Daddy’s Big Birthday Surprise


Daddy’s Big Birthday Surprise
Knowing my Daddy’s birthday was just around the corner, I started thinking about what his sweet, little Baby Girl could do to make his special day an occasion that he would never forget.

Daddy means the world to me, and I am pretty sure he knows just how much I love being in his arms. When I am with my Daddy, I feel safe, loved, cared for, and special. The way Daddy looks into my eyes just makes me melt. When Daddy holds me, I feel as if I am protected and shielded from any of the petty problems life seems to throwing my way these days.

Daddy is my world, and when I think of him a little ray of sunshine seems to brighten my day.

As Daddy’s little Baby Girl sits here thinking of just how wonderful my Daddy really is, I know that there is nothing I can give the man who has given me the will to live again. Daddy’s touch is all that I need to feel like a woman, and when he stares into my eyes, “Holy Shit!”

I wanted to do something extra special for my Daddy, because he deserves to be pampered. But what could I do? Daddy has been to so many exciting places, and experienced so much already. What could I possibly do for my Daddy that would make his birthday unforgettable?

I decided fairly quickly that I could not give Daddy any sort of material object for his birthday and have it be all that memorable. Besides, not being all that materialistic, he already had everything he wanted. I was really having a very hard time deciding.

What could I do for my Daddy?

That thought easily gave way to another. What would I do for my Daddy? Hmmm…. Now that seemed to be the question I should be asking. Indeed! What would this Baby Girl do for her Daddy?

“Oh my,” I thought to myself. “This could get interesting.”

For the next few days, I kept thinking about what I would do to make sure Daddy’s birthday was the best one he ever had. Every time I thought about Daddy, my clit would twitch and flutter. I swear my pussy stayed wet for an entire week, just thinking of all the naughty possibilities.

Although it was honestly the first thought to enter my devious little mind, I constantly thought about numerous other kinky, deviant scenarios. In the end, I came full circle back around to my first impulse. My first instinct was very simple, sexy as hell and I was fairly certain Daddy would enjoy his gift.

Now that I had settled on what Daddy’s present would be, I had to plan and start preparing for his big day.

Throughout the next week I was busy getting everything prepared for Daddy’s big day. All Daddy knew is that I had planned a party and invited some friends and neighbors. I would not tell him anything else, which of course got my ass smacked on more than one occasion.

For the next few days Daddy tried to get his Baby girl to spill the beans, but nothing he did could get me to talk. Although he came very close several times.

On the night of the party, Daddy noticed a big bottle of tequila at the end of the table. “Tequila, huh?” He said with a smile. “You know you get kind of wild when you drink,” he interjected. “Yep, yep. Tonight is going to be a night you won’t forget.” With a big grin on my face, I smiled at Daddy and added, “Baby Girl has a big surprise in store for her Daddy.”

“So I guess my baby girl is planning on being a very naughty girl tonight.” Daddy said as he winked at me. Winking back at Daddy, I blow him a kiss and say, “Maybe.”

As the night progresses Daddy and I share a few more shots of tequila.

A few minutes bahis siteleri canlı before midnight, I grab Daddy’s hand and pull him toward me. Kissing him deeply, I grab his ass before whispering in his ear. “Your Baby Girl has something special planned for you.”

Looking into my eyes only the way Daddy can, he inquires “And what may that be?”

Gently caressing the back of Daddy’s beautiful bald head, I whispered into his ear “Would you like to see your Baby Girl swallow a cock or two tonight?” Spinning around almost immediately, Daddy stared at me with a strangely puzzled look. Bolstered by my fourth tequila shot, I decided to seize the moment. Rubbing my hand against his crotch, I inquisitively asked “Would that excite you?”

“Are you serious?” Daddy quickly replied. Nodding in agreement, I squeezed his hand.

Kissing me on the forehead, Daddy asks “Are you sure?” Squeezing his hand even tighter, I reply “Your little cumslut wants to make sure you never forget this night.”

Looking into my eyes, Daddy replied “If you are sure you want to do this, then lead the way you dirty little girl.” Holding onto Daddy’s ass, I pulled him closer to me as I squealed “No Daddy, tonight I am your cumslut!”

