Dear Diary #4


Dear Diary #4Dear Diary #4″Don’t worry; I knew the two of you were involved when he invited me over. I think it’s kind of hot actually, but I don’t know how you could handle him. His cock is as big around as your forearm. I trust you won’t say anything about me being here. You can trust that I won’t say anything about the two of you either.”I couldn’t stop the smirk that crept across my face. “I couldn’t handle him. I don’t know how far I got, but it definitely wasn’t all of it. My pussy was so sore after he took my virginity that I didn’t want to move much the next day. Of course, starting my period the day after losing my virginity probably didn’t help much either.”I caught the sly smile she gave my br0ther. “You should have had him fuck you again. I have found a nice cum helps with the cramps. It’s a bit messy, but he had never complained about it.””I will have to keep that in mind,” I said with a glance over at my br0ther. “It’s a bit hard to find privacy during the week with our parents, but we may be able to squeeze something in. I have to agree with him on something though; you are still overdressed if we want to have any fun.”She smiled as she got off my lap and reached behind her to unzip her dress. As it slipped off her shoulders, I was surprised to see the plain white bra and panties. I had always imagined her in something lacy that dripped with sex appeal. She saw my glance and smiled as she rolled her eyes.”I know, not exactly alluring are they? My mom still insists on buying all my clothes and seems to think no one will ever see them. The first thing I am going to do when I get to college is to go on a shopping spree for new clothes.””At least you have the option,” I grumbled a bit. “It’s kind of hard to find anything sexy in the little girls’ section.””I’m sure you will have better luck once you move out of the sticks,” Julie replied with a smirk. “Now hush or I won’t show you what’s hidden behind the horridly unflattering garments.”Her hands were already behind her back holding the clasps of her bra, so I mimed zipping my lips closed. Julie giggled as she unsnapped her bra.”You don’t need to go that far; you may need your mouth soon enough.” As her bra slid off, I couldn’t help but lick my lips. I was suddenly glad we never had a gym class together, as I don’t think I could have kept myself from staring. They were like a pair of ripe cantaloupes with perky nipples as big around as my thumb.As her thumbs hooked under the waistband of her panties, she leaned forward and slid them off. When she stood back up, her hands were hiding the view of her pussy, “No peaking until you finish undressing sweetie. I want to see all of you just as much as you want to see me.”Not wanting to disappoint, I lifted my butt high enough to pull my shirt out from under me and pulled it off. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath in anticipation of playing with my br0ther and heard her gasp as she saw all of me.”Fuck, you are like a perfect little china doll,” Julie murmured as she dropped her hands. I guess she appreciated the view of me as much as I enjoyed looking at her. The little heart of hair sitting above her moist lips just accentuated her beauty.The desire in her eyes matched mine as she flowed back into my arms. There was no hesitation in our kiss or how our hands explored each other bodies. Her breasts were as full and firm as I had imagined and I loved how hard her nipples got as I caressed them. I had finally gotten brave enough to let my fingers trail over her pussy when she pulled away from the kiss.”I’m not objecting to where your fingers are, but we are kind of leaving someone out.” We both looked over to where my br0ther was watching us and slowly stroking his cock. “I’m sure we can find a way for him to enjoy one of us while we play.”I licked her juices off my fingers and smiled up at her. “Umm, I guess I need to ask this before I make my suggestion. Are you protected or does he have to use a condom?””I’ve been on the pill since I was f******n to help with the horrid cramps I get, but it has come in handy with your br0ther. I know he has been following our rules with his other girlfriends, so he is free to cum inside of me if that is why you are asking.””I wanted to play with you more, but I also wanted to taste you with his cum dripping out of your pussy,” I explained. “You should explain those rules to me just so I know though.”She just smirked and shook her head. “We can talk more after sex. You do know he will probably fall asleeep soon after he cums, right? Between it being kind of late for him and sex making him want a nap anyway, he will probably crash five minutes after he finishes.””He better not. I wanted him to take me from behind while I was eating you out. If he does pass out on us, I might just make him watch next time and we can enjoy each other. We should hurry though to make sure he doesn’t get too tired. You want to switch places so he can join in and I can be on top?””I’m pretty sure I have enough energy for both of you. While you were distracted, I did pull out the air mattress so you could get more comfortable,” my br0ther added. “I’m not sure I want to know what you would do to me if I passed out.””We wouldn’t do anything to you,” Julie told him as she moved over to lie back on the air mattress. “I would just take very good care of your little s!ster’s pussy all by myself and