Dear Khloe Kardashian Part II


Dear Khloe Kardashian Part IISo basicly I’m thinking we meet at Panera Bread we’re both waiting in line and I notice you, “Hey aren’t you Khloe Kardashian?” tou respond “Well, yes I am, aren’t you Bay Area Underground Legendary mixtape Rapper/Singer JohnVeNOM.” “Yes I am” we talked at a booth table for about 5 hours talking of our career’s, our relatives, parents, and past relationships then it happened, you said “I kinda used to stalk you, the relationship you were in with a teenage girl named Aimee K. Barnett, that was me.” I was not really stunned” I Could sort’ve imagine Khloe K. being the real Aimee.But why me?” you “John you are like the hottest guy in the world an beside that, I’ve followed your life and upbringing, I had to be Aimee so Kim wouldn’t but in, and try to claim you, my man”I “So illegal bahis you say you love me, why did you cheat on me, why did you play this character , why did you lie?” you “Because I was young and obsessed, I loved you more then I loved myself. An I still love you this way. I “Well Khloe or,, Aimee, whoever you-are, I need real love not a stalker.” I got up from the table and fled, you suddenly stopped me an “John please dont go, I love you and I need you more then ever before, and I can prove it.” I “Fine, Yo listen Khloe, show me a real love.” you removed your Blouse, Jacket & Skirt to reveal “I am the true Catastrophic. WonderWoman, Not SaraJay, daddy – I’m your soulmate, Baby come to me.” i “How can i trust you.” as the primal passion started pumping in my blood an you spoke “Dont fight it illegal bahis siteleri Clark, you love me!, you need me as i need you. ” Then I tore my suit coat and pants away to unveil “The Catastrophic SUPERMAN Uniform “.” I “Khloe bring that ass to me!” you “Yes daddy!” We embrace Clutching tightly – Superhero Power Kissing, an, I say “Baby fly with me!” We take off in the Superman Mobil, Deeply frenchkissing the whole ride until we arrive at my home ‘Fortriss of Solitude’ estates, hungry with lust you call to me “Daddy Give me that long fat ass Monster Nigger Dick.” I rip off your WonderWoman belt climbing on top of you, kissing my dickslidimg thru my boxers, barely piercing your pussy lips, you stop me and say “Daddy, I want to feel you down my throat.” Then you hop on top, slowly juggling canlı bahis siteleri my balls with the left hand and stroking that black pipe with the right tongue flicking the tip of my dick then all out super zuper zone Glolly Shhlurpy thurshly sucking me deeper smooth and more rapidly, I begin to pulsate jump in my body, moan out “Khloe,” you “Nobody needs or sucks this big black nasty nigger dick, like me daddy!” i “Suck that dick, suck that big black long nigga dick khlo Awwhl!! Fuck baby ooh shhlurp that big mystical magical nastradomous Mega Monster Masta Don God Gotti Gumbo Gigantic intelligent ghetto CEO Gangsta Nasty Nigga Dungeon Dirty Dick bitch!” You “Oh, no you didn’t nigga oooh shhlurp glurpslurpy glurp. Oh nigga thats what i like.” I “Shut up bitch– -an suck!” i slam goafer thrust force my dick down your throat. You “Oh daddy goafer duck me. Im your. Dumb goafer duck- stuff my face with that long nigger PoLE shhlur Glurr reerrp. Awwhl bust daddy.” Then i proceed to shoot sperm splotch splotches down Khloe Kardashians throat.

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