Danielle’s Depravity Ch. 04

Female Ejaculation

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Long overdue. Sorry x


In the back of the limo, Simone sat tight in between the two other girls, and turning first to Danielle, it was mere seconds before she had swam her tongue into that girl’s hot mouth when they joined. Dani felt the invader and responded to its passionate onslaught, sucking on the muscle swirling round inside her oral cavity, before duelling with it. As her own lips melded with Simone’s scarlet painted ones, Dani found herself getting lost in the beauty of the girl, her olive eyes and the alluring effect of her heavy, dark make-up. She let a low moan get wrenched from the depths of her soul as Simone’s arms snaked around her shoulders to pull her in closer to their mouth-to-mouth union. Their tongues fought a pitched battle for supremacy, then Dani acknowledged defeat and permitted Simone’s tongue to move in and out of her mouth, practically fucking her like that.

Beth meanwhile was lost in the performance of the pair kissing, only with it enough to lean in close and lodge her hand between Simone’s upper thighs, working it away there under her tiny skirt, feeling the heat and humidity and making the redhead spread her legs, yearning for more.

When the first steaming kiss broke, Simone switched her attention immediately to the in range Beth, unhesitatingly locking lips with her new mate, enjoying the new tongue in her mouth as their heads pivoted, revolving about the fresh seal between their open mouths. While it was her turn to watch, Dani’s hands were far more selfish than Beth’s had been, since Dani was rolling one of her own electric nipples and rubbing her own hot crotch as she sunk down into the seat enjoying her pleasure and the heated show directly in front of her.

After the furious necking, Simone stoked the furnace even more by begging the two girls for more of the spit they had given her back in the club.

“I want to have it, to taste it fresh,” Simone said in a low voice, batting her long false lashes whilst leaning back and spreading her legs to show just how much she did want it. Danielle and Bethany exchanged glances with each other, and then faced her again, their expressions told Simone she would get her kinky wish.

“Mmmmm…” managed Danielle, as she climbed up onto one of Simone’s strong, spread thighs and straddled it, just as Bethany simultaneously swung a toned leg over the redhead’s other available thigh to also mount her. The two girls each had a tight panty-wrapped pussy rubbing needily, insistently on Simone’s firm thigh, feeling the girl’s golden skinned dancer muscles and green fishnets right between their legs.

Brushing the ceiling, Danielle took the sides of Simone’s head in her hands and used her hold to angle the redhead’s beautiful face right up at her, her honey-blonde tresses hair spilling down toward the expectant dancer whose gaze seared up at her. Their deep eyes locked and the moment burnt between them in the low light of the back seats as Simone opened her full mouth in anticipation, showing her white teeth, and even the intimate way down to her tonsils. Dani paused for a moment, studying her target’s face, the amazing cheek bones, shapely nose, her delicate tilted chin, and then Dani noisily drew up from the very back of her throat.

The sound was unmistakable and brutal, and Dani’s cheeks fluttered as she pushed her intimate saliva load into the front of her mouth. Simone whimpered. Very carefully, Dani then pursed her lips and a watery, crystal line of her oral juice emerged unhurriedly from her mouth, rapidly becoming a thick saliva wad before it dropped very sexily into the heart of Simone’s wide-stretched oral hole. Simone moaned her deep appreciation and lust as she took the spit and then tasted it. Even after Dani had passed the bulk of her oral gift, and smiled down at Simone as she watched the redhead lovingly hold her spit, a thin line of the saliva still joined the pair’s mouths.

“All your’s, baby…” Danielle murmured with passion, completely taken over by the moment and ascending higher still, before she then used her hold to twist Simone’s head toward Beth, letting her girlfriend treat Simone to a second large load of saliva which she also dutifully drooled right into the redhead’s eager cavity. Simone let her neck ripple as she then swallowed her twin oral gifts down, but Bethany wanted to give her more.

Sliding her fingers into the dancer’s mouth, Bethany pulled at her beautiful lips, cruelly snaring the girl’s mouth open before she leant close in and angrily spat a heartfelt “PPPWAAHHHHH” with force into the redhead, a look of purely sexual disdain on her face, wanton delight on Simone’s

Simone was in sheer lust and as she leaned back her chest stuck out provokatively, demanding Dani and Beth roll off from on top of her legs to sit in beside the redhead again, so they could each squeeze and kneed one of her globes. Their hands roamed over the dancer’s sexy curves, groping Simone bursa escort through her tight micro-dress while the girls did their best to keep rubbing their hot crotches on her thighs and sides, even though they had lost the optimum straddle position.

