Deep Anal Cheerleaders

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Robin’s pussy is much tighter than Lesley’s, is what i’m thinking as I’m fucking Robin, bent over the locker room bench. She’s topless but her skirt remains, as I’m sliding in and out of her wet pussy, I can feel my orgasm starting to build in my balls, a warm soothing feeling. I grab hold of her waist and change pace to slow- hard strides. Moving deep in her, she moans with delight as Lesley starts to suck her nipples, which are very round and dark, very suitable for a latina teen. Both girls are latina, and moments ago, Lesely was getting her tight asshole pounded in the shower room, so now, Lesley is happy to give back to her lovers. My cock pulsates and spasms as hot cum shoots out and into the awaiting mouths of Lesley and Robin. “So good” Robin murmurs as she licks that last glob of jit from my cock.

Tuesday the 4th – The football game sucks, partially because Robin and Lesley felt the need to “take off” for this game, for an appointment at some clinic. Home team Lions is losing to a team that gets there name from a fish, Bay View Bass. Lions losing to fish, funny thought. I’m scouting the cheerleaders on both sides for the appropriate fuck. The Lions have about 6 decent, fuckable girls. Most of them enjoy anal sex, anal sex from me, for most of these girls, I was their first dick in the ass. It pleases me, something not quite enjoyable but not quite horrible. Virginity lost to my cock in there asses, what a way to go. I’m a doctor to these girls, all of them at some broke up with their boyfriends, or got depressed or stressed bahis firmaları and called on me to relieve them of their tension. Some like Robin and Lesley are my regulars, just girls who can’t get enough cock.

The game is over and as I walk through the field in dismay, I get a glance of a cheerleader from the Bass, a little white girl, deep eyes, shapely and cute looking. We make eye contact once and before I know it, she’s sucking my cock in her father’s car. All goes well and in no time, I’m ejaculating in her hair. She’s only half pissed but makes it a point to see her again. A Sunday, this Sunday coming and I agree. I’m driving home and I realize I’ve made plans to catch a Jersey high school soccer game, for the soul purpose of fucking Julie Swan, an Asian cheerleader, I met a couple weeks ago and fucked with a banana, other than her amazingly tight pussy and loud orgasms, I would have no reason whatsoever for traveling to Jersey to catch a soccer game. To me, soccer is dumb. Field hockey is a different thing, correction, female field hockey. I’ve fucked two or three female athletes and it’s a weird thing. Athletes are more sexually aggressive, where as cheerleaders submit easy. Once in a full moon, I’ll feel the need to be dominated by a chick with one too many leg muscles with pony tails.

There is no way to make both games, so with this in mind, I have a panic attack and have to pull over to get some fresh air. The decision is to pass up Julie’s tight and near perfect cunt for the new girl, who’s name I never got kaçak iddaa or maybe she told me but I was too close to fucking her to care. Was it Martha, Mary, Maggy?

I call Julie and explain that I need to take my little brother out for his birthday, she seems disappointed but she kindly forgives me. I feel better. By 2:30PM, I’m drinking vodka with Dr Pepper, trying to get buzzed enough to work up the courage to face down Mindy Shradder. Mindy belongs to a ballet class, pretty unattractive but her sister, Cheryl is fuck queen of the century. I make deals with her on rare occasions to fuck Mindy for whatever occasions, birthdays, contests, dances. I’ve never contracted diseases from anyone, this validates my behavior, making a deal with myself, 3 years ago, that If I ever contracted anything, I’d stop completely and learn to live with monogamy.

It’s 4PM and I’m buzzed, on the verge of drunk. I look ok but even if I did look bad, I wouldn’t care. Mindy is more of a bad job commitment than an actual pleasure, in any form for that matter. Standing outside her house, Mindy waves as I pull up in front on her house. Cheryl is standing in the doorway as I get out of the car and open the door for Mindy. I mouth the words “You owe me” as I slam the door. Cherly smiles and mouths “I’ll call you”. We’re on our way to the movies.

On the way to Cinema 12, Mindy tells me to forget the movie and commands me to go down on her. She explains that she’s never had it done before and most guys are not interested in her like that. Thinking kaçak bahis to myself, I wish I was drunk. I think I might have some whiskey in glove compartment. But I don’t and a wave of depression settle over me. Mindy slips out of her jeans and tells me to take her panties off with her teeth. Again, my mind wonders, is Cheryl’s pussy worth this abuse? The answer? Yes. I dig my tongue into her, she’s wet in seconds. She is tightly clutching my hair, I want to stop and slap her, tell her how much she sickens me. Explain the deals. But I could do two things. One, blow the lid off these disgusting arrangements, the result would be her crying, even worse be emotionally scarred but she has to know something, i know and she knows, I would never willingly fuck her, so she would tell Cherly and my door to her panties would be closed forever. Two, i could keep eating like a good boy and just get it over with. I choose option two.

Time passes and Mindy is not going, I then slide my fingers into her pink hole and begin to finger fuck her, she only moans for duration of 3 seconds. I’m getting pissed and I look up and ask her if she just wants to fuck. She says ok and because my patience are shot to hell, I take out my aggression on her. She’s bending over the seat and I hammer at her. She begins to heighten her moans and stops. And still she is not satisfied. She looks disappointed, I lean her back down and with my saliva, slowly stuff her asshole with my swollen cock. Mindy starts to loosen up as I give her a hit of bud. My balls are starting to hurt and I grind even harder into her. As slow as it was getting her off, I went fast, I shot a warm load up in her. Sore and tired, I sit in the drivers seat and reach under the seat and find my whiskey.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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