Daddy starts obsessing over his daughter’s bo


Daddy starts obsessing over his daughter’s boMy daughter Madison was definitely something else. Nice big round ass and a pair of tits to die for, 34D. I only knew because she made a point about how big her breasts have gotten over the years while buying new bras.Madison’s mother passed away when she was just a teenager so it’s been just me and her ever sense. I had to play mom and dad for Madi, most of the times it was difficult, however my little Madi was worth it. She is 22 now and in college, I told her as long as she keeps her grades up she can stay at home and not have to worry about getting a job. Madi always kept her end of the deal by getting straight A’s. I give Madison money every now and again so she can leave the house and spend time with her friends but for the most part she just liked lounging around the house in her tank top and panties. This is where it gets difficult for me because she likes working out, mainly in the living room, by dancing and doing yoga. One afternoon I came home early from work and opened the door to Madi stretching in the downward dog position giving me a full view of her big ass in just a pair of cheeky panties. My dick couldn’t have gotten any harder from just the sight of my own daughters ass.”Oh hi daddy.” Madison said sitting down on the floor. “You’re home early today, that’s awesome.”I stood there quite staring at my daughter with her legs wide open as she rolled her neck around working it out. She had on a white tank top and you could clearly see her nipples were hard. After what felt like eternity she looked at me and asked if everything was ok.”Sorry honey I just feel a bit dizzy, I just need to go lay down.” I told her.”Ok daddy hope you feel better soon.” Madi said with a smile returning back to her stretches.I left the room not taking my eyes off Madison’s beautiful body. Once I entered my room I could feel myself sweating just from how aroused I was. My breathing was heavy and my dick was throbbing for attention. I tried to shower myself with some cold water to cool myself off from what I had just seen. While in the shower all I could think about was Madison’s sexy body bent over with her ass in the air looking ready to get fucked. Before I knew it I was stroking myself thinking about my own daughter until I shot one of the biggest loads I had ever released.A few hours went by and I stayed in my room trying to avoid seeing my daughter feeling ashamed of what I had done. Around eight pm Madison came into my room, luckily bahis şirketleri she was wearing a bit more clothes this time because she was going to hangout with some friends.”Hey daddy I’m going to hang out with Molly, mind if I get $50 from your wallet?” Madison asked innocently.”Sure honey my pants are in the bathroom just go take the money out.” I said pointing to my pants.I watched her bend down to get my pants and all I could think of was earlier. My dick began storing again just wanting to see more. Unfortunately she didn’t stay bent over for long and after she got the money from my wallet she left.”Thanks dad love you!”————————————————————About a week had gone by sense the encounter with my daughters beautiful ass. She had a few classes everyday which meant she had to wear appropriate clothing throughout the day. I knew she hated wearing clothes and as much as I hated to admit it I was starting to hate it too. I wanted to see more or my daughters body.The weekend seemed like it would never come again until I was working from my office at home and heard Madison knock on the door. I turned around to see Madi in a bright red bikini.”So what do you think?”I did the best I could trying to give a dad answer.”It looks nice honey.” I said trying to turn around back to my work.”Just nice daddy?” Madi said sounding disappointed.I took a deep breath trying to calm myself down as I turned back around looking at my daughters sexy body. “Let me see the whole thing, turn around.” Madi turned around slowly and stood on her tip toes to really perk up her butt. “Sooooo? Yay or nay?” “It definitely shows off your ass-ets.” I said catching my self.”It’s a bikini dad it’s supposed to show them off. And you like the front too?” Madi said turning back around and walking closer to give me a full view of her top.At that moment I just wanted to reach out a grab her top and rip it off her body. I wasn’t sure if she knew how badly I wanted her or she just liked the attention. My eyes were locked onto her chest until I heard her laugh.”Well I’ll take that look as a yes.” Madi turned around and left the room. Right as she reached the door way she stopped, turned her head and spoke, “Before I forget, can you put some lotion on my back so I don’t burn daddy?””Sure Madi… just give me a minute then I’ll be right down.””Thank you daddy, love you.”I sat in my chair not believing what just happened. My face was redder than a tomato and my cock was harder than a rock. I looked out the window güvenilir bahis siteleri and saw Madison laying down on a towel. I took out my dick and