Grabbing a fistful of my hair, Daddy sucked on my tongue as he pinched my right nipple. “So who is the lucky fool who gets to cum in your mouth?” Daddy asked.

Placing my finger to my lips, I gently shook my head no. Walking to the basement door, I opened it slowly and stood there watching as my Daddy walked down the stairs.

Obviously, Daddy’s Baby Girl had planned ahead and engaged in a few private conversations prior to the party. After all, I had to be sure that if the opportunity actually presented itself, I would be fully prepared.

Walking toward one of Daddy’s neighbors, I crooked my finger at Jeff and motioned for him to go to the basement. Jeff is a retired naval pilot who lives three doors down from my Daddy. I had noticed him checking out my ass on more than a few occasions, so I was fairly confident he would be up for a little naughty fun.

I had stopped by his house and talked to Jeff about my plans a few days earlier. I made sure he understood perfectly well that this was a special treat Daddy’s Baby Girl was planning as a birthday surprise. As we talked about my plans, I made no bones about it. Either Daddy would be excited about watching his little cumslut perform for her Daddy, or it simply would not happen. Jeff agreed, and understood the only reason I even entertained the idea was purely for my Daddy’s pleasure.

With a nod and a wink, Jeff headed toward the basement without any hesitation. He already knew what I expected from him, and he was more than happy to oblige.

Daddy was sitting on the couch with a bourbon in his hand waiting for us when we entered the room. Grabbing Jeff by the hand, I lead him toward the center of the room and pushed him against the pool table. Dropping to my knees, I reached up to undo his belt, but before I could go any further Daddy yelled, “Stop!” Immediately, Daddy jumped up and stood right behind me.

Frozen with fear, I remained motionless for several seconds. What had I done wrong? Was Daddy mad at his Baby Girl?

“I don’t think so little girl! You can’t suck dick with your clothes on.” Daddy said in a rather stern and matter of fact tone. “Now stand up, and take off your clothes.”

Out of fear that Daddy might punish me, I did not dare to look at Jeff. Standing up slowly, I removing canlı bahis every article of clothing I had on. Folding my clothes neatly, I stacked them together, bowed my head and handed Daddy what he had demanded before kneeling once again on the floor.

With very little fanfare and without saying a word, Jeff took off his shirt, unbuckled his pants and pulled out his cock. The moment I had been anticipating for the past several days, was finally upon us. Glancing over at Daddy, I blew him a kiss as I grabbed hold of Jeff’s cock. Using one hand to cup his balls, Daddy’s horny little cumslut started to stroke another man’s hard dick. After a few slow strokes, I let go of his dick.

Marveling at the eight inch cock hypnotically bobbing up and down in front of my face, I leaned forward and licked the head of his dick to catch that first drop of precious precum.

Almost purring with excitement, I look up to see Daddy’s smiling face. “Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm… He tastes so good Daddy.”

Although Jeff had a nice, long penis, his dick was thinner than Daddy’s much thicker cock – but that was simply an unforeseen bonus. Fortune was certainly on our side tonight. A long, narrow cock was the perfect size for deep throating. I would easily be able to push Jeff’s cock into the back of my throat and still be able to breathe. After all Daddy’s little cumslut was the former Blowjob Queen of her college.

Licking the head of his dick, I was hoping to coax more of his tasty precum unto my tongue. Squeezing Jeff’s rock hard cock ever so slightly, I sucked the tip of his throbbing cock into my warm, wet mouth. Teasing the head of his cock with my tongue, I work my hand up and down his rigid shaft a few times. Pushing his dick straight up against his stomach, I lick his clean shaven balls.

“Thank you for shaving baby.” Looking up at Jeff, I blow him a kiss as I suck the tip of his dick back into my mouth.

Delighting in the salty, sweet taste of his precum, I push my head forward a couple of inches. “Mmmph, ummmph, mmmph.” Sucking harder now, I spend a few minutes bobbing up and down on Jeff’s hard cock.

Releasing his cock, I lightly tickle the inside of his thigh. Using my tongue to lick his dick, I start at the base of his shaft and lick all the way up to the underside of his head in one continuous motion. Up and down, down and up, again and again and again. Daddy’s little cumslut made sure that Jeff’s dick was thoroughly coated with her warm saliva.

