Dear Serena Sutherland 2,


Dear Serena Sutherland 2,So it would start off in the brand new year 2018 I finally move out of California with my lovely wife, Krystal Marie Bearden Willis, and where on our way leaving in a private jet with her mother Melissa McCarthy, and her mother Serena Sutherland, and even her Mother, so thats Krystals great grandmother Paula Dean. An here we are all packed up and riding on Paula & Serena’s Private Jet headed back to Texas where Krystal and I are going to be living in a luxurious mansion by both her gran and great grandmother Serena and Paula. While Im working on my Aftermath/Interscope/Shady/BFO Triple disc debut album Invincible love and Our mansion owned Myself my wife krystal, her Melissa and Melissa’s best friend Mona Monet Mound, is still being built, they say the construction could take up to a yea or so, maybe a year in a half. So Paula and Serena gladly welcomed us into they ginormous lovly home. On the plane ride my bah bah became drowsy and dozed off to sleep with Melissa and Paula dozing a little, not Serena though. But I know you the reader remembers our past. Wink wink. You get up out your seat and come over to the empty seat beside me and say “Well, everybody’s asleep but us huh? What should we do?” I say “Yeah, so who cares.” U “You still got that big black meat in yr pants?” As your makin your moves Paula’s awake and comes over aswell, “What y’all doin’, I wanna suck ya big dick too John.” I’m upset “I can’t believe you two wait untill my wife, and Melissa are sleep, to pull this freaky bbw granny interracial mile high wild sex fest. Could you atleast wait till we get to Texas?” Simultaneously they say whisper “No!” Then you and your mother both get gitty and happy like school girls and start to pull down my pants and underwear bc its about to go down. Paula says “An take ya socks off too, I wanna suck on ya toes, you know I miss’em.” Before 3minutes in i was rock hard and they where slurpin like like dope fiends on a crack pipe trying to get a hit. While of course talking a little bit of shit. You “Oh good God Texas hold them balls in my mouth, Blurbbitty- Plop!!!” I ‘Got damn Serena you are son nasty, God I love you.’ You ‘Yeah-Yeah aydın escort Nigga and I love ya saggy Nuts bobblin’ in my mouth, mmmmmmh taste like Beef stew nigga, Campbell’s soup good!” I “Damn is you gon’ suck my dick?” You “Yes, nigga just let me First,,, Shlurpee Shluck back ya,,, BALLs, OoOoh.” Paula like “love suckin on ya toes niggahhhh!”. Then Paula came up got on the balls and You worked that pipe, 2 grannys tag teaming me, working the salame stroke rope a dope, blow yo – yogy dick jerky shlerkin me. Had a niggas toes curling. Then Paula fell back one time and let you go in hard for the final round of sucking you wrapped 2 hands around the pipe and just slurp stroke jerked me all the way home. Drinking back splash after splash of john juice.47 minutes later my wife Krystal and Melissa wake up, we are about 39 minutes from Arlington, Texas and the new beautiful home we will be living at untill our home is fully built. We arrive in mid afernoon 3:45pm me and all my lovely voluptuous beautiful Glorious Rich White ladies. You show Krystal and I to our huge lovely room we unpack, and bae hits me with the, “Yo, where you think your going, bring that big black dick over here, nigga. I wanna Suck it.” So Im in the bed and my girl pulls down my pants and drawls just like her grandma just like you did, simply an hour and a half ago. And shes slurping that pipe “Ooh Nigga Feed me this Dick, Shlury-Shlurp- Shlurkitch – Shlurpee – shlurpy shlurpy ooh shit daddy choke me with this long fat ass big black jungle dick- shlurp -shlurp shlurp shlurp oh nigga dont make me deep throat it again, shlurk – shlurk – shlurk Awwwhll, fuck Im horny daddy jump behind me and dig in this fat ass, dadd fuck me dead in my fat white ass!!” Little do I know that Your fraky nasty ass is outside of bedroom fingering yourself waiting for the perfect moment to barge in. Playing and swinging your fat ass heavy hanging Grandma Titties, listening and watching us while I fuck your grand daughter deep in her ass, all of a sudden you barge in, and say “Krystal/John us girls were going to go, oh my goodness, Im so sorry , for barging in, I should have knocked.” Krystal “Grandma, What aydın escort bayan the hell, why are you walking in on us, me and my husband are making love can