dark encounter


dark encounterit had been so insanely hot that summer that nobody could have been sleeping. despite the sun having set the night time seemed, if anything worse than the daylight hours. everyone hoped for a sudden thunderstorm & downpour of rain to clear the air – but the heatwave showed no signs of breaking. the bedroom in my tiny apartment had double doors leading to a small railed balcony – looking out over a woodland area. so in a desperate attempt to get some fresh air (& much needed sleep) into the stuffy bedroom over the long, hot night hours I pulled the mattress off the bed & dragged it as close as possible to the balcony doors.after some effort I managed to wedge the double doors open with the end of the matress & upon laying down I was pleased to discover my head & shoulders would be outside in the fresher air. so as the summer sun dropped below the trees I settled down for the night.during the heatwave I had taken to sleeping naked & I hadn’t considered I could be visible to other apartments with half the mattress out on the balcony. even with the fresher air it took what seemed like ages to cool off enough to be comfortable. I vaguely remember seeing flashes of weird lightning as I drifted off to sleep – too tired to worry about getting drenched if it did, finally start raining. I jumped awake, feeling hot & sweaty, not quite sure where I was until I recalled being half out on the balcony. as my sleep fogged mind cleared a bit I realised I had an aching erection. I lay still, too hot to bother playing with my dick & as I was looking back into the appartment I realised there was somebody stood inside, in the shadows.two somebody’s actually – as my sleepy eyes focused I made out two figures. after my eyes managed to stir my still dozy brains I realised the figures were female…..and naked.For some reason I didn’t jump up in fear at these intruders – but instead lay sleepy & nursing a huge erection – an erection the females could no doubt see in the light from outside. one of the figures walked forwards – a naked woman with big, heavy looking breasts & a patch of dark pubes between her legs. as she got into the light I could see she had on…..a gas mask. somewhere inside I knew this should have been alarming but it wasn’t – maybe my brain still thought it was asleep. maybe I was asleep – finally properly asleep & dreaming. The second woman walked into the light of the balcony. this naked female was taller – wearing black, shiny ankle boots with a heel. her skin looked strange, with a golden, metallic glitter to it & her long hair was blue – tied in a long pony tail down her naked back. her breasts were smaller than the other woman, with hard perky nipples bahis firmaları & she had no pubic hair between her legs. her face was pretty & she smiled when she looked at me. her eyes were a deep, pleasing green colour – like cats eyes i thought. suddenly a warm presence entered my mind, welcome & soothing “We won’t hurt you” the voice said & somehow I knew it was the woman with green eyes inside my head. “we are here to test” was the closest I could understand. the word “test” seemed inadequate, almost as if it meant “try” or “sample”. the presence in my mind made me feel warm & safe (& slightly drunk) so I just lay naked with my throbbing dick standing proud as these two strangers looked at me.the golden skinned woman touched the shoulder of the girl wearing the gas mask & she knelt down beside me, her big, warm breasts brushing my arm. there was a fall of light coloured hair from the back of the mask & I realised I could see her eyes looking back at me, blue & human – not like the green eyes of the other woman. without a sound the gas mask girl lifed the black, flexible hose attached to the mouthpiece of the mask & I could hear her breaths through the open ending. the same moment my sleepy brain realised the naked woman’s air supply was through the flexible tube was the instant she leaned across my naked body and placed the opening of the tube over my throbbing erection. the end of the pipe was wide enough to accommodate my erection but as it made contact with the base of my dick it felt as if the tube tightened. the woman in the gas mask sat back with her buttocks resting on her heels – not even holding the air tube against my crotch & infact it felt tightly in place. a fuzzy part of my brain wondered why the naked woman next to me wasn’t struggling to breathe. but I enjoyed watching her big breasts swell every time she breathed in & out – and with each giggle of her boobs the flexible tube drew tighter around my dick. It felt as if my erection was throbbing with the blue eyed womans breath. but the flexible tube didn’t get tighter. I could feel the end of my erection swelling & my foreskin was rolled back with it – or maybe the suction was pulling the sensitive end of my dick out of it’s protective covering. I suddenly felt as if I needed to start pushing my hips upwards, thrusting into the tube & even as I experienced the urge the calming voice slipped inside my thoughts saying “lay still & let the slave do it’s work” (again i felt the word was wrong – as if it meant service rather than slave) as the warm voice left my mind I realised the naked gas masked girl beside me had shifted & as I looked I saw she had one hand between her legs, rubbing kaçak iddaa her pussy with her fingers. looking into the masked womans face I saw her blue eyes were almost