outside with my luggage and when next station came I get out of the train.

I again purchased the tickets and went to my destination. In the college I never saw those guys again. Perhaps they had taken advantage of my innocence. But whenever I remember the journey I hate fucking. I promise, I will never made sex till my marriage.
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