Simone turned again to Bethany, the girl who had flung her spit at her, and the pair merged into another unbridled French kiss of warped desperation, while Beth’s hands stayed busy on her body. When Simone ended the kiss, once more she turned the attention of her tongue and lips immediately to the neglected girl, and Dani steamed together with her again too. Simone had plenty of tongue and lips for both of them. As Dani and Simone ate each other’s lust-filled faces, Beth pecked at the top of Simone’s neck, planting her kisses where the ink of the redhead’s magnificent tattoo began.

The next thing Danielle knew, her thin mesh panties were slipped past her knees, and she felt one of Simone’s hands on her pussy, getting right in her heat, while she herself had worked two of her own fingers straight into the redhead’s quim which was as slick as her’s. The feel of the new girl’s moist clutching velvet walls was wonderful, and they gripped her fingers tightly as she felt the slit respond to its invasion, hips humping a little at her too. Simone’s clearly experienced digits were playing a tune deep inside her sex too and Dani tried to give back the fast warm pleasure she was experiencing herself.

Beth was urgently trying to get in on the act too, and Danielle felt her partner squeeze one of her breasts, and also grip the hand that she had up Simone, much to the redhead’s moaning enjoyment. Danielle slipped her moistened fingers out of Simone to quickly find her girlfriend’s pussy instead, and they all heard Simone groan again as Beth’s fingers immediately replaced Dani’s inside the redhead. The trio were squirming together on the leather seat as each girl used one of their hands up another’s cleft, and their spare hand to grope breast, or hold hair while they kissed. Crotches bucked, and backs arched as each girl demanded more touching from the hands on them and in them, and they all pressed their bodies in, trying to maximise contact with the two nubile figures writhing around them.

When the vehicle halted, Simone panted, “Oh God..we’re there,” and they reluctantly uncoupled, all of them now desperate for climax, and with sticky scented fingers.

Stepping out of the car, and as they entered the plush hotel, Dani and Beth barely noticed the swanky lobby or the frowning stares from various other guests returning from their evenings at the theatre or opera. As the group of them just headed for the desk as quickly as they could, 3 pairs of lips were make-up-smeared, 3 wardrobes dishevlled in a story telling way, and 3 pairs of outrageous heels clattered across the foyer.

“A room…,” Bethany said, thrusting over a Platinum card.

“Um, yess, madam,” the reception clerk said, a youngish man who was on the graveyard shift, and who was understandably a little shocked by the appearance of Beth. People didn’t normally behave like this at the Avalon, but her card was platinum and the rich could do what they liked. He’d learnt that time and again working in this place. “..there’s a suite…126…”

“Fine. Have the card sent up later…” Beth said as she was already walking away from the desk, key in hand, back to the girls waiting impatiently by the bank of elevators.

Just as in the back of the stretch, the girls’ heat for each other boiled over again in the elevator, and as they rode upwards, so did their hands. Ass cheeks were angrily groped and the three of them shared their rippling tongues way outside their mouths in a delightful three-way kiss, creating a classic lipstick lesbian moment between the trio as Dani and Beth gazed into Simone’s olive eyes.

Then they were spilling into the room…

“I know what you want from her Beth, so earn it,” said Dani, tumbling onto the large bed and spreading her slim legs to masturbate intently and watch what would be some pricless interaction between her long-time lover and their delicious new conquest of that night.

Beth bobbed down in front of Simone, and her left hand moved gently up the side of the redhead’s form-fitting dress, reaching for the concealed zipper. She tugged at it, and the soft whisper of the fastener was lost in Beth’s sexy moan. Using her left hand only, she then expertly helped Simone lose one sleeve, and Simone stiffened when there was a sudden release of pressure against her breasts and her impressive tits pushed proudly forward. The dress now hung suspended only by clinging with its lycra loop over her right shoulder, the one which her tattoo trailed under.

Enjoying her role and the discovery of her new partner immensely, Beth closed her eyes in rapture as her tongue began tracing a wild pattern of sensation down Simone’s neck and across her bare shoulder. Lower and lower her mouth altıparmak escort moved until she felt the dancer’s breasts under her chin. Pulling the tight garment off at her shoulder herself, and then peeling its nothingness all the way down to step out of it, Simone finally revealed her whole body as a near perfect work of art to Beth and Dani’s greedy eyes.