illegal bahis you would miss the show. You will have the chance to see it again in the future, but you would always remember that you missed seeing the first time I licked her pussy.”I had to laugh as I crawled down with her. “If that doesn’t motivate him to stay awake, I don’t think anything will, but we will enjoy it either way.” I looked back at my br0ther as I ran my fingers over her dripping slit. “She’s nice and wet for you. Just remember to save a bit of energy for me okay?”I started kissing over her breasts as I slipped my fingers inside of her. She was moaning as my fingers explored her soft spongy insides and I wondered if my pussy felt as nice inside. My musings were interrupted when I felt my br0ther’s tongue running over my fingers as he licked along her lips.”Damn it Bruce, your s!ster has me more than warmed up enough, just fuck me already,” Julie moaned. “You know I love it when you eat my pussy, but I need cock, like now.”I slipped my fingers out when his cock brushed up against the back of my hand and helped guide him into place. Feeling him sliding through my fingers as he entered her was almost as good as playing with her myself, but I still wanted to help make her cum. As my fingers moved up to her clit, I finally brushed my lips over her nipple.Her breasts didn’t seem very sensitive in general, but the way she grabbed my head when I latched onto her nipple told me she enjoyed that part. I enjoyed rough play with my own nipples when I was aroused, but I wasn’t sure how rough she liked it. I started gently, running my tongue around it and softly sucking the hard nub as my fingers circled her clit.I could feel her body rocking as my br0ther pounded into her and heard her moans of pleasure. Dragging my teeth lightly over the areola, I caught her nipple between them and started pulling on it. “Oh fuck yes,” she moaned out and I could feel her stomach quivering under my hand as she climaxed.Not wanting to interrupt her climax, I kept up the gentle pressure on her nipple as she rode it out. My br0ther’s moans made me think he was close as well. When her climax ended, I looked down in time to see him thrust into her and grunt as he hosed down her insides with a load of his cream. “Is your pussy just better than mine, because he came a lot quicker with you than he ever did when I was playing with him?”Julie just smirked and shook her head. “He usually lasts a lot longer than that actually. I only climaxed twice, and he usually makes me cum several times during sex.””Sorry,” my br0ther panted. “Watching the two of you together got me far more excited than I would have anticipated and I was playing with myself the entire time. Give me a few minutes to recover and I will try to make it up to you.””Like hell you will, that pussy is mine now so back away buster.” Julie and my br0ther just laughed as I got up and tried to push him out of the way. Think of trying to push a car and you would be about right. He pulled me in and kissed me before pulling out of Julie’s pussy and moving.She was still holding her legs up but his cum was already dribbling out of her pussy and down over her ass. Not wanting to miss a drop, I dove in and ran my tongue over her tight little pucker. Her surprised moan was musical as I licked from her asshole to her pussy, lapping up the stream of cum. I was not sure where to start, so I drove my tongue deep inside of her to pussy to get the rest of his cum.Her pleasured moans as I swirled my tongue around to find his seed told me I was doing something right so I kept going after his cum was gone. After a few minutes, I was rewarded with a deep moan and a fresh flow of her delicious honey as she climaxed for me. I tongued her through her climax then licked up the juices from around her lips before crawling up to kiss her.”Did I do okay,” I asked when we broke the kiss. “My only experience with that was the one time my br0ther did it for me, and he didn’t go inside at all because it was before he took my cherry.”She pulled my head down and kissed me again before answering. “You did amazing, Tilly. Your br0ther is the only person I have to compare it to, but you were just as good, even if you did it a bit different. He usually focuses on my clit while he fingers my pussy, but you got me to cum without even touching my clit.”We kissed again, and it went on for a couple minutes before we stopped and looked around for my br0ther. He was curled up next to us with his eyes closed, and from his breathing was out for the night. “I can’t believe he fell asleeep on us while I was licking your pussy. I guess I’m not getting any sex tonight.”Julie shook her head as she rolled us over and kissed me again. “I’m not surprised. He gets tired after sex anyway, and even more so after a hard game like he had tonight. I wouldn’t say that you are not getting sex though. He may be down for the count, but I fully intend to make you cum at least as many times as I did.”She started kissing her way down my neck and had me purring in anticipation as she worked her way down. She certainly was in no hurry as she peppered the top of my chest with kisses before moving down to my breasts. Her kisses were tentative and gentle as she worked over my tiny mounds and licked my nipples.”You don’t have to be gentle with them,” I told her. “They are sensitive illegal bahis siteleri enough to respond to a light touch, but I tend to maul them when I play