Dad’s Surprise Christmas Gift


Dad’s Surprise Christmas GiftIt was two days before Christmas and I was headed east on interstate 80 to commemorate the birth of our savior at my parents’ house in Ohio. My wife, son and daughter were with me, and we would be sharing space with a large cast of relatives endowed with varying levels of sanity for the next several days. My wife was riding shotgun and was busy scolding the k**s who were fighting in the back seat over some highly significant issue such as who took whose last piece of bubblegum. Although a light snow had been falling since shortly after we left St. Louis, we were making good time, and I felt at peace as we drove through southern Indiana. Despite my family’s tendency to transform into Dysfunction Junction, the snow and the impending holiday festivities put me in a good spirit and brought my mind back to a Christmas many years ago.It was 1985, and I had turned f******n three months earlier. I had passed through that awkward phase of puberty and was an attractive k**; I played on the JV football team and was reasonably popular. It was Christmas Eve, and I had gone upstairs to my room after spending the evening singing carols with my family. As I changed into my flannel pajamas I noticed a note on my pillow, so I picked it up and read the words that would soon change my life: “Scott, I have a special gift for you. Come to my study at 2:00 a.m. Love, Dad.”I glanced at the clock and saw that it was not quite 11:30. I wondered what Dad had for me, and why he had to give it to me at such an odd hour. Obviously it was meant to be a secret, but what could it be? I was definitely intrigued. I had asked for an Atari that Christmas, but didn’t see why he would give it to me in the middle of the night. I set my alarm for 2:00 so that I would not doze past the appointed time, but ankara escort need not have done so. I was far too excited to sleep, so I just lay in bed and stared at the ceiling while I listened to the melodic strains of Wham on my Sony walkman, which my father had given me a few Christmases earlier. Finally 2:00 arrived and I got out of bed. At a time when not a creature should be stirring, not even a mouse, I quietly crept down the stairs to the study that my father used. It was a place where he worked and sought private sanctuary from the chaos of his home life, and my sisters and I were only rarely allowed in. The door was slightly ajar and I knocked.”Come in, Scott,” my father ordered quietly, “and shut the door behind you.”I complied with these instructions and stood before my father, noticing the half-empty whiskey decanter on his desk.”I have a special present for you, Scott,” my father said and took a large sip of his drink, then another. “It is actually a present for your penis,” he added nonchalantly.I was shocked to hear him say such a thing but could tell by the lustful glint in his eyes that he was dead serious. The penis he mentioned immediately responded and rose to full mast in an instant. “I can see your prick is excited,” my father stated as he pointed at the tent in my pajamas.”I am going to give you a blowjob, Scott. You’re old enough now to experience the pleasure of lips on your penis.”I was speechless as I stared at my father with bulging eyes. I would never have thought that he would utter such lewd words, let alone try to get into my pants. But I was f******n and horny as hell and wasn’t going to turn down an invitation to my first blowjob.”OK,” I finally mustered.My father walked around from his desk and stood in front of me. He reached out and stroked my rigid ankara escort bayan cock through the thick flannel cotton of my blue PJ’s as he smiled at me. His breath smelled heavily of alcohol.”I think you’re going to like this,” he said as he dropped to his knees. He grabbed the sides of my pajamas and yanked them down, releasing my cock to the cool night air.”Now that is pretty,” he sighed as he looked at my six-inch boner. He took hold of it and stroked it a few times, then started lapping the big purple head with his tongue. I moaned while Dad licked all around the corona with his talented tongue, and it felt so good I thought I might collapse. Dad anticipated this and grabbed my ass cheeks to hold me up. After giving my dick head a nice bath, he ran his tongue the full length of my veiny shaft several times, then opened his mouth wide and took the tip of my swollen prick into his mouth. I let out a loud appreciative grunt when Dad’s hot mouth engulfed my randy meat. I gently ran my fingers through Dad’s dark hair while he sucked on my prick head, then clenched fists around several strands when I felt him swallow my entire penis down to the root. Although this was my first blowjob, I could tell that my father had definitely sucked cock before, as he had no trouble taking all my pole into his throat.”Oh, Dad, that feels so good!””Mmmpf,” came Dad’s muffled reply as he pressed his lips against my pubic mound. He slowly raised his mouth back up to the tip of my cock then swirled his tongue around the head again before plunging all the way back down. He repeated this several times and I started to thrust my hips forward to meet his plunges. This definitely beat jacking off, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I shot my load.”Dad, I’m gonna shoot soon. You should stop,” I warned.Dad’s escort ankara response was to grab my young ass and pull me towards him so that I couldn’t get away. Clearly Dad wanted me to jizz in his mouth, and I was certainly willing to let him. He may be my dad but it felt so good and I didn’t want to stop. I felt the pressure build up in my balls and gave him one last chance to back down.”Here it comes, Dad, I’m gonna shoot!”Dad bobbed his head up and down more quickly and was grunting with deranged lust. My cum fired out of my adolescent prick and into his mouth and was quickly vacuumed down into his eager throat. I thought I was in heaven as I came in his mouth and never wanted the feeling to stop. This was pure heaven. Pure bliss. I had never known anything could feel as good as it did when Dad drank all the cum out of my balls that night.Finally I pulled my cock from Dad’s mouth and he licked the head one last time to get the last few drops of semen that were dangling from my slit.”Fuck Dad, that was nice! Thanks!””You’re welcome, Scott. And Merry Christmas. Now if you’re a good boy next year, maybe you’ll get another nice present next Christmas,” he said as I pulled up my pajamas and headed back up to bed. I got the Atari the next morning, along with several game cartridges for Donkey Kong, Frogger and other games, but neither Dad nor I said anything about the previous night’s activities. The following year he once again invited me to his study for a secret nocturnal blowjob, and he has done so every Christmas Eve since. We have never talked about it and he has never blown me any other time of year. It is just our special little Christmas tradition, something we both enjoy but never discuss.Before I knew it we were pulling up into my parents’ driveway, and my sleepy k**s and wife got out of the car to greet everyone. I hugged my mother and then my father, who patted me playfully on the rump.”I hope to see you at 2:00,” he smiled at me.”You bet, Dad, you bet,” I assured him as I felt my dick once again start to rise.

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