Standing there in just tiny green satin panties which showed a wet patch and were stuck fast to her quim, her neon green fishnet hold-ups and her lucite platformed mules looking hopelessly cheap now, Simone truly had the tanned and athletic body of a professional dancer to go along with her stunning looks. Her toussled red hair spilled down to golden breasts which were like fully ripened melons and in the middle of her dark areola, erect nipples stood like a bulging brown towers. And, weaving its erotic trail over her toned skin was that incredible tattoo of her’s.

Beth who was squatting in front of Simone as she helped her strip had to rock back on her haunches as she surveyed the permanent artwork on the redhead’s body.

As had already been visible to them, the design was a creeping vine of leaves, one end starting high on the side of the girl’s neck. The art of the green vine was beautiful, with occasional bright flowers decorating its trail, and they saw it stretch unbroken all the way from Simone’s neck, over her right shoulder to the point where it had been hidden from them when she was dressed. Now Beth and Dani could see the way that her ink kept on descending, round the outside of her right breast and down across her ribs, where the vine grew more extensive, and the leaves were denser. An offshoot of the creeper then split off and curled up under her breast, where a small butterfly could be seen perched on the stalk there too. The main vine incredibly continued down the right side of her toned, bronzed ab-defined stomach and spread onto her upper right thigh, where it went under the hold-up band of her stocking, the point where the girls had seen it re-emerge from under her dress. This was where the vine finally ended, halfway down the front of Simone’s shapely thigh….before a separate piece broke out again for the length of her rear right calf.

With a loud groan of hunger, Beth’s voracious mouth fastened itself moistly on the left one of Simone’s succulent mounds of flesh. Her noise was echoed by Simone’s own moan, and the redhead’s hands went down to grasp Beth’s head, holding it firmly on her in unconcealed pleasure.

“Gaaaawd!” Simone gurgled, over and over again as Beth’s teeth nibbled at her nipple, her fabilous nails scratched, and the mouth and tongue busy on her played havoc with the passion-inflamed nerve ends.

After just the right time, Beth’s devouring mouth then moved over to the right, leaving Simone’s left tit shining with her thick saliva.

Beth’s voice was choked up with desire, when she said, “My God, you’re SO beautiful! Perrrfect.” She craned her neck upward, and the pair kissed savagely, Beth’s hunger so great that her teeth actually bit into Simone’s wax-red lips, devastating the last remnants of her lipstick.

Beth then dropped down to kneel right in front of Simone and with one quick, sure motion, she peeled the little green bikini panties down Simone’s bronzed legs to her ankles, revealing a closely trimmed triangle of dark browny-red hair. Her face was level with Simone’s steamy crotch, which had already betrayed its owner’s arousal through her panties, and showed the sheen all over Simone’s beautiful outer lips.

Beth gently lifted the dancer’s gorgeous right leg, holding her inked calf, kissing it, and then setting it down, before raising her left one, carefully disengaging Simone’s lucite sex-heeled feet from her panties.

Beth then tossed the satin undergarments over to Danielle who was still watching on the bed, and had long tugged her own panties aside, so that she was now keenly masturbating driving her clit wild. Holding the panties in one hand, Dani moved them up to her nose and mouth to sample Simone’s intimate and ready fragrance, running her other moist hand all over her body, her fingertips dancing exploratively over her flat belly and inevitably coming back to her greedy vee again.

Dani groaned at the instantly thrilling contact of her hands with her hot slit, and tucked her legs up in their half-length stockings as she spread them, before letting them fall gaping wide. Still holding Simone’s panties, her fingers crawled onto her stiff nipples and pinched them roughly, attacking them through the layer of Simone’s pussy satin, making her sensitive flesh there shiver and contract.

In front of the redhead goddess, and still kneeling before her, Beth looked up past the tops of Simone’s glam-trashy fishnets and saw, and smelled, the enticing female aroma coming from Simone’s softly pouting quim, all pink and shining from her oozing. Beth had the instinct to eat görükle escort the girl’s beautiful pussy while she was standing, but by now she was desperate to satisfy her own warped desire for the girl’s dirtier treasure.