with myself.”I saw the hint of a smile before her teeth sank into my nipple and she pulled her head back. Any harder and she could have broken the skin but it felt divine. My back arched up in pleasure and she pulled back more, keeping the pressure on my nipple as her finger sank into my pussy. I was already excited and the sudden penetration set me off. My scream of pleasure as I climaxed must have startled Julie because she released my nipple and looked down at me in concern.Once I caught my breath, I smiled up at her. “Sorry, I probably should have warned you that I can get pretty loud. It never happened before last week with Bruce, but every time I climaxed with him, I screamed. It feels so good when it’s someone else making me cum that I just can’t contain it.””I was worried that I hurt you because I was biting down a bit hard,” she replied with a sigh of relief. “Your br0ther does that to me when I am close to climax and it sets me off, just so you know for future reference. Don’t get too rough on my breasts in general though, just the nipples. Once they get hard, you can do just about anything to them. I’m more surprised that he slept through that.””I’m not, once he crashes, I think a marching band could go through his room without waking him,” I replied sarcastically. “It has helped me out a bit though, as I used to play with his cock when he was sleeping and even made him climax several times without waking him up.””Well, now that we are sure we’re not going to disturb anyone, I still owe you a few more orgasms. I plan to make you scream like that at least another half dozen times. Now that I know its pure pleasure it kind of turns me on knowing you’re enjoying me that much.”She started kissing her way down my stomach as she moved between my legs. “I don’t have any experience doing this and I’m a bit nervous so I might start off a bit slow.”I just nodded and licked my lips in anticipation. The thought of her going down on me had my juices running already, but she could take all the time she needed. Her first kisses were along my inner thighs and had me purring with pleasure. I never knew how sensitive the inside of my thighs were, but the couple of minutes she spent alternating kisses down them was delightful and had me squirming for more.She finally made a tentative lick over my lips and pulled back a bit. Her quiet ‘mmm’ and the smile she got told me she enjoyed my flavour before she dove back in for a second taste. Her arm came up around my thigh as she licked all over my mound, lapping up the juices that were dripping out of me. Her tongue kept brushing over my clitoral hood and had me ready to pop with just a touch more stimulation.Her tongue slipping inside of me as her fingers brushed over my clit did it. I screamed out and pinched my own nipples to push myself higher as I humped my hips up into her face. Closing my eyes, I rode out my climax as her tongue swirled around in my pussy.When my first climax ended, I felt her fingers holding my lips open and she started tracing around my clit with her tongue. I felt her fingers push inside of me as she looked up again. “I’m kind of glad your br0ther hasn’t done this for you since your first time, because it means I get to show you something special. You probably got some of this when he fucked you but direct stimulation is far better.”Her lips sealed around my clit and she started lightly sucking as her tongue traced around it. One hand was pressing down hard right above my slit and I could feel her fingers pressed up inside of me and slowly moving around. We both knew when she found what she was looking for, because I jerked as if someone had shocked me.She pressed harder and another orgasm ripped through me. It was just as intense as the ones I had while riding my br0ther’s cock for the first time, but unlike those, it didn’t seem to end. She held me down and played with my body as wave after wave of pleasure washed through me. I couldn’t tell if it was one never-ending orgasm of if they were coming so fast they just blended, but my throat was horse from screaming so much before she stopped.By the time I was capable of coherent thought again she was curled up next to me, holding a bottle of water I had left on the table. I downed half of it before I was even able to try talking again. “What did you do to me,” I slurred out between panting breaths.”That my sweet Matilda was your G spot. You are a very lucky girl, being as multi orgasmic as you are. Now I have to ask you a very persona question. Did you enjoy being with me enough that you want to do it again, possible repeatedly and exclusively?””I’ve had a crush on you since we were freshmen together, so if you’re asking me to be your girlfriend I would love to. There is only one problem, I think we both enjoy my br0ther’s cock too much to go straight lesbian. Well, that and the fact that your parent’s won’t let you date anyone, and would probably freak out even harder if it was another girl.”She just chuckled as she snuggled into me. “Well I would like you to be my girlfriend, but your right about those issues. I need to tell you about those rules I mentioned before. Your br0ther and I never dated because of my parents, but it was canlı bahis siteleri love at first sight. We made a deal that we would be together once we went to college, and he was free to sew his wild oats until then as long as he always used condoms. I know he