Debauchery at The Manor – Chapter 2 of 5


Debauchery at The Manor – Chapter 2 of 5
Rose woke up with Lord Gerald in the morning. His Lordship was still asleep. Rose got out of bed and stuck her head outside to find one of the maid’s she hadn’t met yet sitting in the corridor.

“Watcha, has his lordship stirred.”

“Not yet but soon, so he would probably like breakfast as soon as he does.” Rose realised that she was still trying to sound like a lady. Well probably not a bad thing since Lady Georgina was apparently trying to turn a tart into something that looked like a lady. Whatever it could only be to Rose’s advantage. Whores who can speak posh get richer clients than a girl like her who hung round the streets of Piccadilly hoping.

Returning to the room she found that he was awake and suggested that she came back to bed.

“Breakfast is on the way, my lord.”

“Look Rose, we are both stark bollock naked and smell of what we have been up to. Jolly nice it was too, I might say. Anyway, this is really not the time for formality. In bed together I am Gerald or Gerry. Now how can we amuse ourselves whilst they get the trays upstairs.”

Of course, that was a rhetorical question. They kissed and played, both were refreshed and in a light mood so they’re was a lot of soprano giggling and baritone guffawing. Gerald was kissing her breasts all over. With gentle little pecks, it was playful and nice. They hardly noticed the food arriving but the smell of coffee got their attention. Rose had not tasted the expensive beverage until a couple of days ago but she was already becoming a great fan.

“Prefer coffee to chocolate in the morning you feel much more awake after it. How do you feel about Georgina’s idea of turning you into a lady?”

“Well as long as I get to still fuck, I am fine with it. I like fucking, is that a word a lady uses?”

“The kind of lady you will become and Georgina is, then yes. Most of course don’t. But since I like fucking too let’s indulge ourselves.” They did and a large breakfast sausage got used for a purpose the farmer never intended. Once the sausage was inserted in Rose’s fanny Gerald proceeded to eat the bit sticking out slowly pulling more out of her vagina as he continued to eat. Rose found this hilarious and chuckled all the time watching her now huge breasts wobbling.

“I hope these things don’t get any bigger as it is I will never see my feet again.” Gerald having finished the sausage moved up and kissed and nibbled her nipples.

“Also don’t mistake my breasts for sausage you bad man.”

“Tasty though they are I won’t eat them. I think you have reached full size as you are the same sort of size as the other ladies of the household. I have to say I am impressed that you can continue to sound like a lady even when enjoying a good fuck.”

“Thank you kind sir. I find it surprisingly easy. I suppose it is because I have always hated how we talk in Bermondsey and even if I talked the same made an effort to speak so people from elsewhere could understand. So, in a way I have been trying to at least not be too common for a long time.”

“That would figure if you made a conscious effort to enunciate clearly then your speaking voice will be half way there. Your far to clever to be wasted on the life you had before. What a combination brains, beauty and lusty all in one delightful package.”

“I thought men didn’t like women being clever.”

“A lot don’t but I am an exception I like clever people whether male or female. I hope when I marry it will ne someone like you.” This made Rose giggle, the idea of a lord marrying a tart from south London. Also this one knew the truth, maybe one day she would be able to fool some toff that she was a lady but she doubted he would be like Gerald unfortunately.

Later on that morning when Gerald had left, she was invited in to see Lady Georgina.

“You did really well last night, my dear and Gerald tells me that you can keep it up when canlı kaçak iddaa distracted. That has made me decide that we won’t just pretend you’re a lady for just the clients. If you agree, I am going to try and have you be seen as a lady all the time. That means that you will have a room on the family floor and have your own lady’s maid. You will still have to work but that will be learning not skivvying. Are you happy with that?”

“Thank you, my lady, I am quite content with your idea.” Rose tried to look demure and ladylike, somewhat difficult to achieve when near naked.

“Cheeky monkey but you really are good at this. I think we will have to come up with a persona. Some orphan returned from the colonies I think, will be a start. Keep your name because nobody will know you or recognise you, particularly with those tits. How comfortable are you with having sex with other girls?”

“I prefer men, but having it off with girls is certainly fun. I like the idea of the best of both worlds.”