shut in pleasure but at that moment I felt something that should have been impossible – was impossible. I felt the brush of the naked “servants” hot, wet tongue. despite the length of breathing tube d****d between us I felt her tongue against the swollen end of my erection. as the wet tongue found & then started to probe the sensitive opening at the end of my dick I looked at the gasmasked face & could see the muscles of her neck moving in time with the tongue.the suction against my erection was intense & suddenly there was a wet slurping sound, more felt than hear as the swollen end of my erection was sucked fully into contact with the gasmasked slaves tongue. as with the base of my dick it felt as though the breathing tube had tightened in a gripping ring around the sensitive base of my swollen glans. I suddenly, desperately needed to spunk. the slaves tongue was licking the end of my dick like a lolly pop & her tongue was working it’s way into my sensitive pee hole, lapping at the pre-cum being pulled out of me by the suction. I was arching my back, my throbbing erection a bar of burning iron inside the breathing tube – lost to everything but the need to ejaculate.legssuddenly the warm, familiar presence of the golden skinned woman entered my thoughts again “this might help” was the message ” don’t give in yet. the test is nearly over”. with that the golden skinned girl touched the shoulder of the slave – who was still exciting her own body. at the touch the naked slave moved closer to me & lifted one leg so she could settle directly onto my waiting face. the heat and scent of her desire enclosed my face & a****l instinct took over. I grabbed her buttocks, roughly pulling her pussy as wide as possible so I could jam my tongue inside her. the gas masked servant was shaking as I found the hot, hard pebble of her clitty & sucked on it as hard as I could. it felt as if the whole of my erection was on fire, huge & throbbing with my heartbeat. the swollen tip impossibly inside the slaves hot mouth as she sucked the pre-cum from me. my face buried between her legs i sucked & licked her clitty until there was a shuddering gush of pussy juices as she climaxed. I was still rendered unable to ejaculate by the tight tube sealed around my erection. the gasmasked girl sat her full weight on my face, shaking from the intensity of her orgasm. finally, as her climax ended she lifted her body off my hot, sticky face & returned to her kneeling position.I felt a change as the tubing released my erection & kaçak bahis the naked slave slid the pipe off my still aching erection. The gas masked girl stood & walked back into tye shadows. for the first time the other woman walked over to my sweaty body. her eyes were captivating as she knelt beside me & opening her hand I saw she held a glittering green ring. my still aching erection was twitching as she knelt close & despite the ring appearing solid she fitted it around my balls & the base of my erection. a cool, metallic feeling ring around my manhood.I heard her voice again in my head “thank you” it said ” you past the test” then she knelt forward, & took the swollen tip of my erection into her mouth. i felt a strange sensation as without changing her expression the strangly beautiful, green eyed woman sucked on my erection. my toes curled & my back arched as an intense orgasm overtook me. it felt as though she was sucking the spunk straight out of my balls & I ejaculated into her mouth. another ejaculation & a third each more intense than anything I had known. I could see her swallowing each aching ejaculation to make way for the next. after one last shuddering orgasm, my hips bucking as I tried to fuck into her mouth the strange, naked girl released my erection. leaning over me, her stunning green eyes glittering, this strange, naked woman kissed me gently on the lips. just once before she stood. there was no taste of my semen on her lips & I knew from the intensity of my orgasms my seed had been accepted straight down her throat, never touching her lips. as the naked girl with blue hair & glittering, golden skin turned & walked into the shadows she looked back. all I could see was her hright, green eyes as she visited my thoughts one last time. ” see you in time” her voice echoed as I fell into an exhausted sleep.I awoke with the vague memory of something erotic in my dreams. it wasn’t until I made it into the shower & started soaping my balls that I felt the cool, green metallic ring fastened around my genitals.everything from last night jumped into focus & my soapy erection grew harder & harder. it took sometime into the morning & several cups of strong coffee (with whiskey in the last cup) before I could dress & face the day. somehow the fact I couldn’t remove the strange ring down between my legs didn’t bother me.i realised it was nearly midday & I had just finished dressing when there was a knock on my appartment door. not expecting anyone I went to answer the knocking. I opened the door to find myself staring into the same blue eyes that were behind a gasmask last night. i knew, without question, it was the same girl. from the look on her face I could see she recognized me – even with my clothing on. “i travelled all morning to find you” said the woman “somehow I knew how to find you””want to come in” i said “i was just thinking about lunch – join me & we can talk about last night..

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