you please knock. Can you not hear me and him moaning vwry loud outside these doors, gram damn.” You “Oh my Im sorry very very sorry us ladies were just going to go out to the spa and get our hair and nails done and leave John alone so him and his producer Clinton Sparks could set up his new Studio. So he could start to get to working on his debut album for the big label. So how bout it darlin’ you want to go and get your glam on today, babycakes?” Krystal “Well, let me get myself together, but yes I do need some time at the spa, and my deadends are a mess too, so yeah maybe hook me up with a little make-over today couldn’t hurt. Babe are you going to be here when I get back?” I “Yes baby Of course, I will be waiting for you my love.” Krystal “O.K. Baby I’ll be back in a couple of hours.” Then you chime in “Yessir-reeii-bob, 3-4 hours should give Mr. JohnVeNOM enough time to work his ass off in the studio. Now you just go down stairs with Great Grandma Paula and Your momma Melissa, Im going to meet up with you gals at the Salon at about 7:00pm., Im going to just wait here for Clinton Sparks so They Know which room to set up the new recording studio equipment.” Krystal “O.K. By Gram love you.” You “Alright, love you more, sweetums.” So within the next 15 18 minutes all my lovely ladies leave the mansion but 1. You and then you walk back in that large new bedroom that now belongs to my wife Krystal and myself and turn up the freak levels to 1hunnid. “Yeah, work your ass off, more let me suck on them saggy black nasty nuts again, ride that dick baby while I swing these big titties in your face, then you figgitty butt fuck the shit out of me, Im talkin’ about you , diggitty deep digging in my ass for an hour, how you feel about getting deep up in this granny bbw ass tonight baby?” I “Bring yo big fat sexy blonde curly hair, blue eye, sexy ass over here.” I take you by the back fat rolls deep and start too deep french kiss you sticking my tongue down you throat, you do the same to me. You say escort aydın to me “Do you wanna get lost Baby?” Im in shock I cant believe what you just sai i just keep kissing you, now squeezing your fat round ass, working my way to them big juicy titties. You say “Swang and pull on my big Texas titties baby.” I start sucking both fat granny titties you “Suck that Fat heavy titty, you like titties, dontcha.” We both strip completely naked dammit you start slob sucking down my balls again and i mean storm trooper slurpin’em. You “Oh God i love ya saggy balls, Im gonna Suck these sweaty saggy mothafuckas like turkey necks and chiken bones niggas. Watch me put both of ya balls in my mouth at the same time, glurkitty gobble-blobble, good God dammit.. Now let me Goafer Duck Shlurp this pole- righteously, before the girls get back, and I gots to ride it.” So after you sucked my dick 39 minutes straight, you climbed on top, and rode like a true cowgirl rides. “Oooh thats real good big black nigga cock D-Wise, Give me, Long juicy gorilla dick baby yes. Pipe real good, while my big hot sweaty titties swang in ya face, hahhhhhh, dick baby yeahhhhh- ooooh lord have mercy dick me good.” You rode that dick for 40 minutes straight. Until I told ya “Let daddy get in that sweet fat old ass.” You said “Oooh-Weeeh, yes daddy……’ All of a sudden my IPhone rang it was Melissa calling from the spa, we had to suddenly stop “John My grandma told me she got to suck them toes on the plane, and I know you and my momma probably fucking like Rabbits rights now, so Im’a let you have ya fun, but uh, know this, Oh Im’a shlurk and ride that big juicy dick again wait till I get back to the house.” I “Melissa enjoy the spa, goodbye.” You “Who was that.” I “Your daughter, Melissa, threatening me. Buh fuck all that take this pipe.” Then I drive it deep in ya ass, you love it. “Oh Nigga-Nigga yes- I been waiting for you to get back up in this fat country ass, pipe that ass daddy. Give it to me long, Good lord that meat is hardy in my ass. Digg deep in that fat ass JohnVeNOM. Boogie in my ass J.ViZZy. Mr. CEO Willis, Drill in that ass, daddy, thats yo ass. You gon’ fuck us all in the ass daddy. Maggie Green coming thru, Kathey Bates, Melissa, Kathlean Paula and Mona. God Dammit, now let loose a super big boss man Nasty Nigger Load nut deep in my ass daddy I need it Good lord Im begging for, touch my soul, With that super sperm.

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