A broad smile crossed her mistress face and she reached forward. One of Rose’s big new tits was slid out of the bodice and caressed. The other followed and Rose responded by reaching out to Georgina and putting her hand near but not on her bust. A smile and a nod in responses and out came Georgina’s tits as well. The two women sat together playing with each other’s huge bosoms. As they did it more Rose decided that playing with women’s breasts, she most definitely enjoyed

In the afternoon Florence and Lady Alice found Rose and told her that she was going to have a riding lesson. This first lesson was side saddle and suitably ladylike. Later on, they promised her that she would be taught to ride how they usually did when out of public gaze astride and wearing men’s breaches. Somehow this seemed to Rose even more naughty than the state of undress they had round the house.

Riding, well riding horses, was a new experience for Rose but the gentle mare they put her on was a sweetie and her nervousness soon wore off. They road through the forest that formed the majority of the estate and then down to a little stream. The other two clearly had a destination in mind. This turned out to be a sunny dell where the stream ran into some rocks which formed a natural dam. The result was sunlit, still pool bathed in sunlight.

“”Welcome to our favourite swimming spot. If we have a nice summer like this one the water is quite pleasant.”
They dismounted and the ponies started munching the sweet grass at the waters edge. Before you could say strip, the girls had their clothing off. With much giggling they were in the water which in the sun and surrounded by sun warmed rocks was pleasant after the initial shock. Rose couldn’t swim, where would she have learnt in Bermondsey certainly not the malodorous River Thames. The pool however was shallow.

Having enjoyed a cooling dip and a fair amount of horse play they retreated to a particularly large flat rock and lay down. Florence and Alice started kissing each other then stopped and looked at Rose before descending on her. Rose really didn’t mind being pulled into the love making, having got used to sex with other women and being perfectly happy with it. The three naked women kissed and fondled each other’s pussies. The Florence got up and went over to her pony and drew three pieces of shaped and highly polished wood about a foot long. Rose thought they looked like a man’s penis. Rose quickly found out why they were used like one. They pushed them in each other’s fanny and had a great time lying on the sun warm rock pleasuring each other. They kept it up for a long, the wooden cocks were not like the real thing but in the hands of experts certainly did the job.

“The lovely thing about wooden cocks is they don’t go limp.” Rose never though that a proper lady would say such a thing but apparently, they did. Apart perabet from the sexual pleasure another type of pleasure washed over Rose. These real ladies were treating her like one of them. They knew what she was but didn’t care.
“Had you every tried girl sex before you came here Rosie?”

“No, I didn’t even know such a thing happened. I knew about men with other men, they had their own houses around The Borough but not girls.”

“That’s hilarious us ladies corrupting a London tart rather than the other way round.” They all saw the humour of this and laughed an kissed a bit more before deciding they must return.

That evening there was different type of dinner. Just the ladies including Rose, Gerald and some family friends. Sir John and Lady Rhys-Morgan with their adult son Huw. Huw and Gerald were great friends apparently. The topic of conversation apart was Huw’s impending wedding to a nice young lady called Emma. Emma was suitable in every way but one, which was exactly that she was a nice young lady. The rest of the family fitted in well with Lady Georgina’s establishment and even took part in the paying dinners well Lady Charlotte did anyway.

One of the main topics of conversation was how they were going to provide a suitable background for Rose. If they were to pass examination, they would need a family that couldn’t be easily found.

“Well keeping to the truth as closely as you can is always the best way to lie. So, young Rose here will stay an orphan, brought up by a widow who is now herself dead. That bit is true and if she is questioned on it then Rose can draw on real experience just editing the detail.” This came from Sir John who was clearly an experienced prevaricator.

“Now look I was in India. I won’t say what I did other than it was political and I have experience of this kind of thing. Needed to keep our people safe. Actually, I have just thought about a couple for parents. Both were killed serving the Crown though poor Anne never had a clue what her husband was doing. As far as most people were concerned, they just disappeared up country. They had a daughter of the right age who actually died of fever but again only I know what happened. The thing is she was called Rose as well. That fits just right how do you feel about that?”

I feel a bit guilty taken on a young lady’s name and then being a tart and besmirching her name.”

“You constantly surprise me my dear where did you learn such a word as besmirching ”

“The lady I worked for spent all her spare money on books and let me read them. I cried nearly as much when they all got sold as I did at her death.”

“Well you have free run of our library now and can read to your hearts content. You will make a better lady then many of the real ones.”