But Beth didn’t rush. The faux-brunette began raining kisses on her sexual prey’s net-encased legs and thighs. Simone just stood there, gasping and groaning appreciatively with hips wide and legs keenly apart, her radiant hair tumbling down since her head was rolled back. Simone had felt her neck surrender in response to the pleasurable jolts that were surging through her love-hungry body with each kiss Beth planted below on her skin through the coarse mesh of her stockings. Simone could feel the heat and mositure of Beth’s lips through the material of the hose and she could feel the contrasting cool air playing over her bare, moist breasts too. It was the stuff of sensation.

Simone felt so deliciously lewd too, just standing there wearing only stockings, just as she had wanted to do when she had first glimpsed Bethany and Danielle, but the dancer suddenly forgot everything when Beth’s hot lips finally came into contact with the nude flesh above and between the top of her stockings. Beth kissed inside both of Simone’s thighs and used her tongue to lick the sleek inner part of her thighs from just above the point where the stockings ended to … to … Simone stiffened as the lips suddenly leapt from thigh to navel and missed out her desperate pussy. A wild excitement was now burning into her hard.

Beth’s kisses were traveling over abdomen and down to sculpted hips and then the brunette gently tugged at Simone to turn the redhead around and make her face the masturbating Danielle on the bed. Obediently Simone turned, and within an instant, Beth’s lips were moving over the lower part of her back, and then inevitably down to her slightly trembling buttocks. From the bed, Danielle knew exactly wahat her depraved lover was after.

Easing Simone’s cheeks apart, exposing her rosebud, Beth placed her lips onto the redhead’s precious puckered ridge and sealed them there.

“Yesssssss. Kiss my dirt hole, you slut!. Get right to it!” hissed Simone, thrilled to know Bethany wanted her ass.

“Oh, very good Simone!” said Dani, showing her approval of the dancer’s passionate outburst.

Rubbing faster now, Dani was really teasing her middle finger deep into the glistening pink slit of her vagina, whilst also stroking her swollen bud-like clit with her thumb. Dani’s pleasure was racing as she viciously finger-fucked her digit in and out, gliding it smoothly between her lust-agitated cuntal walls. She soon joined two more to her middle finger and was quickly pushing all three into her hungry pink folds. The fingers disappeared and emerged again and again with a moist sticky pull, causing her to sigh and moan with pleasure as she watched things play out in front of her.

After a few soft-lipped smooches on Simone’s darling asshole had established her right to it and desire for it, Beth then gave the redhead one long, hungry lick with the very flat of her tongue, right over her wicked entrance and a way up her crack. Beth then kissed the snug hole once again, and opening her mouth wide, she sealed it over and then finally worked her taut tongue straight into Simone’s anal hole like an eel, entering her own personal heaven as she started to feast.

“GAAAAAWD YESSSS!” screamed Simone in response, “Eat me right in there baby! Shit, your girlfriend is naaaasty…”

“You have no idea,” Dani answered. “You’re going to be telling me all night long about how good she is doing up your ass,” she encouraged as she continued jilling off, stretching and showing more and more of her pussy as a tottering Simone stood there and stared while Beth in turn bored into her derriere,.

“She’s RIGHT in there. Oh ffffuck, she’s a freak! Oooo ahhhh, mmmm, AH!” breathed Simone while she watched Dani frig, seeing the blonde’s teeth clenched tightly shut as she shamelessly writhed her open vagina beneath her driving fingers in an ever increasing frenzy of passion.

“Shit, your girlfrrrnd…can..mmm….eat…ass! She’s soooo deep. OH, get in there, right there! MMMM!.”

Simone was beginning to perspire in her arousal, and she could feel a trickle of sweat running from her navel down her stomach into the sparsely haired light brown pubic triangle at the base of her pushed out belly. Beth’s tongue in her rectum had the attention of most of her nerves, but the slow teasing trail of sweat caused her to squirm and push her sex-flushed breasts even more forward.

Another trickle of sweat ran down the valley back between her buttocks as well, falling right onto Beth’s tongue that was slipped far into the the tight pink flesh of Simone’s anus.

“Mmmmmmm. Ooooo, chew on my nasty asshole, Beth. GAAAAWD you’re good. Fuck, OOOO! Never stop.”

Beth was indulging in her full range of oral-anal party tricks now, working deep washes of her saliva inside of Simone’s rectum and then hungrily sucking them out, just as she’d done to Dani earlier, and all the while, she had her tongue wriggling inside the redhead’s smooth tunnels as well. Beth adored each mouthful of Simone’s rectal essence that she pulled back and inside or her.

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