Dear Taylor Armstrong 1


Dear Taylor Armstrong 1And…… The last rose goes to Taylor (Out of Khloe Kardashian, Melissa McCarthy, and Taylor Armstrong. On Enetworks ‘Who Jas What it Takes To Marry SUPERMAN: SEASON 2’) So we kiss, hard rough french kiss, ending the night in our Disneyland Hotel suite, with amazing surprise, Taylor Armstrong winning the show. We’re in the back of a Mercedes Bens black limousine when, you turn to me and say “John, I mean , daddy you know I love you, and I worship you, I am forever your slave, your wife, and your helper, do to me, what you must, you own me.” I “Taylor, I love you, thats why i chose you, just love me and be true to me.” You “Nigga, did, you hear me, correctly, im yo lap dog, a peasant, anything you say I’ll do. Now what, do, you need?” I “My dick sucked!” You “Uh-duh, thats another reason, i bow to you, because of this Monstrous super wide Jumbo horse dick! Pull it out daddy.” i pull down my pants and drawls. You “Oooh, this big long black nasty niga dick, is exactly how I like it shmutty and swEaty, now feed me this long juicy tropical mountain hawk ninja nigga GOd illegal bahis king kong gorilla horse dick. Uuwwhahh. Ahhwh Nigga, i need this long horse pole.” I “Oooh, bitch take it long wrong, babe.” You “Like a goafer Duck, hahhh -Ssshlur-glur-glur-glur-glursh, fuck you nigga, dick my throat.” I “Shit, baby oh you ignant bitch, glurp that pipe bitch!” You “Oh shit!!!” We pull up to Metro Sj airport, you still sucking an talkin’ shit. “Uh unh, nigga dont run nigga – dont run glolly lolly Zlurrrurp- let a bitch suck the sweat from underneath these ole old saggy ass dirty ass black balls, oh nigga im ya domer duck, for this pipe, oh good god, ya balls- let a bitch juggle ya saggy balls in my mouth, good gracious- all this dick – caint be real.” The driver parks, near our private jet, and flees the scene. You “Pop, now open up,, spread ya legs, wider- nigga, o.k. now let me snatch vulture suck this black monster horse dick!” I “Oh baby!” YOU “OH, no nigga- no nigga, ooh you fucked up, Nigga I needs to suck this pipe, atleast 3hours or 5hours a day, everyday, lay back so i can run my tongue illegal bahis siteleri up ya asshole, Uhh.” You popped my balls out ya mouth 1 last time – till, you “Hold up we gotta do Ellen, by 4:30pm Ima have to snatch that nut up,,, in the jet. You call the driver back, he gets our luggage, you proceed to grab both of my balls in your right hand, and the length of my dick by the left. You “Now get up so i can devour this stallion horse dick in the jet.” You lead me to the jet stairs, all while firmly having a firm grip juggling my dick and balls. Inside the jet its John E. Willis Cal Keaton JohnVeNOM Catastrophic SUPERMAN everything, down to the coasters. I sit back in the C.S. jet reclining chair you lean in close and whisper “Now look here, we dont land in lax for 1hour 33minutes , so untill then what do you think, i want, to, do?” I grab the back of your head then sloggy shlam your mouth 1st on my dick, I”I dont know , bitch!!!ZONE!!!” Tumble turfin this pipe zuper fast down ya throat. You “Awwloll , ahh feed me pipe, shlurp- shlurp- shlurp- Glurpy Shclurps – ooh, you canlı bahis siteleri scandalous long dick nigga choke me with this horse meat- daddy- Ahhah!!” We take off in the jet, and you still suckin’. “Goafer mode babe , shlur Glurck- Awwhl- Nigga, I gets – I- I gets stressed without this long Gorilla rope shlurck- swolerrp, I just need my meat balls and spaghetti.” I “Awwhl you nasty bitch! Meat balls and spaghetti huh??” You “Yeah daddy shlurp glurp slosh I needs my meatballs and spaghetti Nlope Shlope- – – Nigger ground beef loaf, slurp glurp shhhhlurpy lurp oh meatballs so good.” Then you receive a phone call from the loser “Jennifer Hall ” . You “Hey, Jen, whats going on?” Jen “Just wanted to say congratulations for winning the show.” You “Well thanks, we’re just heading to record the live taping of Ellen, in Los Angeles, and John’s gonna perform “Baby Face Angels”. Jen “That’s Great is John around, I’d love to say hello.” You “Let me see, let me- let me- …… Oh my Shlur Glur Shlur Glur Shlur Glur shlur Glur- oh damn – Jen Shlur- I would put -Shhhhhlurpy – glur on- the phone , if his Shlur glur Shlur glur shlur glur, Big juicy sweaty- Shlur Glur Shlur Glur Big juicy swaety 12inch dick wasn’t- shlur glur slammin’ down- shlur – glur my throat , Shhhhhhlurpy- good God gag me with this nigger dick………To Be Continued…..

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