“As for young Rose I shouldn’t worry about her name she was quite the tart herself. That is why her parents agreed to go up country away from other Europeans. It was so Rose could give birth to her bastard out of sight. It all went wrong of course she caught some horrible fever and died before the babe was born. Then the local rajah caught on to what her old dad was up to and arranged a little fire. After that we had to do things the other way and repaid him by burning not just his home but the entire city when we besieged it. My way would have saved a lot of lives on both sides.

After dinner they moved to the drawing room and Rose found out that things were going to go the way of the previous night though with the interesting variation that Georgina and Charlotte cuddled up together. Sir John did not bat an eyelid but instead asked Rose.

“Would you come over and sit with me so I can get to know you better young lady.” Rose of course complied.
“I am hardly that, Sir John, I am not a young lady at all.”

“No more or less than the other women my wife included. I will tell you how we got involved in Georgie’s perabet güvenilir mi parties. I was a bit of a rake when younger and in those days, it was just Georgie and a few women of good family but bad character. I came to a couple of parties when I was first married because Charlotte led me to believe that she was like the rest. The results in the bedroom were unsatisfactory. Anyway, Charlotte found out and we had a big row. I was angry and told her that she wasn’t fun in bed.” His shoulders hunched and he seemed to get smaller at the memory of this insensitive comment.

“I was bloody furious with him. I was behaving as I had been told a young lady should. The reality was I wasn’t enjoying our lovemaking any more than John.” Chipped in Charlotte who by now had got rid of her dress and was sitting in her stays and corset.

“Well the result was that she challenged me to take her to the next party. I was absolutely gobsmacked. Charlotte clearly had done her homework and knew what she was asking. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I did and she enjoyed it. Charlotte discovered girls and I might add has been screwing with Georgie for the last twenty years with of without me in the same bed. It has done wonders for our love life.”

All the time this tale was going on Sir John was demonstrating a good knowledge of how women’s clothing unfastened and Rose was now naked as were the rest of the women. Florence was underneath Huw, Alice was on her stomach lying over a stool being taken by Gerald.

Lady Georgina’s other daughter Violet, that Rose hadn’t spoken much with yet had got herself a glass of Malmsey and was watching the proceedings whilst playing with herself. Violet wasn’t wearing any more than any of the others.
Rose and Sir John were enjoying their foreplay. The middle-aged man proved that experience can more than make up for lack of youth particularly as he was fit from all the outdoor country pursuits he enjoyed. Rose caressed his cock which was long and thick whilst he played with her pussy lips in a way that teased her and in the process got Rose very excited. When she was very damp she was picked up and dropped on his lap. That lovely hard cock went straight in her wet hole. Poor Lady Charlotte she thought she nearly missed this wonderful experience because of the silly was upper class women were brought up.

Lady Charlotte was not missing out at the moment as her friend was on top of her and they were both working away at each other’s pussies. As Rose bounced up and down on Sir John, she saw his wife go rigid and let out a long loud sigh. From the noises elsewhere in the room others were equally ecstatic.

Sir John increased the pace of his thrusts and filled her with cum and this was enough to set off rose own orgasm. Rose cried out and shivered with pleasure extricating herself from the now softening cock she curled up in Sir John’s lap. The knight then gently stroked her hair as if she was a kitten. Rose thought that she probably looked a bit like one at the moment. She certainly felt like purring.

As they lay cuddling Sir John made a request of her that was strange even by the standards of the manor.

“Rose, my dear could you do me a favour?”

“Of course, though I am not sure what I could do for you.”

“Oh, quite a lot as you have just proved, but in his case, it is to help out my son Huw. As you know my marriage could so easily could have been loveless and frustrating for both of us. Huw is going to get married next moth to a lovely girl. Pretty, accomplished and sweet natured and they actually like each other which is a bonus with the upper classes. The one problem is that she is almost certainly totally clueless.”

“I fear that you are right from what I have seen. Refined young ladies have no concept of the real world. Lot of its not very nice but we both know which bits are fun.”

“Precisely and unless something is done young Emma is going to miss out on all that pleasure.”
“So what do you want of me then Sir John.”

“Well you are both newcomers here which should from a bond. You both love reading so that will help. I want you to befriend Emma and the corrupt her.”

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