Daddy Loved me part one


Daddy Loved me part oneI was 11 tall for my age but very slim and long hair like my mother. Mum and dad had a blazing row she slept in my room told me to sleep with dad. In the night I felt him spooning me whisperig mums name and kissing my neck. He was so hard and was pushing against my ass. I was starting to get hard I open my thighs and then trapped his cock hard. Nice he whispered and started to push harder telling me how tight I was. He kept going fog ages I rubbed the end of his cock groaning and he came all over my hand an thighs. Not wanting to stain the sheets I licked all his come and swallowed it thick and creamy goodnight Steven he said. At breakfast mom informed us she was going to nan’s for a month and I was to cook and clean the house. After tea we were watching TV dad drinking whisky he offer me one and told me to sit next to him.Watching TV he put his hand on my thigh and I could see him getting hard. He gave me another drink I was feeling a bit light headed he asked if I enjoyed last night. I pretended amasya escort not to know but he said he checked the bed what did I do with all the come. I told him I had swallowed it he took my hand and put it on his cock and told me to rub him I start to rub and squeeze him it was huge I undid his pants and took it out. While mums away cooking and cleaning not the only jobs I had to do lick daddy’s cock Steven. Was it the whiskey or the taste of his come last night I bent and licked the tip he groaned and it grew even bigger about 9 inch and thick. He put his hand on the back of my head oh Steven suck Daddy’s cock I open my lips and took the head into my mouth licking and kissing him god your good Steven better than your Mum. He started pushing deeper at about 5 inch I started to gag he pulled back try to take it all Steven for Daddy. I started sucking and licking bouncing my head he was groaning saying what a good cock sucker I was pushing me down until I took him all. I squeezed his balls he moaned amasya escort bayan and filled my mouth with his thick come there was so much I had to keep swallowing until he went limp. God Steven that was good for your first time even better than your mum go and have a bath and come back down for a nightcap. I ran a bath put some oils in and had a soak washed my hair dried myself and brushed my hair like Mums. I put my shorts on and went downstairs wow dad said I giggled and sat next to him mm you smell like your Mum wait here and he went upstairs. He came down with a red silk nightdress put that on it felt so soft and sexy he gave me my drink it was stronger but OK I leand on him like Mum used to Dad told me I would sleep with him again all the time caressing my ass he told me to try styling my hair shave my cock legs and armpits and buthole. I had not noticed he had pulled my nightdress and circling my hole with his finger pushing slowly it hurt I had a big drink but it still hurt. Top me up Dad I escort amasya just need the toilet I found some lube put one two then three fingers inside me into Dads bedroom a bit of lipstick and mums perfume turned the lights down and snuggled next to Dad. Mm you smell nice Steven pulling my nightdress up wow as he sliced a finger in I groaned looking as his cock started to harden licking my lips I sucked on him slowly. He worked three fingers inside me I moaned on his cock sucking as he told me how good I was. He lifted me onto his lap noticed my lips and kissed me deeply I felt his cock on my hole im scared Dad shhhh as he pushed. I thought I was going to split but he held me told me to relax and enjoy as he slowly went deeper I just slowly moaned as he went deeper. All the was 9 inch of Dads thick hard cock he rolled me onto my back pulled halfway out and pushed back in god your so tight Steven I wrapped my legs around him and said fuck me hard Dad like you do to Mum. He growled and started pumping his cock deep I was moaning seeing stars every time he went deep. Suddenly hey pushed harder and started to fill me with his come telling me how good and tight I was I kissed my Dad pushing my tonged deep and sucking on his knowing Daddy loved me. To be continued

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