started to stroke it looking at her. I saw her move and look right up towards me.”Fuck! Did she see me?” I thought to myself as my heart was racing.I sat in silence till my phone started buzzing on my desk causing me too jump in my chair and hit my knee. I was breathing heavy as the message showed it was from Madi.”Hurry up daddy I don’t want to burn “Thank god I thought to myself relieved she hadn’t seen me watching her. “Ok ok let me change and I’ll be right down Madi.””Yay!! Thank you daddy “I tried calming my self down as I changed into my swim trunks. Once ready I went out back to join my daughter hoping I could control myself, forgetting the main reason she wanted me out there was to rub lotion on her. As I walked over to her she looked over at me handing me the lotion and turning onto her stomach.I squeezed the bottle having the lotion drip directly onto Madison’s back. Once it touched her skin she let out a squeak due the lotion being cold compared to her warm body. At first my hands were shaky but once I got the rhythm of it I calmed down and started to massage it into her back.”Mmmm daddy that feels so good.” Madi told me moaning every time I put some pressed into her back. “Why don’t you massage me more daddy?””Well you never ask me too baby girl.” I said not even thinking about what I was saying.The more I rubbed the lotion in the more I kept moving around her bikini strings. Before I knew it however it seemed as though she was annoyed with them too because without warning Madi reached around and untied her top then sliding it off. I wasn’t fortunate enough to see anything as she did it all with her body pressed against the towel.”Mmm there daddy that should make it easier to rub my back, and if you want you can rub my legs too.” She told me obviously hinting for me to do so.I worked on her back a bit longer before slowly moving down to her thighs. It was as if Madi could read my mind for everything, she opened her legs giving me full access to her legs and a near perfect view of her pussy. The only thing she had on were her bikini bottoms and so badly did I want those gone too.I adjusted my self to be able to rub both legs and in doing so I moved low enough to get a faint whiff of Madison’s pussy. If before I was hard as a rock, then at this point my dick could break though steel. bahis siteleri I kept trying to get closer and closer without making it to obvious that I was trying to smell her sweet aroma.Looking back up to Madison’s face I saw her eyes were closed and mouth open slightly. I knew that look, my Madi was asleep. My heart was pounding out of my chest. I wanted nothing more that to just shove my face between my daughters thighs and smell her delicious pussy. Hell I wanted to do more than smell I wanted to taste her pussy juices. My hands moved closer and closer as I rubbed her thighs. Her body seemed to move with my hands slightly thrusting forwards and back just inviting me in.Everything seemed quite except the pounding in my chest. I was so close to my daughter’s pussy I could feel the warmth radiating off of it. My hands were just about as close as you could get, I rotated my thumbs massaging the most inner part of her thighs. Before I knew it I started to hear a wet smacking sound, the sound of Madison’s juices sticking and pulling apart from her pussy. Just as I was getting ready to slide one of my fingers underneath her bikini bottoms a blaring noise shot from Madison’s clothing, her phone was going off. I retracted my hands from her body thinking I was caught. “Daddy could you get that for me?” Madi said not really moving.My voice was shaky at first from the nerves but I pretended to cough like something was stuck in my throat and agreed. When I stood up I realized my cock was sticking straight out and tried to adjust before Madi saw. I got to her phone and saw it was Molly texting her.”Hey girl you still coming over to study tonight?” The text read.I turned back around to see Madi had sat up and put her top back on. If there was any moment to hate Madison’s friends this was it.”Who was it?” “Just your friend Molly, she was wanting to know if you two are still studying together tonight.””Oh crap I totally forgot!” Madi said getting up and running back inside.”Photos was left outside by the pool with nothing but a hard on and the biggest case of blue balls of my life. Walking back inside a few minutes later I heard the shower running so I decided to just go back to my office and continue working.”Hey daddy I’m heading over to Molly’s house for the night ok!” Madi shouted from downstairs followed by the door shutting.I just sat in my office chair feeling guilty of what I had done. If it wasn’t for that text, I probably would have fingered my own daughter. I just stared at my computer knowing I wouldn’t be able to focus on work. My phone started to buzz so I reached for it to see it was a text from Madi.”Before I forget thank you so much for the massage I really needed it. I’ll definitely need you to rub me down more often

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