December holidays part 9 My Stepsister


December holidays part 9 My StepsisterAfter spending a wonderful Thursday by Claire I stayed home the friday with my mom and dad helping prepare Christmas day lunch. Friday went by rather quickly and before I knew it was 9pm and I was already laying in bed chatting to my girlfriend Jessica. I fell asleep while we messaging as I was pretty dead. Waking up Christmas morning I got up and went to wish my family a merry Christmas. We all slowly got up and then had a light breakfast, so the big lunch wouldn’t be ruined. After breakfast we all went and showered and got dressed. Just after 11am we all ended up outside around the pool chatting and soon having our first drinks. We chatted a while and then moved inside where we exchanged and opened gifts and my stepsister was over the moon about her little extra suprise gift I got her. She immediately put her neckless on and gave me a big hug saying thank you. My dad loved the wiskey I got him and my mom loved her perfume, and after packing our gifts away we all sat down at the dinning room table and had a lovely meal together.The rest of the day went by fast and before I knew it I was in bed and fast asleep. Waking up Sunday morning it was boxing day and after getting up I met my family in the kitchen where we had breakfast together. After breakfast Amy and I helped our parents pack their bags into the car and then a few mins later just before illegal bahis 10 they said goodbye to us and drove off for the well needed break. My stepsister and I then moved inside locking the front door be hind us. She then walked up to me in her pj’s placing her arms around my neck and said hello little b*o. I said hello s*s as I looked down at the neckless I bought her which she was wearing. Our head moved nearer to each other and soon our mouths were locked and we kissed passionately. Once our lips aparted we moved to Amy’s room where we stripped each other down naked. Amy then pushed me on to her bed and I watched her climb over me and lowered her beautiful wet pussy down onto my hard cock. She sat upright and I stared at her flat belly and sexy tits as she slowly road back and forth on my cock. I sat up and as my stepsister road me we kissed passionately while I squeezed her tight ass. Once our lips aparted we change position so I could be in control and on top. I moved between Amy’s legs and muffed her sweet pussy. Licking up and down her pussy lips and stimulating her clit with my tounge she soon reached climax and moaned from the pleasure as she orgasmed. After she finished orgasmning I placed kisses up her sexy belly and over her titties and chest. Placed a kiss onto her soft lips as I shoved my cock back into her pussy and passionately moved back and forth slow and deep illegal bahis siteleri making love to her. Her nails dug gently into my back as her legs wrapped around my body. I soon neared cumming and pushed my cock deep into her pussy letting it exploded shooting my cum deep against her pussy walls. Once I finished cumming our lips aparted and Amy smiled as she said thank you for the beautiful neckless. I smile back at her being rather satisfied after cumming deep inside of her. We then got up and my stepsister went to shower and clean her pussy she then told me that her boyfriend Kevin would be coming over this afternoon for a while but we would be alone at home tonight. But tomorrow night she would be sleeping by his house as they leaving early hours the following morning. I was all cool with that. She was soon dressed and a little while later Kevin arrived. The afternoon went by quick while my stepsister packed her bags and once it reach 5pm she said she going out for a little while but will be back and sleeping at home. The next few hours went by quick and after supper I showered and then laid on the couch watching tv where I fell asleep.I woke up to my cock and balls getting massage and once my eyes open properly I saw it was Amy. As she played with my cock, She apologised that she got home so late and once my cock was fully hard she pulled my pj pants down and took canlı bahis siteleri my hard cock into her mouth. She slowly deepthroated me and held herself down deep on my cock causing herself to gag. She did this three times and then removed her pants and G string as I sat up. She then mounted me climbing onto my hard cock and started fucking me. I grabbed her ass as she road back and forth on my cock, moaning as she fucked me rough. She soon reached climax and orgasmed and once she was done I picked her up and walked with my cock deep in her pussy to her room where I laid her down on the edge of the bed and fucked her hard and rough. She moaned loudly from the pleasure as I fucked her and soon reached climax again and as her pussy tightened around my cock and asshe started orgasmning my cock exploded and I shot my cum deep into my stepsister pussy as we moaned together. After we finished cumming I pulled out of her. Amy went to the bathroom quickly to wipe her pussy clean and then joined me in her bed where we cuddled each other and fell asleep. The next morning we woke up after 10am. We exchanged a few soft kisses before getting up and getting in the shower together where we enjoyed the last chance of the year to be naked in each others company. I made sure I washed her entire body enjoying every last second with my stepsister before we got out and got dressed. At 11 30 we had a big brunch together before packing her bags into her car. We then exchanged a goodbye kiss with a firm hug and then Amy hopped into her car and waved goodbye as she drove off for her holiday leaving me home alone for the next 2 weeks. End of part 9

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