Debora’s Sexlife – Chapter 2


Debora’s Sexlife – Chapter 2Chapter 2 – The man with the moneyIt’s a great feeling to know that so many men think I’m hot. Which is also why I’m often in chat, because it’s fun to meet strangers and having hot fun with them.One day in chat, a guy wrote me and made me a deal. He said, he’ll give me 1000 swiss francs if he can fuck my ass. I was accepting the deal immediately and we also met pretty quickly. We talked about a location and time to meet, and I told him I’ll wear a blue skirt. I also showed him a picture of me and he was already very excited to meet me.I wouldn’t say that I’m a whore, but if a guy offers me money and I don’t even have to say anything, then why shouldn’t I do it?For safety, I took some condoms with me for the upcoming meeting and also some pepper sprac, because you never know what type of guy you meet, so it’s always better to be save. With those things in my pocket, I went on my way.The location was the railroad station in Zurich. There’s a meeting-hall somewhere in there, and that’s the place where we would meet.I was standing there and looked after every guy who was walking towards me, until someone stood in front of me and asked me, if we met in a chat before. The guy was around illegal bahis 50 years old, which I already knew when we were chatting. I don’t really care about age, as long as the sex is great.Even though the guy was already 50, he looked pretty good, had a fit body and not a lot of grey hair.He told me we’ll do it outside somewhere and he knows a good place where we would be alone. Just for safety, I was always holding my spray with one hand.We walked for around 10 minutes until we went through a small area. He opened a door to something which looked like a little garage, except that there wasn’t anything inside. I don’t really think about it too much, what the men know and which places they own. Maybe the guy works somewhere and had this place for free.He closed the door behind me, but without fully closing it, which gave me a good feeling about safety. Then he turned on the lights and told me, I should put my hands towards the wall and bent down to show him my ass.So I did as he said, and he got behind me and pushed my skirt up. He didn’t really bother to take off my clothes, also my slip was just put to the side a bit so my holes were visible and accessable.Then he removed his pants and I was looking shortly illegal bahis siteleri at his hard dick. The size was relatively normal, but his dick was pretty thick.Suddenly he slapped my asscheeks and forced his dick towards my tight hole. He wasn’t the guy for a long foreplay, as I’ve just noticed, and he also didn’t care to slowly enter me.He rammed his cock deep into my tight asshole, then he slapped my ass again and grabbed my hair with one hand. He pulled me towards him and started to brutally destroy my ass.His moaning was so loud that I was pretty sure, he enjoys to fuck a young girl like me, but he didn’t care about my pussy at all. All he wanted was my asshole, and I was giving it to him.I was screaming, but because it was hot. He pulled me even more on my hair so my head was pulled towards him, and with all his power he slammed his cock into my asshole over and over again.After a few minutes he started to hold my shoulders with both hands, and with each time he thrusted his dick inside me, he pulled my entire body towards him, making me feel his cock even more intense and making his cock go deeper inside of me. He didn’t fuck me wildly and fast, but each thrust was really hard, rough and canlı bahis siteleri deep, and he used all his force on me.Then he stopped holding my shoulders and grabbed my ass with both hands. He started to slap my ass with his hands multiple times, so hard, that I was screaming in pain, but I enjoyed the pain. He always went outside of my until only the tip of his cock was still inside me, and then he slammed his cock deep into me again, continuing like this for a while. I started to realize how much endurance this guy still has, and enjoyed how he deeply fucked me as rough as he could, making me scream in lust.He once again slapped my ass hard and then held my neck with one of his hands. I wasn’t scared though, even though he was choking me a little bit. Not too hard, which made it feel amazing, but his thrusts continued to be rough.After almost an hour, he said that he’s ready to cum. He got out of my ass, forced me to turn around and to get to the ground, so my face was now in front of his cock. He jerked himself off in front of me and was holding my head with the other hand. After a few minutes he shot his load all over my lips, and I swallowed every drop because he told me to do so.After the sex, we got outside again and I was asking for the money he was promising me. But he didn’t talk to me anymore and just walked away, ignoring my question.It could have been worse. I didn’t really care about the money that much, because the sex was nice.usunieto

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