Sucking the head of his dick back into my mouth, I swirled my tongue around the swollen head of his cock. Flicking my tongue against his throbbing dick, I could feel his hard cock twitching in my mouth. Licking up a steady stream of precum, I massage the side of his cock with my lips and tongue. Sliding up and down his dick, I bathe his cock with my lips and tongue. Releasing his cock just for a moment to admire his long, hard cock, I pull Jeff forward and devour the head of his dick. Sucking fast and hard this time, I squeeze his stiff shaft as I rhythmically bob up and down on his dick. Up and down, up and down, up and down.

Taking four or five inches of his cock with each down stroke, I start to feel Jeff pushing against the back of my throat. My pussy is dripping wet, and every time his dick hits the back of my throat, my clit flutters a little bit. Daddy’s cumslut is so fucking horny! I stop what I am doing and start fingering my sopping wet pussy.

“Ahem!” Standing up, Daddy clears his throat in a bahis siteleri harsh tone.

Taking a hold of his well lubricated dick once again, I stroke his long cock in a steady rhythm for the next minute or so. Glancing over at my Daddy, I seductively wink at him before sticking my tongue out.

Walking toward me, Daddy says, “I can think of a better use for your tongue little girl.” Grabbing a fistful of my hair, Daddy leans down and whispers in my ear, “Suck his cock and make him cum!” Pushing my head toward Jeff’s stiff pole, I knew I had better open my mouth and take as much of his hard cock as I could muster. However, I could not help but brace myself by placing my hands against Jeff’s thighs and pushing back ever so slightly.

Once I realized Daddy was not going to force me to swallow every inch of Jeff’s dick all at once, I calmed down and started working my mouth up and down his hard cock. “Mmmph, ummmph, mmmph,” thoroughly enjoying the taste of his cock, I slide up and down his long shaft. Again and again and again, I push his dick into the back of my throat.

Stopping my oral assault just long enough to lick the head of his cock, I squeeze his hard shaft and suck on the tip of his throbbing dick. Stroking his cock at a steady pace, I can sense Jeff is close to cumming.

The brat in me wants to tease him some more, but I know Daddy would not appreciate that, so I continue stroking and sucking his dick. My only goal now is to make Jeff spurt his cum into my mouth. I am so horny, I can barely wait for Jeff to fill my mouth. Damn! I need him to explode in my mouth.

Pushing his cock into the back of my throat, I alternate between deep throating Jeff and stroking his dick as fast as I can. “Ummmph, mmmph, ummm,” is all Daddy can hear as I continued to suck on his big dick. Each time I take him in my throat, I tickle his balls.

Walking over to me, Daddy takes off his belt and gives me three hard spankings on my ass. “Make him cum, you dirty Slut!”

Before I could say or do anything, Daddy pinches my left nipple so hard I almost cried. Daddy touching me really pushed me over the edge. I wanted nothing more in that moment than for Daddy to grab me by the hair, bend me over the pool table and fuck me silly. But, I knew I had to finish what I had started.

I was in clumslut heaven. My pussy lips quivered as I sucked on Jeff’s cock as fast as I could. I was so horny, my pussy dripped little droplets of sweet nectar onto the floor. And I am fairly certain Daddy’s interaction had a profound affect on Jeff as well, because he started jerking and cumming almost immediately. He was cumming so hard, I thought I would choke.

“Swallow his cum!” Daddy commanded.

Squirt after squirt of his hot cum flooded my mouth. The taste of his sweet, salty cum filled my mouth. Smiling at my wonderful Daddy, I did exactly what was expected of me and drank up every last drop of Jeff’s cum.

Of course being a good clumslut is a bit more involved than just swallowing a load of cum. I made sure I cleaned Jeff’s cock thoroughly. Daddy would expect nothing less.

Continuing to lick and stroke him for the next few minutes, I made sure I paid special attention to his swollen and sensitive head. Teasing a man’s dick immediately after he ejaculates is something I take perverse pleasure in.

I think Jeff was about to pass out from all of the sucking, licking squeezing and stroking I threw down on him. Sorry buddy, but Daddy’s baby girl is going to play just a little bit longer before she lets you go.

When I finally released his dick, Jeff sat down on the couch to catch his breath. Of course, I knew better than to move. I stayed exactly where I was, kneeling on the floor waiting for whatever Daddy would do to me next…

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