broke that rule with you, but I know you’re safe. I had scholarships set up at every school he was sending his scouting information to, the same way you did, except for USC. I had them for UCLA instead because their law program is better. We were planning to get an apartment so we could be together, and I want to know if you would like to join us. It could be all three of us, sharing each other with no restrictions as long as it’s just us three. As much as I would like to keep you all to myself, I would offer you the same deal I made with your br0ther. You are free to play around with others if you wish as long as you’re safe about it. I’ve never wanted anyone other than your br0ther and now you, but I want to make sure you both don’t regret tying yourself down when we get to LA.”I couldn’t help but feel my heart sink a bit as she talked. I wanted to be with her and the offer was wonderful, but my br0ther had planned to leave me? “What was going to happen if we hadn’t ended up sleeping together,” I asked in a small, worried voice. “Was my br0ther really going to leave me alone so you could be together?”She gave me an odd look before shaking her head. “You don’t realize he could never do that? We were going to invite you to live with us anyway. I know how much he loves you and agreed as soon as he asked about that. I’m telling you about our plans now so you can decide if you want to find other lovers before we move in together, because I want you both all to myself when we do.”Knowing they have been thinking of me all along lifted my spirits, but I didn’t need any time to consider her offer. There were three girls in the school I would have given my eyeteeth to sleep with, and one of them was lying naked in my arms, offering me more than I would have ever fantasized about.”I don’t think I need anyone else. The only man I have ever wanted is sleeping next to us, and I can’t imagine another woman would make me feel the same way you do. I will be more than happy to just play with the two of you for as long as you want to keep me.”She just chuckled quietly as she leaned into kiss me again. “I plan on keeping you and your br0ther forever if you’ll let me. No one in LA ever has to know you are related and are more open about relationships like ours. We will have to keep it quiet until the end of the school year, but I hope to enjoy both of you as often as possible until then. Maybe with you being involved we can get your br0ther to give up his other girlfriends and focus on keeping us well fucked.”I glanced over at my br0ther and smiled. “As much as I like that idea, it won’t work. My parents would start to get suspicious about me sleeping with him if he didn’t have a girlfriend for too long, and your parents won’t let you date while you live at home. We will just have to let him have his girlfriends for now and play with each other more until we move.”She glanced back and sighed. “You’re probably right, but I think we can enjoy each other regularly until then. My parents are never home before six, so I think we should get together regularly after school to study at my house. We can get each other off a few times then do our homework so everyone think that is all we do together. I’m curious about something though. When you licked my bottom earlier, was that something you tried to do, or did it just kind of happen?””I wasn’t trying to but his cum was dripping down there so I went for it,” I said hesitantly. I regularly slipped a finger in my own ass when I was masturbating in my room, but I didn’t think everyone would go for that. “Did I gross you out when I did that?”I watched her blush as she shook her head. “I kind of liked it actually and was wondering if you would be willing to do it again sometime. I told your br0ther that was off limits, but I am starting to wonder now.”Licking my lips, I smiled up at her. “I’ve been playing with myself that way for a couple years now because I wanted to save my cherry, and I would love to show you how pleasurable it can be. I still have plenty of energy if you want to try it tonight.”She looked nervous but licked her lips and nodded. I grabbed one of the pillows and handed it to her. “Roll over onto your stomach and put this under your hips. Let’s just say I have spent some time slipping things into my bottom while I played with myself, and that is probably the easiest position for me to get at your ass in and still play with your pussy.”As I got behind her and admired her perfect ass, I shot a look at my br0ther and shook my head. It was a shame he was missing all the fun, but I was still glad I was having time to build my own bond with Julie. We had been friends for years, but never close before now. I had kept her at a distance, afraid to show my desire and ruin our friendship, but knowing we could come to love each other just made my life so much better.I ran my tongue over her tight little pucker as I slipped my fingers inside of her pussy. Her quiet moans told me she was enjoying it. By the time I finished with her she would love anal play as much as I did. My br0ther would definitely owe me a favour when I was done, because I was serving up two virgin asses that he would be the only man to ever enjoy.I would say he was the luckiest person alive, but I reserved that title for myself, having the two people I loved most in the world as my lovers.THE END

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